The 11 minutes that ruined Hollywood producer Allan Carr’s career forever

The 11 minutes that ruined Hollywood producer Allan Carr’s career forever

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  1. Jesus Christ!!!!! This isn’t as bad as everyone made it out to be…. I mean, it’s campy as hell and honestly? Even if unintentionally? Hilarious!!!

  2. Allan Carr already had it bad at this point. "Can't Stop The Music" with the Village People was only the beginning.

  3. Watching this opening in 2019, quite frankly the Oscar and all of Hollywood should have thanked Allan Carr. Hollywood is glitz, glamour, campiness, dancing, costumy, singing, scenery,—all of the things seen in this opening number. The problem with the Oscars is that they took themselves way too seriously back then and to some extent, even today. I would have replaced that Snow White voiced character with a female who could sing. This opening simply combined parts of a Broadway show and parts of Hollywood show.

  4. I didn't realize how hard people had worked on this. Some serious effort went in. Carr truly deserves all the blame for this travesty

  5. THIS was a career ruiner? why? i mean, yes, it was pure cheezy ridiculousness but isn't Hollywood exactly that? c'mon now, if this ruined his career then it wasn't cuz of the over the top production value, it was cuz of some unknown, behind the scenes, yet to be revealed reasons.

  6. Coconut Grove? Like the one that burned up in Boston and killed 492 people? Jeez of all the places to pick. SMH.

  7. I totally disagree, I think it was lovely, just think that we will never see most of these stars ever again.😞

  8. How anyone can watch this and not see it as an absolute trainwreck is beyond me.
    If it really ruined Carr's career it was well deserved after an eleven minute "fuck you give me another line of coke" opening sequence!

  9. At first, I thought, it's not that bad, but the longer it went on, the more hokey it got. Letting Rob Lowe sing was a real killer. That guy can not sing, period. Stinks. But those actors and actresses in the audience need to stop being so damned full of themselves, show a little grace and be a little more receptive. They are way too impressed with themselves.

  10. This reminds me of those dinner shows they have every 30 minutes on cruise ships 🛳 🤣🤣…. Not bad just Cheesy!!

  11. The poor girl that played Snow White… She probably got made fun of for a long time. At least she got her 11 minutes of Fame.

  12. Ngl this isn't at all THAT bad. I feel like the crowd was just dead – which changes the atmosphere completely

  13. At least this is exciting I’m not gonna lie I prefer this weird chaotic stage way more than 2 random people calling out a name of who won and then giving some speech

  14. Yeah, that was all pretty painful. Eleven minutes that felt like eleven hours! Lily Tomlin was the only bright spot in the whole mess. A lot of the audience members looked like they just wanted to be anywhere else!

  15. Im not sure what the theme is here.. that being said, the cheese factor seems like it would fit the time this was done so its kinda weird that it would get called out back then for its over the top campiness. If all of this was done as a cartoon it would probably work.

  16. I liked it! Especially the Rockettes style chorus line. Movie stars, dancing, some great latin beat music – what's not to like???

  17. Worst thing I’ve EVER seen on TV. Now I know why it’s called the 'Boob Tube' and the 'Idiot Box'!! Turned it off at 3:00

  18. I remember Alan Carr from years and years ago, then he seemed to drop into oblivion. Now I know why.

  19. Even if the singing was bearable, at 11+ minutes this intro is way overlong. Plus, it's absolutely pointless, as it has nothing to do with any of the movies of that year.

  20. Why do I get the feeling that Allan Carr had been to San Francisco to see ‘Beach Blanket Babylon’ shortly before producing this segment….

  21. Dorothy Gale or Snow White?
    What a WEIRD voice for Snow White.
    Oh, I saw part of this alright in 1989 but not the cringy introduction that makes the Star Wars Holiday Special and ITS misfired sketch scenes look classic!
    Definitely remembered part of the duet with Rob Lowe.
    I haven't missed much NOT watching more than 10 minutes of the Oscars since this.
    What were they thinking?!?

  22. Wow, you can see it in the audience's faces…Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Robert Downey Jr, especially Sigourney Weaver…they're absolutely embarrassed by this, they're like "What the hell are we watching?" 🙂

  23. This seems fine. All this fuss was much ado over nothing. Just take a look at the Eurovision Song Contest (which has been running in Europe since the 1950s) if you want to see campy and bizarre.

  24. Eileen Bowman's Snow White performance was spot on, she got Snow White's mannerisms down perfectly. Even better than the ones that actually work at Disneyland. Unfortunately, Snow White had no business being at the Oscars. It's like putting Hello Kitty at a WWE Death Match, it just doesn't go.

  25. 80's womens hair style and clothing is simply hideous. Sorry to all the baby boomers and the then teenagers who are middle aged adults today🤮🤮

  26. I don't see how it's her fault that it was bad, they shouldn't have written snow white into the script in the first place. Weird

  27. This Oscar show had a lot of banters from the presenters that we just don't see anymore. James Stewart and Kim Novak presented sound awards, and Stewart faked his often-spoofed stuttering to show his sympathy to sound technicians who edited his dialog. While presenting, Michael Caine read his acceptance speech for the Oscar he won but didn't accept in person. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had their bit about living together but never married. Bruce Willis showed his home movies on stage. Martin Short wore women's clothes on stage and said to co-presenter Carrie Fisher, "Carrie, you have hundreds of dresses; I only have three!" Dudley Moore and Bo Derek made fun of their time on "10." And on and on. This show was the last straw on the camel's back in many ways that led to its overhaul. Thankfully, Billy Crystal happened the next year, and he added much needed fresh laughs to the show.

  28. Yes, kids. This was the eighties. The hair. The sequins. The music. No one would have dared to sit during the Star Spangled Banner, Ronald Reagan was in the White House and the world was ours…and we believed it.

  29. I always think these things suck ! I don’t see it sucking any worse then any other musical type shit ! Except for snow she was a little to like the good witch of the west ?

  30. I'm surprised there was such a backlash – it was campy bollocks, but it honoured the elders, in-jokes which didn't involve cruelty, had chorus-line "spectacle", which is very Old Hollywood.

  31. It may have been passable had it not been for Snow White's annoying high pitched voice. That was almost unbearable

  32. This must be what it feels like when you’re stuck on a cruise ship with a violent case of food poisoning, shitting yourself to death, waiting for your fever to break.

  33. I thought "How bad could it be?" Now I know. An appropriately awful way to end the most awful decade of the 20th century.

  34. Hard to decide if this was deliberate mocking of Hollywood and the stars of old or an attempt at "camp" humor that got out of control. Even 30 years after the event, this is so embarrassing to watch and wonder over and over, "Why'd they do that?"

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