The Clock is Ticking on TikTok

The Clock is Ticking on TikTok

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    1:00 – The "ah-ha" moment with TikTok
    2:30 – The thing TikTok has with side hustles
    4:00 – What successful brands are doing on TikTok
    7:30 – Global presence of TikTok
    9:00 – Similarities/differences of TikTok from other social platforms
    12:40 – Why is TikTok moving so fast
    20:00 – Getting brands to be contextual
    21:25 – How can TikTok avoid becoming vine?
    23:40 – The #1 thing I look for in TikTok
    25:30 – Why I liked Instagram in-feed

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  2. I never grasped Instagram as much as FaceBook or Twitter. But, Tik Tok is awesome and exciting. I'm enjoying it very much so far. The type of creativity it brings out is entertaining and educational at the same time. It's not just silly stunts for teens. I'm seeing people over the age of 50 on there with tons of engagement, just talking about life. I recommend anyone try it out. I've been watching more than posting anything. But, getting ready to build a strategy around it. It moves fast, you post a video and within minutes you get likes. Crazy.

  3. I love content and create a butt tim but still at some point you have to actually talk to people make relationships, handle your taxes and other tasks. Not everyone has budget for a huge content creation team. You have to decide which platforms to invest your time on.

  4. Gary , as a sports channel how would I attack tik tok. I’m currently posting everyday on tik tok but is there anything I should be doing differently as a sports channel ?

  5. Love this insight: "I spend 2 seconds consuming the content. 15 minutes reading comments reacting to the content, picking up new themes, new slang, new takes"

  6. lol. everyone in my groupchat sent each other this video all at once.. on the nose Gary as always.

    for anyone not on tiktok, if youre a creator, get on it. also feel free to follow me yall on IG & TikTok @aceadelic .. i like doing adventure videos and behind the scenes to music videos i shoot

  7. Dude, I respect you, but TikTok is an app for teenage girls to make lip-syncing videos. Explain to me just one way you can make a business out of this. Instagram, yes… Maybe snapchat… but definitely not tik-tok

  8. @
    CeeMajaa On The Beat

    It (TikTok) is a public platform we live in a public world now showing kids (kids living publicly) will be normal. Protecting kids will also have to be normal. Which is not being done at present other than in a simplistic blanket way where it then stops the communication that we are trying to have because it is easy instead of addressing the real issues properly. More and more children in the not too distant future will have their own businesses so don't worry about kids (being seen) worry they will be your competition because they know this stuff better than you and I. This is the way they will live.

  9. I didn't listen to the video 100% but Gary talked about whether TikTok will age up. It doesn't have to age up because the people using it will age up. If you have followers that are interested in what you do as they age up the app that you are on is irrelevant you move apps they follow you and on the new app you get new followers. Get dynamic the internet will be dynamic for some time to come as we figure out what to use it for the internet is a baby still.

  10. Gary God da#n it! I went over to Tik Tok. I think I"m too old and too quiet for it but what the heck. Gotta figure it out. Shorter, add some music, have some charisma. Easy. Ok not.

  11. Very good advice. Find vids and read comments for 15 min to get the scoop for new slang terms, acronyms, trends, audience thoughts, etc

  12. Not finding much developer related content to consume and learn from. I'll keep checking, I might just miss it. that said there's also not much business content till you came around and put it out. I'll cut up some stuff see if I can get it to fit on the platform.

  13. Made my tiktok over the weekend and gained 200k+ views on my second post ever. Just broke 14k followers today. Still learning the platform but it's definitely worth investing time and content into

  14. Unfortunetely the ads for brands in Tik Tok are too pricey, I think they only target big tycoons right now, in order not to overpopulate platform with ads.

  15. I just dropped a video just for fun… 107 000 views and still blowing up RN! Go follow me if you wanna laugh and ear good music! Thank you so much Gary V

  16. 15.20 Gary: I don't have any equity with TikTok. I don't give a fuck if it disappears tomorrow!
    TikTok VP:🤐🤐🤐

  17. Yes Gary Thank you! just because of you i created an account on tik tok 2 weeks ago. The first week i had 5 followers, now i have 90k followers. The growing is fucking real. You are amazing. Thank you for the advice.

  18. Trying to figure out what content people prefer to watch on TikTok, any tips?
    Also I'm on TikTok as indie_cuisine

  19. GARY understands. he juset does. he will find follow catch every fish in the game and still know when to throw them back. Amazing

  20. I’m on TikTok and posted some dunking videos to grow my you tube channel. I’ve gotten no response but hey that’s the name of the game. Gotta keep on keeping on

  21. When everybody doesn’t have any idea how to adapt their content for TikTok Gary achieves more than 1.3M followers there. Wow. All procrastinators will fail. I think the best way is to take away all your working routine and spend enough time to learn TikTok. Then provide the content that helps you to outrank your competitors in the future because young TikTok audience is growing. In a few years they will be adult customers with enough money to buy your products.

  22. I stepped away from aggressive social content creation when TikTok was still Musically. When I first jumped on Musically, I learned SO much about the newest mobile internet/vertical video production and it accelerated my video skills.

    I jumped back into TikTok again today under the name @GregChats, and I’m fascinated and blown away with the initial attention I got in views with zero promotion.

    I need to binge on TikTok strategy because I need to understand why my first few videos got over 400 views in a few hours😳, and the last Few videos got single digits overnight. My guess: I posted at a time when youth were online at night in America, and the last few were too late-night.

    Anyone in the comments have any recommendations or links for some detailed TikTok strategies? Besides, of course, ALLLLL of your videos, Gary.

    PS- Gary, I have realized that I need to significantly limit my content consumption to support healthier social media mental health. Your videos will be one of those exceptional places that I will continue to selectively come back to for strategic inspiration and methods.

  23. Hello GaryV, what content should I put on TikTok? I teach online. Should I just teach on TikTok but keep the age of the audience in mind? Any help would be awesome. Thank you.

  24. Gary how can business owners in the marketing/advertising space take advantage of this platform? I've been studying and following TikTok the past 2 weeks.

  25. Thanks for this. I'd love to know how an e-commerce shop could grow on TikTok. Product vids, using the product, cats with the product?

    Cheers Gary

    I'll just finish off by saying be kind to people Gary, yes that includes Brady…

  26. I’ve been on it for about 2 months more or less uploading content 4 days a week. Their 30 sec videos vs 15 second videos. Could that reason be hurting my reach? Also the people commenting on my videos are def spam bots. Any help would be appreciated to anyone who reads this. My niche is anime so I upload mini reviews using hashtags that cater to that demographic

  27. This is what I've been telling people! Y'all gotta start, seriously! I've been using it for 8 months and I'm about to hit 4 million followers, and I make my full living off of it. Don't underestimate it 🙂

  28. Gary: How many users are on the platform?

    Blake: We don't release that publicly

    Gary: More than 1 though?

    Blake: Less than half a billion.


  29. Incredible how you manage your timing to share more informations possible in less time possible…🤩 Gary, You’re one the best motivational speaker we have in this planet. Keep it up!!!
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  30. Incredible how you manage your timing to share more informations possible in less time possible…🤩 Gary, You’re one the best motivational speaker we have in this planet. Keep it up!!!

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  31. Incredible how you manage your timing to share more informations possible in less time possible…🤩 Gary, You’re one the best motivational speaker we have in this planet. Keep it up!!!

    Visit my amazing page now

  32. I feel tik tok is already changing in a bad way. Seems like it's harder now to get the views that you used to naturally get a few months ago. Also, I dont want to see a bunch of celebrities and influencers taking over.

  33. As a realtor who wants to sell in MY LOCAL MARKET i dont know how to use tiktok. Im not looking to be a influencer globaly, i want to influence my market only. I cant figure out a tiktok strategy .

  34. oh Garry, I noticed you always talk about yourself much more than on the certain topic. I went through almost every video and at the end of the day I know much more about you than about business

  35. Just got on tik tok because you instited and wow! In like 10 days I already have 2500 followers so far way way faster results than the other platforms. Thanks Gary! You got your hook in me, I'm listening.

  36. @garyvee I saw you in San Mateo. You said get on TikTok. Downloaded it and one week later I had viral video with 52,000 views in 2 days🤯 Thanks Gary!

  37. You gotta love how Gary shows up in jeans and a T-shirt and everyone in suits is like "well fuck, let me take this stupid tie off then.."

    LOL For real though, can you even imagine Gary in a suit and tie? I can't.

  38. Great information on Tik Tok, but it would’ve been valuable if the gentleman would’ve actually given a quality answer on why brands should invest in Tik Tok if they are targeting 38 year-olds.

  39. Thank you for pushing TikTok. Bc you did I finally said yes. In 2 months I gained 7 times more followers than I was able to do in 3 years on YT, IG or FB, and about 15x the engagement!!

  40. The clock is ticking for tiktok because they are going to get shut down for all the pedophiles and damn near close to being child pornography.

  41. I use tiktok myself for building my brand and i don't have a big following but i am learning to work it. Leverage for building my brand realistic journalist!

  42. Great content – we have been TikTok for 7 months and got 85k followers – we got lucky with 5 videos get over 1 million view each – and we kinda study the TikTok algorithm ❤️

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