The Digital Thief (Thiruttu Payale 2) 2020 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bobby Simha, Amala

The victory of the country
doesn’t depend on the size of its army. Rather it depends on
how good the spies are. Chanakya the author of
Arthashastra believed that.. ..wealth, woman,
power and wish to take revenge.. ..are four things that can
destroy a person or expose his secrets. If he was alive today
he would’ve added one more thing. Our phone. Government taps phone
as a means to get information. If secrets could be hidden.. ..then human brain
wouldn’t have been so cunning. Hello. Detective Mr. Ganesh. Yes, speaking. I’m Thirumalai,
your father-in-law’s friend. Yes sir, tell me. Somebody is tapping my phone. Sir, it’s not easy to tap somebody’s phone. Some IT and IP agencies
of central government.. ..and state’s intelligence department.. ..have the permission to do so. Do you hear any noise when you make calls? No. Does the battery die very soon? No, sir. Does the phone becomes hot?
– No, sir. Does it take time for
the phone to shut down? No. Don’t worry. Nobody is tapping your phone. Selvam, come in. I’m giving you the job of tapping
these VVIP numbers as you’re trustworthy. Understood, sir. You’ll hear a lot of things
but don’t pay attention to them. Call me if you get the information we want.
– Okay. This is top secret.
What you hear shouldn’t be visible. Sir.
– I’ve given the assignment to Selvam. Sir, he’s honest.
– But, I don’t trust anybody. Keep eye on him. Sir. Airtel, vodaphone, BSNL. Send these to the nodal officers there.
– Yes, sir. Sir, it’ll be nice
if it gets done below 15. The taste of it is different. Nowadays the judges are
scared of talking on phone. The politicians get five years
and IPS officers like us get 30. Nobody can tap my phone. Got it? Don’t you get it?
– How? Can’t we meet and talk? I’ll call everybody the way I called you. The plan is good but how will
I pay the cash without talking on phone. Take your car out in the morning. Go and park your car near the lighthouse. Tell your driver to call
from this number to this number. He shouldn’t call anybody
else from this number. My man will reach there. Leave the key there. He won’t speak a word with your driver. He’ll start the car and leave. Why will he take away the car?
– Don’t be so greedy. You’re giving me 10 crores. Don’t you have 5 lakhs to buy a car? The dickey of swift car will be ideal. No need of any number plate. Red colour car will look great. Two thousand rupees notes
will make the task easier. Okay. Madhavan..
– Yes, uncle. He’s my sister’s son. I’ve gained 10 crores
the moment he came here. Will you let him join your business? I’ve lost 10 crores after he came here. If you want I can buy another
car for you but please spare me. Okay. You can buy Audi or BMW
or any brand you like. Partner, buy a red colour a Swift car. Put 10 crore rupees in it. Take it to the lighthouse in the morning. I’ve parked the car
at the mentioned place. Keep the car there,
my man will soon reach there. Okay. The man looked familiar. We’ve appointed him for this operation. I knew it the moment I saw him. Go home. Where shall we hide it? In your house? I’ll get a heart attack
if I keep 10 crores at home. Then? The money is not hidden but shared. We’ll make bundles worth 1
lakh and leave it at shops we know. What if we need the money?
– It’s a flowing river. Put in the straw and
take a sip whenever you wish. Uncle, the car is missing. He’s saying that your car is missing. He’s mad.
The car arrived ten minutes back. I’ll sign and send it by morning. You’re mad. Despite such a good
plan the car went missing. It means that the intelligence
people have their eyes on us. They’ve seized our car. Yes. Sir..
– It’s only 10 crores. Forget about it.
We’ll earn it in the next deal. Go and get the file quickly. Sir, there’s a red car
with key in front of our house. We’re in trouble. Ganesh Murthy was also
caught in a similar manner. He has spoken to 14 MLAs. We’ve all the records. Basanti, I think we’ll have
to leave for Madurai tomorrow. Send some meat from Konar restaurant. Pack his bags. He’s unlucky. I’ve lost 10 crores along
with my post because of him. Everybody is enjoying here. What’s your problem?
– I’m honest, sir. There are two communities
within the department. The first one is corrupt
and the second honest corrupt. The corrupt can take bribe from anywhere. The honest corrupt
hides the source of bribe. Sir, I’m actually honest. Then you’ll be the most corrupt. You’ll sell everybody
if you get the chance. I’m honest corrupt. Minister Mutthu Pandi has been arrested. What happened?
– What are you doing? You’ve spoilt it. Just a second. Am I looking good? Hold on. I’ll upload on social media. Posting. Now you can spoil it. Am I your husband or is
the social media your husband? My darling is feeling bad. You’re my husband and
social media is my boyfriend. Have you decked up for social media? Stupid, have you forgotten
which day it is today? Today is 26th October.
Let me check the date. Oh yes! On this day Lord Murugan is
taken out on a ride in golden chariot. Glory to the lord. Enough. Mathy is right. Men remember dirty jokes
and bad films very well. But, they don’t remember
their wife’s birthday. Oh no! Sorry. Sorry. Wish you a happy birthday. You’re looking very beautiful. Why don’t we stop fighting and..
– Am I looking beautiful? Do I look beautiful in a sari
or in dress? You look more beautiful
when you don’t wear anything. Oh no! Where are mom and dad? They’ve gone to the temple.
They told you to take me out for dinner. Then let’s have the first dinner
here and the second one outside. Is there any five star hotel here? I’m an honest police officer. I earn 37,000 rupees per
month after deducting the PF. Be happy with a three star hotel. Then I should’ve married
a corrupt officer. Hey! What happened? What happened? I’ve got 256 likes.
– Hey you! Are you angry with me? No. I’m angry with the
person who created facebook.. ..and earns billions out of it. You mean the owner of facebook.
– To hell with him. The whole world reveres him.
You’re so backdated. And you’re flying so high. One day you’ll regret
why facebook was created. C’mon, calm down now. Let’s go from here. Sir. the GM told me
to book a table for you. I’ll switch on the lights. Happy birthday. Hey!
– Hi! Hi! Mathy, how come you’re here? Hi!
– Hi! All of you’ve come. This is a real surprise. Actually it was your husband’s
idea to invite all your facebook friends. Isn’t it great? Thank you so much. How did you invite them? I took your fried Mathy’s help. Thanks for keeping it a secret.
– It’s alright. Satish, go ahead and start.
I’ll join you shortly. Let’s sit there. Why did you spend so much? I’ve done a small favour
to a big businessman. That’s why I was wondering
how come you managed all this. What are you drinking? Look at this. Foreign liquor. He’s Alegis. He ends and starts a new
business venture every month. He’s Satish, a poor fellow. When his wife left him with
their kids he wasn’t angry with her. He blamed technology for it. He’s Mari. He joined the police department
with me and later left the job.. ..because he thinks honesty
has no place in this job. From where did you get it? I’ve done a small favour
to a big businessman. Shall we start? I never hide anything from
my friends before but now I do.. ..especially since
I started spying on people. I don’t believe anybody. Is your department involved in nabbing
the minister who was arrested today? It’s matter of important people.
I’m not involved. Do you tap phones or not? Share some of your experiences.
This is real fun. Spying is a very degraded job. Every VIP is actually different
from what he appears to be. The whole world has double standards. Have you started drinking?
– No, this is not for me. It’s for my brother.
He has spoilt him. Look how he’s standing outside
longing for a drink. Alcoholic. The truth will get revealed one day. If you try to spy on yourself
similar dirty detail will get exposed. Try to record your conversations
and go through them. What you think and say will be different. Why don’t you spy on your parents,
wife or on us? Try it and you’ll find that
every person has double standards. Hey! Why do you want
to spoil his personal life? Sir. Selvam, we’ve an urgent work.
Reach office immediately. Track Black Ship. I want to know where he
is at the moment and with whom. Okay, sir. I told you before we got married
that this is how a policeman’s job is. Not now. Later. Go to hell. ‘The number you’ve dialed
is switched off.’ Sir, his cell phone is switched off. Keep trying till morning. Hello. Is sir at home?
– No, he is not at home. Manimuthu speaking. Is sir at home? No, he is not at home. Hi Ma’am. I’m expecting an urgent call.
I can’t speak with you right now. Hang up and send me text message. The signal is weak. Do you wish to talk to me or not? Okay, tell me. C’mon tell me. Where is he?
– Why? So that I can decide how long we can talk. We can talk till morning. Three men from Delhi
have come to meet him. There’s another guest house
in Mahabalipuram by my name. They’re staying there. Manirama guest house.
– How did you guess it correctly? I lovingly address you as Man,
I’m sure your husband calls you.. Sir, the people from Delhi
are staying at Manirama guest house. How did you guess? Your husband calls you Manirama. Right? It was a wild guess.
– You’re very smart. I’m awake so that I
can hear your sweet words. Keep talking like this. He’ll come home drunk. He’ll come and go to sleep. God makes wrong matches
and finishes romance. Yesterday I wore a beautiful
sari and asked him how I looked. He said that I looked superb. I closed his eyes and asked
him to tell the colour of the sari. But, he couldn’t say it. The romance ends the day
a baby is born after marriage. He’s after money, name and fame now. Most of the people don’t know the
difference between romance and sex. Who will teach him what romance is? Coming close to each other,
talking sweetly to each other.. ..and laughing together
while sharing such sweet things. My husband starts getting physically
after coming home. I’m wearing the same sari that I wore
on the social media photo you liked. Ma’am, wear anything and I’ll love you. Really? Even if you count numbers
I’ll feel as if you’re singing. Think about this once
again or I’ll start right now. Please. One.
– Wow! Two.
– Lovely. Three.
– Superb. Four. Enough. I’m bored now. Why did you stop singing? What? You’ll make me crazy. This is because you’re so beautiful. It makes you speak so sweetly. I’m the mother of a young son. So what if you’re the mother of a boy?
After all a mother is also a woman. This is god’s gift. When I talk to you I feel
I’m becoming younger day by day. I wear a new sari everyday and
upload photos on facebook only for you. Tell me the truth. Will you? Am I your only friend or do you’ve
many other friends like me? You want to know the truth? There are many people who are after woman. There’s Ilmay Rajan show on HTV. You’ll be shocked if I tell you about it. If a beautiful girl approaches for
the show she’s taken for extra rehearsals. Don’t you believe me? Stay on line. I’ll take a friend in conference
who has gone through this. ‘The number you’re speaking with
has put your call on hold.’ Hello. Why did you call at this hour? I just saw the repeat show on HTV. The close up shots were awesome. The evil fellow took close
ups of every body part he could. I don’t believe it. I’ll make him confess in
the conference call tomorrow. I’m feeling sleepy now. Okay darling, you go back to sleep. Okay, baby. Take care. I thought that such things
happened only in films. But, it’s happening on television too. Who will teach him what romance is? Coming close to each other,
talking sweetly.. ..and laughing while
talking to each other. What are you doing? Why are you smelling like this? You’re too much.
– This is romance. You’re acting very romantic today. What’s the matter? Why are you wasting time?
C’mon start. You’re very fast.
– Slowly. Sir. Come and sit here.
– It’s okay. Take a seat. The night operation was good. People have appreciated it.
– Thank you, sir. They’re IGs. Gopal Sami and Milton. Sir. They’re my batch-mates. They’ll become DGPs in the next few years.
We must stop their promotion. They’re interested in every
kind of work except in police duties. You should record whom they meet,
where they go and what they talk about. Sir, what about principal
secretary’s permission? If it carries on for more
than fifteen days we’ll need it. Till then we can avoid it on some pretext. I won’t give any official approval. Everybody here is scared of you. Introduce me and I’ll handle everything. I’ve already done it.
– Thank you, sir. Selvam..
– Sir.. Don’t leak out any detail
or I won’t be able to save you. Understood, sir. DIG sir has asked me to update everything. Don’t talk about the lazy fellow.
Report to me directly. Everybody knows that you’re my man.
– Thank you, sir. Sir.
– Sorry. I was passing by and so thought
of dropping in to meet you. Why be formal with your batch mate? We’re friends. You’re in a very powerful position.
I should meet you. Sit. What’s your name?
– Selvam. He was camp inspector
when I was in Madurai. – Thank you, sir. I think you’re preparing
the promotion list. The signal is weak ma’am. Do you want to talk or not? Spy on yourself and such
ugly facts will get exposed. What’s your name in true-caller? Mangaykarsiya. Oh! So, you’ve a sim
card in your madam’s name. What happened? Are you stressed because of work? Don’t stress so much. Have your meal. You’re a couple who has been
living separately for four years. But, you’ll be together in this show. Can you cry? Why are you laughing? Sir.. sir.. I’ll try.
– Throw her out if she’s useless. Why are you wasting your time? She’s beautiful, sir.
– Oh! Ask her if we can make offering today. She wants to know what kind of offering. We offer things to god
so that our wish is fulfilled. It’s similar to that. She’s beautiful, sir. Ask her if we can make offering today. It must be an old victim. We’ll thrash him whoever he is. Sir, look at this. This is the same clip. The voice is same. What shall we do now? What’s going on? If any audio gets leaked
we’ll have to close down everything. What’s happening, Mani? Hello sir, why did you do this? Madam, how will I run the
channel if I leave everybody? We always avoid the garbage
on the road. Isn’t it? If you don’t like it then leave it. Did you trace the number? Hello. Isn’t the voice quality good? Hey! Who are you? Don’t challenge media. You won’t be able to escape. Listen, your opponent channel
will save me if they get the audio. You’ve an offer of 12 crores. A discount of 2 crores. You don’t have time to think. Say yes or no. Say yes.
– Yes. Where do I’ve to send the money? Listen to me. Listen to me carefully. Make bundles of 2000
rupee currency notes properly. Buy a new swift and keep
the money in the dickey. Keep the car near the cinema hall. You’ll get the hard disk
in five minutes after you do that. What’s the guarantee? Are you buying a television
that you want guarantee? Your opponent channel is ready with money.
– No. I believe you. Can you see the cinema hall?
– Yes sir, it’s before me. Keep the key inside and come out.
– Okay, sir. Hey! Keep the camera ready. Somebody will definitely
come to pick the car. Just wait and watch what
I do after seeing his face. Sir.. sir..
the towing van is taking the car. Shut up. There’s money in the car. I know a police inspector.
I’ll handle this. – Okay, sir. Sir, Mani speaking.
– How are you, sir? Sir, my friend parked his car
in front of cinema hall by mistake. Your men have towed the car. Yes, sir. Tell me. Our towing trucks are all here. None of them have gone out. Sir, there’s a courier.
– Keep it here. “Shadow leaks it.” “He calls it shadow leaks.” What’s this? It seems that all our
conversations have been recorded. Who has put a camera in this room? Sir, this is running
in our opponent channel. All these audio have
been leaked by Shadow leaks. People have become furious. As per Supreme Court tapping
of cell phones, spying.. ..and invasion into privacy are crimes. Should these kind of leaks be allowed? Sir, journalism is in this final step. These kinds of leaks
have kept journalism alive. A hidden face can reveal the truth. My life has been ruined
in the last 24 hours. People would queue outside to meet me. But, look at me today. I’m hiding in my own house
as I’m sacred that I’ll be killed. My wife and children have also left me. I’m not worried about 10 crores
I lost but he should be killed. If killing him was the only option.. ..then there are several ways of doing it
without leaving any evidence. But, before that I’ve a question. With how many of them are you connected? What nonsensical question is this?
What do you mean? With how many girls do you’ve affairs? Oh! So, you want to know about my affairs? He won’t speak up even
if he’s given shocks. Around 20-25.
But, the girls aren’t involved. A man is involved in it.
– But, he’s not an ordinary man. The number used is a virtual number. Call back and it’ll take you to a website. The person who spoke to me wasn’t a ghost. He’s a man. So, this car is yours
but not yours actually. The RC is in my name. Tell me when you need
it and you’ll get it. It’s so smooth. I’m honest corrupt. What? How can our society be
clean if everybody is corrupt. Yes. I want to earn 50 crores before I retire. But, at this pace I’ll achieve
the target in three months. Don’t worry, I’ll adjust everything. Do you know what’s very disheartening? When somebody else enjoys
the owner’s possessions. Enjoy. So, this is yours but
not yours at the same time. I told you about the small
favour I did to a rich businessman. This is his house. I’ve rented it for one thousand rupees. Shall I say something? We’re so happy in our small house. We should be happy with what we have. If god wished us to live so lavishly
we would’ve been born in a rich family. Okay. Can we come here sometimes? Okay.
– Yes! Do you like married women? Not exactly but there are
some advantages with married women. What are they?
– There are three advantages. First, they don’t
pressurize you for marriage. Secondly married women
become your bank account. You can withdraw money
from them whenever you wish to. But, you never asked me to give you money. Won’t you give me if I ask money? How much do you want?
I’ll transfer the amount by phone. What’s the third advantage? Listening to stories. The stories of some husbands
are very interesting. Where is your husband today?
– Bangkok. For business?
– Forget him. Why are you asking about him? All of us know very well
what happens in Bangkok. What’s the time now?
– 11. Hang up now. I’ll call later. I’ll call later. Disconnect the call. I’ll call later. Disconnect the call. I’ll call later. Disconnect the call. Listen.. mom and dad have
gone to your sister’s house. I’m going to market.
The door is open. Sir, the newspaper boy delivers
your newspaper at our doorstep everyday. Do you take newspaper only to show off. Can’t you smile? It’s okay now. Hello. So,
you’re not the landowner’s daughter. You’re a tenant just like me. It took you one week
to find out this fact. And you consider yourself
a smart police officer. Take out the car. Hey stop! Do you think I’ll file a case against them
just because your sister is beautiful? It’s your mistake.
Go and apologize. I like him. Don’t fall in love with this man,
I won’t support it. Keep quiet. What do you do? I’ve completed my education.
I’m waiting to get married. Will you marry me?
– You? You can’t even smile.
Learn to smile first. So, you’re an honest officer.
Here are my papers. Shall I find a groom for you? My dad couldn’t find a groom for me yet. Why? Any condition? I want to be friends with
my husband after marriage. All the prospective
grooms left after that. O god, fulfill my wishes. Offer this on my behalf and
all your wish will be fulfilled. Will the prayers be answered? Hello! You always tell me to smile. What’s wrong with you today? I’ve heard that you’ve been transferred. An honest officer always gets transferred. This is the fourth one in a year. C’mon smile now. This is great. How will it be if I find a groom for you? I know very well that your
dad is looking for a groom for you.. ..but you want a friend. Am I right? Sister, I think he’s
waiting to bid you goodbye. You’ll learn a lesson if you’re
put behind the bars for few days. Idiot! Sir, the girl is waiting for you. There are many problems in my life. If you don’t go crazy
then life becomes boring. I’ve a DSP friend. His wife speaks with
somebody else on phone. He wants to ask his wife.
But, how will he ask her? Tell him that my life is ruined
because I openly spoke to my wife. The women think that men don’t
know anything and yet they suspect. They act smart. They’re not ready to accept their mistake. When I call,
you take the call after several rings. But, you’ve taken
this call instantly. Why? What happened? Why are you angry? Who is he? What difference does it make to you?
He’s my boyfriend. What will you do? I’m not talking about him. I’m talking about the guy who
called at 11 in the night yesterday.. ..and you told him to call later. You spied on me? Hmm.. Our relationship as a husband
and wife are over from today. You knew about it last night then why
did you hide it from me all this while. I’m ashamed that I
loved you and am your wife. I can’t live with a spying husband. Bye. Yes, mom. He has just come home. Why didn’t you sleep yet? Go to bed.
I’ll talk to you in the morning. Yes, mom. Everything is fine. Go to bed. Water for you. Hello, sir. The Mangaykarsiya sim
is still not functional. So, it’s difficult to find the location. It was connected near tower
24 the last time it was switched on. It’s near which police station?
– Tungambakam. Hello. Pizza hut.
– Yes. Vegetarian large one. Olive capsicum,
less cheese and thin crust. Please wait sir.
I’ll confirm your address. Number 15, Valuvar Coil Street,
Tungambakam. – Yes, correct. Why are you late?
– We had lot of orders. You haven’t left yet? Sir, you’ve given me hundred rupees more. Okay, leave. Stupid boy. I thought my brain isn’t working. But actually he gave
me hundred rupees extra. Oh! Poor fellow.
– Forget it. They also rob so many people. Answer me. I’m hungry. Let me eat. Let’s get married. You’re joking. Will you marry me or not? Enough of this. I’m serious. Stop joking This means you were lying. Are you joking? Don’t mess with me. If I decide it then I’ll make you mine. That was a good joke.
I enjoyed it. How do I convince you that I’m serious? Look, enough of your jokes. For whom shall I live? Watch it live. Don’t be melodramatic. I’m not being melodramatic. This is live. Will you marry me or not? The biggest joke of
the world is to get married. Go to hell. The same old question
has made my life hell. Hello, sir.
– Hello, sir. Please be seated. Who is she?
– My assistant. Will you wait outside? Very high profile cyber crime. I want his detail. Very urgent. I’m ready to pay any amount. It’ll be free for you, sir.
I need your help to solve a case. Which case?
– HTV. What do you want to say?
Do you think we’re involved? No, I just wanted to know
if you have any information. Who gave you the case?
– Mani. I’ll buy second hand machinery
for my lab from here. I’ve decided everything.
– Okay. Mix ayurvedic and allopathic
medicines to make new ones. Why? They’ll be in great demand in future. Sir, when will the
liver donation take place? You’re in queue after 31 people. Got it? Stop troubling me every week. Tell me how long will it take. Pray that 31 people die soon.
Go from here now. Can I get his number? Don’t you understand? Listen, you’ll have to pay more for that. You’re respected a lot in the market. He didn’t take any document from me.
He gave me 5 lakh rupees instantly. It’s okay. Listen.. this can be Selvam’s money. He’s giving me the money so that
he can take it back when he needs it. But, from where did he get so much money. That’s what I’m confused about. It’s been eleven months
that he has been married. But, your brother asks
me to make fish curry for him. I’m tired of cleaning fish. Son, I’ve cleaned the
fish and made fish curry. Go and eat it. He’ll never be rich. When will he earn if not now?
Will he earn after retirement? Other people own five houses in the city. If you’re honest everybody
in your department will respect you. I feel proud when I go out of the house. What about your friend?
– He’s fine. Shouldn’t I have left him?
– I told you. You said that I should
live my life on my own terms. Why are you going back on your words now? It’s better to part
ways than to commit suicide. What’s the use of carrying
the burden of unwanted relations? Was I wrong? Hello. Hi, sweetie. Which bank? I think your husband is at home. We don’t want any loan.
Disconnect the call. Don’t disconnect the call
or I’ll repeatedly call you. Which loan are you talking about? Explain. I’ve framed your photo
wearing different bindis. You’re looking like a rainbow. No. We don’t want property or gold loan. You removed the paintings from the wall
because you’re angry with me. Your interest rates are very high.
Please hang up. You know that you’re the light of my life. I pity you. Call me after your husband leaves.
– Thanks. Disconnect the call immediately. At least two such marketing
calls come every day. They convince people to take loans
and then they run after the borrowers. Hello.
– Hi, sweetie. Which bank?
– I think your husband is at home. We don’t want any loan.
Disconnect the call. Don’t disconnect the call
or I’ll repeatedly call you. Which loan are you talking about? Explain. I’ve framed your photo
wearing different bindis. You’re looking like a rainbow. Name Balakrishnan. Facebook name Balki. Computer engineer. College topper. He should’ve been working
for Microsoft or IBM. He would’ve been owner
of 0.2 million shares. He traps women with the help internet. This is a psychological problem. This is an addiction
like smoking or drinking. He flirts with women on internet. He goes through the profile
of women in internet. After that he sends them friend request. The moment they accept
it he become silent. He reads all the old
posts in their profiles. He finds out who their favourite hero is. He finds out who their
favourite music director is.. ..and what their
favourite song and lyrics. He finds out which flower’s
fragrance she likes. He finds out all the detail. If the girl likes the painting
of Monalisa then he puts up post on it. And this makes the girl happy. She thinks that there’s
somebody just like her. The girl starts liking his posts. The likes prove how well-prepared he is. His father is retired
CMD of a big oil company. He lives in the bungalow
built with their alternate income. Just like emperor Aurangzeb he
has thrown his father out of his house. He has no permanent income. But on going through
his account I found that.. ..every week 0.3-0.4 million
rupees is deposited in his account. One more important thing. The police doubts his involvement
in the last three suicides. An enquiry was carried out. But, he was released
due to lack of evidence. Here are his detail. Okay. Thanks for the information.
– Yeah. He’s smart, sir. He showed no emotions. Yes, he has. This information wasn’t for
the department. It was a personal one. Why do you think so?
– Department doesn’t pay so quickly. Hello, Mathy. Why did you call at this hour? I want to meet you urgently.
Where are you? I’m in Madurai at my in-laws’ place. I’ll be back in three days.
What happened? Okay. When you come back.. Why do you sound so disturbed?
What has happened? Actually I made a friend. On facebook?
– Yes. You know I love if people give me likes. I accepted all friend requests
without second thought. He always says that there’s no
record of our conversations in real life. But, this is computer. It records all our conversations
and so we should be careful. One such request that
I accepted has messed my life. I never thought this would happen, Mathy. What has happened? You know I love English novels.
– Yes. My husband doesn’t know English. I posted the cover page of
my favourite novel on social media. Five minutes later he
quoted the beautiful lines.. ..from page number 19 of the same novel. There are moments when I wish
I could roll back the clock.. ..and take all the sadness away. But, then I have a feeling
if I did the joy will be gone as well. I was impressed by this
man who was exactly like me.. ..and I liked his
comment and I as trapped. Whenever it rains I love drinking coffee. I had posted about it long back. He also posted a photo where he
was drinking coffee when it was raining. And we kept liking each other’s post. Mathy, you know the condition
of the government quarter. I was looking for paintings
to put on the wall. I posted the query.
– Okay. Then he sent some painting
and told me to look at them. I wished I had a big
house to put up the paintings. The paintings were lovely. From where do you get these new things? From my boyfriend. I love your taste.
– Really? Nobody will believe that
this is a police quarter. He rarely appreciated me after marriage. I started respecting the
man who made him appreciate me. What happened?
You didn’t post anything today. I’m not in the mood for it. My day doesn’t start
unless I see your posts. Oh no! It’s not difficult to decide
what to cook for my husband. But, it’s difficult to
decide what to post every day. Please. One post. A small post. A plant. Anything. Do you’ve a broom at home? Broom. Yes. I’ve it. Take out a stick from it. Keep it on the table and click its photo.. ..and post it. I, a stick wait for you.. I, a stick wait for you. I jump with joy when I see dust around. That’s because you’ll come and hold me. Wow! Do you love only black bindis. Why don’t you wear bindis
of different colours? And I would wear bindis of
different colours and post pics. And then he put all the photos together
and wrote Vibgyor on it. It was the first day after
marriage when I realized I’m beautiful. Sometimes I would do the kitchen
work with the laptop in front of me. I’ll call back in some time. Can you make Kerala curry? No, I don’t. Why don’t you try my recipe? Your husband will be very happy.
– Really? Take a utensil. No. not a small one. Take a big one. Take curry leaves. Cumin seeds. Cinnamon. Cinnamon will add the Kerala flavor to it. Super! Come closer and say. Super! Show the gravy. How will you smell from
the other side of the laptop? Why? People offer food
to god in a similar way. Doesn’t god accept it or not? Super. That’s not because it’s my recipe. It’s because you cooked it.
– Thanks. Super. You cooked it? You always criticize facebook.
I got the recipe from there. Long live facebook. He was a very good friend I invited him home so that
I could introduce him to my husband. How is your house?
– It’s a small one. He would’ve got a bigger
accommodation if he was SP. This is my house. This is huge. Show me your house now. O my god! You’ve put up the
paintings suggested by me. Isn’t it nice? Is that a bathroom? It’s very small. But it’s the biggest one that
you’ll get in a government quarter. The bathroom is empty. What can we do there? We can decorate it with beautiful objects. How?
– I’ll show you. Sir, parcel. We didn’t order anything. This is the booking address.
The bill is paid. What’s inside this? There’ room freshener inside it. Hold on, mom. Show me. Mom, I ordered this. I forgot about it. Tuberose room freshener. From where did you get it?
– Suspense. Hello. Don’t open it now. Take it to the bathroom. Remove the cover, press the button
and place it on the stand. It’ll spray fragrance. It’s not necessary to
fill every space with objects. We can fill it with
fragrance of our choice. We can fill it with memories
and people of our choice. Mom, there was a cockroach inside.
– Cockroach. When I felt his presence
in the bathroom I was scared. Why don’t you block him?
– I did it. The problems started after that. Hello,
– Hello, my darling. Talk with respect.
Do you think I’m your wife? There’s a saying that gifting hankies
breaks friendship. Does the same happen with room freshener? Hello. Why did you block me? I don’t like you.
– You can’t get rid of me easily. You rogue, thief, disconnect the call. Thief? Then I must’ve stolen something. Login to facebook and accept me. What if I don’t? Check your WhatsApp. I’ll post this and your husband will know
that this lovely kiss was not for him. For whom was it? I’ve accepted the request.
– You’ve no other option. What else do you want? I want you. Are you a fool? Your husband is a policeman. Tell him the truth and he’ll handle him. Crying won’t solve your problem. I considered him a good friend
and shared many personal details. He recorded everything
and threatened to leak them. If he finds out I won’t be able to live. Shall I talk to your husband?
– No. no. Please don’t. Please don’t say anything to
him or the rest of my life will be ruined. I’m not able to look into
my husband’s eyes and speak. If he finds out everything.. ..I’ll fall down in his eyes. I’ve spoken to cyber
crime without consulting him. If they find out that I’m a
policeman’s wife everything will be over. The entire department
will come to know about it. It’s better to die than to
see my husband getting insulted. Forget it. Try to end this matter
without involving your husband. Just three days. Handle everything
till then and I’ll be back. Thiruvaluvar coil street
is under your jurisdiction? Yes, boss. What do you want me to do? Just give the orders and I’ll get it done. He goes out in the morning
with his laptop as if he’s going to work. He reaches metro station at 9:45. He catches the 10 am metro
and gets down at KK Nagar. He sits in a coffee
shop and talks to the girls. He sits there unless he traps a girl. If he manages to trap
a girl he takes her with him. ‘Attention please! The first compartment
of the metro is reserved for women.’ ‘It’s a humble to throw all the waste..’ Hello, sir. Hello.
– I know you. You’re from Loyola College’s
2000 batch. Right? – yes. You got married at Tripuramkundram. Right? Yes. I’ve seen your wedding photos. I’m your wife’s facebook friend.
– Oh! I don’t use facebook.
– Where are you going? Is your office on this route?
– No. KK Nagar coffee shop. Okay, sir. Bye. You’ve come to tease people. Why are you hitting me? Hit him. Hit him. Hit him. Leave me. Leave me. Why are you hitting me? Lodge a case against him. Sir, you’re here? C’mon go from here. Go. Go. I know him very well. Don’t file a case against
him and ruin his life. Warn him and let him go. Hi, Agalma. What do you want? I thought I would give you time. But, I’ve changed my mind. I want to meet you right now. I’m not the kind of girl you think.
Enough of this. I give you 24 hours. Come and meet me alone. How much can you arrange? Hello, sir.
– You’ve changed a lot. Who won’t change after
getting thrashed by you? I’ve changed, sir. Sit here.
– Sir. What’s the matter, sir? It’s difficult to kill
a criminal in an encounter. Human rights commission and all. Therefore I want your help to handle him. There’s a cyber criminal. Sir, do you want me
to kill a person for you? Life is precious. Sir, I’m talking to you
now because you spared me. Every problem can be sorted
out through discussions. Talk to him once. Bye, sir. Goodbye. Hello. We would catch petty thieves
and goons earlier. But nowadays we nab cyber criminals. Go home and read it properly. You can get killed any moment. I’m sparing you at the
moment so that my wife.. ..doesn’t find out that I know about you. Get lost. Sir, you could’ve proposed
this deal before hitting me. I’ll tell you something. I enquire about the woman in
detail before getting close to her. I also figure out the extent
to which her family can go. Your wife has posted something. A single star on shoulder shines better
than millions of stars in the sky. I thought that you were an honest officer. But, the look you gave me
while getting me thrashed by people.. ..I realized that
you’re not an honest man. I hacked your computer that night. I was shocked. Thousands of files,
voices and secrets of people. After searching your computer
thoroughly I found out..’re a big thief. You took money on somebody else’s name. Who keeps such detail in his computer? And HTV.. that was an awesome job. If I leak only one such operation
then your life will be ruined. You should know one thing, sir. From now I won’t follow your instructions,
you’ll follow mine. You shocked me when you came to station. But, I hope I managed
to give you a stronger shock. You didn’t shock me, you’ve been caught. If I send one text message to my department
stating you hacked my computer.. ..then only your dead
body will go from here. When secrets get revealed
a man tries to show how brave he is.. ..but he’s actually scared. I can hear your heartbeat from here. I’m sure that this is not your first time.
You must’ve threatened many people. Your wife doesn’t know that you’ve met me. You’re in trouble from both ends. From today we’re friends. Just like gangsters. Your courage and my intelligence
can help us earn billions.. ..with the secrets that you’ve with you. Let’s share our joys and sorrows. What if we don’t? There’s only one option.
– What’s that? Agalma. Police. Be seated. Every time I saw him with a different girl
I knew something was wrong. Delete CCTV footage.
– Okay, sir. Which court are you taking me to?
– For what? So that you can seek
bail and drag the case. You’ll go straight to hell. Hello.
– Sir. I told you several times
not to address me as sir. Sir, by what other
name shall I address you? Address me lovingly. Call me a fool, call me darling. I won’t feel bad at all. What if I call you sweetheart? This is the sample
of the data I’ve hacked. It has been sent by the computer. If I don’t stop it in three hours.. ..then all the audio
files will go to the media. Hey stop!
– You stop. Most of the cyber crime stories are fake. Government is suing Balki’s computer
skills to find out a particular secret. They need our help to blackmail them. But, I don’t understand
why he has an injury on his nose. The police who was his
friend is now his enemy. He must’ve crossed the limit. What do you think?
Who will win? The right will win over wrong.
– But, what if both are wrong? How are you, my darling? Weren’t we supposed to meet Agalma? Why are you so quiet? This is the last warning. He wants to meet me right now. Can you come to the coffee
shop at KK Nagar immediately? It’ll take me 20 minutes
to reach there. Okay? Okay. Please come. Let’s try the last time. I’ll meet him and request him. I’m sure he’ll listen to me. But, I’m scared of going there alone. Come with me. Wait in the auto rickshaw outside for me. If I don’t come out in five
minutes then you come inside. Shall we take your brother with us? What if he tells everything to my husband? He wants to meet me right now. Can you come to the KK
Nagar coffee shop immediately ? Oh no! My husband is calling. Don’t take his call now. What if you panic and tell him everything? Disconnect the call. Why did you switch off the phone? You’re the lamp that has
come to light up my house, come. If you address me as
lamp again I’ll slap you hard. I haven’t come here to beg before you. I’m a policeman’s wife. I’ve come to give you final warning. I haven’t shared anything
with him right now. If he finds out he’ll break your bones. You’ll be bedridden for months. I’m very scared of police, Agalma. I’m especially scared of your husband. You said that policemen
are brave only in films. In real life they’re cowards. They’re scared of the media and
their neighbours who might expose them. They can’t take any decision
without consulting their friends. How can a police be brave
under such circumstances? Don’t come near me. If you touch me.. You called me thief. Right? Let me steal something.
– Please.. Nobody will find out.
– Please.. please.. Begging doesn’t suit a policeman’s wife. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Mathy! Open the door.
– Mathy! Agalma. Agalma. Hello.
– Where are you? I’m going home after shopping. Hello.
– Yes. Hello.
– Yes. The signal is poor here. I’ll reach home and then call you.
– Okay. Come in, sir. come in. I’m fortunate to have you as guest. Please come in, sir.
Take a seat. Hello. Take a seat. He’s my best friend.
How could I refuse him? You’ve ruined my life.
What can I do now? Oh! I helped him get that post. He’s a bit crazy but he’ll listen to me. Consider your job done.
– Thank you. Sir, I wanted to ask
you something for a long time. Go ahead. You took 10 crore rupees
that I sent. Right? Which money are you talking about? The money because of which I lost my post. No. You were thrown out
of the party as you had ties.. ..with members of opponent party. A policeman never admits
that they take bribes. Sir. – The ex-minister was saying that
we took the ten crore rupees.. ..that he kept in the dickey of the car. Do you know anything about this?
– I’ll find out, sir. Don’t call me. I’ll call you. Even if it’s urgent.
– Okay. People might ask you about me. Tell them you never knew
anyone called Selvam. Got it? Why don’t you introduce
me to your wife and her brother? There’s no need for that. I trust you more than them. There’s a traffic jam for ten kilometers. There’ll be a 20 km traffic jam.
What shall you do? Is this your personal property
that you’ll block the road? Disperse the traffic and
then we’ll see how powerful you are. The common people are
facing problems. Please. Do whatever you can,
we won’t budge from here. Hey! Sir.. Why did you order them to attack? The person who died belongs
to a high caste community. Sir, can you cancel my suspension orders? You’ll have to pay 10 lakhs for it. The court will give
judgment in your favour. Sir, I’m an honest officer. Am I not honest? Sir, how will I arrange so much money? An inspector earns around 10 in a year.
10 crores. Won’t you give us just 10 lakhs from it? Sir, stop pretending. You’re taking a loan
to prove that you’re honest. You’re saying that you’re honest. In that case how will
you return the money? Remember I told you about
a Marwari money lender. He’s the one. He helps the officers in trouble. You didn’t make me sign any document. What will I do with documents? We value words in our business. This business also runs on trust. It means we’ll rest this month. Greedy people get caught. The people who are happy
with the little they have stay safe. Shutter closed for the next six months.
– Understood. You’ll get down at the next stop. Hello. Madam, do you want loan? Has the loan department called again? No, mom. It’s my friend Mathy. You didn’t do the right
thing by not coming on facebook. I’ll tell my husband
when he comes home today. I can’t tolerate your tortures anymore.
– Go ahead and tell him. Shall I tell him if you’re
finding it difficult to share with him? Earlier I forced you to post. Don’t worry.
I’ve posted something this time. Check your personal message. Watch it and give your feedback. I’ll forward it to your husband. He’ll love it. I stopped each and every
frame of the video and watched it. It seems that we’re having lot of fun. Agalma, I’m not your enemy.. ..I’m your fan. I beg of you. Please leave me. Please. I just spoke to her on WhatsApp. You’ve installed cameras
all over the house. If you call her again.. ..I won’t spare you
alive even if I lose my job. I’ll tell you something, boss. I deserve your wife more than you. You were in a relationship for four years
and you’ve been married for one year. But, do you even know
what your wife likes? Do you know the name of
her seventh standard teacher? Do you know which song she
loves to listen to when it’s raining? Do you know which is her
favourite restaurant in Chennai? Do you know where she loves
to go for ice-cream at midnight.. ..and the flavor she loves? Do you’ve her childhood photo where
she’s riding a bicycle in boxer shorts? I’ve them. That’s because I spend time to know her. You’ve done nothing
except sleeping and eating. When you can’t do this much
for her then why be her husband. Leave her and go away. Wait, boss. Wait. Only animals smell
the food before they eat.. ..humans don’t need to do it. You’re an animal and I’m human. Hey! Won’t you ask me what
my last wish is before I die? I’ll fulfill your wish right now.
– Let me watch a video before I die. Hey no! Stop it. This was not the first show. This was the 92nd show. Don’t panic and shoot me or
your wife won’t be able to face anybody. Swiss bank not only keeps money
but they also have lockers to save data. I saved everything there. It’s important I stay
alive to renew it every month. If I miss doing that it’ll
get uploaded in 3 crore websites. Just think about your reputation
if the world finds out. If your profession is your
strength then my keypad is my strength. There’s a camera in your bathroom. It doesn’t distinguish
between young and old. I watched many videos of your dad,
of your mom.. This is just for fun, boss. Kill me. Is your family ready to die of shame? Why couldn’t I give you the
right to speak openly to your husband? How will you do all this alone? You won’t be able to do it. I’ll tell you. First forget what the world
will say and criticize you. Who is your world? The billions of people
who live on this earth? No. Or is it someone who utters
your name and you turn around.. ask if you know him. The people who you’ve met in life
will not more than couple of thousands. Except them we’re just
a piece of news for others. People commit suicide,
set themselves on fire and drink poison.. ..for this couple of thousand people. If any of your videos
become scandalous in future.. ..know that I’m your world. What happened, son? I opened the door way back
and yet you were standing outside. Son, your dad is in the bathroom. Dad, please come out of the bathroom. Coming. Come out quickly. What happened, son? Technology is going to kill me. Why don’t you leave this job?
– What happened to you? Do you’ve a headache? Do I get medicine for you?
– Nothing. Yes, give him medicine. I want to tell you something. I also want to tell you something. You tell me first.
– No, you tell me. No, you.
– No. Ladies first. Now you tell me. Well.. the IG said that
I should be a father now. I’ll forget all stress
when I look at my child. What are you doing?
Why are you touching my feet? For making me a father. Our baby is lucky. You bought a new car on his arrival. We knew that he had lot of girlfriends. But, it’s shocking to know
that Selvam’s wife was one of them. Don’t talk rubbish. Being facebook friends doesn’t
mean that she’s her girlfriend. Leave the case, I’ll handle it.
– Okay, sir. Remove all these numbers
from your network. Okay. A gift from the IG.
– Thank you. This is not his money.
It has a different fund. Don’t call the IG and thank him.
– Sure, sir. He’ll be disturbed.
– Okay, sir. If you want to clone any important
number inform me, I’ll do it. Whenever the number rings
your number will also ring. You can hear everything live. Sir, I want to tell you something. We’ve got a clip in our WhatsApp group. One voice matches that of madam. Do you want to talk or not?
– Yes, tell me. Yes, tell me. Where is he?
– Why? So, that I know how long we can talk. We can talk till morning. Three people from Delhi
have come to meet him. Hey! Hi, sir.
– Hi! I’ve completely cleaned this. Nobody can retrieve anything from here.
– That’s great. Can you take leave tomorrow? It won’t be possible. Would you like to meet actress Nayantara? Sir, do you know Diana Mariam?
– Who is she? Sir, that’s Nayantara’s real name. We share our birthday. November 18th. I am her biggest fan. Hi! Balki sir, I’m Anu.
Your facebook follower. Your yesterday’s post
on yoga was wonderful. Come on. Hurry up. Don’t worry,
all the cameras are switched off. How come so many girls like your posts? Thankfully he didn’t
connect the cameras with UPS. You often come in my dreams.
– Really? Sir, I’ve hacked his login password. Hold on.
– Sure. Sir, he has saved data in Swiss bank. The file is very big in size.
It’ll take 40 hours to delete it. They’re asking for password. Agal. A-G-A-L. Agalma. Agalbilaku. Who is she? His girlfriend? Excuse me. Bill. Hello. You can at least
get a cappuccino for me. I don’t like the girls who come to me. Come on. Keep trying. Sir, I think he’s a very big thief.
There’s protection in every step. It’ll be difficult to get through. Sir, he has left.
I couldn’t keep him back for long. Let’s try a random password. It’ll get locked. I’m unable to decode his password.
– Do something before he comes. It’s locked, sir. Sir, we’ve kept everything in its place. He can come here any time.
– Let’s go. C’mon hurry up. Hurry up. Come. Come. Okay, so you entered my house behind me. Hello. Agalma, I’ll reach
your home in half an hour. No. No.
– I’m on the way. My in-laws.. I’ not at home. I’ve called you on landline number. It’s hot outside.
– Yes. Sir.. sir.. you promised
to arrange a meeting with Nayantara. What about it? You entered my house. Right? Now I’ll go to your house. Don’t rash drive because if
you meet with an accident and die.. ..I’ll have to take
care of her all my life. Drive safely. I’ll wait for you. Come. Who are you? I’m Agal’s friend. College friend?
– Facebook friend. He’s a computer engineer, mom. He had a job offer from
Microsoft but he declined it. Have you ever met Selvam?
– No, mom. We became friends six months back. We’re meeting for the first time. You always appreciated
the way I decked the house. He’s the one who shared home
décor tips with me on facebook. Do you remember you once
praised the Kerala curry I made? It was his recipe.
– Oh! What’s your name?
– Balakrishnan. Lovingly people call me Balki. Offer him tea and snacks.
– I completely forgot. Sit and chat. Why did you rush to reach here? O god, please save me. I hope he doesn’t say anything. I told you that if you die I would
have to take care of her all my life. Everything in your room from
curtains to carpets is of my choice. You couldn’t change a thing. You won’t be able to do it
as I’m already a part of the family. Correct. Correct. You go, I’ll make it.
– Okay, mom. Your post on the new book was very nice. He has interest in English literature.
– Oh! Please.. please go from here. Please. Wow! What an acting! Hello. Please go away. Okay. Please listen to me. The longer you take the angrier I’ll get. You’re right. I’ll call back later. Tea is ready. I’ll get it. Both of you are great actors.
– Yes. Isn’t it the organic tea that I suggested? Yes, this is the one. Oh! Nice tea. I’ll tell you something. I’ve been noticing that
Selvam hardly has time for Agal. He has changed since he
got the job of phone tapping. Don’t you really want it? Do only men have the right to do it? Do they’ve the right to
have more than one companion? Why don’t we change the trend? I’m asking you to smile, boss.
– Yeah. If you misbehave with me
again you’ll have to face this. Go. Reach home first. Listen, get ready. We’ll go
to the hospital for routine checkup. No. Not today. I’m very tired.
– Okay. Did you hear it darling?
I heard it. It was your voice. But, I told everybody
that it was not your voice. Be careful when you call somebody. Auto. I’m not free. Okay.
– Why are you staring at me? I didn’t stare at you. Yes, you did. Stop! Stop! What happened?
– Why did you hit him? Get lost from here. Carefully. Sister, did you fight with brother-in-law?
– No. Give me the money to
buy a bottle of liquor. I’ll make him confess.
– Get lost from here. It seems that the matter is serious. I won’t go unless you tell me. How dare you buy a sim in my wife’s name? The information of the IGs is here. They came to work for
the police department. But, they turned into businessmen. They won’t be able to escape now. I’ll rest only after I get them fired. Listen.. I’ve thrashed him a lot.
Set him on fire. Baldy.. ..if you’ve the courage then
call your wife from my phone.. ..and tell her that
you’re setting me on fire. She told me to set you on fire. We also have to behave like
politicians in our department. If you don’t do politics
you won’t be able to be safe. How many phones do you have? Take the call. Manirama, what shall I do with him? Don’t leave him.
He has ruined my reputation. I can’t face anybody in the society now. Burn him alive. Sir, excuse me. She’s ruthless. Isn’t it? If anybody finds out
about this by mistake.. ..the records will show
that my wife was involved. Sir, you’re here? We got information from the control room
that there’s some problem here. Can’t I come to check a
real estate property in a group? Go everybody. What are you doing here? We’ve reached the metro station.
– Okay. I’m inspector Selvam’s friend. Call and thank him.
– Okay, sir. Thanks a lot. You’re the first hero
who has saved the villain. Smile, I want you to smile. You’re very smart. You had almost killed me
but then you saved me. You’ve made a big mistake by saving me. You started the conflict. Now I’ll set everything on fire. ‘Attention please.’ First car of the metro
is reserved for ladies. He’s sitting here. Six minutes left for the train to arrive.
Hurry up. Have you done the job?
– Which job? Nandu said that he
wanted to sell the bike. Why? He didn’t tell me why
he wants to sell the bike. Okay. I’ll ask him. Sister.. I couldn’t kill him.
– What? I suddenly thought about you
and brother-in-law and I panicked. He managed to escape. I hope nobody recorded your video. I’m not sure. Sister, tell brother-in-law
the truth when he comes home. I’ll have to tell him everything
if I share this with him. He’ll never forgive me. What happened? Why is the TV mute? What’s the matter? I want to tell you something. Hold on. Remote. Where’s the remote? The conversation between
two police officers has been leaked. This is shocking. Listen to this audio clip. Satish, listen to me. It’s not right to be
scared of senior officers. But, their wives cross all limits. Do you know what my boss did yesterday? He asked me how many
of us were present there. I said seven people were there. He told us to take the car
and get six packets from harbor. I asked what kind of packets. His wife deals in clothes. We carried the packet
of clothes like donkeys. Even garbage is collected
in a disciplined way I don’t know when our
department will change. We’re appointed in the police department. But, then we’re made
to do household chores. Which channel? Sir.. by what other
name shall I address you? Call me lovingly. You can address me as stupid or darling. Selvam, where are you? Sir.. sir.. The IG is furious. Sir.. I didn’t leak this. Come here quickly. Nothing of that sort. I’ll handle it. What’s this?
What’s happening? All the audio files were in my custody. Okay, sir. okay. Alright, sir. Sir, all this.. I couldn’t have humiliated them
more than this. They’ve no other option but to resign. Well-done, my boy. Sir, the senior officers
must be very angry with me. Everybody will calm down with time. It would’ve been better
if you shot me dead. Don’t misunderstand me. We’re batch mates.
We’ve had our meals together. I know your family, you know my family.
I know your sister. I know that she’ll be hurt. I’ll find out. I’ll find out the culprit. I had appointed him.
I’ll reprimand him before you. Answer me.
– Sir.. You’ve done this. Right? Answer me. You’ve done this. Right?
– Sir.. He didn’t do anything. What do you want? You want this. Right? My resignation. I scared you. Right?
I was acting. Nobody can harm you
as long as I’m in this post. I must admit that you’re daring.
You’re the real hero. Sir, the situation is going out of hands. The department is divided
in two departments. What shall we do?
– We must sacrifice somebody. Access denied. Sir, IG sir told you to stay away. Who are they? If the secrets get revealed
people will lose faith in the system. Animosity will increase.
People won’t trust anybody. Secrets should remain secret.
That’s better for everybody. I’ll get rid of the secrets forever. How are you, boss? I want you to smile. C’mon smile. You saw what happened when
two audio clips were leaked. Just imagine what will
happen if I leak all the clips. You’ll be put behind the
bars for at least 25 years. There’s only one option you have. Go home. Meet your wife. Give her divorce papers.
Send me a copy. Everything is over. People are looking at
us as if we’re criminals. They’ve ripped open the sofa.
They’ve damages our house. Did you pick a car
on somebody’s instruction? Yes, sir. I picked up
a red car from near the beach. We didn’t get any money from his house. We’ve asked the service
provider to send us a list. He’ll definitely get caught. Sir, I want to be honest
till my last breath. He also said the same. But, recently I felt
that he had lot of money. Is there any number
that you didn’t approve? Okay, I’ll check and find it out.
– Okay, sir. He said that you gave it as a gift. He was given 4 lakhs along with an iphone. I cloned a number for him. How can you betray me? Sir, like master like disciple. You misused the power of your
post and threatened many people.. ..and earned money. The information along with
the conversations.. recorded in these pen drives. Sir, if you don’t believe me then
let me tell you that this is your voice. This is the voice certificate. You tell a new police officer
how honest he should be. This is the proof. I’ve provided all the numbers. It’s time to discipline
the police department. Prepare a note. Sir, you’ll be promoted to the post of DG. Please take me along wherever you go. Not for my benefit, for your benefit. I take care of your secrets. Sir, I need a gift
for doing so much for you. A leave of seven days.
Permission of foreign tour. Bye, mom. Sister, tell brother-in-law
the truth during the trip. Hello. Who was it?
– Crime branch. If you don’t come back I’ll go there. Who was it?
– The IG. All our problems are sorted. Thank god. Everything is fine now. I wanted to tell you something
so I brought you here. Shall I reign from my job? If you resign from your job
how will we manage our expenses. Do you remember I did a small
favour to a rich businessman? Yes. He’s starting a big business venture here. He’ll buy ten big resorts
here just like this one. He wants me to run them. What if we settle down here? Hey Agal, we’ve one life. A small house in a big island. One nice car. No pollution. Wouldn’t you like a life like this? A package of 1.5 crores
in Indian currency. Great! Oh! So, you’ve brought me here for trial. If you like the place I’ll
give my consent to the businessman. My wife should like the place. I like it. Listen.. I told you that I
wanted to share something with you. Hold on. I’ll call the IG and come back. I think you’re testing me. If you don’t come back by the next flight,
I’ll leak all the videos. Please don’t do that. She loves me a lot. She’ll die out of shock
if I suddenly divorce her. I’ll tell her that I want a
luxurious life which she won’t like. Then we’ll mutually separate. This is the reason I’ve brought her here. I don’t believe you. I’m angry at the thought that
you’re enjoying despite my warnings. Book my ticket. I want to be there so that
I can watch you suffer out of fear. Wow! What a view! Will we live here forever?
– Yes. The businessman will buy
this house for us. Hello. Your bag.
– Oh! Thank you. I’ll check the resort and come back. We’ll go to the airport
after we come back. Okay? Bye. Leave it. Don’t worry, it’ll take him
four hours to come back. I’ve calculated the time. Both the time and the
circumstances are in my favour. Leave me. Leave me. Leave. Lust for you is not something new. The lust for you was aroused
when I saw you repeatedly in the bathroom. Thankfully this is
happening in a foreign land. A new woman will go back from here. Nobody will find out
what happened between us. Over. I made a big mistake. Instead of meeting you at doorstep.. ..I allowed you to enter my bedroom
through facebook. I made the biggest mistake
of my life by trusting you. Please let me go. Do you think I’ve come here to forgive
you by taking a seven hour long flight? This patient shouldn’t live. He shouldn’t die.
He will live but will be in coma. The people who suffer from post-traumatic
stress disorder in America.. ..especially if it
happens because of fear.. ..we give a medicine to those patients
to erase their memory temporarily. If the medicine is given
to the patients regularly.. ..they’ll go into coma. The doctors don’t tell you much. If you add the medicine
to alcohol and give it to them.. ..they’ll suffer from total memory loss.
He’ll be in coma. You told me to mix allopathic
and ayurvedic medicine. Right? There are certain herbs
that intoxicates even animals. Let’s mix those powders. Manish. Just a minute, sir.
Let me go to my workstation. You used technology to enter my house. Similarly I used the emotion
of your father to enter your house. I’ve had an open heart surgery. I want to spend the remaining
days of my life with you, my son. I thought that he would misunderstand me. So, I shared all his activities with him. He installed a camera inside this.
He used to view everything with this. He doesn’t deserve to
be a part of our society. Don’t leave him. Do a favour. Don’t kill him. Balki, I’m in the last stage of my life. Don’t throw me out. Please let me stay here. Get inside. You’re a burden on this world. Open his eyes and scan it properly. You’ll give this medicine to him daily. It’ll make his brain inactive. He’ll calm down and will go into coma. Sir, select all files. Delete. Now run the software I gave you.
– Okay. Sir, nobody can recover it now. The moment a criminal thinks
he’s invincible he starts getting weak. I let him think that he was winning. And I knew that he’ll be
so excited that he would come here. Everything happened as per my plan. He has left.
He’ll fall unconscious any moment. He said that he would become unconscious. He also said that he
was coming towards the resort. But, instead of the resort he went home. I rushed back. By the time I reached
there he lost consciousness. As soon as we land you go home. I’ll meet the businessman,
discuss our plan and confirm everything. I’ll go to office and resign. Balki, what happened? How did you fall down? Your clothes are spoilt. Sorry, my child. He doesn’t remember anything. He has lost his memory. He has become like a child. He needs my help even to stand. Sorry, my child. It’s okay. It’s not necessary that the
people we meet stay in our memory. I behaved as if
I didn’t remember anything. Agal was also quiet. But, I noticed that she was relaxed now. Some secrets should be
kept secret to maintain peace. You were supposed to tell me something.
C’mon tell me now. I was thinking that we should
settle here as soon as possible. I don’t know why he was in such hurry. He told us to collect everything
and get it. We submitted everything to him last night. And he passed away today morning. This car is yours but at the same time
it’s not yours. It’s your money but at the same time
it’s not yours.

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