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  1. I'm a working us citizen. How the hell did this immigrant on a Visa get a loan for 100k from a bank. I can't even get a car loan.

  2. You know what’s crazy, if she would have low key just got an apartment in Williamsburg or something and got a driver so no one would find out and took the money and gave it right to the dude who had the space she wanted to buy it would have worked. Her eating at those places and the hotels was where she seriously fucked up. If she would have gotten the space she would have generated enough money to pay people back. Jesus girl. Moderation

  3. How do you think a young person with less than 10 years job experience becomes the CEO of a fortune 500 corp? Confidence of being able to tell a fake story of your experience so well that they dont even bother to do a background check.

  4. Why do you think McDonald's can't go bankrupt unlike the thousands of high class restaurants before it? Because they ask for payment upfront

  5. There is someone like her in ELITE series on netflix named Cayetana. The social media influencer for her expensive bags, dress, luxuries, social parties and money, but the reality is, she’s a daughter of the school Janitress living in a small apartment. Hahahaah!

  6. Hollywood and Netflix need to stop making films about criminals, focusing on the worthless nature of their crimes that somehow made them famous and then someone has the nerve to make a film about the horrible things that they've done instead of making films about unsung heroes who made a good impact in the world. Murderers, pedophiles, petty thieves and con artist. Netflix is becoming Lifetime but with a higher budget. This girl does not need a film about her.

  7. I live in Germany and she would never get away with that crap here! Hotels and businesses and banks confirm one's financial status before making money transactions.

  8. i just watch 1min and i know where annas money came from, she let richg uys fuck herliek the lttle fuckdoll she is, what is so fasicanting about this?

  9. Honestly the New York elite are a bunch of douchebags anyway. Seeing a young girl just troll the shit out of them is hilarious.

  10. I remember when I first heard about this girl… lol. On the one hand, I was impressed. It clearly takes a lot of time, effort and talent committing to a character to pull this off. On the other hand, that's f'ed up.

  11. Whats stopping somebody going to a bank in american getting a 100.000 dollar loan and then just transferring it to one of them secret money laundering banks in the cayman islands or whatever and then from there to your personal bank in your own country?

  12. Theres bunch of whites from russia in bali that are a group of thief, whites are always get treat good from everyone…this is why this bitch can fool anyone easily, think if she was not white…would be a different story

  13. 1 year plea deal bet person of color would have got 16 years in prison plea deal and in prison till death if on trial that's how fucked this white system of governance and judiciary is

  14. WT# – Oh my goodness!!!! Not knowing what her precise time of birth was, if it was midday, this is what part of her astrological sign says: Saturn in its own house (Tenth) or sign (Capricorn) is a lifelong meditation on how to live what you know, or "walk the talk." … A Tenth House Saturn native could sense the need to break free of rigid worldviews from their upbringing or education. *Also, apparently 'Capricorn' is the coldest sign of the zodiac – also, it's the ultimate power. You're welcome.

  15. I do delivery work in Manhattan, and the girl in the thumbnail looks just like a girl I delivered Waffle and eggs!! Too and she gave a me $40 cash tip on top of the postmates pay.

    Amazing story to find on youtube!

  16. And people say white privilege isn't real. SMH It opened all those doors for her, and even though she was a sociopath who hurt many people (including working class people), she gets celebrated with a film being made about her.


  17. On the one hand, her crimes serve as living evidence of all the bullshit of the New York bourgeoise and that fame is just an illusion that can be used to manipulate people.

    On the other hand, she doesn’t seem to have planned this “exposé” of a crime in advance. She seems to be just genuienly stupid.

  18. People will kiss ass and give their entire savings to a so called rich kid but poor people would have to find a ton load of paperwork and run around for $150.

  19. This story makes no sense. I can't imagine so many people would allow her to rack up bills or even check into any hotel without a credit card. Especially when in those photos she actually looks like she came out of a trailer park and not even remotely like a socialite. This story really doesn't make any sense..

  20. She did well. If she can blend into a high-society with a fake identity, this also means that the high-society is also as fake as she is.

  21. dude you are having so much trouble presenting this – you can explain this so much more in style, there is a lot to unpack here – delivery sucks!

  22. Kim Kardashian learned from Paris and did porn to get famous. So technically she's a porn star celebrity. She got out of the business after getting more and more popular. Remember Pamela Anderson?

  23. Bell boy to Broke ass girl dress rich : apres vous madame!
    Bell boy to Rich guy dress in thrift : OUT you ugly pervert!

  24. Well, her entire scam wasn't even clever or original. It didn't require any effort, she just lied her way into a loan by the bank for 100K. Lucky for her the bank approved her loan because she told some employee who doesn't get paid enough that she had a loan coming in for 22 Million USD and …. the bank just believed her and gave her the money. It also helped that she was in the right place at the right time, I mean no one would believe that a broke ass woman is going to willingly step into a luxurious hotel and get herself in debt at this time and age. She was bound to get caught somehow, she was able to stay for as long as she did because she smooth talked them into letting her stay and also she had some money left to pay for some of her fees so they must have believed her excuse. I don't see that happening in any other country, in Asia if you don't pay you're kicked out immediately. She was lucky to be around people that didn't really need the money I guess so they didn't make a hustle out of it.

  25. This reminds me of that movie “Color me Kubrick” (“….But, I’m Stanley Kubrick”…🤥

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