The Hidden Meaning in The Matrix – Earthling Cinema

The Hidden Meaning in The Matrix – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling
Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is The Matrix, starring
MTV Movie Award-winning cyborg Keanu Reeves, most famous for inventing the candy Reeves’s
Peeveses. The film tells the story of Earthling Thomas
Anderson, hacker alias “Neo,” who is just minding his own business when all of a sudden
everyone starts bothering him and telling him what to do. After hearing persuasive arguments
from both sides, Neo opts for the guys with cooler sunglasses, and blindly swallows a
pill given to him by a man he’s known for about two minutes. Turns out it’s actually the future and Neo’s
entire reality is just a simulation. Who knew?. The real world is located in a grimy sewer
where they all wears rags and are constantly under attack by robot jellyfish, yet somehow
everyone has time to shave their faces and heads every day. They even shave Neo’s face
while he’s sleeping. Morpheus teaches Neo how to do some Looney
Tunes shit and then they celebrate with some homemade cookies. Morpheus gets roughed up
by a guy in a bathroom, so Neo and Trinity take matters into their own guns. While fighting,
Neo invents a new move: falling down really slowly. He dies, and Trinity consoles herself
by becoming a necrophiliac. Alright, let’s start with the
names. Neo means “new” in Greek, and is an anagram
for “One,” which is, in my experience, the loneliest number. Morpheus is named for the
God of Dreams in Ovid’s bestseller the Metamorphoses. Trinity refers to the Christian Bible’s
“Holy Trinity”: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Grail. Just as the Holy Trinity purportedly
brought Jesus back to life, so too does bad bitch Trinity bring Neo back to life with
a big wet smackeroonie. Also, Trinity begins the movie in room 303, which has threes in
it. But don’t worry, the Christian imagery doesn’t
end there. If you look very carefully, you might notice that Neo is a sort of Christ
figure. Neo’s other name, “Thomas Anderson”, harkens
back to the Apostle Thomas, aka doubting Thomas, who expressed reservations about the whole
Christ savior thing. Etymologically, Anderson means “son of man,” a nickname Jesus used
sometimes around his mortal friends. Cypher is Neo’s Judas, betraying him for a sirloin
and a smile. As evidenced by the obvious references to
Alice in Wondertown and The Wizards of Waverly Place The Matrix loves itself some literary allusions. Neo’s room number is 101, much like Room
101, the torture chamber from George Orwell’s 1984, where prisoners are brainwashed by reliving
their worst nightmare. Neo hides his illegal programs in a copy of Simulacra and Simulation
by Jean “Babyface” Baudrillard, a postmodern book about the decay of reality and its replacement
with simulated images– the idea of a copy without an original, a Pepsi without a Pibb
Xtra. When Morpheus welcomes Neo to the “Desert of the Real”, he is quoting that very same
text. With so much focus on images and reality,
and due to the vainglorious ethos of Earth, it’s no surprise that the film makes frequent
use of mirrors. Even Morpheus’ weird sunglasses that should definitely fall off his face are
mirrored. As this motif seem to indicate, The Matrix
is about reflection and perspective, truth and illusion. It’s about knowing yourself
as opposed to trusting any of your eleven senses. The Oracle tells Neo to “know thyself”,
acting as a mirror for Neo’s self reflection. The film also draws inspiration from philosophy,
a rarely practiced form of Earthling masturbation. In his “Allegory of the Cave,” Plato argues
that a prisoner who lives his whole life watching shadows in a cave would regard the shadows
as real, since only an idiot would get himself trapped in a cave. If that prisoner were to see the
sun, he would be overwhelmed. Likewise, Neo’s eyes hurt because he’s never used them before,
and he barfs when he learns the truth about his world. But if barfing is the price we
must pay for enlightenment, I say “Where’s the toilet?

100 thoughts on “The Hidden Meaning in The Matrix – Earthling Cinema

  1. know thyself is Greek, originated from Socrates and the Oracle of Delphi (''Γνώθι σ' αυτόν''/Gnόthi s' autόn)

  2. A bit of a shame that in your dissection of identity, truth, and what is real, you missed the fact that both of the Wachowski's have transitioned from male to female. Changes the whole film!

  3. Try to do this with people throughout history & see that Neo Green=that this is an AI construct. Rothschild means Red Shield=to pay people to act as human shields from the truth, to surround people like me to prevent their exposure, exposure of what this, to prevent Luke 8:17, Ragnarok/Apocalypse which they(the oligarchy rigging the environment) see as evil.

  4. is it the holy grail? i thought it was the holy spirit. i think you wont be forgivin if you speak bad about the holy spirit. i think i read that in the bible. also you said he does some luny tunes thing isnt loony toons a mandella effect

  5. Sorry, I loves me some satire, even MST2K ripoffs, but this is just poorly produced to mine laughs and subscribers. How ironic. Aliens don't need money.

  6. OMG your Michael Caine was seriously on point!!! I've heard everything else before (like, in the nineties) but had to rewind it TWICE just for the impersonation!

  7. The real truth is the matrix is a programming movie to teach the masses about the world they live in, and furthermore recognize the outsiders that are rebelling against the powers ruling over us. The movie teaches people how to spot the signs of outsiders such as Neo Morpheus and Trinity. It's not trying to inspire you to be Neo. it's a satanic reversal

  8. Dude your videos are fucking awesome! You enjoy a movie but at the same time critique it with the odd joke thrown in, well done!

  9. Apparently, I will never make a movie… not enough classic literary or philosophical references in my daily life. (Why read about it if I'm going to figure it out myself soon enough?)

  10. The matrix trilogy is a cinematic jewel. It’s a shame the morons of the academy can’t understand its beauty, but surely is worthy of the Oscar for best screenplay, direction and picture. It’s a perfect amalgam of hard core action and SFX with core philosophical problems. The nature of reality or the paradox of free will are among the spine of the screenplay. The use of gnostic and early Christian themes are the ultimate resources to make The Matrix a one of a kind cinematic treasure.

  11. "And Trinity consoles herself by becoming a necrophiliac"
    Holy shit hahahaha the way you worded that made my lungs hurt 😂😂😂

  12. this is the reason wer are all slaves slaved by surroundings such internet that provided such videos …the suffer goes on and goes on !

  13. It has more than one numerical illusion to the emergency code of 9/11 up to and including the matr*IX*…and with any 303 allusions…with dates.

  14. Stop the curse words. You think that's gonna make your channel cool?! Yup your stuck in the matrix like the rest of them. Jesus still loves you!

  15. Hahahahaha!! Awesome ending to an awesome video. You guys never stop amazing me. This is some serious next level shit. If only television was half as entertaining and educational, I'd save a small fortune.
    As a massive Matrix fan who prayed to deaf ears that more wouldn't be made, you have my utter respect.

  16. I’m pretty sure everybody already knows all the religious references in this franchise of course including me

  17. My brother got me to watch this. A Backstreet Boys without a New Kids on The Block. lol. I love your summaries, they are hilarious and summaries of philosophers. Not taking any pills, I spent way too much time with my exes.

  18. RE: 'Philosophy = Masturbation':
    Luckily, I too came to this "deep" realization before making myself blind by spending too much of my adolescence philosophizing in my room. … Eventually realized that the two activities had about the same net effect on the world around me.
    But the Matrix movies reminded me that it was still fun (regardless of practical utility).

  19. bs. Too Christianic "meaning".

    The actual meaning of 101 and 303 are Goethe:
    101: He is the happiest man who can set the end of his life in connection with the beginning.
    303: Passion is enhanced and tempered by avowal. In nothing, perhaps, is the middle course more desirable than in confidence and reticence towards those we love.

    Morpehus is theathre/culture (they are chained, they want real freedom). And Cypher is a fenomen, where Neo gets hints/warnings in his life. Some hints are fakes, and those who give bad hints, are betraying him.

    It is year 2018, next year is 2019 = 2199. Welcome to The Matrix.


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