The Hidden Meaning in The Matrix Reloaded – Earthling Cinema

The Hidden Meaning in The Matrix Reloaded – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema.
I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is The Matrix Reloaded, the second
film in the Matrix franchise, and the first one set entirely in the uncanny valley. The story begins six Earth months after Matrix:
A New Hope, and the big gossip is that Neo and Trinity are totally going steady. Hey, get a room you two! Ew, no
don’t get a room. Anyway, Morpheus and the gang attend a dominatrix convention and find
out a bunch of those jellyfish bots are trying to horn in on the underground city of Zion.
But Zion is only cool because it’s underground. Once it goes mainstream, the whole thing is
pointless. Meanwhile, Agent Smith is still around somehow,
since that’s easier than coming up with a new villain. This time he’s got a hair-brained
scheme to leave the Matrix, which he does by taking over the body of a Batman villain
named Bane. Earth always swore by its cross-promotional
synergy, right up until the bitter end. Morpheus is burned out and pops a molly at
a nearby rave, so Neo asks for help from the only other person he knows, the Oracle. She
tells him to go to the Source and find the Keymaker, who is being held hostage by the
Merovingian. Clearly just making shit up to get him to leave. I get it, Oracle, I’m sick
of him too. Smith shows up completely beside himself, so they fight a little for old time’s
sake. But Neo’s heart isn’t in it, so he flies away. Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity go find the guy
the Oracle was talking about and ask about the other guy the Oracle was talking about,
but the first guy gets upset that the plot is so convoluted and sends his Jamaican ghosts
after them. Fortunately, the guy’s wife is mad at him for leaving the toilet seat up,
and she helps them escape. Women, can’t live with em, can’t live without em freeing your
prisoners. Our heroes have to use the freeway, which is apparently the most dangerous thing
in the universe. They cruise around for a while, then get bored
and head to the Source. Neo meets a program called the Architect. He tries to tell Neo
about his favorite Ben Affleck movie, but Neo had already promised to go save Trinity
for their anniversary. He catches her at about a thousand miles an hour, which definitely
doesn’t crush her, then gives her a coronary bypass. Back in the real world, their ship gets destroyed
by jellyfish, but Neo wishes them away, which makes him sleepy. He lies down on a bed next
to… who is that? Oh, it’s Bane! Remember? The guy Smith bodysnatched! Wow, what a cliffhanger!
I sure hope our archaeologists uncover the third movie! What? We’re never going to uncover
it? My producer is saying it’s lost forever. Oh well. Obviously The Matrix Reloaded has some allusions
to Christianity, so let’s get those out of the way up top. The original, “perfect” Matrix
described by the Architect can be equated with the Olive Garden of Eden, a place where
humans could replace knowledge of good and evil with knowledge of unlimited salad and
breadsticks. And like Eden, this version of the program was doomed because of the “imperfection
inherent to every human being”. Also, Agent Smith’s license plate is “IS 5416”, referring
to the Bible passage Isaiah 54:16, which reads: “Behold, I have created the Smith Who blows
the coals in the fire, Likewise, Morpheus’ license plate is DA 203, referring to Daniel
2:03, a passage about a dream. And if they went to all the trouble to get personalized
license plates, you know it’s a big deal In a surprise turn for a Hollywood blockbuster,
math plays a pivotal role too. Pi, a transcendental number primarily used by nerds to show how
good their memories are, shows up several times in the movie. The Keymaker says Neo
has “exactly 314 seconds” to go through the door, a reference to the fact that the number
314 flipped over sort of looks like the word “pie.” And speaking of numbers, 101 is back, and
this time it’s got a sexy new makeover. In binary, 101 is 5. But the 6th number to a computer, and as the Architect tells
Neo, this is the 6th incarnation of the Matrix, and the first to feature an exclusive partnership
with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Another math thing is Kurt Godel’s Incompleteness
Theorem, which para doxically, he completed. In the early 1900s, Godel thought it might
be a hoot to demonstrate that any formal system is inherently incomplete due to the “Godel
Sentence,” an anomaly he named after his mother. For the Matrix, Neo is that anomaly, much
in the same way that Keanu Reeves emoting with his face is an anomaly. Indeed, every
incarnation of the Matrix has its very own “The One” — it’s a mathematical inevitability. The idea of mathematical inevitability inevitably
leads to the idea of determinism. The Matrix Reloaded suggests that everyone is locked
into a specific purpose, be it sitting on a park bench or standing around with a bunch
of keys. Humans are bound by rules, the rules
of cause and effect. Whereas before Neo was painted as the subject
of a holy prophecy, he is now shown to be simply another person serving his purpose, a mathematical constant in an imperfect equation. Smith credits Neo with setting him
free and allowing him the ability to choose. But don’t sound the best friend alarm just
yet. Later, he completely backtracks, saying “We’re not here because we’re free. We’re
here because we’re not free. There is no escaping reason, no denying purpose…”. Even though
Smith has the ability to rebel like Neo, he realizes that there is a PURPOSE for his
abilities, destabilizing the Matrix until the anomaly goes bye bye, and more importantly,
cloning himself enough that he can play tackle football.

100 thoughts on “The Hidden Meaning in The Matrix Reloaded – Earthling Cinema

  1. I both love and hate that this channel practically said "Fuck the 3rd movie, we're not doing it" as a joke but then actually lived up to it.

  2. you said Revolutions is lost forever, yet you showed the fight in the rain of Neo and Smith from that movie…

  3. How many copies do you think we'd have to send Wisecrack to make it so that Garyx suddenly 'discovers' the final one?

  4. The Matrix is white hating propaganda regardless how clumsy and artless.
    How many white men are in Zion? In the party crowd, no more than two or three. Of the few white males, one of them sports prayer beads after the fashion of a tefillin. All the other white men are villainous tools, either unwitting fool-tools as policemen and security guards, or else "purposeful" and "sentient" tools of the matrix as agents. Only one white man, still villainous, is not a tool. He is instead a rapist by means of chocolate cake. Then again, Rage Against the Machine overlays the end credits of the first film, and the machine they rage against is WHITEY and white men's power. The name Zion itself is of the nation created with the authority of the holocaust, whitey's greatest collective sin. It is a bitch slap of white hating propaganda as the humorless action scenes of the second film are ENDLESS. The lines of dialogue over the course of minutes are summed up thus:
    Agent: You're going down, darkey!
    Morpheus/Neo/Trinity: I don't think so. I'm kicking your ass, whitey!
    MNT kicks whitey's ass, or at least lives to fight another day that whitey is goin down! End of scene.
    The second is a terrible movie, but its propaganda worth is beyond my means of measuring. I had no idea why it was terrible, but I wasn't expecting white hating propaganda. Silly, silly me! I can't escape it, try as I might. Thanks for recommending it, Netflix.

  5. I'd settle for not getting the final Matrix movie explained if, for some reason, we could get the Animatrix. 😛

  6. My brother once trained to become a smith. Then he realized that he wasn't a computer program. So he trained to be a wall instead

  7. That "rave" was fucking obnoxious. among other things in this movie. here the movie's supposed to show us what the protagonists are fighting to save, and what we see is a bunch of oversexed young people who just want to procreate, culture be damned. SEEMINGLY proving Smith's point that humanity is just an ignoble overly reproductive virus.

  8. The booming punch at the end is a demonstration of "101". Neo and Smith are the anomalies in the system..and each "1". I don't know enough about binary, but maybe the 0 making two 1s is anomalous.

  9. "And the first to feature an exclusive partnership with the Samsung Galaxy Note." Lmao the future must suck if it's no other phones but those. Love this running joke!!

  10. Can there really be a "one" if they (being smith and Neo) are both just a placeholder for a constant in a mathematical equation? The "one" could arguably be anyONE(pun intended). Though the movie suggests we all may have our place in this world, they neglected to mention that this is only true for this exact reality. I also neglected to mention how high I was. So there's that,

  11. I think Agent Smith being the one makes it all work much better, but it's kinda cryptic so It may be just a coincidence

  12. After seven years of wondering about what the matrix movies, the animatrix and enter the matrix means, I found closure after realising one simple thing. Everything seen and heard in the series is a metaphor for something much bigger that was happening or has happened in the matrix universe.

  13. Don't you dare bring up Kurt Godel how dare you Einstein and Hawking denounce Tim May Hawking ever reign as king of all nerds and Einstein the rain as the Messiah of atheists I don't know

  14. Either someone's setting off fireworks three days early or my town is this week's shooting. Not sure which.

  15. You are so good at these religious references👍🏻 you gotta do the 3rd movie 🎥 and I’ve already scene they’re theory that agent smith is the one I believe it

  16. And please uncover the third movie, there are archaeological excavation sites all over the remains of the planet formerly occupied by 'humans'. It's not a rigid search. Find the good will in your heart to release this potential! We will enjoy eternity with you for this deed of good will – don't you want to spent eternity with us, Garyx? Because we do. Because of love. Eternal love. For Honesty and Hidden Meanings.

  17. 101: Since the first film, maybe they didn't write the sequels scripts before the released of The Matrix in 1999, but they certainly had a bunch of ideas way before hand, for sure, one more reason to love these quite unusual and magnificent films, regardless of their insignificant flaws compared to the experience and potency of the films themselves, especially as a whole.

  18. They gaytrix has you , kernel sanders will explain everything but you won't understand and smith has a big package for you

  19. So basically…the system was designed as a mathematical viewmanship…a result of that came an anomaly . This anomaly has free will because there is an equal on the other side of the equation trying to balance it out. So if you say 3x+5 17. we know that we have to divide each side by 3…the dividing sign would be the agent because there is an equal dividing sign on the other side (the one) that teeters on both sides because their powers are used to balance it as a whole

  20. I don't buy he is a machine. He was brainwashed by the machines, Morpheus, the Oracle, Trinity, Agent Smith and back and forth. But in the end, he was 100% human. 

    What made him human: 
    same matrix connections as others
    his own choices
    the Matrix needs a true human to study

    Even at the end when he was blinded. He has been blinded all his life in the pod. But yes he was a Matrix creation. But so was everyone else. He just took on more of a purpose than being a battery.

    Here is the kicker! I also think whoever Morpheus picked he would have been the one. Being the one required a full 100% commitment, Matrix understanding, and a deep desire and love and will to push oneself further. Trinity could have been the one but she was duped by the Oracle. Most of the resistance had powers like the bending spoon boy. They just weren't 100% committed and pushed like Mr. Anderson. 

    But in the end, do you really give a S__T? It's 2019 and people are working more than half their lives. We have to be super careful because anything you say or do can make one lose everything in just a snap! We are all brainwashed by culture, news, religion, parents, supervisors, teachers, and so on. Where is Morpheus to pull us out? The question is are you strong enough to respect yourself and others and put hate and selfishness aside no matter what your programming has been? We are all connected. It does not matter what sex you are or from Asia or Zimbabwe. Find your strength and be better. Be the one to make the difference! 🙂

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