The Hobbit (2013) – Battle of the five Armies – Part 1 – Only Action [4K] (Directors Cut)

The Hobbit (2013) – Battle of the five Armies – Part 1 – Only Action [4K] (Directors Cut)

The Hobbit (2013) Battle of the five armies [ SHOUTS IN DWARVISH] [ALL SHOUTING] Send in the goats. [DWARF SHOUTS IN DWARVISH] [SHOUTING IN ELVISH] [SHOUTING IN ELVISH] [ SHOUTS IN DWARVISH] DAIN: How do you like that,
the old twirley-whirlies? Ha, ha, you buggers! Oh, come on. [IN BLACK SPEECH] Fight to the death! [DWARF SHOUTS IN DWARVISH] DAIN: SHOUTS IN DWARVISH [SHOUTING IN ELVISH] [IN BLACK SPEECH] [HORN BLOWING]

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  1. Призыва нет!!! Пизд@ц че за время!? А служить кто будет!? Пушкин! А ваще должны служить только дети богатых! А дети бедных, должны помогать своей семье! Какой солдат из бедняка, худой, слабый, ему надо деньги зарабатывать! Толи дело, сынок банкира или бизнесмена, откормленный, упитанный, здоровенный, сильный детина! Кушал за троих , спал сутками, энергии хоть отбовляй! (Дурмашина) Будет бегать далеко, копать глубоко! Так что военкомы подумайте!? Где трех этажная вилла с кованными воротами, туда и стучитесь! Там живёт настоящий, будущий, защитник Родины!

  2. To be honest all the things elfs do are dumb… bow turns, dancing moves… that’s why woodelfs were the lowest of the low… Noldor elf’s would just shoot and fight…

  3. Гномы на кабанах , эльфы на оленях,люди на конях, а я на права не сдал еще

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  5. 3:27 What was the point of this move? The dwarves already had their defence wall up. The better move would have been to let the orcs run into the wall and at the same time rain arrows down on them.

  6. I was wondering are there two versions of this battle?, because I think that I have seen one in the dwarfs decide to attack the elves and another one they just go for the orcs without fighting elves. Can anyone help ?

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  8. WOOOOOOOW 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 AMAZING FILM

  9. Does anyone else notice how like more than half of each army just vanishes?

    When the orcs attack where are the goats? Where are the Tiddlely Widdlelys? What happened to the elve army?

    It's like here let's show a big game, but when we bring another army, the budget drops so let's cut half of everything and put them all on the orc side.

  10. Oh yeah Baby
    Oh yeah Baby
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    She might be stumpy, that dont mean she a hobbit
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    She got no Bagginses in her family tree
    Yes on occasion she hangs ou with her dwarf friends
    But she never went on no quest with her dwarf friends
    Except for one time she went to kill that dragon
    She took its gold and she……..

    Hang on a minute….., I am sorry, I am sorry. Bitch remember when you went off to that dragon with them dwarves?….. Yeah. Oh yeaah. Rightrightrightright, yep. Yep, love you too.

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  11. One thing I do much enjoy seeing in this film that I didn't get to see in LOTR is the Dwarven and Elven Armies throw down.

  12. so the elves:
    – used an army almost exclusively made up of irreplaceable elite soldiers that take potentially decades to centuries or more to train equipped with ornate and expensive gear
    – used bows against heavy and shielded shock infantry, which were promptly defeated… but gotta try again right? no way they could do THAT trick twice…
    – formed a spear wall against a charge of living battering rams, then created a ramp to launch said rams into the middle of their formation
    – ran light infantry face first into an orc charge, leaping OVER a heavy infantry shielded spear wall made up of the sturdiest beings in the world, knowing full well that there were cave trolls like… 50ft behind that first wave…

    remind me again why anyone still takes these guys seriously? the only intelligent thing they ever did was pull the ejection seat on middle earth.
    elrond was pretty badass too i guess…

  13. I like how the dwarves were like ok whatever let's give the elves some support after the elven swordsman attacked and then the elves were like provide some cover fire

  14. is it middle earth or some marvel – DC world? bad movie really bad. as a fan of lotr i shy to say this is a movie. this should be a pc game intro.

  15. People always hate on the hobbit but I think they were very good movies sometimes I like the hobbit more than the lord of the rings, this also hands down my favorite battle in the whole trilogy

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