The Irishman (Official Trailer Premiere)

The Irishman (Official Trailer Premiere)

-Frank Sheeran.
I’m saying that right? -Yeah, you said it right. -Uh, under the contract,
management can only fly or drive around
very specific charges. So, you every show up late? -No.
-You have any moving violations? -No.
-Do you drink on the job? -No.
-You ever hit anybody? -On the job?
-Yeah. -I don’t think so.
-Alright, then. We don’t have nothing
to worry about. -I want you to meet my cousin,
Russell Bufalino. -How are you?
-Hey. Nice to meet you. -It was like the army. You followed orders,
you did the right thing. You got rewarded. -[ Screams ] -A friend of ours is having
a little trouble, a friend at the top. -Back then, there was nobody
in this country who didn’t know
who Jimmy Hoffa was. -He’s got a gun! -Get that gun out of his hand! -You always charge
a guy with a gun. With a knife, you run away. So you charge with a gun. With a knife, you run. Hiya, Frank. Would you like
to be a part of history? -Yes, I would. -Big business and the government
are working together trying to pull us apart. -Something’s got to be done. -What else he say? Now’s not the time to not say. -We’re going to war
with these people. -War. -Things have gotten out of hand
with our friend. -You got to sit down.
Everybody says so. -No, I’m not sitting down.
I can’t do it. -It’s what it is.
-What it is. -I knew things. They don’t know what I know. ♪♪ -It’s going to happen. -Either way, he’s going. ♪♪ -You know, I don’t, uh, I don’t
care whether you did it or not. That makes no difference to me. -Yeah, I know.
-I’m here to defend you. Right?
-Right. What do you want to know? You
want to know if I did it or not? -No.
-[ Chuckles ]

100 thoughts on “The Irishman (Official Trailer Premiere)

  1. It’s just too bad that De Niro is a Leftist douche. I mean, so you dislike Trump – ok. But, to not see how tough policies are making the country better is another thing. You can’t compare a piece of trash like Barry bastard Obama Commie to a real guy. All bastards are liars. Even Shakespeare wrote about it.

  2. Honestly, with THIS cast, they can just sit there and talk improv for 90+ minutes and it would be an instant and all time classic

  3. I make you laugh?

    I’m here to f**kin’ amuse you? Waddya mean “funny”? Funny how? How am I funny?

    How am I funny?You know ,how you tell a story.

    No No!I don`t know!You said,I’m funny!

    How am I funny.What the f**k is so funny about me?!
    Tell me!Tell me what’s funny.



    You motherf**ker.🤣🤣🤣
    I almost had him!

    You stuttering prick,you.😂😂

    Frankie,was he shaking?🤣🤣🤣

    I wonder about you sometimes,Henry.

    You may fold under questioning.


  4. Look at that thumbnail picture. You got one guy looking one way and one guy looking the other way and another sayin, "whaddya want from me?"

  5. Bye the director of… wolf of wall street and the departed? And incidentaly of taxi driver, casino and raging bull! Just sayin'😉

  6. I wish my grandfather was here to see this film. Not just for the fact that he was the spitting image of Robert Deniro, or that he loved watching these films, but in the 60s, 70s and 80s he was a major criminal. He then looked back on it in a bittersweet review of his life. He said he loved the life, and it was what he did best, but he always regretted the pain it caused his wife and kids. How some of his sons followed in his footsteps and he never wanted that, and even how some of his grandchildren followed in that life. All of this he blamed on himself and never got over. His only saving grace from his own conscience was that he never dealt drugs.

  7. Чё болтают?- ни хрена не понять!
    Де Ниро после фееричного выступления в адрес Трампа- оставляет лёгкое послевкусие не далёкого человека… Но как актёр… актёр- не плохой.

  8. Then We Dont Have Nothing To Worry About!!! Lol
    Deniro is the greatest Tough Guys in the Movies.
    In real life hes a Snowflake!!

  9. always felt that Jack Nicholson's portrayal of Jimmy Hoffa was very underrated (Hoffa, 1992)… to me i still believe it was one of his best performances…

  10. At first I thought, “Great, another mob movie, there aren’t enough of these”, but dang, that trailer was good.

  11. Deniro is such a foul mouthed leftist fuckwad nowadays over the President that it has turned me off to anything this asshole does. If you're going to do politics then be prepared to be ostracized if you go about it in an offensive way.

  12. As long as it in the future they don't make one called The Irishwoman. With an all-female cast to screw it up like they've been doing in Hollywood. SMH.

  13. Is Netflix going to put this on dvd or Bluray? Internet sucks where I live = no streaming services and I'm not watching a movie on my phone.

  14. conor mcregor should get some royalty fee with anyyhing that has irish in it
    he put ireland on the map single handedly
    no one gave a fuck about irish ppl before him

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