The Kingmaker (2019) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Film

The Kingmaker (2019) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME Documentary Film

When I became First Lady
it became demanding for me. I have to dress up and make myself more beautiful, because the poor always looks for a star in dark of the night. [WOMAN] I don’t have an answer for why we even allow Imelda to even open her mouth. The best politician
that I’ve ever seen is my mother. [WOMAN] Her big dream is to restore the greatness of the Marcos family. It’s scary. If these people are brought to power again. I was always criticized for being excessive, but that is mothering. [MAN OFF CAMERA] 3,000 pairs of shoes. [WOMAN OFF CAMERA] Shipping animals from Africa. Picasso, Michelangelo. [NEWS REPORTER] The demonstrators stormed the gates of the palace to take back what they said was theirs. Imelda Marcos gotten away with
murder. That case remains unresolved. Why would I do that? I-I had nothing against him. Except that they talk too much anyway. The Marcus’s scrubbed clean the sins things of the past. Nobody said you can’t do it. She came back. They found no skeletons. Only beautiful shoes. Little did we know they financed the
election of Duterte. Paving the way for Bongbong Marcos. People were just taking it too easy, not believing that it was possible. Like Trump, no one saw Trump coming. People forget the mistakes of the past
are condemned to the present. [IMELDA MARCOS] I want to mother not only the Philippines, but the world. Nobody can stop me.

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  1. I do not support both Marcoses and Aquinos but with the trailer I cringe to see Noynoy Aquino when their family, the Aquinos, also has killed many people in the Hacienda Luisita massacre. Leni Robredo in this video is irrelevant.

  2. What went wrong????….mascerade is what EDSA PEOPLE'S POWER made off, shielded with innocent lives who got no idea what's happening. Paid nor BrainWashed supporters acted and used as loyalist for the sake of Oligarchy and power take over where it comes with such combination of Media, Presidency and political agenda…Yellow is already tainted and rusty before everything else.

  3. I am so fascinated with Imelda Marcos with her rich lifestyle. Sadly we will never see her original shoes and jewelry collections. The things she once owned were similar to the royal families of Europe. Also looking at her old photos with all the foreign diplomats, Presidents, Queens and Kings with her wearing all those lavish gowns and jewels. She was crazy but there is something about her I find so fascinating.

  4. "Perception is real, truth is not."

    Because their truth is not a reality at the moment but the perception of their opposition is.

  5. KaPag BOMOTO ako ulit "MARCOS" IBOBOTO KO.
    KUNG MAY REKLam0 kayo!!

  6. Di ba kayo nagtataka kung bakit ang daming kayamanan ni imelda? Gamitin nyo common sense nyo para malaman nyong MAGNANAKAW yang angkan nila. πŸ˜‚

  7. Nakakatawa kasi dami ng sasabi matagal na sila mayaman pero noong buhay pa si gago shopping sila dito, shopping doon. Paboritong gawain ay mg shopping ng mga alahas. Galawan parang kananalo lng ng lotto. Pansinin nyo yung mga ibang mayayaman. Sila Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett o kahit si Henry Sy dati hindi naman sila pala shopping? Kasi ganyan ang totoong galawan ng mga taong hindi baguhan sa pg hahawak ng malalaking halaga. πŸ˜‚

    Kaya pls lng Pilipinas. Wag na tyo bumoto sa pula. Ginago na tyo dati. Wag na rin tyo bumoto sa mga dilawan? Ginago na din tyo. Pwede ba ibang kulay naman, yung fresh naman at hindi yung mga nagiging skeleton na sa gobyerno?

    Paulit ulit lng sila lagi paulit ulit lng tyo ginagago. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  8. We will not allow the liberal party to take control of our country again. We can accept the fall and defeat of marcoses in the coming years but still, we wil not allow the liberal fools to gain power and take control of our country. I dont care about marcoses anymore. I dont care if they lose or rot in hell. We had enough. No to Liberal party. No to false politicians. No to corrupt politicians.

  9. Our nation will be rise again… thru the help of the marcoses…

    iloveyou Madam Imelda… Goodhealth long live Madam Imelda…. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ A real mother of the philippines…

  10. Marcos was the best President and leader that the Philippines had. People were brainwashed to see and feel that the Marcoses were bad people and plunderers. My Relatives even went against the Marcoses during the people power only to realize years later that the real snakes were the ones behind the people power. They pulled the Philippines to the brink of lowness and Filipinos to poverty. Kept all the riches for them culprits.


  12. Years ago I wonder why Marcos suppressed free speech and activism, when duterte was elected I finally understand. Free speech and activism are used by dark forces in politics to gain power even by undermining an administration that serves the people.

  13. Thank you Marcos Family for protecting the Golds that is for the welfare of Filipino people. Malapit ng mapaalis lahat ng mga dilawan sa Puwesto. Malapit na ninyong maibigay ang inyong mga inaasam para makaangat muli ang mga Pilipino

  14. Let's forget about pagnanakaw…. mayaman ang pilipinas noong panahon ni marcus,, and maraming project si marcus sa pinas, mga gusali at tulay… asan ang naambag ng pinaglalaban niyon aquino sa bansa????? Ninakaw ng mga dilaw ang perang bayan para sa sarili nila…

  15. i saw a clip where someone had said β€œthey even financed Duterte’s campaign. this is absolutely a bias documentary to drag duterte back to issues such as ejk drugs and etc. this is another step by the aquinos and robredo (the entire LP) to show the entire nation/world how bad marcoses and duterte administrations are. you wanna be fair..? i challenge u to show the actual footage of the hacienda luisita massacre! the killgs were ordered by the aquinos to stop the claim of farmers


  16. Im a filipino and I've Been a Keen Observant over our Politics since I was 14. i already interested in reading news especially these Philippine's 2 most Influential political leaders with their parties involvement that caused us to divide right until this day: the Aquinos and the Marcoses.
    Back then, i started creating my own speculations that someday marcoses will soon brought to power again right after the Aquino admin. if the Masses are not gonna satisfied with the administration of Aquino despite the promises and their efforts to end corruption, i was certain that the Filipinos will not have a Pro liberals anymore ruling over in government and the liberals will be depleted right after Pnoy's next predecessor.
    i tend to boast the speculation to my Family back then but they would not believe in me, they'd just laugh about it because i was still a kid and it was just a Child's imagination. i proved to them to wait for the recent events to come.

    Now I'm 21 yrs old, Seeing this video and the rise of the Marcoses. and the fall of the liberals,i must say, my family are now ashamed because my speculations were right all along.

    BBM if he wins vote recount, I am really confident that we will be able to see our country rich and powerful earlier than usual. I know it's kinda fantasy and unreal to say this but since then I always Believe that Philippines deserves to be rich and very powerful and we Filipinos do not deserve to be suffered from being a third world country

  17. Mula nung naupo sa pwesto si Cory hanggang sa ngayon, naging masagana ba ang pamumuhay ng pangkaraniwang mga Pilipino?

  18. I love marcos very much. I was blind before, dahil sa mga fake books na binabasa namin nung highschool gawa ng mga aquino.. now, i know they are the true heroes of this country. Sila din ang ngtayo ng nuclear bataan power plant.. gusto nila libre ang kuryente ng mga pilipino.. pero pinigil ng mga aquino.. kaya nakakalungkot dahil marami parin bulag sa mga pilipino..

  19. Traffic? blame the admin,..what cory's project for her budget? it 1trilyon in 6years,..while marcos 500Billion in 20year and he built a lot,mrt,roads,infrastracture and everything and he's not done yet then cory came and ruin everything and did nothing but to ruin the philippines,..make a reaserch for what aquino's project vs marcoses project and you all anti marcos pls fly in the broom,swim to the river and sea or maybe USE WHAT AQUINO'S PROJECT IF THEY DID SOME…

  20. We know from the very beginning that the Marcos family doing good for the country…
    So, if Madam Imelda said, "nobody can stop me". It means…she never stop for doing good for the country. No more no less.

  21. SHULTS and the Economic Hit Men Destroyed the Philippines(EIR dec. 24, 2004).US State Department Coup Against Marcos (EIR March 4, 1986)..Plotting the Fall American Ally(Marcos) (EIR Aug. 16, 1985).

  22. The United States used to have the Phillipines as a colony after the Spanish control. Not to sound rude, but the US could rule the Phillipines just like Puerto Rico but have its independence and allow dual citizenship.

  23. Small countries attract dictatorships. Excluding China, Russia, North Korea. The Phillipine citizens should not allow these dictatorships and corruption to ever happen again.

  24. Trump and the Republicans are corrupt. There is some corruption in the Democratic party but not like the Republicans. The US has several political parties but Democrat and Republican are the main parties.

  25. Putangina mo Aquino At robredo dinaya nio ung boto pra makaupo ka bilang pangalawang pangulo wala ka naman ginagawa gago

  26. MARCOS at the end of his Admin did alot of mistakes, Aquino's did even more worse, 30 years of poverty, welcome to Philippines, lol.

  27. What's sad is that the young folks, who were born after Marcos was overthrown, have a revisionist Philippine history. They believe Marcos was the BEST Philippine president. It's this type of thinking that will allow for the Marcos family to make a comeback.

  28. Will watch the documentary and will also dance on her grave when she's gone. Her and her husband single handedly destroyed any hope of the Philippines clawing their way out of poverty and despair in my children's lifetime. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  29. HOY MGA BULOK ANG MGA ISIP GUMISING KAYO SA KATOTOHANAN AT MAGRESEARCH NGA KAYO KUNG ANO ANG TOTOO KUNG BAKIT MAYAMAN SI MARCOS… mga bugok lang pag- iisip ninyo nakikitsismis lang kasi kayo… kaya sinasabing masama ang MARCOS AT MAGNANAKAW… lalo kana FORMER OF HUMAN RIGHT SEC ETHA ATAT SA KASINUNGALINGAN ROSALES… ang tindi ng galit mo at di mo na kinayang magpatawad sa Marcos, kahit maling mali ka.

  30. This documentary simply is another attempt of the "real enemies" of the land, to fool and brainwash the filipino people. You had your chance to show the filipinos the so called change and betterment of this country BUT all you did was to put the whole nation under so much poverty, people of drug addicts and rub us billions and billions of our money. NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO NOW, TRUTH IS INDEED SHOWING AS CLEAR AS THE SUN SHINES!

  31. It’s been 30 years and still blaming on marcoses. Blame the Filipino people. They did this to their self. Keep electing corrupt politicians. They know who the corrupt officials and politicians. Give little money to the people and they will elect you. Cory Aquino sold government own business to her friends. They now monopolies the businesses no competition. Sad truth blame the Filipino people’s. Same story blame Marcos. Marcos is already dead. 30 yrs people wake up.

  32. The west or the elites is still interested on Philippines, oh right, they are interested on the whole world. Wait, why are they really scared of the Marcos family? Is it dictatorship with the likes of Saddam, ahsad, gadafi? Or is it the oil, gold, control?

  33. I hope one day we will see the SIDE of the Marcoses. No Bias. I don’t understand why only the β€œbad things β€œ are being presented! What about ALL HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS, HIS CONTRIBUTIONS?To date, for me He is still the greatest President this country ever had.

  34. They said the Aquinos greatest gift was Freedom. AND WE WHERE DID THAT GET US? Exactly what have they done to the country? They only have one mission in life, the Marcoses.

  35. salamat nmn at ngayon ay nagsasalita na mahal na madam imelda at pinagllban ang katotohanan.. kung iisipin or ssbhn ng iba, its too late pra magsalita pa kayo.. pero skn ay hindi pa huli ang lht.. dahil ang mahalaga ay mailabas ang katotohanan at imulat upang magising na ang mga pilipino.. mabuhay po kayo mhal na madam imelda marcos.. i knw plgi nasasainyo ang Diyos ama

  36. Ewwww Leni Robredo. Not doing anything but blaiming Marcos Family. Do your job first as a vice prsident before you judge them. Shame on you.

  37. hangad ng mga matatalinong pilipino na mabalik kayo sa gobyerno dahil kayo lamang ang pagasa ng ating bansa..

  38. I used to say as a younger man: Perception is Reality. I was in Berlin for the summer of 97. She's pretty and regal.

  39. Noon hindi mahirap dahil Marcos lang nakakakuha ng yaman ng Pilipinas. After Edsa revolution dami ng corrupt politicians. Lahat gusto yumaman. Sugapa.

  40. Marcoses man iyan or Aquino pare-parehas lang na may nagawang pagkakamali. Sabi nga nila lahat ng liwanag ay lumilikha ng shadows. Pero ang pinakamali ay ang mga tao na iniisip na nakasalalay lamang sa iisang tao or apelyido ang ikakauunlad ng bansa nila.


    There were three main sources of the Marcos loot.

    1. Firstly, Ferdinand Marcos arranged and was the beneficiary of large-scale diversion of entitlements to foreign economic assistance, including reparation funds from Japan and economic aid from the United States.
    2. Secondly, there were the PhilCAG (Phil. Civic Action Group) funds. While SENATOR, Ferdinand Marcos vehemently opposed the sending of Filipino troops to Vietnam, but a few months after becoming PRESIDENT, Marcos approved the sending of PhilCAG engineers to Vietnam, a measure for which he was amply rewarded by the US government. It was not merely military aid but most importantly, the huge discretionary funds that were put at his disposal which have found its way into his pocket.

    3. The third source of Marcos funds was the kickbacks from public works contracts, which reached new heights of plunder under Marcos.

  42. Video was paid by the Marcoses from our parent's taxes and are still paying, and our grandchildren will still be paying the debt of the Philippines from the world bank from the hands of this family. I will never honor a dictator and family of thieves who's hungry for power. For 20 years the Philippines was in the hand of an evil dictator and no matter how many twisting videos their camp put in youtubes to try to fool the people again, they still can change the truth that once in the history of philippines, an evil corrupted dictator ruled the country stealing a lot from Filipinos! I salute those people who are involved in People Power Revolution 1 who protected our freedom, hence I can enjoy my freedom and can comment from this video without getting in trouble and can speak my thoughts freely without discretions! Mabuhay ang Demokrasya! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  43. Time may heal wounds but it is never right to let time change history. We were enslaved as a country and put under a dictatorship but due to our own choosing and by our very own PEOPLE, not foreigners. The most evil regime to hold power over the people was the Marcos regime. They stripped EVERYONE of the basic right to speak and anyone who dared claim it, paid dearly. Most paid with their lives. No leadership SINCE has come close to the malignant tumor in politics as the Marcoses have. Do not rewrite HISTORY.

  44. come on guys lets all move forward….stop dwelling in the past and instilling the people about the martial law. democracy whatsoever. Marcoses has done great. Aquino? pulled the country down and worst ..Tuta ng Kano…

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