The New Wave of Ultra-Violent Ugandan DIY Action Cinema: Wakaliwood

I’m not one is a girlfriend your friend the Electra Ramone film productions my stories come from my life figure through I’ve danced over 40 movies in less than eight years there’s so many stories in Uganda which are budging no one has ever done them MA and handy Kiev way okay – pokémon – virtually perfect yeah okay cut she’ll add a zero in the city this time when I was also in primary school I was used to like chinese kungfu very much when I was going to school I used to pass to the cinema hall called africana I always top there to see Chuck Norris and I thought of making a colorful movie so I’m trying to combine Uganda kareha Western college and the Chinese carita in my movies the only said okay you know your moon Banga Banga vamo Karenina no I don’t know Catalan yoga movie okay ah talk about Guru yoga it’s a ballad someone’s in a yellow car ever okay GAAA oh yeah a movie idea what my scene is now but I see no action movie you have to get damaged it’s cool other guy was born a ghetto today that’s the life we shall pass through give it something to eat it’s for a struggle getting wet sleep sometimes different channels so it’s easier for me to act like a bad man the guy who inspired me to act was a young cloud by them okay this is our dressing room and also use it for preparations when we are doing an action or when we are doing training leg has to be the children now are going forward yeah morning session of training this is how he looks when he’s training the children is always like Uncle Ben Adam as he acted in one of the movies we call him briefs with you Bruce Lee of Uganda I just watched a movie it was called the internet dragwon complicity so I was inspired because Alec Dowie was acting so I also said I have to practice to learn kung foo and I try to do as he he did who is good for those kids cause they also land this plane also the their bodies to be strong self-defense as you know Africa maybe they can defend themselves maybe I’m even in acting here there are our future Yaya movie industry my name is Allen haff manis I’m from New York from New York City on the first Zulu Ugandan action movie store my background is in film and film production and I was a film festival director for a number of years but when I saw this 90 seconds of who killed Captain Alex in a strange way I thought it would be crazy or not to come and be part of this but what’s happening here it’s it’s in a lot of ways it’s like the birth of cinema that makes any sense there’s no direct models there’s no one teaching them how to do anything but you have to invent everything as you go and see what works or not you saying okay we’re going through the studio and this is a Ramone studio this side is my home and this side is the studio this is where I always sit when I’m editing this is the computer this is the duplicate as I use to burn I used to assemble these now they’re not works I they have not powerful if it comes to editing edit one movie on it it is useless we are going through that stall where we keep our equipment where the Pope’s and the guns and everything like the Jews this is the guy behind every equipment so we make here this is for Quebec socialist supposed to be yeah for Rowan Charles and the big bullets you can shoot you this is a bullet Rambo this gun I building here small engine can start at Riga is accelerator it rotate here this handle for motorcycle this net for speaker when the mr. Isaac Anna wanna finish to write the script say Dada I need this gun for this party I can make myself because I like if it comes to the props and what it is expensive somewhere and then we think them can do it we try to make our own we used to call bloody you could go to the where they slaughter cows and you collect that blood and then bring it and you could you know you know drink it and something like that but we got a problem with that one of our actors word thickness has when he went to hospital then we had to think of something else and then who came out with an idea of photo color okay okay oh no use might think it is violent what I’m doing is sometimes more than what was in the past because if I could breathe in the other way it would be you know a different story everyone would cry the immediate leader here and the body making subversive activities or try to plan anything against me they reported that person straight to the police when I was a kid I could tell you that I saw it I mean after it I mean it was war you know people could come at night and they still use open the door you have to open and then give them money if you don’t have money they could take anything they want they could come and you know take our parents away that was done by the the military the police and everything and we have so many parents who lost their lives in that situation but what I’m doing is is just creativity is yes they are violent but at least they can be even seen by children according to the way we under them I’ve had conversations with oscar-nominated producers wonder how I can sleep at night promoting the idea of African violence that stereotype to the world these are people who say like if Isaac is serious about filmmaking he should make films about poverty because that’s what people would want to see that’s what he can do these people are are watching it because it’s Africa you know they’re watching it because it’s an action film this is such an opportunity I think to just 60 so this is more than one narrative in the goddamn continent okay I’ve never considered myself how much I could take in filmmaking for me it is passioned I am passionate about what I’m doing if I want to do it right now I do it and the actors I also want to do it it’s me who stops them they’re always saying let me do this let me do this it’s so that really gives me also courage to keep on you know doing it someone was in Rwanda in the video hall and so it is what color would from what carry gotten and said yes I’m from there it was so happy also to be movies are coming from their own village so I think that is a very big achievement to be known by the whole world I don’t think that I’ll always be here as the only director don’t think that I always be had the only Eddie Tyler I want others to come in with their you know talents and then we see that we promote it I am sure that there are some young children there who can even do it better than me and I feel like I want to work with to see that I do real promote this work Hollywood to be the best studio action studio cut

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