The Return of Mr. Bean | Episode 2 | Mr. Bean Official

The Return of Mr. Bean | Episode 2 | Mr. Bean Official

( # Jazz on saxophone ) Just a moment. OK? (Mouths ) Have you decided, sir? Er, yes. Could I have this, please? The steak tartare? Er, steak. Yes. Thank you. Would you like to try
the house wine, sir? Yes, please. Mmm! No, no, no, no. I’m driving. ( # Happy Birthday ) (Mumbling) Everything to your satisfaction, sir? Oh… Mmm. Is everything all right, sir? Oh, yes. Are you sure? Oh, yes. ( # Happy Birthday ) Oh, excuse me!
I do apologise. Terribly sorry, sir. Whatever is going on? (All talking at once ) (Mouthing) It really is
the most appalling mess. ..I really cannot.
Please, do forgive us. ( # Happy Birthday ) (Commentator) ‘And you join us as
the Royal car winds its way slowly ‘to the entrance of the Odeon Cinema
for tonight’s gala performance. ‘The crowd cheers, ‘their spirits undampened
by the light November drizzle. ‘Inside, waiting to greet the Royal
party, are the stars of the film ‘as well as those
tireless backroom boys ‘who really make it all happen
behind the scenes.’ (Mumbling) (Screams ) (Fanfare )

100 thoughts on “The Return of Mr. Bean | Episode 2 | Mr. Bean Official

  1. After all these years of watching this idiot , I just noticed that the Suit in the restaurant scene isn't the same one that he usually wears and became known for .

  2. 日本人いる?



  3. Im watching mr bean since im 6 now im 26 i never realized he is a lonely man i should learn from him life not depend on other u can make ur self happy 🙂

  4. What a lonely guy my inspiration he taught us never feel alone or sad if people and friend hate you leave them be your own friend create your own happiness since my childhood I just laughed end enjoy bus after a long time now I understand the message of Mr bean that be your own friend God bless him Mr bean .He is not making us he is giving very strange message find out for those who feel lonely who don't have friend
    Mr bean you are the best 🔥❤️❤️👏

  5. yo, yo, this this this this guy this guy s this guy s this guy s this guy s this guy s this guy s this guy s very this guy s very this guy s very this guy s very this guy s very thi

  6. The birthday card bit reminded me of something when I was in primary school..

    It was Christmas, there was a mail box for kids to give each other and I had no mates so I wrote one to myself then posted it and opened it in class, it said “ to me, from me” haha

  7. i never found out this is where one of the skits in Mr. Beans Holiday came from
    I know a lot of the jokes there came from the original series but i never found this one

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