The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Official Theatrical Trailer 1

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Official Theatrical Trailer 1

You’ve seen all kinds of movies… …but you’ve never seen anything… …like ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. Let’s do the time warp again! They’re probably foreigners with
ways different than our own. I’m just a sweet transvestite! (laser noise) See ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. A different set of jaws. Rated R.

37 thoughts on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Official Theatrical Trailer 1

  1. He didn't get his candies!
    ("He's just a little brought down, because when you knocked he thought you were the candyman")
    Sooo, I guess he was really pissed off.

  2. i think the reason its rated r is because this was the 70s and the stuff in this movie was scandalous in the 70s bout im 10 and i loooooooovethis movie my mom questionsit cuz its so confusing to her about whats going on LOL

  3. I saw Rocky Horror on tv one day and I absolutely loved it right away and I started telling my my mom about it one day and she told me she went to a midnight showing of it back when it came out and that she dressed up as Magenta XD She became really cool after that….

  4. I'm pretty sure the first statement in this trailer still holds true for everyone who's ever seen this movie haha Certainly for me!

  5. The only reason the R rating matters to me is cause I won't be able to go to the midnight showings. 🙁 I've seen it before though, and I can totally handle it.

  6. It shows at the "Art Theatre" in Long Beach California, it's a small Old School Movie Theater.

    Back in the days I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show at a late night showing. The movie goers, I saw were all dressed up in character… It was a site to see, it made the movie just a little a more exiting. My girlfriend at the time many moons ago had a blast, I'll tell you it was fun!

  7. Homosexual indoctrination film aimed at confusing young boys. Crypto-Marxist claptrap under one of its many guises: the "gay struggle."

  8. I hate to break it to you but I'd say that most of the teenagers (at least in my area) have at least heard of, if not already seen, this movie. It's understandable that not a lot of 11 year olds have watched it as that's not really the age target group, though I watched it back when I was still in kindergarten myself. And uh, I'm not a 1D fan myself but people can like or dislike whatever they want to…and I'm p. sure everyone's heard of Queen as they're not ~underground~ or w/e. ^^

  9. That trailer in 1975 knew you would either love The Rocky Horror Picture Show or hate it based on that 24 second tease – a very efficient use of advertising.

  10. Well that's one way to spoil the end of a movie. Seriously, they went from introducing Frank N Furter to outright blasting him!

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