The Staging of Come From Away

The Staging of Come From Away

Come From Away is different from other shows
I’ve worked on because it doesn’t have a natural palette for dance. The
choreography is less dance than it is an expression of the moments of the play.
Just real people in a real situation you’re not going to just all of a sudden
have a kick line or you know a time step the first workshop we did of it was in
Seattle we wanted to explore how simply could we tell the story so we gave
ourselves 12 chairs and two tables and twelve actors. We’re trying to find a
sort of simple way of staging it where a bunch of chairs on stage could become
a bus could become an airplane could become a bar could become whatever we needed them to be in the moment. It wasn’t moving a lot of furniture and you know playing with
ideas and traveling on an airplane myself. There’s all of this great detail
about you know if you just have to sit in a plane for 28 hours how does your
back hurt what does the stretch look like there’s all of these details that
kind of illuminate real life. If Bonny was out at a bar how would she dance
most complicated part of it to make it look real – and to believe it. Trying to
ask 12 actors to play these hundreds and thousands of people we’ve been fortunate
to have the same cast really for several years so which has allowed them to add
layers of complexity and more and more specifics so at this point they can
really turn the dime change the dialect change a hat they’re a completely
different person we found is the simpler the staging vocabulary the more potent the story. It’s the simplicity of it and using the
chairs to recreate these places and vehicles every step of the way that was
the trickiest thing it’s like chair choreography for days. A rehearsal day
on the show tends to both have a lot of laughter in it a lot of tears and an
incredible amount of time trying to figure out where you’re supposed to put
your chair down because it’s so bare bare bones people are constantly here’s
your jacket you need for your next character let me take that prop and take
care of that for you there’s a web of mutual dependence
that is very much about caretaking and community like the story itself

4 thoughts on “The Staging of Come From Away

  1. It's amazing! I love this it's honestly the best! With all the work, and actors the amazing songs good work! It's better than amazing no words can describe it!!

  2. Christopher Ashley is a genius. Saw this show in Toronto and Broadway and loved it both times. Glad he won the Tonty!

  3. It's so crazy yet it works a charm! I was not once confused and actually forgot the whole show was literally 14 pieces of furniture on a stage! Brilliant and genius!

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