The Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado Drama Explained

The Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado Drama Explained

What’s up, everyone? It’s Edwin, and today
I want to discuss Nikocado Avocado’s treatment towards Stephanie Soo in these three videos. These two YouTubers are pretty big in the Mukbang world so, if you don’t like to watch videos of people eating food, then maybe you’ve not heard of them, however, they recently had some drama that was so big that it definitely escaped the food bubble. But the reason why I’m covering this video is, again, not because of the drama itself, but because of the behavior that Nick displayed towards Stephanie. “-The past couple of days have been filled
with just a lot of manipulation and a lot of Nikocado Avocado using his platform to
threaten me and to bully me.” When I first saw Stephanie’s first video titled
“Why I’m Scared of Nikocado Avocado” I was actually blown away because she presented
a play-by-play of why she’s afraid of Nick, she was very believable and not just because
of her emotional appeal but she had a very logical approach through the video as well.
A few people asked me to do a video on it and, in my head, I’m like, “what else is there
to say? She covered all her bases.” I mean, the video was 47 minutes long but I know that,
for one, when I pressed play, I couldn’t stop watching and I never even seen this girl before. “-That night, I was really pushed into a really, really, really dark place that I never thought I would be in again. I had a breakdown and it was
unlike any other breakdown I had. It was one where I felt shame, guilt, because I did say– I did say I would talk about…
didn’t I? I don’t know, he said I did, so I must have.” I’m a very empathetic person, and I was listening to much of the video while in the shower through my Bluetooth speaker and Stephanie’s storytelling was so compelling that I was having two showers at once –
one on my body and one through my eyes. “-Like, I don’t wanna disclose all this. I’m not comfortable
with sharing this, this has nothing to do with anything.” Stephanie said that, at one point in the collaboration for Nick’s channel, Nick was trying to get her to talk about another YouTuber which made her
visibly uncomfortable yet he insisted, even though she kept trying to change the topic. “-And, increasingly, he looked at me with
more and more shock on his face, as if he was shocked and angry at the fact that I refused
to talk about what I told him in private.” Stephanie does an exemplary job of describing how Nick was actively manipulating her in to try to get her to talk about something that she wasn’t
actually comfortable talking about. “-‘But you told me yesterday you wanted to talk about it.’ ‘Then why did you say you
wanted to talk about it?’ ‘I guess she changed her mind.’ ” Not only does speaking to someone like this confuses them in the sense that it makes them question if they actually said it or not but, if they’re doing it on camera, on YouTube, and it’s about another YouTuber, it’s really putting Stephanie on the spot to kind of, like, spark some drama where that other YouTuber that she literally doesn’t want to talk about. “-Or did you change your mind now? -Uhm… well–
-[laughs] -I just feel, like, maybe– -You said you wanted to talk to your viewers with me here–
-Yeah, so– -Cause you never talk to any of your viewers.” “-And I just remember feeling just shocked because the way he went about it was just so– almost like an interrogation.” Part of the reason why Stephanie was scared, besides
the fact that he was putting words in her mouth and there was other talk of that YouTuber
that didn’t make the cut into the video, was the fact that it was all on Nick’s memory
card so he still has footage of things possibly being able to be misconstrued against Stephanie. “-He knew that I was uncomfortable. He knew I didn’t want to talk about this but he kept going. And so the video ends, and I just feel really, really weird… I don’t know how to describe the feeling, it’s not just scared but it’s also, like, almost, like, ashamed, like, ‘wow, I made him mad because I changed my mind’? Did I change my mind? But I never
had the mind to talk about Veronica.” Or maybe she did want to talk about Veronica
because Nick shows a text message from her wanting to do a docu-series type collaboration about what happened between her and Veronica
and “shookbang.” “-This lady has so much upset feelings
against Veronica Wang and, let me tell you,
it’s a lot more than just pink hair dye.” Nick made it out to be like Stephanie was stuck on this drama and really wanted to bring it up on a video, based on some text from August. And the great part is that Stephanie actually talked to Veronica about this in some DMs, so this is all squashed. “-She didn’t feel comfortable doing the documentary on her own cause me and Zach both turned her down.” “-And Nick claims that I didn’t do it because Nick didn’t want to be a part of it – in reality, Veronica shut me down. She’s moved on,
she’s thriving. [laughs]” “-I am so proud of Stephanie for
standing up against Nikocado. He really is a mass manipulator, he knows how to twist things and he finally just messed with the wrong person.” And the best part about this is that Stephanie straight-up says to Nick: “release the unedited footage so people can see how you
interrogated me to try to talk about Veronica.” “-Release the footage that you have where you interrogated me about Veronica.” That’s a power move. “-I also had eight missed calls, some of them Face Times from Nick at the time and, later on after all of this, there was some Instagram posts and stories that were made that I didn’t know but they were made while this conversation was happening.” One of the biggest takeaways that I got from
her video was that if she hadn’t done her video, he was gonna do it first
and it wasn’t gonna be pretty. This was evident by the Instagram post that he had already posted it before she shared her video online also during the time that he was actively texting Stephanie. And it was also spelt out in a text that Nick sent to Zach Choi which Stephanie revealed
in her latest video on the matter. “-One of the reasons that I didn’t want to make this video and I felt like I was crazy is because I know everyone’s just gonna be saying, ‘Stephanie, you’re a grown woman, why didn’t you just leave? Or tell him:
‘hey, stop’?’ ” I think this clip is important because it
highlights the vulnerability and implicit shame that Stephanie and many others feel
in situations like this because, in this type of instance, it really isn’t just about the situation but about
the person within the situation as well. On the surface, it does make sense to just be like,
“yeah, she should have just tell him to stop,” but that’s on the surface, you know? When you don’t consider the type of person that Nick is which is why I think it was very important
and she did such a good job to illustrate the type of person that Nick is and why it was difficult for her to just tell him to stop pushing her to try to talk about something that
she wasn’t comfortable talking about. “-But also, you know,
there’s an element there of, like, why can’t you just walk away?
They said they were uncomfortable, they might be lying, they might not be lying,
it’s not for you to know or, I mean–” 47 minute video describing why she’s afraid
of him and it all went over his head, he still doesn’t get it.
At one point in his video, Nick had a caption that read: “Notice how she didn’t even provide a reason as to WHY she was scared… she just said ‘she was’ all of a sudden.” Dog, are you serious? Well, I hope if this video crosses your path, that it enlightens you as to why she was scared of you.
Keyword: “was,” because she’s now a boss *ss queen. “-And she said she got so distressed that she started touching me and wiping me? It’s, like–?! To me, that’s pretty da*mn playful! I mean, you’re so scared of me that your first instinct is to touch me?” Did this dude turn off his brain while watching
Stephanie’s video or did he purposefully switch up the timeline to fit his narrative against
Stephanie? Because when Stephanie was talking about wiping him as an attempt to get him
to talk about a different topic, that was in reference to the first collab that they
did which she said the first half was great, up until she had to do that. “Like, we were honestly having a really, really good time for, like, the first half. I had these baby wipes in front of me and I kept wiping him every time he got too serious to just kind of play it off, like, let me wipe him. And every single time I tried to do that,
increasingly, it seems like he got more offended. He would look at me with such a shocked face.” She clearly described how she progressively became more anxious and scared of you towards the end of that first collab and
throughout the second collab. “-I was so scared of him that I didn’t
even want to act differently around him.” The fact that Nick presented a question of “why can’t you just walk away?” after she spent so much time of her video detailing it,
is just baffling. “-I kept trying to find a way out. I mentioned multiple times in a very joking way, like, ‘you guys don’t need me, I don’t even– it’s ASMR, you guys don’t need me!’ and he would say things like– Nick would say things like, ‘Stephanie, we’re all tired.'” This girl used psychology to validate her own self, this is what I meant when I said she had all her bases covered. “-I just wanted to get throught the night and that sounds crazy even to me, like, me saying that right now, I sound crazy. Stephanie, you are
24, you should have got up and left. But I just couldn’t, I was just so scared
that I couldn’t.” I think many of us have been through this
feeling and since it’s a YouTube collaboration, you know, it’s their job, you could perhaps
relate it to a workplace experience where someone might be holding something against
you and you have that gut feeling that they could always use it, you know? Whether it’s information or something that you did or something that can be misconstrued against you. “-I felt like anything will be used against me and
I felt like anything I say, even ‘Nick, stop’ – he would use it and make a exposing video or threaten me with it. I don’t know, I was just scared.” Well, she wasn’t wrong. We already saw how
he tried to use text that she had sent him way back in August about the whole Veronica thing. Not to mention he also used random voice notes and texts from other people to make her look bad. “-If I’m mean, if I’m an *sshole, if I’m soaking
up the drama cause I like it, people already know that. There’s no secrets there.” And, I mean, the homeboy’s right. He has been known for stirring up drama with other YouTubers in the past so we want to be cynical because there are those YouTube commenters that get stuck on the whole, “she should have known better. Of course, working with Nikocado Avocado was gonna be like a ticking time bomb for drama.” Well, come on now, obviously she gave
him the benefit of the doubt and it’s quite apparent that she’s learned from her experience with him. I don’t find the point in shaming someone for speaking up about this because this is a type of shame that makes someone feel resentful towards themselves, you know, like,
make them feel worse and then not speak up
about other types of situations. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, they actually had a third collaboration video planned for the following day and Stephanie just wasn’t having it, and not by choice. Her body literally just wasn’t letting her have it, she was having panic attacks throughout
the entire day and wasn’t able to sleep. She even went as far as to show security footage from her own home to show how she was actually having a panic attack so people knew that she wasn’t lying. I mean, you gotta be crazy not to believe that what this girl’s going through is very real, right? Right?! Or, I guess you could just be
Nikocado Avocado. “-Edit in your cries.
Listen, the cries were edited in. She cut, mid cry – out –
cut, mid cry – out. Toward the end of the video –
cut. Determined to make people feel a certain way
about me. You’re that, that desperate to make sure people say,
‘wow, look what Nick did to her.'” Huh… He’s got a point. Hey, Stephanie, do
you have a security camera in your room? I want to make sure that your crying was real
and not just edited it in. I mean, the homie really doesn’t understand the concept of crying, calming down, recording again and then if something gets emotional you start to cry again– I don’t know, it feels weird to explain this to a YouTuber. Maybe he’s got no emotions… “-It had been a really long night and I went to sleep at around 7 A.M. and I was in and out of sleep until
around 2 P.M. At this point, I had already missed text messages from both of them separately and I ended up calling Zach
at 2:20.” So she texted Zach first and then, shortly thereafter, texted the group chat and explained how she was in and out of sleep and
she had to cancel the collab. This did not sit well with Nick and that’s when
he began doing the Instagram posts. One of the Instagram stories that he posted was a graphic that he seemingly created out of the phrase
“In-N-Out of Sleep” which Stephanie used. “-A lot of the people that he tagged are people
that he knew that I would say, ‘oh my god, I’ve watched her since high school!’ or ‘oh, I love her!’
you know, ‘I did a collab with her!’ and these are people that I respected.” This is the part that actually made me angry because many of the instances in which I’ve been bullied before, uhm… people have ganged up on me to the point
where I feel small and I hate that feeling. “-I told a few other YouTubers, I tagged them
on Instagram, as well as my friends and they all know, I was like…
they know the story.” So before Stephanie uploaded her video, Nick had already posted several Instagram posts and done a video on his own channel in which he referenced the Instagram post gloating about the fact that he tagged other popular YouTubers. “-I’ve just been in and out of sleep and I don’t know what’s going on but I got things to do, I just got– Ahh! I got things to do! -[laughs]
-Have you been– have you been in and out of sleep? -So in and out of sleep, oh my gosh,
in and out of sleep right now. -[laughs]” Who knows how many more times Nikocado was
planning on referencing Stephanie up until he finally “spilled the tea” on her if she
didn’t stand up for herself. This is the epitome of a bully. “-Oh my god, it was so funny.
We’re like, ‘in and out of sleep! In and out of sleep!’ [laughs]” “-I know that a lot of instances where bullying like this happens online, most of the times the bully will say, ‘it’s a joke, they can’t take a joke’ and sometimes I can see where they’re coming from if a joke is funny, but what was the purpose of
posting it onto his Instagram?” Nick definitely wanted to humiliate Stephanie.
He wanted to make her feel small as a sort of revenge for standing him up. Now what I find so astonishing about this whole drama
is that Nick’s behavior is actually literally defined by Stephanie’s video, I mean, this is the reason he gives for making those Instagram posts. “-When I made the “In-N-Out of Sleep” joke, that was my way of feeling better from my perspective. After all the shenanigans we had gone through the day beforehand where she, like, complained and move the schedules around and I still did it, it’s business and we were supposed to get together that morning.” When something doesn’t go Nick’s way, his
coping mechanism is to put the other person down, to belittle them. That’s what makes
him feel better about himself. He justifies it by saying that, to him, Stephanie is basically just a business, you know? Working with her is just a business. “-Ghosting me for a business meeting–” Which was likely a surprise to Stephanie because,
in her video, she states that she genuinely saw him as a friend and talks about how she
bonded with him in the beginning of her video. “-And, at this point, we had been there for
hours and he had made me feel so, so comfortable and like I could trust him,
like he understood me.” Then, on the other hand, you have Nick saying
the polar opposite in the beginning of his video. “-HyuneeEats doesn’t like her.
Keemi doesn’t like her. I didn’t really like her, I didn’t even know her.
I felt that she was very self-serving.” What’s interesting about Nick’s video is how
he wants to villainize Stephanie so bad. “-She knew– she knew she was creating a paper
trail. In my view, that’s what she was doing. And, by the way, that’s not slanderous or defamation, that’s my opinion and I’m letting you know
that’s my opinion.” Throughout his video, he describes her as so vindictive and and manipulative and this is one of the things that I feel like he’s projecting because he makes it seem as if, like, she planned this whole thing out, right? I mean, homeboy literally said that she waited
till the Sun went down to reply to him. “-She waited till the Sun went down, an hour
before the Sun went down, 3:30-4:00 P.M., to say:
‘I was in and out of sleep and I have a lot of sponsors’.” And he called her self-serving, I mean, geez,
does the world revolve around you, boy? “-And now she’s letting people believe and
egging them on to think that I was making fun of her, I’m ‘victim shaming’ by saying
‘in and out of sleep.’ How dare you? I have– I am so sorry that whatever happened to you happened to you, I– again, I don’t know.” “-And, like, I could trust him, like, he understood
me. I ended up opening up about something that I don’t even talk about on YouTube anymore.” So either Nick forgot about Stephanie opening up to him or she’s lying or he’s lying. But either way, it’s not really relevant because he’s making it seem like the “in and out of sleep” was insulting her experience but that’s not what it was at all. “-‘Oh, I’m in and out of sleep,
oh, I’m in and out of sleep.’ I did not tell them that
it was about s*xual assault.” The “in and out of sleep” phrase has nothing
to do with what she went through. “-You knew how you were arranging in the video to make it seem like I knew that, I was thinking of it in that moment–” Nick, what are you on about? Stephanie used the Instagram story that you posted to illustrate how you were bullying her by mocking the reason that she gave you for not being able to collaborate with you. It had nothing to do with assault so
I don’t know how you who misconstrued that. “-Well, she said that she had gone to the bathroom, she used the restroom and when she came back, she had checked the security footage to see that I was taking photos of her house without her knowledge. That is 100% a lie.” One of the first claims that Nick made against
Stephanie was that she lied about him taking pictures of her home without her consent. “-Why would you lie about such a–
why would you lie about something like that?” When I first saw this part of Nick’s video, I was like, “hey, why didn’t Stephanie just show security footage of him taking pictures of her home?” My friend Giulia and I were talking about it since we were both watching it as it came out and she reminded me of Stephanie’s own video. Giulia: “The reason why she didn’t show the footage is because California is a two-party consent state so if you have footage of someone,
they need to approve that you release the footage; that’s why she said she couldn’t show it and I know that’s true because I’ve actually looked into that myself
in the past.” And then I realized, “oh my god, I completely forgot,” so Nick should have just demanded for Stephanie to
show the footage, you know? Why didn’t he just do that if he’s so sure
of himself that Stephanie’s lying? And Stephanie doubled down on
the same exact thought in her new video. “-Nick, give me your consent because you claim that I lied about so many things whereas my home security footage says otherwise.” I’m telling you, the first thing that I noticed from Stephanie in this new video was the contrast of how much she’s glowing in comparison to the other one. This girl is so much more confident since standing up for herself and
I just feel so proud, and I even know her but… [claps] “-There’s another clip of me, taken out of context, making comments about the ‘Me Too Movement’
out of context. And then there’s another clip– a surveillance footage clip of an– at that time, unidentified man, unidentified, overtop of you,
touching you.” Stephanie effectively proved that Nick lied throughout his video multiple times in her newest video so I’m not gonna go over that one that much, I highly recommend it. Chef’s kiss, it is so good. But the one criticism that I will kind of agree on with Nick is her intro, it was a little bit confusing. Now, I did go through her channel and I noticed
that she does these little intros that kind of, like, short– have little short clips of the video that you’re about to watch, it’s like an attention grabber. However, for this kind of video, I didn’t think it was really appropriate because, you know, it did confuse me on my first viewing, you know? It didn’t really make sense because there’s, like, a
clip of her saying, “Me Too” and then the surveillance footage so I wasn’t really sure
what she was gonna say about why she was scared of Nikocado Avocado but I certainly didn’t come out of the video thinking, “oh, he touched her inappropriately.” Any doofus that came out of that video thinking that you touched her inappropriately, is just that – a doofus. “-This is no one’s fault but hers. She deliberately edited her video in the beginning, with the title, the description to be this way.” Nick went on to say that she did this on purpose
so people would think extra negatively of him and I don’t know about all that because,
like, I said I saw a bunch of other videos of her and she always has these little short attention grabbers that show clips of the rest of the video. Now, again, for this type of video, I don’t think it was appropriate. I would just say was a bad call on Stephanie’s part. “-I’m now gonna have to live with people calling
me a pr*dator, for God knows how long.” This is something that Nick brought up several times throughout his video and, while Stephanie never called him a pr*dator, she did say that his behavior was pr*datory and, while she’s not technically wrong, because, by definition, he is pr*datory, I can see why this might be more collateral damage if other people are calling him a pr*dator as a result because, well, the word has a really bad connotation, especially when used towards men,
you know? And Stephanie’s video had the “Me Too Movement”
mentioned in there so I guess if someone’s really lazy and not really paying attention
to the video, I can see where he’s coming from. But can you imagine starting up a conversation
with someone about this specific drama and then they say, “oh, yeah, I’ve heard of that.
Nikocado’s the guy that touched Stephanie! A-hooa!”, you’d be like, “what? No, idiot!”
[laughs] “-Why are you keeping tabs on what I do next?
Why are you knowingly wanting to be reminded of what I say and think?” Nick was making a big deal out of Stephanie watching his Instagram stories as if she’s enjoying herself with popcorn. Bro, she’s obviously keeping tabs on you in case she
needs to take action legally which, surprise, surprise… Uh-oh, SpaghettiOs. There’s still quite a bit to unpack from the three videos that amount to over three hours worth of footage and I’ll link them all down below but, right
now, I’m just gonna put a pause right there because I covered most of the things that I was interested in,
you know, the behavioral aspect of Nick which literally reminded me of people
in my past and I was like, uaugh…! That’s also why I was so proud of Stephanie, man.
And I know I don’t usually cover this “mainstream” type of YouTube story that a lot of other channels usually cover but I just resonated with this one big-time so I hope that this is received all right. I actually
want to start another channel in which I can cover stories like this more casually because
these videos are kind of easier to do, I mean, this one actually took me a lot longer than I expected it because I’m dealing with three really long videos but, typically, YouTube stories don’t require as much
research as the ones that I typically take on so if you guys want to subscribe to my new channel, click the link down below! I still don’t know what I’m gonna call it so maybe I made up my mind by the time this video went up. What a way to celebrate 200,000 subscribers,
start a new channel! [laughs] Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you’re new and I’ll see you tomorrow at the livestream, and if you don’t make it to the live show, then you can catch it at my Patreon! Or don’t. That’s why you gotta subscribe with post notifications because people get so sad that they miss my livestreams, I’m like, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s just, like, talking to me one on one! And a thousand other people…

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  18. I'm really glad I came across your channel. I like your voice of reason on this particular summary of events. You often stated a ton of things I was yelling at my monitor while watching his "version". He is all ove the show and just all off point. Thanks so much for your video. Enjoyable speaking voice, and great video. Look forward to seeing what else your chan has 🙂

  19. Wow, i HATED nick, then the trish stuff made me kinda with him, but there was just something about him that i couldn't with. Hes a total pig, hes disgusting, i hate him.

  20. I love stephanie … she way too pure for this . But i ak so GLAD shes so strong as well and is standing up to this pig shit

  21. Not for cancel culture but he definitely needs to be "cancelled" we need to stop giving manipulators a platform.

  22. Can we also talk about how all the people who were going along with his taunting on his public Snapchat also suck major

  23. Nikocado Avocado is extremely toxic. Most of his old videos where he was hysterical he'd then delete within 15-30min or the next day. I used to be a fan a long time ago but after watching how he treated his husband Orlin and his constant mental breakdowns, I refused to watch anymore of his mukbangs. Youtube needs to ban him.

  24. I love the way he says "Why couldn't you just walk away", and when she essentially did by cancelling their next session he proved her right and made a scene out of it. That's why she couldn't. That's why she didn't want to. That's why she was scared to.

  25. passive aggressively waiting to make a public video, connecting sexual assault with so-called "bullying" and never directly addressing what was bothering her with nik, being dramatic about her home safety is not what I call standing up to her bully. her using this public platform to "get back" at nik is just as bad as the behavior that is being pointed out by soo and the public.

  26. One huge thing that’s also important to take away from this whole situation is that Nick pretty much invalidated her feelings. NO MATTER who was right, Nick has absolutely NO right to tell Stephanie how she was feeling through the whole ordeal. That’s scummy and disgusting. The fact that he made her feel shame for feeling the way she did is just horrible … but my girl came back stronger and I hope this ends his fucking high school behavior

  27. Edwin I am sure you will never see this in your flood of comments but I just wanted to let you know something. Two party consent only applies to wiretapping or audio recording someone without permission. You are well within your legal rights to post video footage especially from your own home security system as long as it does not contain audio. The only video clips you can’t post would be ones where there is an expectation of privacy such as bathrooms or changing rooms etc. Hope this clears things up for you and Julie in the future. ❤️

  28. Stephanie…I admire you so much. For being able to speak up about the manipulation you went through and coming out strong. I was in a situation recently and put up with an extremely manipulative person and this whole situation (when it comes to how he manipulated and attempted to “expose” you) mirrors the situation I went through. And I never spoke up about my side of things and the other person lied and made me seem like I was someone I’m not, doing things I don’t do, and it took a severe toll on my mental and even my physical health. But before I keep rambling on I just want to say Stephanie, Me and so many other people are so beyond proud of you and got your back girl. Stay strong and keep your chin up.

    And to Nick, You are an extreme manipulator and YOU should be ashamed of yourself. What bone in your body tells you, and makes you think that any of what you have done is okay? You are a bully and childish. You are petty, vile, and repulsive. I think now we can all see why Trisha didn’t want to collaborate with you. Sad she is associated with you now and stood up for you but of course manipulative people stick together I guess. So what if making the In and out of sleep joke was your way of coping with the situation? Oh yes making jokes out of people’s actual issues and struggles is suuuuch a smart way to cope with YOUR manipulation. So HOW DARE YOU try to act like you are a victim in absolutely any part of this situation? You are not a victim at all. You are a grown man and if you have a brain in that thick skull use it to check yourself. Because I never say this but you are MESSY!. So sit back and watch as you fall and Stephanie rises. And throwing your friends under the bus to make YOURSELF look good (obviously your attempts didn’t work) shows how good your Friendship is. How much it’s worth. And clearly it’s not worth even a penny. So check yourself walking Avocado

  29. You watch videos IN the shower?
    Wow. That's another level lol
    No, seriously…This drama is getting old…
    Greetings 👋.

  30. its really annoying hearing different youtubers take a side. Getting a piece of it. Why do you have to take a side. Arnt these news style videos suppose to be unbiased.

  31. I'm so happy Nick has been shutdown. He was getting away with manipulation, and nasty behavior! Stephanie Soo is so strong, and brave for standing up for herself.

  32. Him labeling it as her backing out of a “business meeting” is so funny considering he has no professionalism himself.

  33. Nick makes me feel so so so sick. I was bullied for 8 years. When I told a teacher, she asked all the people who constantly beat me up, made me feel bad and stuff, if the things I told her were true. They said it was just a joke. The teacher believed them. They bullied me more and more. I never told anyone anymore because I thought it would make things worse again. I dropped out of school. I started working. I have a good life i guess.. But those 8 years were hell and I don't want anyone to be in my situation. I don't want people to feel bad about themselves because someone else is hurting them. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, this is not my first language.

  34. LOL I dunno man, sounds like she talked shit and got called out for it. I know many girls like her with the fake feel sorry for me crying. Don't dish it if you can't take it. When I heard her reading the messages she purposely sounded sweet when she read hers but condescending when she read his. How can she assume the tone of what he was saying.

    I'm just gonna say they are both wrong.

    Ya he creepy and weird and obviously drama focused but she is also playing the poor me card.

  35. The whole "in and out of sleep" thing is so goddamn weird – she told him a reason for her having to cancel plans and he makes it all about him? Dude's ego needs its own post code, it's insane.

  36. She has kept it classy the while time. He messed with the wrong person this time. I hope he really gets his full dose of karma so he can self reflect and learn faster.

  37. Tired of all kinds of drama. I’m trying to all drama videos for 2020 but this drama keeps coming up on my recommendations! All these YouTubers make profit out of drama, so I’m not giving my time to drama.

  38. The proportions of nik’s face really fuck with me. All of the other criticisms have already been covered by everyone else but I just can’t pinpoint with what’s wrong with it exactly.

  39. I am not surprised by Nick avocado’s behavior . His judge mental ways as well bigotry etc is common in the gay male community as well racism. And they do like their drama and promiscuity. So I’m not shocked by nicks disgusting behavior. And they gay community love doing crap but don’t like it done to them . Nick is a narcissist and narcissism is also common in the gay male community.

  40. Having finished the video, he says that the comments were taken out of context . He really wants every one to forget that he made a video (twice) hating on a guy who refused to tickle his pickle after a date. Like the video was gross and he did it twice then tried to blame misunderstanding and context. I know the dislikes were disabled for a while too. Don't know if it still is.

  41. Just found your channel, love your stuff. Really appreciate your take/input into this matter. This was a classic example of passive aggressive abuse, it astounds me that idiot avacado doesn’t get it!!

  42. Huh, first person to report on drama that doesn't shamelessly plugs their accounts through the big, or is annoying, shoves their opinion unnecessarily, and is coherent with their statements. Plus he isn't annoying. New sub

  43. If you take it the way Nick put it and make it simply a business transaction based off both of their behaviors he would have been fired so fast for various reasons so if he wants to treat it like a business he shouldn't be so unprofessional, rude, deceitful, predatory, and manipulative.

  44. Yeah I would consider recruiting your friends to make fun of someone bullying. Ppl of done that to me before, doesn’t feel good.

  45. Since I get panic attacks, the security footage was very clear to me.
    It was someone holding a person who's screaming and terrified and making sure they don't hurt themselves.

    I have been in that situation and I have ended up where I almost hurt myself indefinitely.
    That clip wasn't anything sexual and I immediately recognized it as is.

  46. Never watched any of your videos, however I really enjoyed it 🤔😀! Your audio is awesome and your voice is comforting. Can't to see more video from you 🤗

  47. There is something about Nik that's not trustworthy. I've seen other commentary channels talk about him and he seems to be just mean.

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