THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR – Official Trailer

THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR – Official Trailer

♪♪♪ – Your removal is final.
– There’s nothing you can do? – I’m sorry. – But this is my home! New York is my home. ♪♪♪ …the Big Bang
created the stars, the planets,
the galaxies. ♪♪♪ Compared to the lifespan
of the universe, our lives begin and end
in a single day. ♪♪♪ – I’m Daniel.
– Natasha. ♪ We are just ordinary people ♪ – What’s with the notebooks? – Just poems. – Poems? What are they about? Wait, let me guess. Love.
– Not all of them. – I don’t believe in love. – So, no magic? No fate?
No meant-to-be? What if I told you… I could get you to fall
in love with me? Just give me a day. – An hour. – What are your key ingredients
to falling in love? My ingredients are friendship,
chemistry, the X factor. – What’s the X factor?
– Don’t worry, we’ve got it. ♪ You and I are like
oil and water ♪ – This isn’t gonna make me
change my mind, Mr. Plaid Tie. – Did you just call me
pad thai? – Plaid Tie. – My family is from Korea,
not Thailand. – Well, that is not what I said,
so you can stop waiting for an apology. – Oh, I’m waiting for something,
but not for an apology. ♪♪♪ ♪ Ah… ♪ ♪ Now I don’t hardly know her ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪ But I think I could love her ♪ – I’ve gotta go. I gotta go. – Natasha!
What are you so afraid of? – Listen, I wasn’t born here.
– What? – My family is leaving tomorrow. – This is real and I know
you feel it, too. ♪♪♪ – The choice we make… ♪ When she come walking over ♪ ♪♪♪ …the path we choose… ♪ I’m waiting to show her ♪ …we don’t have forever. ♪♪♪ All we have is a single day. ♪♪♪

100 thoughts on “THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR – Official Trailer

  1. HOW can people be so SIMPLE minded & stupid to like "literally" with NO exaggerating the DUMBEST movie ever made, FAKE, POINTLESS dribble, specificaly made to target the Dumbest creatures in the universe, This movie is so fake, here is how real life works, MAN: I can make you fall in love with me in 5 mins" WOMAN: Yeah right! MAN: Im Rich! WOMAN: You can do ANYTHING you want to me! I mean seriously women (Well Girls cause Women dont exist anymore) have NEVER been more shallow & materialistic so it makes NO sense why they like Romantic garbage like this cause ALL you girls (Except probably the ugly & fat ones) would NEVER be interested in a Kind, romantic guy! You ONLY care about a guy with an expensive "ride" a nice apartment & LOTS of money. The sex isnt important to modern day girls cause youll just find that elsewhere behind his back (sound familiar, lol). Plus in real life this "manicured" feminine pretty boy would think he is waaayyyy too good for a below "average" looking chick like this! Get over yourselves, the fact ANY of you are interested in this movie 110% shows your starting to believe your own delusional bullshit! ha ha!

  2. +1200 Proofs The Earth IS FLAT AND STATIONARY: #asstronotsarestupid #paidactors #SPACEISFAKE #ResearchFlatEarth #wakeuppeople

  3. She’s in a movie already, on top of filming Grown-ish? Niiice. I definitely believe she has a great future in film ahead of her.❤️

  4. i watched it n the parents Jamaican accent is just a complete joke…. at 1st i didn't even know that they were suppose to be Jamaican until Yara said it😑



  6. things that the movie got wrong:

    They don’t meet when he saved her from being ran over, they meet in a record shop

    The headphones are pink, not grey

    The tie is red, they only changed to plaid for that shitty joke

    They talk about his poetry in the coffee shop and have a moment

    Daniels lack of ponytail has upset nearly everyone

    Movie looks okay but this is borderline Maze Runner inaccuracy

  7. I don't like Melton. Melton, he's kind of a tough guy, but he's really a fucking freak. I don't like that film

  8. The book way much better than the movie, where is irene, and where is the details about the simple things like the tie, headphone, Daniel's ponytail and others

  9. Hello people from Earth just wanted to say hi today I woke up sad called in and lost came here to see what happens

  10. Hollywood's casting had failed… yet again, this was the perfect opportunity for POC to be represented ,i mean for a fully black female and asain guy and what do we get? The whitewashed version of it. Smh

  11. For peole who seen the movie like me
    Why the fk wait 5 years when he can go jamaica plenty time to see her love of my arse

  12. I am currently watching the movie… yara’s acting skills is …. let’s just say… weird and meh! This movie is actually the only work i saw from yara so i cant judge her! But generally the making of this movie is stupid like there are few details that was easy to just include it in from the book rather than just ignore it! Like why ?

    Sorry my English is bad

  13. I thought it was lame but after he said "you'll fall inlove with me in an hour" i got hooked and FALL IN LOVE WITH THE MOVIE!!!!

  14. What created the galaxies, stars, planets, and every thing in the universe? THE BIG BANG? Kids, that's a lie. You weren't created by an accident. Your God isn't the big bang. I'm a science lover and the big bang being the creator of all things isn't science.

  15. The sun is also a star directed and produced by Cody Nutkiss from supermariologan to convince Junior the sun is a star not a planet.

  16. Just saw this film. For the very first time. Gotta say I really liked this movie. And it’s probably one of the more overlooked movies of this year. The 2 leads have amazing chemistry. And I do understand people being upset because he doesn’t have his ponytail ,red tie, pinkheadphones and I think the filmmakers wanted to make it more impactful how they met cause if they met in a record store like in the book it wouldn’t hit as hard as them meeting for the first time when he saved her life: and I get you wanna stay close to the source material . (Trust me I’m a comic book fan I want material as close to the source as possible) but that honestly doesn’t make the movie any better or worse. The movie in my opinion I liked it. But it won’t get better if he has a “ponytail or she has headphones that I’ll see for a few mins because in the actual film “spoiler alert” it’s not in the movie all that much and if you see in the trailer once he saves her life that’s the last time you see those headphones.

  17. THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE PINK HEADPHONES AND RED TIE!!!! AND A PONY AND EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL (Daniel was supposed to be pale) AND AND AND (so many ands will come)
    sorry to trespass anyone's opinion but as a reader I am NOT satisfied with the trailer.

  18. LOVE this Beautifully made movie – it was Not promoted ENOUGH – I saw part of the trailer one time & knew I wanted to
    see it- didn't know the name of it or the actors (I Know Harper & Leguizamo, but didn't know they were in the movie) – Kept searching until I found it! It's Missing One thing…"There's Nothing Better Than Love" (Luther VanDross & Gregory Hines).

  19. Okay… I just finished reading the book and come straight to this trailer… One thing for sure I'm so not gonna watch this movie… Because first the guy is so not Korean at all, where's his ponytail… red tie… and their meeting is so not on the road not by the time he save her… And yeah I better stop this… or if I not it will become long ranting session…

  20. I know that there’s a book about this movie but why does this movie company always have half black with white male in the movies, this is like in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE. I love interracial couples but come on switch it up a little.

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