The Tragedy Of Deadliest Catch Just Gets Sadder And Sadder

The Tragedy Of Deadliest Catch Just Gets Sadder And Sadder

Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch depicts
the real-life risks of Alaskan crab fishing. However, the show doesn’t quite catch everything.
Let’s dock the Sea Star, Time Bandit, and all other boats to get a closer look at Deadliest
Catch. ELLIOTT NEESE’S REHAB STAY During season 11 of Deadliest Catch, then
Captain Elliott Neese abruptly handed over the helm of the Saga to first mate Jeff Folk
and left his ship—leaving viewers wondering why he went AWOL. After rumors swirled in
tabloids about his addiction problems, Neese himself tweeted in May 2015 that he’d entered
a 60-day program at Passages Malibu for an undisclosed program. He wrote that he’d “had
issues,” but after his stay at Passages, had “a new outlook on things now.” NEESE’S RESTRAINING ORDER It seems Elliott Neese is a magnet for trouble.
Back in 2012, he got himself slapped with a restraining order, according to documents
cited by Entertainment Weekly. It seems he’d been harassing his baby mamma Valerie Gunderson
for the better part of a month, maybe more. In her petition, Gunderson said she feared
for her personal safety “in the event that Elliott ‘snaps’ so to speak.” She also
claimed that during one incident in 2010, Neese got so angry that he destroyed her television—and
then started burning her clothes in the fireplace. It seems that for Gunderson, snagging Neese’s
heart was a pretty deadly catch in and of itself. FREDDY MAUGATAI: BATHROOM BRAWLER Apparently, Feleti “Freddy” Maugatai has some
mixed-martial arts ambitions. According to a criminal complaint obtained by TMZ, Maugatai
got involved in a fight against a husband and wife team in the bathroom of the Grand
Aleutian Hotel back in December 2011. Maugatai claims he was defending himself when he put
the husband in a headlock and shoved the guy’s wife. Police arrested him, despite his story.
He was later fired from his ship for an unrelated incident, but maybe he should look into bringing
his untapped fighting prowess to the octagon. Each of his fights could be called “Deadliest
Match!” Don’t deny it: you’d watch it. JAKE HARRIS: DRUNK DRIVER Jake Harris, son of the late Captain Phil
Harris, seems to have made a smooth transition from crab fisherman to reality star. Back
in 2010, Jake was arrested for a hit and run, driving under the influence, and driving with
a suspended license after crashing his BMW in Seattle, according to People Magazine.
Supposedly, Jake had a tough time dealing with his father’s death. But while that may
explain his actions, it certainly didn’t justify them. Plus, it’s not the best way to honor
his father’s legacy. Neither was his other indiscretion… JAKE HARRIS’ DRUG STRUGGLES In November 2010, TMZ reported that Captain
Derek Ray, of the Cornelia Marie, called police to the boat because he suspected Jake Harris
was abusing drugs while at sea. Police discovered “paraphernalia,” but it wasn’t enough to charge
Jake with any crime. A few years later, Jake was noticeably absent from Deadliest Catch’s
2013 promos. According to his brother Josh, via Huffington Post, Jake was “lost in drugs,”
obviously still reeling from his father’s death. “Jake’s gotta take care of his own
stuff right now. Deal with his demons,” said Josh. Fortunately, as of August 2015, Jake
was clean and captaining his father’s old boat. JOSHUA TEL WARNER: BANK ROBBER Despite the crimes committed by other Deadliest
Catchers, Joshua Tel Warner might be the biggest criminal of them all. According to CBS News,
Warner was wanted for a series of bank robberies that took place in Oregon from 2007 to 2009.
So what did Warner do to lay low? He appeared on television. Oregon law enforcement officials
recognized Warner during a 2010 episode of Deadliest Catch and immediately issued a warrant
for his arrest. Warner plead guilty to reduce his prison sentence from 30 years to nine
and a half years. Side note for any aspiring bank robbers: the only time you should appear
on TV is on Cops. DRUG TRAFFICKING PRODUCERS Even the people behind-the-scenes on Deadliest
Catch are magnets for trouble. Production manager Matthew Schneider was charged in April
2010 for selling and using cocaine, according to The Associated Press. Schneider’s illicit
activities were discovered after he allegedly sold about $300 worth of the stuff to an undercover
officer—and used some of it in front of the officer as well. Oops! He also revealed
that some other show employees were involved in a drug-trafficking affair, which resulted
in the arrests of 18 people. HILLSTRAND BROTHERS ABANDON SHIP The best thing to happen to a breakout character
on a hit show is scoring a spin-off—unless they’re the Hillstrand brothers. In 2010,
Discovery offered Jonathan and Andy their own show, to be called Hillstranded. Discovery
even started filming footage for it. However, when the time came to record voiceovers and
polish everything up, the brothers were nowhere to be found, according to E! Online. This
didn’t sit well with Discovery, who slapped them with a $3 million lawsuit. The Hillstrands
retaliated by leaving Deadliest Catch altogether, taking fan-favorite Captain Sig Hansen with
them. They all eventually made up, but the Hillstrands’ trouble didn’t end there… FIREWORKS FOLLIES The Hillstrand brothers may need to hand over
some money to crew member David “Beaver” Zielinski, according to Seattle PI. In 2013, the Hillstrands
wanted to celebrate a Seattle Seahawks victory by shooting off some fireworks—because,
yeah, shooting off fireworks on a boat is a good idea. Under captain’s orders, Zielinski
lit off a mortar like a foolishly obedient deckhand. The firework, which was made by
the Hillstrands, exploded while he held it, shattering the bones in his hand and forearm.
Beaver filed his suit in 2015, seeking an undisclosed amount. Looks like choppy waters
ahead for the Hillstrands after all… ALASKA DISLIKES THE SHOW While viewers still love Deadliest Catch,
Alaska had its fill of the show, according to Alaska Dispatch News. To summarize the
complex issue, the boats featured on the show are making things difficult for the rest of
the northern crabbing fleet to earn a living. It seems that the Discovery Channel’s funding
of fishing expeditions, in whole or part, has affected the crews not participating in
the show. That’s made it difficult for them to keep up. In some cases, those crews end
up earning minimum wage, and crabbing “is far too dangerous” for such miniscule pay.
On the other hand, it does afford Discovery Channel the opportunity to create a show about
former fisherman now living on skid row. BEHIND THE SCENES FAKERY? Like most reality shows, Deadliest Catch is
guilty of dressing up the events that happen in real life. In their case, producers made
it appear as though one of the ships was in danger of being sunk by huge waves during
a storm, which is an honest hazard of crab fishing. However, the episode in which this
was dramatized was filmed in September 2008, while the waves themselves were filmed a month
later, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Unsurprisingly, the Discovery Channel denies
any trickery. Caught red-handed? Or perhaps red-clawed? Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to see more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to tell us
what surprised you the most about The Deadliest Catch crew…

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  1. It really seems to me that the money gains from being on a reality TV show is the real poison to these simple guys. You can't push all kinda cash on transient workers like this, they can't handle it.

  2. This is why I hate celebrity culture, every flaw is exposed. We are humans we make mistakes, we correct our mistakes. Then your mistakes are brought up from years ago. Like Justin Trudeau blackface, was it acceptable? No but he did it YEARS AGO.

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