The Tragedy Of Halabja – A Chemical Genocide known as Bloody Friday – FULL DOCUMENTARY

The Tragedy Of Halabja – A Chemical Genocide known as Bloody Friday – FULL DOCUMENTARY

In 1961 an uprising starts in Iraqi occupied Kurdistan by Iraq’s second largest ethnic group… …which are the Kurds The revolution is led by Mustafa Barzani and the aim is to achieve more autonomy The Iraqi regime tries to stop the revolution by introducing a new constitution. In this constitution the Kurdish nation rights are recognized for the first time However, the friendship won’t hold on for long. The kurdish tribes can’t unite in some political questions Which makes it harder for Barzani to form a strong force against Iraq. Iraq still fears an united Kurdish people So they arm some kurdish tribes to fight each other. For the upcoming years The Kurds are fighting each other and the Iraqi army at the same time This war will cost over 100,000 lives In July 1961 a military coup hits Iraq and the baathist party takes over the power New vice-president of Iraq is Saddam Hussein, now 31 years old. During his reign Iraqi army, aims to control all the Kurdish areas in Iraq One reason is all the oil fields in the area Over 40,000 Feyli Kurds and another 250,000 from other areas were deported out of Kurdistan to other parts of Iraq and even all the way to Iran Saddam claims that all these people aren’t loyal to Iraq. Within time the Iraqi regime controls all oil fields in Iraq The economic growth and the new income of money is used to buy lots of chemical weapons At the same time Kurdish Peshmerga keeps on the fight for independence In the mid 70s a dialogue starts between Iraq and Mustafa Barzani However, neither part agrees with each other restarting the war again In 1979 Iraq controlled all of southern Kurdistan 16th of July same year Saddam announces himself as the new president of Iraq as he forces the former president to step down. A purge within the party is started in order to find every single threat against him most of them are executed But Saddam has more plans to enlarge in his power. In the neighboring country Iran Ayatollah Khomeini has taken the power with a Shia revolution in the country Saddam fears the revolution and the potential of it spreading into Iraq whose people are in majority of the Shia belief According to Saddam the new government of Iran should be an easy target Especially since Saddam is heavily backed by the West. in September 26th, 1980, Iraq attacks Iran Iraq targets oil field in Iranian occupied Kurdistan and they succeed well in the beginning Iraq occupies large parts of Iran in 1981 Iraqi Defense Minister announces the big Iraqi investment on chemical weapons To hide the investment. They used a company which says that they are selling anti insect toxic. Outside Baghdad a large chemical factory is being built. In less than a year over 800 tons of chemical is purchased mostly to produce mustard gas. In 1982 Iran answers and Iraq is forced to retreat. A bloody war on the previous normal borders are started Iranian forces use an inhuman method against Iraq Large armies of unarmed childs are sent towards the Iraqi frontline They believe that a sacrifice for Ayatollah Khomeini will make them martyrs Iraqi soldiers shoots towards them however Iran replaces the children with new ones In 1983 Saddam orders the Iraqi warplanes loaded with mustard gas to attack Iran The gas has not been used since World War one it remains in the air for a long time after its release. The gas burns the skin and corrode the eyes and every airway of the body The mustard gas is slowing down the advancing Iranian troops And this makes Saddam free to aim his offensive against Iraq’s Kurds. In 1987, Saddam appoints his cousin; General Ali Hassan Al-Majid to governour of Southern Kurdistan. He will go further than anyone else in the fight against the Kurds Later the same year, Ali, appoints new laws making large parts of Kurdistan Becoming a forbidden areas The Iraqi army is ordered to kill every living cell in the banned area – Humans as animals. However the Kurdish Peshmerga is showing strong will and they are now supported by Iran who seeks for revenge. In February 1988 Saddam seeks a final solution for the Kurdish problem. He orders Ali to introduce operation al anfal which in Arabic means war trophy The operation will in time give Ali the nickname chemical Ali or the slaughter of Kurdistan. A nonstop bombardment of Kurdistan starts. For over a month large confrontations between Kurds and the Iraqi armies under way However, it’s when the rumors of Halabja reaches the Kurds that the Peshmerga surrender Now a few days before the rumor in 15th of March Kurdish Peshmerga liberates the Kurdish city of Halabja. They are supported by Iran and the Kurdish citizens who took over the regime high quarters in the city People are celebrating even though most of them are worried about Saddam’s next move This next day 16th of March 1988. It’s a cold day in Halabja And the Iraqi war planes are flying over the city Every time they pass the city a load of mustard gas is released when it reaches the ground it is not one large Explosion as expected but many small ones From the ground the color black white and red are rising Surviving people have told the world about the Apple smell of the smoke In 16 different attacks, Halabja is exposed of a brutal and cruel state-terror. A genocide against the Kurdish people in a few hours over 7,000 people dies Families are lying together on the ground parents holding their children brothers holding their sisters People calling for help the same moment as death takes them Afterwards the city is completely quiet Many survivors are fleeing to Iran They receive help in hospitals and are later sent to refugee camps in March 20th The news of Halabja is reaching the world and the first pictures in media are shown Millions of people show their disgust towards Iraq and Saddam’s actions However, the international community is quiet due to their alliance with Saddam Pentagon even released false news about Iran being responsible of the attack It takes over two months before the United Nations condemns the attack In August 1988 the eight year long war is over and Saddam claims victory of Iran Even though none of the countries made any real progress of the war. Over 1.5 million people died in the war and over 300,000 Kurds in the Al Anfal campaign The city is until this day marked of the attack as children still is born with symptoms from the gas In the city a museum was open to never forget the attack of halabja 1988 Both Saddam Hussein and chemical Ali was sentenced to death after the fall of the regime However, Saddam was never sentenced for his involvement in Halabja attacks. Only chemical Ali

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  1. Saddam Hussein said during the American investigations that he didn't ever order to use the chemical weapons and he said that Iran made these massacres for propaganda.

  2. Can you do a video about kak foad and his komala party he was like che Guevara for the Kurds read this if you want to learn more

  3. Don’t worry am a Kurd and I was born befor 2000 means at that time saddam was dead now the Kurds in Iraq 🇮🇶 are living peacefully

  4. I do not understand need for propaganda in this tragic war crime.

    You destroy your reputation by twisting facts to show the things you want to be, not as they are!

    You will lose the sympathy theat we have for the Kurds!

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