The tragedy of Kenneka Jenkins

The tragedy of Kenneka Jenkins

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  1. News reported that “her death was an accident” did they mention that when she was found in the freezer her breast were exposed and her pants were slightly down 😢 they covered up her murder

  2. I know deep down in my heart she is not my child for my daughter I could say but I could tell you right now I care about her and I don't even know this girl I'm coming from Florida I can tell you this I know that it was a setup through her so-called friends

  3. The sad thing is where the city with the most crime has a bad police system, the cpd is so corrupt, individual cops are fine but the system is broke.

  4. My very first time getting drunk something similar happened to me where I opened a men's bathroom door thinking it was the door to outside. I can see how you can be really drunk and think a door you open is the correct door. I can also understand the hypothermia and burrowing of being in a freezer, but I don't understand her friends letting her go out alone like that. Did they tell her to swallow the pill because they erroneously thought she would get more sober? Were they drunk as well? That part isn't sitting well with me.

  5. Girl by you don't know what you talking bout. You just like the rest of them trying to get clout and paid.👎👎😈

  6. Did you hear what you said at 15 minutes? She couldn’t let herself out right? Ok then how did she let herself in? Bingo, she didn’t because she couldn’t, nobody in that condition could. There is no logical explanation for this. You talked about paradoxical undressing, but forgot that she had all her clothes on except the shoe. That girl was dragged. That’s why she’s dirty.

  7. I suggest everyone search for Irene’s police call… It’s creepy as fuck as at around the 30 second mark, you hear a growl…

  8. This officer is psychic, he knew how long Kenneka had been missing. He even knew she was passed out, now tell us what else happen

  9. That poor girl was drugged and set up. I do believe that her friends sold her out to get assaulted, and it ended with her being left in the freezer to die.

  10. 1.) That's not kj walking in the ihalls, t's Irene.
    2.) Those girls are not her friends.
    3.) Irrne had kj phone on the live. The Phoebe you can clearly see in her hand.
    4.) Teresa wasst through party. You can clearly see her in the hall when they thought " the manager" was at the door.
    5.) Kj didn't fie in the hotel. Done girl took a selfie with kj's body.
    6.) Kj wasn't drinking they drugged her.
    7.) They set kj up

  11. First of all she didn't walk in that freezer and died how did her hair get wet why is she dirty they didn't leave her outside the hotel she was in the hallway I been following this case for the two yrs its been out y'all might have just started when y'all seen it on MTV but a lot of things that was deleted video was swapped out stories been changed all kind of bs so no I don't believe she walked in the freezer layed down and died ijs

  12. Taylor Swift's Ms. Americana! I thought it was interesting and she was endearing and I don't even like her. I thought her thoughts on sexism in the music industry were spot on, I never even thought about how many times a female artists has to reinvent herself in order to stay relevant compared to a male artist who can remain static and still find success. I'm curious to your thoughts. And, it was actually very cool to see her songwriting process.

  13. Remember the white female soldier who was captured and held hostage at the beginning of the Iraqi war, Jessica Lynch? There was so much media coverage of her capture and rescue and the press even made up heroic stories about her putting up fight against her captors which she refuted. I found out YEARS later on Wikipedia that she was captured and held hostage along side a black female soldier, who received NO media coverage and they were captured together! I also learned later that a female Native American soldier was killed during the ambush in which the other two women were captured. This is a perfect example of missing white women syndrome.

  14. I watched the episode on MTV and the whole thing had me in tears and left a bad taste in my mouth. The staff didn’t even try to look for her in the hotel. I do no believe she just opened a freezer door and walked in. No way.

  15. I remember when I first saw Mississippi burning and how it was such a great movie but the two white main characters didn't feel "outrage" until the white woman got beat by here racist kkk husband. Meanwhile there were dead, abused, missing, and mistreated black people waiting for justice. But a fire wasn't lit under the white helpers until the white woman got beat. 😑😑😑😑 I'm not surprised, just disgusted.

  16. You are seriously such a well spoken person!! I’m really subscribing!! Your so awesome!! Keep up the great work!! Even though I have that gut feeling that it was not accidental.

  17. How she stumble in the freezer. When she is dirty and had a missing tooth and her thymus gland gone and she had green trash bag in her nails. She couldn't be frozen. If she was frozen they wouldn't be able to straighten out her body. She was thrown in the pool. She was beat up badly. It took kenneka to break Crown plaza n Rosemont to be exposed in there wrong doing.

  18. There's definitely a cover-up. How did the drug that she's not prescribed get into her body, while her friends didn't get altered by drugs and were walking fine? Why is her whole body dirty, when all she did was walk around inside a building? Where did the cut on her foot come from and where is her shoe, cause she had both shoes on in the kitchen footage? Why didn't the police investigate this?

  19. I am doing a senior capstone project on the under representation of missing black people… where did you get the research and figures????!!!!!

  20. Whoever gave her the pill, killed her🅿️ regardless if it’s a party pack she was the only one her supposedly friends told to chill and relax. Whom ever gave her that fake shit killed her. If anyone poppin erks or anything google that shit first. Ijs. Who knows what happen after ppl found out it hit her system. Somebody know where she got that pill from

  21. I like to Question Everything and I can't just believe that she just walked into a freezer, fell, and froze to death. It makes very little sense and it doesn't sound right at all. Something else happened and something sinister. But may her soul rest in peace.

  22. Everytime I read into this it's just so heartbreaking. I find tears just flowing. As a woman whose been a young girl…in these same situations…I just cant fathom the friends…..I just cant I have tried to give them excuses because they lost a friend…but damn this whole thing is so grimy. My heart breaks for this young lady. And the many others this is happening to

  23. And the police….the shameful friggin behavior of everyone involved that takes an oath to protect us. Black white brown pink with friggin six toes. You dont get pick and choose who you help. I will never understand this…just like a person who smokes having a heart attack medical personal cannot say oh well shes killing herself anyways we arent gonna help. You took an oath! The people are waking up! And not all of us white people are going to be complicit with this behavior. Bet your ass on that! I am a white lady and this young black.woman has been on my heart mind and spirit for years! I will never forget this girl. Do better oath takers because you may follow orders but I cant stand that especially when you know its wrong!!!!

  24. You were on point with your analysis 👏🏾👏🏾
    And I am in agreement with most of what u say ….

    But i don’t believe this was an accident if someone spikes your drink .

    There is no evidence to prove this young lady willing took the epilepsy pills … the only mistake this young lady did was her choice of so called friends.

    I hope and pray this family get a substantial payout.

    This was not a accident. This was will full neglect on the hotels part. Visitors to a hotel should not be able to access a industrial kitchen let alone a industrial fridge freezer…

    The police were terrible in the handling of this from start to finish.. it was an inconvenience to them to look for a young black girl. Why because they are dam lazy!

    The police officer could hear the anxiety in the mother voice but did nothing because it was an inconvenience to him. The police are paid by the public to do their job!…..

    This poor girls death has disturbed me to the core.. and I believe had the hotel acted sooner. Had the police been assertive this young lady would never had died …

  25. 1st of all, it could have been that the friends have a higher tolerance for pills, they may pop them ALL the time, but KJ may have only done it a couple of times, plus coupled with alcohol, food on the stomach

  26. It's too many videos for u to say her death was an accident she had her eyes cut out lips busted teeth knocked out part of her lung miss I think u need to research a little more cuz I think u some kin yo one of them just my opinion

  27. The police appeared to have already made their mind up about how Kenneka died, even though they are not qualified to do so. The protocol one would expect at a crime scene was non existence. Contaminating the scene was rampant throughout. They merely went through the motions of doing an investigation until the medical examiner agreed with them. It took over a month for the medical examiner to come to a conclusion, but they needed to request the surveillance and make a special visit to the scene with an independent investigator. However, no real investigation was done as I mentioned. No forensic evidence was collected. all the witnesses were not interviewed. The rostered on staff from the hotel were not interviewed. The surveillance footage was not collected according to protocol and more. Either it was out of pure laziness they never investigated thoroughly like they claimed or there is something more.

  28. There is NO WAY her being in that state of intoxication and being high off that pill she took that she walked into the freezer. Her pants were unbuttoned and pulled down and dirty…there was blood on her shoe, her hair was wet, there was a bruise on her ankle, and her bra was pulled down smh. Like there's so much evidence this was foul play. Somebody was down there with her and violated her that part is obvious. They knew a freezer would be the last place people would look for her, which was weird the manager went right there but I digress. I really wanted her family and mom to get justice but it seems it's been 3 years too long all the evidence now is lost. R.I.P. Kenneka. This case always gives me chills

  29. Hello Hun! I want to let you know that's not her at all, I have started watching and following this story from the beginning. That's not that baby at all. J4k

  30. We maybe Not find out what fully happened to her because The hotel had to had Edit thia footage. If monifah is saying that when kenneka was on the ground after she got torn over an she was head in between her legs on the floor then come on now yall think… How was she just able to stumble to the freezer!!!!😡😡😡 im startin to get highly pissed pff because her friends knows what happens even that damn hotel an Everybody around her. Everybody in that hotel that seen her drunk stumbling over they edited the footage im telling yall. 😷😷 That shit sad but sometthing bad happened to that pretty girl an her soul. Just like her family said… She wouldnt never just give her self up. 😩😩😩

  31. UNPOPULAR OPINION: i agree with how the police said he finds it ludicrous. BUT i don’t agree with how the dispatcher handled it. and how the hotel staff treated Teresa Martin & her family. kenekka died because she was so drunk on top of with the medicine she took. she walked herself in the freezer and passed away. i think the conspiracy theories are so crazy and i don’t understand how people can’t see that she walked in there herself. i think the huge hard lesson here is don’t go to parties when you’re not of age to even consume alcohol. i hope that doesn’t come off as harsh but her death could’ve been prevented.

  32. 911 couldn't be bothered to help Kannika's mother when she called looking for her daughter but jumped at the opportunity to go after her when she was left with no choice but to do it by herself.

  33. I find it so sad that the police run out there quick to get Teresa out the hotel when that is so minor compared to a missing person and they didn't even go out there or do paperwork on it nothing and look at the outcome if they would've went out there they would've found her sooner before she froze or before something bad happened

  34. I don't think its no accident they raped drowed that girl drugged her in the freezer knocked her out she woke up couldn't get out the hotel man heard her in there raped her and killed her had the organ donor Come and take her organs

  35. I have a friend who is scared of being followed, yet she says that she likes to turn up and one of these days we're all going to die anyway?
    what kind of mindset is that…

  36. She was beat up by the garden outside the pool area. Why didn't the autopsy say her tooth was knocked out? Why was her shoes dirty and her foot looked as if she was drugged? Can you answer these questions .

  37. For Harriet if you believe she walked into that freezer something is wrong with you and for the record your voice is annoying I stop watching after you said you believed she walked into that freezer by Felisha bye 👋🏽

  38. And you still believe that that’s kenneka stumbling in the videos LOL I am dead catch up with the program sis. The videos were clearly edited.

  39. Girl if you believe that it was an accident then why the KJ didn’t pull the so-called emergency latch that is supposedly in the freezer. And why was she soaking wet. You do have a lot of questions but still think it’s an accident. Are you slow?

  40. You’ve got to be kidding. Well, one thing for sure we won’t be hearing about you in the News. I think we just got Cat Fished, yet again. Lol lol lol lol lol

  41. Kim…….why aren't you like….BIGGER?!?!?? I think it's because you're you, and don't and WON'T change for…..more exposure?

  42. Her death was Definitely NO Accident!! She was set up by her own “friends” to be murdered I mean it’s pretty obvious. Most people with common sense can see through the BS. And the cover up, well that was to protect the hotel, police department, and some higher ups from lawsuits among other things etc…But it was most certainly was NOT an accident! EvenZack, from Zack TV was killed. He was murdered for (BROADCASTING THE TRUTH)getting too close and for what he had uncovered. For challenging people to use their brains and make use of the FACTS. Not just believe what you’re told to believe. People seem to ignore or just be completely oblivious to the connection between corrupt law enforcement and gangs. Her murder was a HIT! Point Blank Period! For what reason Idk… But there were absolutely strings being pulled from the top. Remember this was a white suburb with a reputation for being a “safe” respectable area. It also had a reputation for DIRTY COPS! Now after all of that being said, if you’re still not convinced and wondering why a police department would be involved in covering up THE MURDER OF A YOUNG BLACK WOMAN, (NOT an accidental death)for a black gang, you must know that at the end of the day, the “powers that be” control both entities (gangs and law enforcement) and will do whatever they deem necessary for reasons unbeknownst to us to suit their wicked agenda(s)… This is just one of them… To hard to believe?? Well I’ll say this, when things seem strange, things aren’t adding up, and it’s just not making, that go’s to show there’s a hidden agenda and its not gonna makes sense because it doesn’t!

  43. I think they covered it up and her black best friend set her up were she yes think of all people and the hotel is wrong for acting that way but her black best friend worked there so

  44. BC there r raw marks and not from the dragging of police she dirty cuz she was raped buy four men run a train and her friends got paid and then she died and they threw here in there wen her bestie an man friends his her there to cover up

  45. In my town there was a girl who went missing and it was her father who led the police to her body. He called the cell phone company and had them ping her phone (this happened in 2007) to figure out where the last call she made came from. When they figured that out, her father, and her family and friends drove round and round that area until they located her car, parked on a street. She was not in the car. At that point, the police came in and checked the car for fingerprints, then they put the prints they found through the system and found a former felon's fingerprints. The police then figured out where he lived, and they busted in there and found her body (in a garbage can! he stuffed her in a garbage can!!!!). Her father led the police to find her. So, I'm not sure what the police procedures are when someone calls up telling them that their child is missing. This girl I'm thinking of was technically an adult (over 18). One thing that bugged me about this Kenneka Jenkins case was the fact that there were underage kids having a party in a hotel, and there was a noise complaint registered prior to Kenneka Jenkins going missing. So some hotel employee came up and knew there was a party of possibly underage kids drinking in a hotel room. So if hotel management or the police busted up that party at that point, maybe it would have had a different outcome (and some kids would have a ding on their records for partying underage)

  46. Hmmmmm let's see…young black female from westside Chicago attends an all black late night party in a hotel room that has gangbangers thugs drug dealers drug users and prostitutes in attendance.. The same party has lots of underage drinking and illegal drug use activity going on.. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??? LMAO 😂 🤣🤣😂

  47. After seeing the video of one of the girls switching the drink at the party and if you listen closely, her then talk then pan to her and back to the girl switching the cups and hear the guy trying to get the cup back, I 100 believe she was drugged, this was planned or they accidentally overdosed her and didn’t want to pay for that..

  48. Listennnnnnn They killed her okayy i dont ennn wanna hear it, so she took herself in there an cut up her self?!so she didn't get raped?the those two guys wasnt lookinq for her?BYEE!!! 😒 .R.i.P princess💕

  49. It’s upsetting that you said this was accidental…so she was under the influence and was able to open a suctioned heavy door but when she got in she as unable to reopen the door that she just opened…y’all have to really use your brain here and stop being so emotional and just think about how somebody literally either walked her in there or put her in there but she fought for her life at the end of the day. I’m from Chicago and this shit is beyond normalized…

  50. this lady is sad not only she had done no real looking into of this case I wouldn't watch this lady u can tell she will say what she told just shut up

  51. In the U.S. Low Income Black & Brown (trans) Women & children, Homeless, the incarcerated, migrants, third world immigrants & refugees are seen as the most disposable. #facts

  52. I have law enforcement in my family & I know why they don’t immediately use all resources for cases that sound like this, but this is just crazy. She wasn’t asking them to go on an all night search. She was asking for help to retrieve video footage. The time he was telling her to wait to see if her daughter would show up was going to pass regardless. During that time they could’ve been checking the damn cameras. They were quick as hell to show up for a black woman “disturbing the guests” though. It’s just repulsive

  53. Tons of questions about what happened to this girl? What do you mean? She got drunk/high and wondered into an industrial freezer.

  54. We believed Rosemont was involved and the owners of this hotel, because of their on going investigation of organs trafficking with the FBI.

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