The Truth About Lori & Mossimo’s Insanely Glamorous Life

The Truth About Lori & Mossimo’s Insanely Glamorous Life

Fashion mogul Mossimo Giannulli, and Fuller
House actress Lori Loughlin are a recently disgraced So Cal power couple with so much
money they blew half a million bucks cheating to get a daughter into college who didn’t
even want to be there. “I don’t really care about school, as you
guys all know.” Whether you love them, hate them, forgive
them, or forgot all about them, here’s a peek inside their insanely glamorous life of Loughlin,
Giannulli, and their daughters Bella and Olivia Jade. If you thought Giannulli’s name sounded familiar,
you probably shopped at Target on the reg between 2000 and 2017. That’s because Target carried Giannulli’s
clothing line Mossimo during that time. That licensing deal helped make the brand,
which Mossimo started with $100,000 of his father’s money, a ubiquitous and profitable
fast fashion staple for years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mossimo
is worth a whopping $80 million. But Giannulli isn’t the only member of the
family with a seven figure bank account. Loughlin is worth $20 million on her own. The actress, who is best known for her role
as Aunt Becky on Full House and Fuller House, has worked consistently on a variety of below-radar
projects through the decades, keeping her wallet fat. That money came in handy, because as of the
making of this video, both Loughlin and Giannulli are out on a $1 million dollar bond each. “I don’t want Aunt Becky to end! I don’t want her to end!” If you were rich and had to post a cool mil
to ensure you didn’t have to languish in jail before your day in court, where would you
want to spend your days? Perhaps in an opulent, multi-million dollar
mansion in Bel Air? That’s exactly where Loughlin and Giannulli
are calling HQ, as that’s where they’ve lived since 2015. The couple purchased the home in 2015 for
just under $14 million. The mansion overlooks the prestigious Bel-Air
Country Club, playground of the SoCal elite. It doesn’t get any fancier than that! Among the amenities, the mansion boasts an
area of 12,000 square feet, and has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms — pretty extravagant
for a family of four. Additionally, it has a lap pool, five garages,
golf course access, a full bar, and an elegant library, to name just a few of the amenities. So pretty much anything you could want is
right on-site! After purchasing their lavish mansion, the
Giannulli-Loughlin family didn’t just move in and settle down right away. Rather, they first embarked on a massive renovation
project that transformed the home from a luxurious-yet-generic Mediterranean villa into a fully revamped
and modern compound that Olivia Jade loves to pose inside of. You know they dropped a ton of money on that
because when they listed the property in 2017, it had a price tag of $35 million, up from
the $14 million they paid for it. If you thought this was the first time Giannulli
and Loughlin bought a giant mansion and renovated it with top-of-the-line materials, you’d be
wrong. It isn’t even the second time, either. The couple have actually done this a jaw-dropping
seven times before, according to Elle Decor, earning the duo the title of “serial renovators.” But these highly profitable undertakings are
really Giannulli’s babies, according to Loughlin. And judging by the photos, it sure does. Team Giannulli-Loughlin have been living high
on the hog together for a long time — since the later nineties, in fact, when they got
married. And Loughlin was not shy at all back then
when it came to expressing her happiness about her super glam accommodations. She gushed in a 1999 interview with E! News, Even though the home they were living in at
the time wasn’t as insanely lavish as their current digs, they were definitely living
the dream. Plus they really enjoyed being at home — who
wouldn’t when you have it all? And of course, they have staff to tend to
their needs and desires. As Giannulli revealed, There’s a whole genre of reality shows out
there about some of the richest and most famous families in America, and as it turns out,
Loughlin and Giannulli were approached and asked to do one. But in the end, they opted not to participate. Loughlin admitted in a 2018 interview with
E! News, It sounds like the kids were on board, but
clearly Loughlin isn’t as candid about her opulent life as she was 20 years prior. She added, Additionally, Giannulli is a notoriously private
person who reportedly doesn’t like to be photographed. Who knows what we might have learned about
the family had they been on television all this time? “What’s in my fridge? Do you want a fridge tour?” It’s not just the matriarch and patriarch
of the family who have enjoyed a life of total luxury at The Giannulli-Loughlin Mansion. The couple’s children, Bella and Olivia Jade,
have also enjoyed the posh lifestyle afforded to them by their parents. Consider, for example, the insane amount of
closet space that Olivia Jade showed off in a video on her YouTube channel. She has multiple closets for her massive wardrobe
and giant shoe collection, to the point where she has closets just for sweaters, just for
skirts, just for jackets, etc. Don’t forget her massive private bathroom,
where she has stashes upon stashes of makeup and hair products. Girl has more stuff than the boutique down
the street! Watching the video of Olivia Jade’s closet
and bathroom tour, it’s pretty obvious that she scored some lucrative partnerships with
clothing, makeup, and hair product companies. It’s also evident on her Instagram page, where
she’s made posts promoting hair products, clothing brands, and her bronzing palette,
to name just a few. In fact, she’s such a successful Instagram
influencer that she’s worth $1 million of her own money, according to Celebrity Net
Worth. That’s on top of mom and dad’s combined $100
million! “It’s a difficult transition when you’ve put
so much energy into these little people, but I’m also happy that they’re on their own and
they’re thriving.” Unfortunately for Olivia Jade, on the heels
of the college admission cheating scandal, many of her partners are dropping her. For example, Sephora is no longer carrying
her makeup palette, and publicly announced that they have ended their partnership. TRESemmé has also cut ties with the social
media star, among other brands. By the looks of it, Bella got to see some
up-close and exciting action at a Los Angeles Lakers game back in November of 2017, according
to a post on her Instagram page. In fact, she’s so close to the gym floor that
you can see just a row or two of seats in front of her. She wrote in the caption, And it’s more-than-likely that it was mom
and dad’s cash and/or connections that facilitated this high-profile outing, which is a break
from Bella’s favorite activity: binge-watching. “I’ve actually finished, like, 7, nope, that’s,
like 10 TV shows in the last, like, six months.” Despite being a TV star herself, Bella’s momma
Lori doesn’t approve of her viewing habits, preferring that her daughters focus on more
refined pursuits … “I’m glad we’re paying for that education.” Apparently the Giannulli-Loughlin family hobnobs
with some other insanely rich folks, as Olivia Jade has been friends with Gianna “Gigi” Caruso
for years. Caruso is the daughter of real estate mogul
and chair of the USC board of trustees Rick Caruso, whose net worth is — get this — $4
billion, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Talk about having friends in high places! As it turns out, Gigi, Olivia Jade, and their
friends were on spring break together in the Bahamas when news broke about the college
admission cheating scandal. Of course they were travelling in lavish style,
too, as they were aboard Caruso’s luxury yacht, which is basically the Rolls Royce of yachts. According to the Los Angeles Times, Caruso
is the owner of Invictus, a custom-built, 216.54 ft superyacht that you can charter
for just over half a mil a week. Spending time in boats against the beautiful
backdrop of the ocean seems to run in the family, as Olivia Jade isn’t the only person
on team Loughlin-Giannulli to know port from starboard. Her sister Bella has posted quite a few selfies
of herself soaking in the sunshine on her Instagram page on several different occasions. Back in 2014, Bella posted a shot of herself
and a friend holding hands a July afternoon with glistening water in the backdrop, while
2015 was the year of lounging in a boat with friends in another post. In 2016, she rang in the New Year on the water,
according to another post, with palm trees in the background. So apparently life for the Giannulli girls
regularly includes excursions out in the ocean, something the rest of us mere mortals can
only dream about. It sure looks amazing, though! When Olivia Jade was preparing to start her
freshman year of college at USC, she admitted in a now-deleted video on her YouTube page
that balancing her work with school was going to be hard. The reason? The nature of what she did as a social media
influencer required a fair amount of travel — to some exotic locales, too. She shared in the video, People magazine reports that Olivia Jade has
no plans to return to USC in the wake of the scandal, and her future standing at the school
is unclear, as of the making of this video. A source told the magazine, Not to be outdone by her younger sister, Bella
has also shared a few gorgeous snaps from some pretty sweet looking vacation spots on
her Instagram page. Some of those spots appear to be a little
more local than the others, such as this 2018 post of her strolling through a vineyard in
what looks like Northern California. She also posted two breathtaking photos in
2016 of some stunning coastline out of the window of a chopper. That’s one way to travel, for sure! In 2015 Bella was out and about in other beautiful
places, in one post gazing out at palm trees and perfectly blue water, and in another post
preparing to go snorkeling. And in 2014, she posted a dreamy shot from
the chairlift at a snowy ski resort, complete with a rainbow in the deep blue sky. Make no mistake about it — Bella has been
out and about in some pretty incredible destinations that don’t come cheap. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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