hello how about this is mexican curious
watching I hope you are very good today my friends
name is eduardo and let’s listen to a song that we have recommended from a
band called theater of tragedy if you pronounced badly can correct me in the
comments I will thank you and say here was a gothic metal band
born in stavanger originally created in 1993 and best known for its first
albums when the group made use of contrast with a serious male voice and
a female voice of sopran, the song that we have recommended is called
Virago I read the lyrics a little to understand it better and well let’s
listen to this song there is no video just is the audio and we give an opinion to
respect let’s go gentlemen well that guitar
start quiet as with a vibrato and suddenly the guitar drums with
distortion the bass they go even
but with a lot of attack gentlemen I really like that contrast in this part of the lady’s voice
with a sweeter tone softer the guitars return which is where the male voice is heard those little details are very necessary
It sounds like a bell and again the voice and well the lyrics can be for
many somewhat scandalous I do not have a problem and well the two voices are heard I thought it was going to end but no I really like the lady’s voice and finally they have a very important role
in this song I finish gentlemen I finish this song theater of
tragedy-virago well I mentioned that the lady has a …
it’s very important in this song especially for the letter, the letter
it may be for some somewhat strong somewhat scandalous
as perverted I don’t know, it can be in many ways and those are the
contrasts that exist in these songs that music starts
Quiet with the guitar with a vibrato suddenly enter
guitar with distortion good riffs the drums with a good attack together
with the bass that go solid that base and the guitar as giving
axes to the tree gentlemen to the trunk and well I mentioned that reading the
lyrics that’s the important thing to be able to on many occasions to know what it is that
says the lyrics of the songs because one can hear it and it may seem
a love song or a song romantic a song I don’t know sad about …
simply one can think that for how do you hear but many times
it is not like that gentlemen and this in my opinion is the case of this song where
Well, there are no alone, there are no things very
full of speed let’s say it like that or super super intense no, here the intense thing is the
lyrics and why I say it because letter speaks to me of submission
what’s wrong with it a man towards the woman but at
seem because it’s like I don’t know how a paraphilia be hit be dominated by a woman
and all this kind of thing and I don’t know put to read a little
for example I think it has a lot to see masochism in this song so
What does it say if I’m wrong and who know better what this song is about
you can write the comments but I it seems like that, I don’t think it goes anymore
there, it is repeat submission humiliation be undermined many that causes them a
immense pleasure gentlemen are paraphilias In these times I think they are not so
foreign in what it is would be strange would be that
someone will express it to you very open, still in large part of the
society these issues are somewhat not I know, for perverted people
and in other cases no, in other cases there are people who speak it very openly
but in general they are topics that they talk under the table as well
to say it, for the same morality the religion the kind of thinking the
laws of certain countries I don’t know, many things influence then that’s what
only bad but here in the songs it’s the beauty of it, that the bands or
the groups can sing them and it is in the imagination of the listener
and interpret it, for example: I heard this virago song and talk about
love or talk about very sad things, that can be interpreted by anyone and who
go deeper, read the lyrics, try get the hidden message because it is going to
bring a surprise but it’s something then more
deepest deepest gentlemen to me seem then I repeat for me this
lyrics is masochism, humiliation is submission,
the pleasure of the lords of being humiliated but in this case so
I read and understand the woman towards him man that woman humiliates
to the man and bring him to whip stomping spanking, I don’t know, gentlemen
so many things that I tell many of them it will seem perverse but there is everything
in this world there is everything and simply is to open the mind not to be frightened because
life is full of wonderful things and everyone has their secret gentlemen
each one has its secrets of all kinds we must not fall into the moral of which one is
the more educated in the world, the most upright when
there are always tastes that can be extravagant, filias, paraphilias and this
kind of things that I repeat, not one know if your relative, your neighbor
or you are going to have one of these tastes, but hey, it’s very
interesting this song for that, very very interesting and well I tell you I’m going to leave
the letter link for reading you
write in the comments, for you what does it mean, they interpret from the
lyrics and music I like music is Quiet music goes on the go
is well balanced with the voices how are they answering and
Well, if you read the lyrics, you know why there must be two parts of
man and woman’s, but hey let’s take care a lot I send you a
hug leave me your comments opinions recommendations if you like this video
share it, subscribe please it helps a lot if they already subscribed
Activate the bell to get them the notice of new videos and let’s go
gentlemen I send you a hug, please true I forgot this band is from
Norway Stavanger Norway sent a hug until norway if anyone sees us
over there is going to put this subtitles to this video for those who see it, then this one
can understand what I speak in your language let’s take care, I send you a hug and we
See you tomorrow gentlemen.


  1. Amigos buenas tardes, hago una corrección, en el minuto 7:52 me refiero a la sumisión del hombre hacia la mujer y no al revés como lo menciono, gracias por su atención, abrazos.

  2. Saludos mi estimado, tiempo de no pasarme por el canal, te mando buena vibra, muy buena rola de una banda iconica del genero en sus principios, de ellos otra cancion muy buena que te recomiendo es la de "And When He Falleth" del album Velvet Darkness Their Fear donde se nota mas el contraste de las voces que en esta rola, la vocalista Liv Christine actualmente sigue en el ambiente con un grupo llamado Leave's Eyes que lanzaron album nuevo en este año tambien es una banda recomendable para escuchar

  3. Amigo reacciona a Tony Succar… Es un músico percusionista peruano que ha hecho de las canciones de Michael Jackson en versión Salsa… Es música de nivel… Por favor….

  4. AFFORDANDES, es un concepto propuesto por Jerome Gibson, que podría explicar algunas conductas sadomasoquistas. La palabra affordance no tiene un equivalente en nuestro idioma pero puede ser entendido como "lo que un objeto nos invita a hacer con ellos."

    Nuestros sistemas sensoriales y perceptivos han evolucionado guiados por el affordance, una interacción del sujeto con los objetos. Las cualidades sensoriales de los objetos, INVITAN a los animales y al hombre a prestar ATENCIÓN y actuar con ellos.

    Una personalidad sadomasoquista podría estar atrapada en el affordance de objetos como látigos u objetos que le "INVITAN" a actos agresivos. Saludos desde Ciudad de México.

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