Theatre Run with a Friend: A short Film

Shh a buddy and I go to a movie theater and as we’re waiting for the movie to start we are approached by this couple they’re both giggling towards each other and the guys tells us hey can one of y’all do us a favor what easy my friend ass our daughter fell asleep in there and we were live for one of you to go in there and try to scare you know just a little act like an employee be like Hello girl you can’t sleep here could you do that for us Oh it’ll be hilarious thank you all right okay I’ll do it hey little girl you can’t sleep here hey little girl you can’t sleep here hey wake up wake up this went out for about a minute or two until she finally opened her eyes she realized that she’s alone in a dark room with a complete stranger which is enough to scare any kid by the way she darts off forgets her phone runs off again she almost trips on some popcorn and cracks her phone in the process my friend looks at me like that was embarrassing well can you blame me never mind I got it let’s go even though her parents were laughing at her I was the one who felt more embarrassed

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