There Is No Right Way to Do It | DailyVee 586

There Is No Right Way to Do It | DailyVee 586

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    00:30 – introduction / recap of day
    2:00 – People debated between yellow pages and the internet
    4:10 – There is no right way to do it
    5:10 – Get the poison out
    8:35 – Rapidly is a bad mindset
    12:00 – The 2 things that matter
    13:15 – My way of having an impact
    13:45 – Bloopers/Outakes

    What was your favorite moment or quote from this video?

  2. The guy's face when Gary said Therapy told it all. Gary said he's a poker player in real life. He read his hand so fast.

  3. You know what I like about this guy. He has the capability to change/adapt his mood at any given period of time. It's the hardest thing to do and follow in 2019. Thankyou gary for always being there when there was no one & yes, the world would be really different filled with insecurities, poison if you wouldn't have made us realise the importance of opening up to the right person(which is you & no one else)

  4. Yep, being a private person in business not wanting to put your personal life out there like most influencers do. I've worked in broadcasting, been in front of crowds etc. but when it comes to business I want the product in focus. Good point.

  5. Get the poison out!so fucking true! I lost a job, got a car repossessed….suicidal thoughts. Divorce….uffda! Counseling is great advice

  6. I just have to say thank you for not being afraid to tell people to get rid of the poison ☠️

    I've been legally blind in my right eye from a rare eye disease called pars planitis since 6 and therapy/just talking openly and boldly to my Instagram followers about what I feel and deal with has helped me so much. Not only have I seen it help me… but I've also gotten messages saying thank you from people who are afraid to share their truth.

    Nothing but love Gary 🌻

  7. Absolutely Amazing, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , if you like to 🙂

  8. On a real note about getting out the poison. I had some real foul shit happen to me as a kid and the only way I stopped carrying that load after having so much success in business was talking it out. Good Shit Gary V & Major props to the guy you were speaking to for taking the steps towards not carrying that load anymore!! #blessed

  9. Wow! So I'm listening to this guy pour his heart out and immediately before he even starts to go deeper I feel my throat tighten and it feels like his pain is rooted in not being able to speak his truth, so much pain around his personal experience he never allowed himself to express.

    Whoever you are if you read this just know that you are on a journey towards healing this core wound.

    The chip on your shoulder feels like… Anger around the experience happening to you…

    You've got to deal with the anger that's brewing inside or the chip will continue to get bigger.

    I wish you clarity and healing along your journey my brother 🙏

  10. That would have meant a lot more if the guy didn't ask for a fucking selfie after he talked about his life. Ya just couldn't let it go, blue suit guy.

  11. I can't recall ever seeing a "successful' entrepreneur of Gary's level who cares about people so deeply… Love you Gary Vee, we WILL meet someday soon I promise you that. Got some tunes you need to hear… – Ethos

  12. Damn now I realize I am full of poison too! Where’s my antidote! Gary you are God in person 😂😇🤓 you’re the one and only oh and thirty years from now I hope I come back and like this same comment wherever you are in heaven 😇 are you kidding me?! you’ll still be alive pretty sure! 😎drinking wine somewhere on this planet 🌎

  13. 5:50 … this guy could use a program like "Transformation Mastery". Gary's advice was spot on. The guy has to revisit his past traumas (esp with regards to his mom- sorry for loss), feel them, let them pass, and let it go via forgiveness of self and others

  14. Gary, you spitting liquid gold. You talked about our mental health problem- any interest in spirituality and psychedelics? Psychedelics literally cure PTSD and depression

  15. Yo, 30-years-from-now-viewer. Tune into 5:02 This is what makes GaryVee. I couldn't stand him at first. Brash. Crude language. Fucking love him now. May never meet, but have the utmost respect for him. Authentic human being…just being an authentic human.

  16. Gary why dont you have a tv show. I watch you on you tube but i would love for you to have a talk show on CNN or another plateform. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Gary you are the most inspiring person ever 🙏🏻 I need my daily dose of Garyvee just as I need my first cup of water in the morning for real 😁

  18. How deep 6:05, "you gotta get the poison out" wow Gary and the person sharing. Man I was like getting emotional. So good to see men helping other men and supporting each other. You literally in those few minutes validated him in a way that years of therapy may not and gave him the permission to feel what he's feeling. It's gonna be so much better for him going forward as a result of your brief conversation. Cause like you said it's no longer locked in, and he can process and clear it out of his system, let go of the hurt of the past.

  19. Hey Gary Vee
    I noticed you are repetitive as fuck and you like to always talk about GARY VEE VAYNER MEDIA HOW YOUR GOING TO BUY THE JETS



  20. I felt that poison in me for so long…

    Until I started my YouTube channel and started speaking my truth about overdosing 13 times, getting hepatitis c, and feeling like why was I so special?

    Now I see that there was a reason I didn't die, there was a reason someone always found me and called an ambulance, or had narcan on them…

    And crazy enough, GaryVee… It was your video that I saw towards the end of my use that put that drive in me again…

    Helped me see that there was another way to happiness…

    And creating content has helped me overcome so much!

    I have you to thank for so much of this!

    I'm now clean for almost 3 years, cured of Hep C, and this video truly hit home with me…

    Thank you so much for everything you do bro! ❤

  21. This is "HOW" you get the poison out:
    Here's a strong suggestions to the dude still feeling like a loser (co-dependent)

    – with the mom died a drug addict etc…

    This is straight out of the 12 steps of AA/also used in NA etc.

    (…just f*king do it!)

    – step 1) admit you are powerless over (the) dugs (your mom took)

    – step 2) come to believe that their is a greater power that you

    (whoever or whatever that may be for you – as long as you understand you are not it!)

    – step 3) (do this with someone you can trust and understands what you are doing)

    – take a moment in time (make a date),

    – choose a save for you place,

    (having prepared a ritual with words written down or in memory)

    – and give your entire will (your thinking)

    – and your entire life (your actions)

    – over to that power which you admitted is there in step 3 (fake or real)

    – that is Higher than you (=ego death)

    – step 4) (the kicker)

    – now make a written inventory the way it is described (exactly) in the BigBook of AA

    – when it reads "step 4"!

    (use the real BigBook version only for now! – forget the other (therapy) garbage versions that are out there for now)

    …and yes go get one (a BigBook) online

    – or buy one in an open AA meeting

    – or at an AA convention close to you (google AA conventions)

    – and find the text yourself! (move your lazy ass)

    – and make the resentment inventory list – with columns 1 through 4

    – in exactly the right fashion it is described !!!

    Study super hard

    – and take action at the same time where it says do this or do that!

    – (now you are well on your way

    + do the rest of the steps outlined in that book straight away!)

    The moment you hit the forgiveness part

    – the "perpetrator" side of you feeling like sh*t come to the surface

    – as your victim side is neutralised by the previous actions (steps)

    – ones you take responsibility of that

    (by admitting your own faults and defects to yourself, to G*d (however you perceive Him)

    – and to another (which is step 5)

    – you are clean as a whistle and you feel great and totally awesome

    – centered and whole (again)! (I promise!)

    (now continue the rest of the steps precisely how they are written)

    Thank you Gary and good luck bro! (you are not alone)

    PS: also go to (or phone) AlAnon a.s.a.p. (now!)

    – if/when your poor sick mom (also) used alcohol for her kicks too

    – to get rid of her (imagined) demons…

  22. Everybody wonders how you made it, the secret the tactics, but I really want to know how your father made it. How did he start from nothing. How did he build everything from scratch, how did your mother help. What was the dynamic in their relationship, what where their core beliefs, foundations. Can you make a video like that or is there one already?

  23. 5:51 – You still feel like that poor boy, because even when you resolved your being poor, there was a problem that was not resolved by money. Probably the love of a parent that you seek when you where a poor boy, or there is something that you regret that you can't change, or something that you can't forgive but you can't do anything anymore. if that is the case, you have to forgive yourself and move forward and appreciate and have gratitude on what you have.

  24. I love Gary V, he is amazing at marketing, but I feel like he really misled that guy who was in pain despite of having a 100million dollar company. Him letting out his demon will not help him heal. Maybe seeing a psychiatrist will make him feel better, but what he really needs is new habits and rituals, he needs to spend 15minutes to 1hour everyday reprogramming himself and giving himself love.

  25. Love the video! I watched all of the first 400 episodes… haven't been as consistent lately. But, it's good to see a video again!

  26. Just wanted to say thank you Gary. Going through one of the hardest times in my life right now since I took a leap and quit my job to pursue my real passion. Seems like your videos and advice pop up just when I'm feeling like there's nowhere left to turn. Keep motivating and inspiring all of us who know we have more to offer than what we've been told our whole lives.

  27. Random thought…..Someone following you around with a camera while you go to garage sales would be pretty epic. Okay, now I can unpause and finish this video lol.

  28. Yoooo this right here is a meet and greet! I went to San Fran to the “Real Estate Wealth Expo” and paid for a “meet and greet” and I got a super rushed 5 second photo ):

  29. Any advice for professional lawyers? Selling a service rather than an object. Should we keep it serious and “professional” or fun? Very competitive market

  30. Wow, Gary, this was a good one. Vegas was a powerful trip for you. You went in there and dropped some truth. Thank you for what you do, how you care and how you lift entrepreneurs up.

  31. The conversation @5:05 was one of the most powerful conversations that I feel a lot of people need to listen too. Perfect example of "money isn't everything." Great response Gary! 🔥

  32. EVERY single one of his videos makes me cry- his words are so powerful and so true. I cant believe Gary Vee was in my city!! I would have been such an emotional ball if I would have met him! Daily inspiration Thank you Gary!

  33. You're an incredible person. Very excited to learn more from you. You literally nailed everything. Much gratitude and appreciation for you sharing your knowledge and heart.

  34. Time index: 5:20 to 8:14 that right there is and was 100% fire Gary! That's what we and people like me want to hear! You want us to put all our cards on the table and out on social media. Putting our truths out and get all the skeletons out! It's not easy for some of us. But for some of us, we need to hear that, to push us, and to find ways to get them out! For a lot of us, we don't have the means to open the doors that we need to better our selves!

    Not everyone learns, see's, hears, and can understand this the same way as others do! Some learn very slow like me. Other's try to learn to fast and don't see the truths right in front of them!

    What I am trying to say is that for some of us we need more people to understand how we think, feel, and deal with some of our issues in our minds! It's hard to find the answers we need or looking for when people don't give a fuck or have the means to find whatever it is we need or looking for! How can we find our perspective when we don't even understand our perspective in the first place for some of us?

    But I try and do my best to find it and work hard for it to find it! I am 44 years old now and I am still looking…… But as I am looking I try to help those find it. Even if I have to wait to find mine! So that no one else has to go through the heart eack I went been through! Humility, compassion, respect, and owning your ups and downs are hard but I do my best!

  35. This is great. Thanks. I started my Channel and wanted rapid growth and affiliate money. It didn't happen and now I just have fun and video what I want to video and have fun doing it.

  36. “The way someone else does it has no meaning for you. Do it in a way that works for you.” “Get the poison out. Air all the skeletons because that’s the jail.” -GV

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