These Are The Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ | Harper’s BAZAAR

These Are The Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ | Harper’s BAZAAR

There’s always existed in Asia these hidden invisible fortunes and people who spend millions of dollars a year on the finest things in life but but do it totally under the radar. How much of my book is based on reality? About a hundred and fifty percent. Couture week in Paris is the creme de la creme. Were talking about dresses that start in the tens of thousands and go up to the millions. And only about 2 thousand women in the world can afford to dress this way. I was lucky enough to spend couture week in Paris with some truly stylish insiders. Heart Evangelista She’s really the darling of the Philippines. She’s one of their most acclaimed actresses. She’s also a really gifted artist. She’s had amazing museum shows in the Phillippines of her paintings. Hi! So here we are. And then there’s the Yeoh sisters, Michelle and Rachel who are so much wiser than their years. They grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but I think for the last 7 or 8 years have been living in England. Thank you for organizing Dior so I could come with you guys. No we’re so excited. It’s such a pleasure to have you. Such a last minute surprise, like “Cool- I get to come with you guys.” I guess that’s part of Fashion Week. Everything is always last minute. Exactly. Feiping Chang is this dynamo. She, I think, was raised partially in Sydney and in Singapore. She now makes Hong Kong her home where she’s become one of the most important fashion influencers in Asia. It’s always nice coming back to Fashion Week. And you join your fashion family and see everybody. It’s always a nice little reunion. I don’t think Americans for the most part really understand how this level of asian women shop. When I see something come down the runway I know in my gut and in my heart that it’s meant to be. I think that connection makes everything more special. Everything’s really about the private experience. Couture itself was made to make the client feel special. It’s made for you. Going to these very exclusive fashion shows and then going for your private fittings. But then also there are jewelry showing and jewelry parties where they meet jewelers and select stones and really being in that world of helping to create what they buy. So the spending is on a whole other level. I really want to see the behind the scenes and the seamstresses are the real heroes. That’s true. It’s so nice to see where all the materials and all the embroidery comes from before it gets to the runway. Like Lesage, I’m in love with. Like the embroidery is so beautiful. And all the shoes for Chanel is like made in Masaro. Couture is really special because it celebrates the highest level of craftsmanship and creativity. It’s actually like buying art. It’s really art and it’s like- Couture is wearable art and if you can put it on yourself, why not? There are only about fifteen haute couture designers in the world because the standards are so high. Each one of them is personally appointed by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. These dresses go from the runway to a one of a kind custom fit piece so when these women are buying a gown they know that they are literally buying a piece of history. You have an appointment and then you just get to try on all these beautiful clothes and decide which piece you want. Even just going to fittings or like when you’re attending shows they’re just there putting dresses on you. It’s just so fun. On average we do sort of three fittings cause I think my body changes during that time anyways What are the shows you’re looking forward to? Definitely Giambattista Valli tonight. He’s my favorite as you know, so He did your wedding dress right? Yes, he did. What was the process like? I came to paris a year before my wedding. At first I was only going to do one dress and then in the end it evolved into two very different dresses which was great. because the main dress was a big tule creation. And the second one is entirely made of silk and it has these hand crafted petals that he painted each petal on. So did he supervise the fittings? Yeah, he was there. So he’s very hands on? Yes, very hands on. He’s really an artist that really cares about his craft. It’s such a beautiful magical experience. Even if you don’t put it on yourself like you can just archive the thing, it’s perfect. I mean it tells a story of this time when I went to Paris. I got this dr3ess for when you have your kids it’s something you share and pass on. I’m a collector. I love collecting bags, Birkins, specifically and Kellys. It’s a really good investment. You do the most beautiful customizing on the Birkins. So you paint on them don’t you? I do. When did that start? I had a lizard skin Birkin and it was orange and I was eating french fries at Chile’s and they had cheese so I did not notice that it was already under my bag when I brought it home. I tried to clean it and I asked around and it was just impossible to fix. So I said, “Okay- why don’t I paint on it?” And I loved it. Do you get a sense that you are a part of this new generation? of sort of fashion influencers? I don’t know if we are influencers. I think you are. We just enjoy the shows ’cause I mean we started with Balmain originally when we were like ten. My love of fashion really came from my grandmother. She only every wore Escada and Chanel. I think anyone that enjoys the beauty in life loves fashion to a certain extent. You know, there’s no other way to put it. They lives these lives of imperial splendor.

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  1. Enjoy it while you live because you can't take a thing with you when you die. We all die naked and poor. Lol's. Never envy this
    life. Ever. It is fake and superficial living. Vanity is all this is in a nutshell. We all if we are blessed, live to grow older. It isn't what
    we own or wear. Without compassion and true self we are nothing. That can't be priced. It is priceless. Superficial people don't
    impress me at all. They are hollow versions of people. I am thankful I am not living a fake life. They can keep their false reality,
    the bubble will burst one day.

  2. they truly appreciate the craftsmanship and labor that goes into designing and creating a piece. that is so nice and refreshing to see these days.

  3. Some people don't seem to realize that a large part of why the Kardashians are so popular in the US is they are trash and like a train wreck, many people have a hard time looking away. It's the freak factor phenomena. Trashy sells in America. Sad but true. The curiosity factor. But to assume they are like regular wealthy people is incorrect. Nouveau riche people are just cringeworthy and always have been. We have famous wealthy people in my family and they have class and are nothing like these people. They feel no need to show off whatsoever.

  4. There is so much style and grace and beauty in this video yet nothing could distract me from that godawful Maria Grazia blue finale dress. It might be the ugliest thing ever to exist in this world.

  5. These women have no taste!! They look awful. They're also very boring, pointless and yet take themselves seriously. Such empty cold self obsessed women.

  6. All the people obsessed with Heart Evangelista: do you have any idea how insanely POOR the people in the Philippines are? The Philippines is one of the most politically corrupt countries in the world? There's a reason these women are so rich (Heart's family and husband are wealthy corrupt politicians). They are the Marie Antoinettes of our time, with a literal nation suffering in squalor and poverty for their privileged lives. These women are ugly inside. They cover up how ugly (due to the suffering, selfishness, and evil their wealth has caused to other humans) they really are with expensive clothing, plastic surgery and paid for media coverage and popularity.

  7. Spending thousands upon millions of dollars on clothes and jewelry… When there are millions out there without food and dying from starvation…

  8. I just saw a video of Heart Evangelista wearing a high fashion gown… she's about to buy some salted eggs in the market.

    I love her

  9. Heart evangelista??? Really, her net worth not more than 8 million dollar's, and she is only youtube freaking social climber, most of the real crazy rich asia didnt play YouTube and expose the money and stuff like her, but if you want to say heart is one of sample from rich people in Asian, i just so aggree….

  10. she paints on lizard skin berkin and I wipe my baby food stains from my cheap leggings …we are very similar !!!

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    Mark 8:34‭-‬38 KJV

  12. When I walk into H&M and I find a pair of pants that fit, I feel a connection. That's what makes it special. Especially because I look bad

  13. American will flaunt and show everything they have in a bitchy way and humiliate
    others just bc they can't afford what they have and like teenager given the freedom waste their rich parents money on night club, buying expensive brand just because they can and following trend, and go wild driving while drunk, do drugs, sleep with random guy bc they think they're cool, and— opps i will stop here bc the list can go on and never stop~ haha

  14. heart evangelista's dog wears hermes and chanel and sleeps on lv FR. i think the dog is rescued sksksks and i oop-

  15. The only reason I dislike Heart, is bcoz she could've been Cho Chang in Harry Potter, but refused. Lmao jk hahahaha

  16. I don't think it's bad to inherit your family's fortune, but I truly appreciate it more if the fortune it's made from your own effort, even if it's not a grand fortune. Money doesn't give anything more than financial security so things like class and style must be achieved by personal polishing. I'm glad they show some class and refinement of their own.

  17. always make me cringy looking this yellow particular color triying so hard to be like aryan European
    it's just don't fit no matter how much you try
    like oil and water
    and yes I'm a hardcore racist saying the fact

  18. always wanted to be friends with the rich asian kids but rich asian kids only hang out with rich asian kids only :"
    one day my child will be the rich asian kid


  20. Sees a bag with art that probably costs a thousand dollars*

    Me: grabs a backpack, drew a stickman and a tree, and sold it for a million dollars

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