Things Musical Theatre Nerds Do (The Musical)

Things Musical Theatre Nerds Do (The Musical)

♫ Do you dance when you’re bored ♫ Do you sing in the shower ♫ For your sixth Halloween ♫ Were you dressed as a cat ♫ Will you wake up early ♫ To get a theater discount ♫ Then you’re a musical
nerd by every account Things All Musical Nerds Do ♫ Were you overly open
telling how you feel ♫ With a show-stopping number ♫ The performance you’ll steal ♫ You try to sing with your friends ♫ When you’re out and about ♫ But they pretend they don’t know you ♫ ‘Cause you’re weirding them out ♫ If you don’t think that’s absurd ♫ You’re a musical nerd ♫ Repeating songs from every soundtrack ♫ You’ve ever heard ♫ Reviewing old tap routines in hiding ♫ For musical ideas you
never got to writing ♫ These the things that musical nerds do ♫ Your approach for high notes ♫ Is perfect and pristine ♫ You know every show’s history ♫ And can quote every scene ♫ You still remember every
single one of your cues ♫ And you can’t bring
yourself to throw out ♫ Your high school jazz shoes ♫ You’ll get nude on the stage ♫ You’re a professional star ♫ If the role calls for it ♫ You can wail on guitar ♫ You’ll act out shows with friends ♫ In the car at high speeds ♫ But you’ll never agree ♫ Who takes harmonies and leads ♫ Musical nerds may seem so absurd ♫ Repeating songs from every sountrack ♫ We’ve ever heard ♫ You either love or you
hate the TV show Glee ♫ Depends on how you find its accuracy ♫ These are the things
that musical nerds do ♫ When someone says Sondheim writes scams ♫ That person’s not an
authentic musical fan ♫ When they tell you that Wicked ♫ Is their favorite show ♫ You laugh at how truly little they know ♫ If you live far away
from a coast with a stage ♫ And you secretly yearn
to be an artist assuaged ♫ When your favorite
show is adapted to screen ♫ And they miscast a star ♫ You want to rip out his spleen ♫ Musical nerds may seem so absurd ♫ Repeating songs from every soundtrack ♫ We’ve ever heard ♫ We’d give up everything that we own ♫ To see Bernadette or Patti Lupone ♫ These are the things
that musical nerds do ♫ Musical nerds may seem so absurd ♫ Since Lion King we describe
our friends as a herd ♫ To Les Miserables we know every word ♫ We mentally cast our friends ♫ In every show we go to ♫ These are the things ♫ That musical nerds do Music: Things Musical Nerds Do By Ben Bromfield and Alex Lewis For videos that are totally you, subscribe to BuzzFeed Violet. Subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Things Musical Theatre Nerds Do (The Musical)

  1. My favorite musicals are Hamilton, In The Heights, 21 Chump Street, Bring It On, Wicked, Aladdin, Frozen, Matilda, Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, Heathers, Mean Girls, Waitress, and a lot more but this will take too long-

  2. Not knowing any of your castmates real names but remember all of their character names and call them that years later

  3. If I were an adult I'd be so excited to do this because I'd of not done something like that since high school

  4. Literally no one can relate to me because my favourite musical has been dead and has stayed dead for about 6 years. And I thought This World Will Remember Them. Well, I guess for the lead role, Dyin Ain't So Bad at all.

  5. The Great Comet of 1812 is my favourite! Someone else? No one else? Oh, okay, I'm just cry right here and asking me why they closed it, bye…

  6. I run sound for all of my school production but goddamnit I am a musical theater nerd. Techies and crew can be musical nerds too

  7. Okay so
    1. I cried when they startes singing to the tune of jellicle cats
    2. That moment with newsies choreography
    3. I got tears in my eyes at the moment with the red flag form les mis

  8. See, I don't like a ton of musicals, so I wouldn't call myself a nerd, but there's like 5 I've listened to. That would be Something Rotten, The Lightning Thief (yes I have read the book), Be More Chill, Carrie, and (currently) Rent.

  9. I need musical suggestions, because I’m looking for more but I have already memorized like every show I know.

  10. Okay so HAMIlton is one of my favourite musicals I like tons of musicals much more that DEH bmc or heathers so ya I still like them I just like other musicals so I’m a full on theater geek

    Exept for the fact I have anxiety and literally have never actully been in a show I’ve only watched or listened so I’m kinda still a theater need BUT TRUST me when I’m alone I’m straight up belting and reanacting

  11. It's good to see so many musicals fans in the same place, actually, can you recomend me some musicals that you know I can find on internet? And I mean, with good quality of video and audio. Not because I want to be exigent with that, is just that English is not my firt language and for me its kinda hard to understand if the audio quality is bad. But I want to see more musicals and learn English, so, can you help me?
    Also it would help me a lot if you know a musical video here on youtube that have subtitles to English.

  12. Sign’s you’re a theater nerd:
    1. You like tea. Even though you dont like it. You know you do.

    2. Atleast once you went with your friends as a group of musical characters.

    3.when you meet someone new you say: “greetings and salutations”

    If you have all of these, you are a theater/musical nerd like me :3

  13. What's wrong with liking Wicked? I watched a lot of lesser-known shows, but I think Wicked, though its popularity, is my favorite. I was 8 when I saw it, and its what got me into musical theater.

  14. Reminds me now of not only how fake and unrealistic musicals are, but why I don’t like them so much. Since so many are so poorly done, it’s easy to ignore them.

  15. I don’t know why people get so upset about which musicals other people like. Let them like what they want. I once had someone say that I wasn’t a real theater person because I couldn’t afford to fly to New York and see shows (like Hamilton) that they had seen. Like what does that have to do with anything. I still love theater. And so what if someone likes a popular show. That’s why their popular. I agree other shows are good to but people need to stop discriminating others based on what shows they like.

    “Oh you like wicked. That basic and boring. You should like (insert musical name here) instead.”
    -snobby person with snobby accent

  16. i have no friends that like musical theatre and it really sucks

    also i have watched this 3947302038483 times

  17. Friend: I hate musicals
    Me: so it is to have war on both of you!
    lights go out
    Police: So what happened here?
    Me:… I.. Idk the chandieler just randomly fell on here

  18. I watched this years ago when I only knew like two musicals or like ones that were movies now I’m a real musical theater nerd

  19. I started singing some musical songs to my friends a year ago they were pissed and put me in the schools trash can now I annoy my current friends my talking about musicals

  20. Everyone else: Ruverdale,stranger things, etc
    Me: Glee, glee, and more glee

    And btw 1:56 I love wicked and I know a lot about musicals and broadway 😠


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