This Father Is Fighting for Health Care Reform After Tragedy | NowThis

When I finally got down there what was left for me to see is a tire track on the curb. A pile of mud where his truck was pulled out. He was told that his medication was $250 out of pocket to pay for it. We don’t have $250 We never have $250 extra. He had problems, yes, who doesn’t? We all have problems. Doesn’t mean it’s a death sentence or shouldn’t be a death sentence. He was working out his problems. He was doing what we were told that we’re supposed to do with these problems. And that’s what I’m saying. He was doing better. That went out to 35 followers. Within a day it had 9000 retweets and it should because there’s just too much of this crap going on. My Twitter feed wasn’t just about Danny after a while. There were thousands of people that posted on there horror stories just as bad, some even worse than Danny’s. Of similar situations with the same ending result. People dying for insurance company profits. Good morning Scott. Good morning Scott. That’s what they posted on my Twitter feed. We’re sorry about your loss. Would you please direct message us your private information. We’d be happy to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to them. They killed my son. So that they can make a profit. I promised Danny at his funeral. I told him I would be on the Senate floor. I am going to tell those senators myself. They will look at my face and they will see that their laws have consequences, their decisions have consequences. I rise today to tell the sad story of Daniel. Desnoyers who took his own life because he did not have the money to buy the basic drugs that he needed for his mental health issues. I’ll tell you I wasn’t going to get political. I was gonna vote again. I was gonna try to talk people into voting I wasn’t even going to share memes, because people are gonna laugh at me. Well they’re gonna laugh at me. Maybe not as much because I got a little bit of fire behind me now. My son is gone. That’s my fire. I don’t have anything left of him, but this fight for him. How could I not fight for my son? That’s the fire that I need. I didn’t start this fight. I tweeted this out to 35 people. This isn’t my spirit. This is Danny spirit. He got this started and I’m going to fight it for him. I’m not gonna stop Not until my heart stops because he’s part of that. No, Danny is my fire and I will continue fighting.

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