Tholi Prema (HD) | New Romantic Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna

Tholi Prema (HD) | New Romantic Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna

I have fallen in love with ‘I love’. My heart says ‘Wow’. ‘At midnight, in minus 2 degree
Celsius temperature, I am running hither and thither.’ ‘A person can fail
only in two things that’s career and love.’ ‘My career is wonderful but I’ve no idea
where I stand in love.’ Hey, get down fast. Hurry up.
– Hold the rope, fast. Lock the car.
– Have you taken everything? Yes, I have. We must teach the
principal a lesson today. How dare he punish us!
– He should never forget this night. Buddy. Look, your photo. I am in 6th rank
but he still punished me. I won’t spare him. Watch. Come on.
– Come on. What about the printout? I got it in the morning.
– What about the clothes? I have packed them.
– Did you book the ticket? Yes, I have.
– What about the security? We sent him to movie.
– Good. Come on. Be careful. Come on. Take this.
– Come on. Come on. Come on. Be careful. I am scared, let’s go back. The principal tortured
us for two years, if we don’t teach him, we’ll regret
it for the rest of our lives. He will think no one could harm him. We must not spare him today. The smell is awful. We will get caught. Challenge accepted. Light it up! Come on! Run!
– Quick! Yes! Who’s there? Oh, my God! Aadi? Aadi! Aadi!
– He saw me. My God! Let’s go from here! Fast! Run!
– Fast! Run! Security!
– Run! Do you think the principal
will take any action? He doesn’t have so much
courage to do so. Yeah, this is mine. See you then.
– Bye. Bye. Take care. Aadi, wait a minute.
– Why? Suresh has gone to
get cold drink for you. I will buy it anywhere. Its cold drink mixed with vodka. I am coming! Just a minute! Go.
– Go. Come on! Get it fast! Darn it! Aadi! You are not destined to drink
the cold drink from Vizag. You are very unlucky. Challenge accepted! Whenever he accepts challenges,
he wins for sure. Aadi! You would’ve died! Can’t you see? You would’ve died! Why are you so beautiful? Hey, I will call later. Hey, Ravi. Is everything alright? Buddy, you won’t believe
if I told you what happened. I know what happened with you. You would’ve died
because of the cold drink. How did you guess it so right? The fatso had called. Why did you risk
your life just for liquor? I risked my life, because of which
I happened to meet a beautiful girl. I see. I was about to bump into the pole
but she saved my life like an angel. Is she beautiful?
– ‘Beautiful’? She’s as beautiful as Kohinoor. I’ve fallen for her
at the very first sight. Not money, she should be
kept in the vault instead otherwise someone like
me would steal her. What are you saying? Hello! Did you hear me? Ticket! Show me your ticket. Please hold this. What smell is that? Nothing at all. Is it liquor?
– No. Give it to me.
– I won’t. I want to check, give it to me. What are you doing?
Listen to me. Give it to me. What’s the proof that it was liquor? You want proof? Hey! My ticket! Ticket!
– You threw it away. What’s the proof?
– Oh no. Usually, people travelling
without ticket are fined Rs. 500 but since you fooled me I’m making you get down 500 kilometers
away from your destination. Sir, I will pay you double.
– No. Bye. And listen, the door will be closed,
don’t try to jump in. Move it! Come on!
– Darn it! Hey! I stopped your hiccups but I failed to stop the train. You’re alone, where will
you go at this odd hour? Help!
– Help! Help!
– She’s trying to seek help. The train is gone, but you are
still unable to speak. I will help you. Move aside! Hey! Darn it. I missed the train again. What are you doing here? Hello. What happened? Were you also thrown
out of the train for Rs. 100? It’s empty. What are you doing here?
– Hey! Share the money.
– Thank you, sir. Hey! Do you think I am a beggar? Then who are you? You! Like Lord Krishna, are you
here to save Draupadi? Lord Krishna was like
Draupadi’s brother, isn’t it? Yes.
– Then I am not Lord Krishna. Think yourself to be Lord Ram. You’re not alone,
all of us are in the queue and he goes first. If you want to break into the queue,
you will have to fight us. Challenge accepted.
– That’s pretty fast. Hey, get up! How can you be so cruel? Suppose, had Ravan tried to
abduct Sita in Ram’s presence, then what would Ram do? He would’ve killed Ravan. Stop it! Go get him! Come on! Get him! He’s down too. You get him. Come on! Hey, come on. No! Hey! What are you waiting for? Go get him!
– Come here. Don’t hit him one by one,
attack together. Beat him!
– Please don’t beat him! Let go!
– What? Beat him!
– Please don’t thrash me! Please don’t thrash me!
Please don’t beat me! I beg to you! Do you know what Lord Krishna
said in Ramayan? – Ramayan? Lord Krishna.
– Lord Krishna was in Mahabharata. Lord Ram and Ravan was in Ramayan. Idiot! I am sending my location on Whatsapp, bring all your men.
– Who are you talking to? I am talking to my aide. Hey! Do you want to get me
thrashed by your aides? Yes. Hey! You broke my phone!
My phone was worth Rs. 15,000. I won’t fight with you.
– You won’t? I will, please let go of me. You said you won’t fight me. No! Stop beating me! I said, please stop beating me! Please stop it! Goddess Sita, please forgive me.
– She’s like Goddess, then how could you harass her? How could you harass her?
– Stop it now! Go away!
– He thrashed me to pulp! Was it necessary to thrash him? I thrashed him because I got angry. What’s going on in the
middle of the night? The show is over. I am Aditya. You don’t want to thank me at least tell me your name. I saved you in the train, did you thank me? Thanks. Varsha.
– Varsha. Nice name. Varsha, where… Where do you reside in Hyderabad? Oh, I’ve read this book,
it’s quite interesting. The hero commits several crimes
but never gets punished. Very interesting book. Do you like it?
– Are you a sadist? I was just… Do you know how tense I am? I am trying to divert my mind and
you’ve been annoying me constantly. Why are you tense? What do you mean? I confronted goons for
the first time in my life. Poor girl. I was terrified. I am very tense. Hey, it’s okay. Talk to your folks. Why should I? I don’t want to trouble my folks. It’s Mom. Hello, Mom. Hey! Hello? Who’s speaking? It’s my phone. Hello. Yes, Mom. Hey, who is that girl? Mom, she’s Varsha.
She answered the phone by mistake. ‘By mistake?’ Put her on the line. How can I do that, Mom? It’s weird. I said, put her on the line. Okay, Mom. Talk to her. Why should I?
– That’s alright, talk to her. Hello, ma’am. I answered the
call thinking it was phone. That’s alright. But what are you doing with my son? I missed the train, ma’am. And what about my son?
– Even he missed his train. He missed his train? He missed his train? That’s why I suggest
him to take a flight. You mean, both of you
missed the train. We missed the train
at two different stations. Give me the phone.
Mom, what do you think you’re asking? Hey, Aadi! I’ll explain to you when I am home.
– Okay. But don’t do anything stupid. Okay, Mom. Bye.
– Bye. Why did you answer my phone? I saw your mother’s name on
the screen, so I answered it. On my phone? You’re the cause for the tension. Me?
– Yes, you. Okay, how do I ease your tension? Leave me alone for a while
and sit far away. – Okay. Hey, in case you feel cold. What?
– Why are you sitting here? Because you told me to. But I didn’t tell you to sit so far. You can sit here, but a little far. “She’s looking there,
but targeting somewhere else.” “She’s looking there,
but targeting somewhere else.” Hey! Give it back. Oh no! I almost scored highest point. Darn you! You got upset, didn’t you?
– Yes. I was upset too when you told
me the climax of the book. I was just trying to talk to you. I see. I very well know if you were
just trying to talk to me or woo me. Why’d I woo you? Because I am as beautiful as Kohinoor. Also tell me in which bank
my father should’ve deposited me. Oh, so you heard me.
– Yes, I did. That’s fantastic,
I don’t have to start all over again. You’re such a big flirt. I am not flirting.
– Isn’t it wrong to flirt with a girl? It is wrong to tease a girl,
it’s not wrong to flirt with her. What’s the difference? A girl doesn’t like teasing. A boy likes flirting. Forgive me.
I can’t win over you with talks. Leave me alone. Hey, are you hungry? Yes. As if he will get me food. Hey, what are you doing? I am checking if there’s food in it. Let it be. One second. Will you have bread and omelet? Just a minute. Hurry up.
– Yeah. Varsha, do you have a boyfriend? No, I don’t. Yes! That means, you’re single?
– Yes, I am. Okay then, I love you. What did you say? I don’t understand what
you are saying. Drink water. Here you go. What did you just say? You didn’t hear what I said.
I love you. I heard you but how can
I respond to it suddenly? I said the thing which was in my mind. It’s been just one hour
since we both met. Actually, I fell in love with you
at the very first sight but I was late to propose to you.
I am sorry. If you feel that the girl
can be easily wooed then you will propose to her? Won’t you even give it
a second thought? That’s how I am. But I am not like you. I need plenty of time
to understand a man. Okay, take your time. If you get to know me,
you will surely like me. To like someone and to fall in love
are two different things. Like me and I will make
you fall in love with me. It’s not that easy, Aadi. How could you fall in love
with me at the very first sight as soon as we met in the train? Even I don’t like
meeting in the train. I didn’t believe in
love at first sight but now, I do. Even the rain is like you, it pours after there’s a lightning. At times, when there’s lightning
there will be no rain. It is raining,
Varsha is getting drenched. Come on, Aadi. But why? What do you mean? Aadi, please. Hey, come on. Look Aadi, don’t be crazy,
you will miss the train. Look, we met only a while ago, give me time till morning,
I will give you my reply. Come on, now. Where’s Varsha? You’re late all the time. Let’s go that way. Varsha was gone but I was confident
that I will find her. She was close to me yet so far but I will travel 600
kilometers to find her. I was confident. I looked for her at
every possible place. 365 days had passed, I joined college and
Varsha remained a mystery. Hi, I am Ravi.
– Hi, I am Aadi. Hi.
– Hi. Hello. I thought I’ll probably forget her
when I make new friends in the college but it was impossible to
forget my love for Varsha. Can we catch up after college? Not interested. Until when will you
think about that girl? Friends are those who put
sense into you when you are blindly in love with a girl. Aadi. Did you like the college? It’s good, Mom.
– Ravi, your visa to U.S got rejected
for the fourth time, right? And to U.K too. Ma’am, I have applied again,
I’ll get it this time. Why don’t you join some
college in the same town? My father tortures me a lot,
I want to stay away from him. Okay mom, I am getting late. Listen, Aadi. Don’t fight with your seniors.
If there’s any problem tell your father and
he will talk to the principal. Okay, Mom. Bye.
– Ma’am, don’t worry, I am with him. Okay, bye. Come on.
– Do it again. Come on. The seniors are right here. This is not done. Hey! Come here. Are you a fresher? Yes.
– Won’t you respect your seniors? Let me handle this. I know the Deputy Commissioner. If you trouble us, I will complain. No! No! I am sorry! I am sorry!
– Will you complain against us? No, I won’t.
– Here you go. Does that white car belong to you?
– Yes. Management quota.
– No, free seat. What’s your rank?
– 6th rank. Come again. 6th rank. That’s strange. He owns a big car,
but he got such small rank. We roam in small cars,
but get big ranks. I wonder in which direction
the society is heading. Well, tell me about yourself. His name is Aadi. He’s a fresher. He’s very rich. He got 6th rank in MC. He is handsome.
He must be 6 feet tall. Let’s befriend him,
he’ll be of use to us. We’re seniors,
we don’t go after juniors. Idiot.
– Junior boys woo senior girls. Why shouldn’t senior girls
woo junior boys? I got it.
It’s very difficult to convince Sonu. How dare you stare at me!
Will you beat me? No, I won’t.
– What’s the matter, Sonu? Are you trying to trap a fresher? Oh, Godavari,
what brings you here today? Nothing of that sort.
Since he got 6th rank… He’s already ours,
change your mind. I see. He’s ours already. Think about it again. Listen, if we hand him over to you, will you give us
gold biscuit in return? You will get something
which is more expensive. I see. What’s that? You’re in love with a fresher. She’s aware of it. Nothing of that sort,
you’re mistaken. Is it? Then I shall leave. Hey!
By the way, why did you ask me? Sonu, if it was true I would’ve taken him there
and sent that girl here. But anyway. Wait. Just a minute. Hey, go. Send that girl.
– Hey! He is my friend. I don’t want him, come. Hey! Listen!
– Okay, Sister. Sister? Come on.
– Listen! He’s so handsome. You’re right.
– I tried to boast but he put me to shame
by calling me sister. He has fair complexion. I wonder what he must
be applying to his skin. There’s no need for him to apply and if you do it, it’s not going
o make any difference. Come on. She’s Shanta, she’s Rita,
she’s Sandhya… Are you crazy? Why are you
giving wrong introduction? I am more upset because
he called me sister. Did you call her sister?
– Yes, Sister. Look, this is college, we don’t build relationships,
but only friendship. Okay, Sister. You’re as tall as Eiffel Tower. Sit. You think you’re a sage? You’ve been calling
everyone as sister. Everyone are like my
sisters except one girl. Where did you fall in love? In the train. But she’s gone.
– She’s gone? How? Darn it. Useless.
– You lost her and you’re calling
all the girls as sister. You should know
some details about her. I know nothing other than her name
and the place she hails from. Where does she hail from?
– Hyderabad. What is her name? Varsha. Her name is Varsha.
– Her name is Varsha. Sister. Just a minute. What do you think?
– Sister. Ask him.
– How does she look? She’s tall, fair complexion, chubby cheeks,
she wears spectacles. There’s a girl whose looks matches the description.
– Please, Sister. Tell me who she is. Please.
– Hey. Sister, please tell me.
– I will tell you. But on one condition. Please don’t call me sister.
– Okay, Sister. Darn it.
– Sister. Come.
– Where is she, Sister? Wait. Sister…
– Look over there. Salutations to the auspicious one! Which God does he follow?
– Salutations to the auspicious one! Yes! It’s her, right?
– Yes. Thank you. Don’t forget, he called you sister.
– Shut up! Look, I will give you a rose
and propose to you and you the same in return, okay? I love you. She isn’t saying anything. Bring in some emotions. Shut up! To heck with emotions. You came into my life like a dream but when I opened my eyes,
you were gone. I finally found you, I don’t understand if
this is a dream or reality. If it’s reality then accept this rose and if it’s a dream then make sure to wake me up from slumber. Stop it! You’re acting smart
before the senior. Relax, I know her. If you know her, it doesn’t mean
you talk to her. What’s the problem
if I talk to her? I have a problem.
You won’t talk to her. I will talk to her. I told you not to talk to her. Challenge accepted.
– I haven’t challenged you yet. Okay. If you hold my collar for more than
a minute, I won’t talk to her in life. Okay. Let it go or we’ll land in trouble. What happened?
It is just 10 seconds. Hey. – They’ll rusticate you
from the college. Why is your hand shaking?
Won’t you stop me? You! Let it go or the professor
will rusticate us. Darn it. Had you hold it for a few seconds
more, I wouldn’t have spoken to her. It’s your bad luck. Now, I will talk to her. You won’t talk to him. Go. Hey. Hey! It’s very easy. You’ll understand. Yes.
– Varsha, hi. What are you doing? Are you consoling me?
– No. I don’t want. Go to the canteen and complete
my notes. Sister, I’m not in mood now.
I’ll write it later. I want you to complete it. Oh.
– Go! I will go. – Where are you going?
Come here. I was going to help him. Complete this assignment. “Do it!” Ma’am! Thanks. You go. Why are you showing attitude?
Talk to me at least. What if seniors see us? So what? I looked for you everywhere, but I didn’t find you. I even searched you on Facebook,
but I couldn’t find you. I deleted my Facebook account as
people write strange comments. Strange? Not you, others. Don’t you like me? Did I say that? You mean, you like me?
– Did I say that? Then say something. Actually, my dad was here
to pick me up. You were sleeping, so I thought… You were scared? Had your dad not come
to pick you up and I would’ve woken up? Varsha, please tell me. Actually, I got free seat in
Narayan Murthy College, but, I gave donation
and got admitted here. Did you have a lot of money? No. That day when we had met on the railway station,
I’d checked your bag. I saw your college admission letter. Oh. What? Hey, Varsha. Did you come here for me? Oh, my God. So, you love me. Hello, easy.
Why are you in a hurry? Actually, if the girl you love
proposes to you, it is thrilling. I am not here to give you thrill. Then? Everyone said this is
one of the best college. Okay, bye. Okay, love you too. Huh? I said bye. Is it? I heard it as ‘I love you’. Love you. Varsha, this is my
best friend, Ravi. Hi.
– Oh, I remember. You spoke to him in the train, right? Hi, nice to meet you, brother.
– Brother? You addressed him as brother, right? So, you won’t say I love you? She called me brother.
– Don’t become emotional. Why were you talking to him? My legs are hurting.
– Come on. Why were you looking at him? Did you hear what I said?
– Do you love him? I have to attend the class. Class? Don’t avoid him.
– Give me the divider. Forget the class. Don’t you know how to respect
the seniors? I am sorry.
– Don’t you see I’m talking to her? She won’t get impressed by you. What happened? Students, hereafter,
in the physics class, CSE and CBSE students
will sit together. So, please adjust yourselves.
– Good morning, sir. She’s coming here, you get up. I have to get up. Thanks.
The seniors always tease me. You should control your anger. I won’t promise, but if they
tease you, I’ll beat them up. Did you take Varsha’s phone number?
– Oh, I forgot. You are too much. Communication is
important in a relationship. If you don’t talk to her,
you can’t woo her. – No need. You don’t know. Look, it is so dirty. This doesn’t
happen in foreign colleges. – Number! What happened? Which number? It was Varsha’s phone number. Is it? 70… Darn it. Hello, who? You didn’t call. Varsha?
– Yes. Ravi wiped your number. Oh.
– How did you get my number? I have my ways. Did you reach home? Yes. Okay, bye. Okay, love you too. Huh? I said, ‘Bye’.
– I heard it as ‘I love you’ again. Stupid. Love you, bye. I was born in London. My dad was a professor in
Greenwich University. After few years, I came here. I had kept my IT papers here. I didn’t see. I had kept it here. Varsha, shall we go out for
a movie in the evening? Okay.
– Your visa is here. Wow!
– Congratulations! Congratulations. Take care.
– Okay. I will drop you to the airport.
– No, I’ll get emotional. Take care of him.
– Okay. Bye.
– Bye. Are you missing Ravi?
– No, I am fine. Varsha. Are you blind? I am really sorry. Why are you apologizing to him? It was your mistake
as you were on the wrong side. Don’t interrupt. I made a mistake, I’m sorry. What sorry? Let go of my collar. Let go of him.
– Talk with respect. You’re misbehaving with her.
– Please, let it be. Talk to me.
– Please. Come on, let’s talk.
– Aadi, listen to me, please. Look at me. Let him go. Okay, let’s go. Aadi, stop getting angry. It’s not good to be short tempered. You get serious for petty things, I don’t like it. Even I didn’t like it.
– Huh? You still haven’t told
I love you to me. Even I didn’t like it. If a boy proposes to a girl
and she takes time to answer, this means she has something
fixed in her mind. So, she replies later.
Ask me why. Why? You get thrilled by saying
I love you, we find it thrilling when you
run after us. If boys follow us, it feels so good. It’s a girl’s thing,
you won’t understand. So, will you make me run after you
all your life? Do you have a doubt? Hey, Varsha. You have to say it today. If you hold my hand for more than a
minute, I’ll say whatever you want. Aadi, I was joking. Aadi, he’s coming this way. Please. Aadi, let go of my hand. Aadi, don’t mess with him.
Aadi, please. Aadi, let go. What’s going on here? 3, 2, 1… Yes, tell me. I said I’ll tell you,
but now I won’t say. Until when will you
fool me like this? Had you hold my collar for five
seconds more that day, I wouldn’t have spoken to her
all my life. Take this. Won’t you say it even today?
– No. Look, they are here. Until when will you fool me?
– I told you, I find it thrilling. Come here. You come here. Do you know what is the
day tomorrow? Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan. We have a holiday tomorrow,
so, we’re celebrating it today. Even you celebrate it by
tying Rakhi to him. Cooperate, the work will be done. Hey! I won’t do it. Come on, do it. Hey! I told you to tie him a Rakhi. I won’t tie it! I will tie to the guys present here and in the entire college, except him. Because I love him. Aadi, I love you. Varsha, I love you too. Move aside. Varsha, why have you
brought me to your house? This is the safest place now. What if someone sees us?
– No one will see us. If they see the car, they’ll feel
I am at home. This means, we can easily spend as much as time together… What?
– We can talk. What was the sound? Nothing. Will you have a chocolate? I hate chocolates. ‘How much time will you take?’ Varsha, can I kiss you? Yes! No Aadi, isn’t it too fast? Okay. Varsha, please.
Just one kiss. Please. Okay, fine. Go ahead. Okay.
– Just one. Okay. I didn’t do anything.
– It’s okay. Relax. No problem. It’s okay. Relax. No one heard it. It’s okay. I did it. When? Now.
– When? When you came close,
I kissed on your cheeks. Was that enough? You said, a small kiss. You’re showing attitude. Hey, Varsha. Think about it. If you kiss me,
you’ll have to marry me. What?
– I didn’t hear you. What did you do?
– Varsha. Varsha. It’s 12:00 midnight. So? Happy birthday. Thank you. But I’ll give you the gift tomorrow. No, I don’t want it. Why?
– I have you. I didn’t get you. I will tell you. What is it? You tell me. You neither called me
or texted me since last night. I was busy, I forgot. You forgot? So soon? If it was important,
why did you call? If I do everything,
what will you do? It’s my mistake that I was in haste. I didn’t make you run behind me, I proposed to you soon.
– Right. I kissed you last night. Hereafter, I won’t kiss you. Okay. Is it okay if I don’t kiss you?
– Okay. Really? Finish your exams soon and meet me in the canteen. I will tell you. Don’t you feel ashamed? I stop being shy since last night.
– What? Where are you going? I have some work.
– What? I can’t tell you. When did you come?
– Just now. You are always eating chocolates. I love chocolates. I hate chocolates. What problem do you have? I don’t like it.
– Fine. Just eat one for my sake. No. I don’t want to eat.
– Please. I told you I don’t like it. You dropped the chocolate
when I tried to feed you. Okay. Come on, eat it now. Won’t you eat it? Come on! No. Varsha… Dear, shall I try? Shall I feed you? Aadi, let’s go from here. Wow, you’ve kept him
under your control. What magic has she cast on you? Cast magic on me too.
I’ll also be under control. Aadi. Aadi please, let’s go. Aadi, listen to me. Aadi! Aadi, please! Aadi, please let him go.
Aadi, stop it! Aadi! Aadi, stop it! Calm down. Varsha! Are you okay?
– Yes. It happens in anger. I didn’t mean it. I told you, it was a mistake. Aadi! Aadi! What happened? What happened?
– Look there! How dare he!
We’ll not spare him today. Let’s go to him. Run! Sir, look how he is hitting him. Sir, stop him. He’s not stopping.
– Aadi, stop! I said stop! Aadi!
– Aadi, control yourself. Do you realize how much loss
the college incurred because of you? It’s not about property,
but reputation. Even the hooligans don’t fight
like you did. What happened? Who started the fight?
– Sir, Aditya. I will slap you. Sir, he’s lying.
He started the fight. He misbehaved with Varsha. – Sir, you
don’t know what’s going on between them. What are you saying? Aditya, behave yourself. Varsha, you tell me what happened. Varsha. Did Sonu misbehave with you? No, sir. Were you present there
when the fight started? – Yes. What were you and Aditya doing? Sir? Don’t try to act innocent. I’ve heard stories about you. Nothing like that sir. Aadi and I are just friends. We were discussing about physics
and Sonu came there. They both started fighting and they started hitting
each other. This is all. How did your dress tear? I was trying to stop them and my dress got torn. Did Aditya start the fight?
– Yes, sir. Aditya, I never expected
this from you. A girl is feeling ashamed
because of you. Aditya, stop. I am talking to you.
Stop! What are you doing here? I am not in mood. Why? Just like that. I want to talk to you. I don’t want to talk.
– Aadi, please. Varsha, please.
I am not in mood. If I say anything, you’ll be hurt. I don’t want that to happen. We’ll talk tomorrow. Give me just five minutes. Talk to this. Don’t talk to me like that,
I am your girlfriend. Then why didn’t you
say this inside? Don’t blame me for whatever happened
inside. It was your fault. What?
– Yes. I warned you,
but still you fought with him. The matter went to the principal.
– Hey! I hit him because he teased you.
You think I was wrong… It was wrong. Why did you lie to the principal
and land me in trouble? Don’t shout, Aadi! Had I complained about Sonu, he’d
have told him what we were doing. The matter would’ve
gone to our parents. You proposed to me before everyone
in the college. If the principal… What will happen
if our parents’ know? This is a totally
different situation. Situation? If I tell my parents, they’ll agree. If the principal complaints to them
about this, they’ll misjudge us. You won’t think about it. You don’t care about anything. Yes, I am such.
I do what I feel is right. I don’t know how to change according
to the situation in love. How dare you say that? Is my love a compromise? Oh, you’re right. Actually, your problem is not that
he touched me. The problem is your ego was hurt
before the principal. You’re creating a scene by
blaming me. Am I creating a scene? Sonu misbehaved with you. He tore your dress. Is that okay? If tomorrow someone touches you by saying they want to satisfy their ego.
Is that okay with you? It is okay if you follow me, but if someone else does,
you don’t like it. Aadi, this is your problem. You say things without thinking. You exaggerate things. We started talking something else
and look what we’re talking now. I hate you, Aditya. You’re the biggest mistake
of my life. You got angry because
I said something wrong. He touched my girlfriend,
how angry should I be? Yes, I think less. But I am not wrong. You know my behavior. Why did you fall in love with me? Varsha, I didn’t start the fight. You know that. I hit him because of you. I was hurt because of you. Varsha, this is not ego, but love. You won’t understand this now. I don’t care. Because I’m done fighting with you
and for you. I am breaking up with you, Varsha. You don’t deserve this. Don’t show me your face! Hi. Prakash got a nice job in Australia.
His salary is 2 lakh rupees a month. Not rupees, dollars, mom.
– Yes. Look… Look at him.
Explain it to him. Sit properly. Aditya, sit properly! Aditya! Do you want to ask anything
to Prakash? Prakash? My name is Prakash. Sorry, I forgot. You were born in London, right? What are you doing in India? I am telling the truth. Aditya, why are you torturing
your mother so much? Sorry, ma’am. Let’s go. Do you know him?
– No. Why did you call him? His mother called out his name, so that got registered in my mind. Oh. Forget it. Tell me, Pradeep. Who Pradeep? You, right? You forgot my name again? Sorry, it didn’t get registered. Bye, Varsha. Bye, Prasad. It’s not Prasad. It is Pradeep, I’m sorry,
it is Prakash. My name is Prakash. I kill darkness.
Don’t forget my name. She forgets my name every time. ‘When a girl proposes to you,
you feel very happy.’ ‘It hurts when she says
‘I hate you’.’ ‘That pain had parted us
from each other.’ ‘It had brought me far away.’ ‘Sometimes what you plan
doesn’t work.’ ‘My life had turned topsy-turvy.’ ‘I didn’t like it.’ ‘I wanted to reset it.’ ‘I decided, I will do as I please.’ ‘People around me should be
the one who I like.’ ‘Whatever the challenge is,
I should win.’ ‘Do you remember Ravi?
My best friend?’ ‘He is my classmate
and my roommate too.’ Kavita. ‘She’s Kavita, our house owner’s
daughter and Ravi’s girlfriend.’ ‘My friend finally fell in love.’ Ravi, what is the matter? Are there any chances that
Aditya will come first? I don’t know.
All the results were same. Kavita, I am worried. We are tense and look at Raju. Look, what he is doing. ‘His name is Suraj, my roommate.’ ‘People call him Raju.’ ‘If you have to know about him,
you have to go to his village.’ It will go left. No, it will go right.
– No, it will go left. It will go right. It will go left, I bet for Rs. 500.
– It’ll go right. Here’s Rs. 1000. It will go left. I bet for Rs. 5000. Did you see that?
I am Suraj. Didn’t I tell you the buffalo
would take a left turn? Give me the money. I won all the money. Raju, are you mad? If something goes wrong, you’ll have
to sell the land in your village. I didn’t come here to sell my land. I am here to buy it here.
– Where’s Aadi? Even I’m waiting for him. Call him.
– You come here. I challenge you,
Aditya will be in top three. I bet two pounds on it. Third place goes to Henry Trump. Congratulations.
– Thank you, sir. Call him. Second place goes to… Did he answer?
– No, he didn’t. Ovine Chinch. Congratulations. Disconnect the call. Why? No Indian got first rank here
in the history of this place. He has texted me saying ‘Challenge
accepted’. Has he gone mad? And the first place, the masters of architecture goes to… K. Aditya Shekhar. Yeah! “We’re the king here.”
– Cheers! You came first. You made me win my bet
in a foreign country. You get a share from the money. Is this mine? Cheers! Hi, Sara. How are you? Hi. Hi.
– How was yesterday? Cheers!
– Cheers! Did you like her? No.
– Tell me the truth. Actually… Tell me.
– She’s good. – I’ll be back. Hey. Hi, you’re Arpita, right? No, I’m Sunaina. Sunaina? You’re Aditya’s girlfriend, right? No. Are you sure? Who the hell is Aditya?
– Who the hell is Aditya? Who is Aditya? Hey guys,
she’s asking who is Aditya. She says she doesn’t know Aditya. He has to get an award
for overacting. She doesn’t know London bridge
being in London. Aditya. Come on, friends. Meet Aditya. Set her up. Hey, I’m sorry about my friend. Hi, I am Aditya. What are these cheap tactics
or something? I don’t fall for them. I am used to drinking local brew,
I’m having a hangover drinking scotch. Aditya. ‘This is the eighth wonder of the world.
Kavita’s father and our owner.’ ‘He takes special care of people
who have come from India.’ ‘He is crazy about me.
We both belong to same community.’ Greetings.
– Move aside. Congratulations. Front of you, dear. What is this? You’ve made us really proud. He made our country proud. I am not talking about our country,
but our community. He comes before me in the morning. Do you expect me to apply
a face pack for you to see me? Stay quiet.
– Don’t tell me what to do. What did you say? Decide if you want rent or respect.
– Stay quiet. People like you are
defaming our country. – Stay quiet. I can’t take this.
– Sir, please. Sir, look at the nature. There are trees, flowers,
there’s so much solitude here. How are you? I remember something, give me your parents’ phone number.
– Why? We are old people.
We have lots of time to talk. I’ll kill my time by talking to them.
Give me the number. Aadi. One second. Kavita is calling you. Go. What’s the matter? My dad is planning to get me
married to you. What?
– Yeah. Don’t worry, I will manage. If my father agrees to marry
me off to Ravi… Kavita, I take the responsibility
of your wedding. Okay? Thank you. Aditya, what’s in the box.
Smell and tell me. This is detergent. Is this detergent? I mixed it in
milk and consumed it. Oh, God. Where are you going?
– To the bathroom. There’s no water. Use tissue. He, you’re looking beautiful. What is this?
– Sesame sweetmeat balls from India. Is it for me? No, share it with them first. You feed me at night.
– Stop it, mom is watching. Why did you tell them? I was watching free entertainment. Hi, ma’am.
– Hi. We were talking casually. I don’t think so. Get married soon. Everything depends on Aadi. Son, I don’t like you helping him. Why?
– Why? Ma’am? Shouldn’t you help your friend? Will he remain single? Answer me. Ma’am, I showed him so many girls
since last six months. He didn’t like anyone.
He finds faults in all the girls. He always escapes giving
some excuses. – I see. Ma’am, I showed him an
Indian girl yesterday. After everything was right,
he said, ‘I’m not interested’. What can we do? You tell me.
– Mom, I didn’t even touch any girl. In our village if the guy and girl
are in love, the village council
would get them married. Greetings, ma’am. What are you doing? I need to talk personally to mom. You leave.
– Why are you getting upset? Where’s Aditya? Have you considered my offer? I’ll take the offer only if my
friends are in my team. Hey! India will win, I’d told you. Fine, I’ll meet you in the
office tomorrow. Aditya, this is Krishna.
Mike’s assistant. Boss is waiting. There’s Modern and Trend
constructions in New Hampton. We have to construct a building
in 1000 acres. How much square foot? – Our company
has got a contract of row house. And we want you to design the
best row house model. Don’t worry, I got it. I don’t have any tension
regarding work. You will handle it. We have to do something to keep our job secure. What do you mean?
– It is simple. We have to keep the site manager
under our control. – Okay. We’ll see. Hello?
– Hi, Ravi. How much time will it take
for you to come here? We can’t come.
– What do you mean? What are you doing? Kavita and I are busy with
some personal work. Hang up the phone. Raju, what are you watching? India VS Sri Lanka match. If Virat Kohli hits a six, Anushka
will watch him. I’ve placed a bet. Have you bet on highlights? Is this highlights? The British has been looting us
because of fools like you. Hey Aditya. ‘The best architecture firm of
London hired me for a job.’ ‘They made me the head of their
most challenging project.’ ‘That’s just what I want.
Life is perfect.’ ‘There’s no need to look back.’ Hey, Aditya. Come over here. I’d like to introduce you to the site manager. Aditya? You’re back? How is the site manager? Did you know about this?
– Yes. So, I sent you there. What would you do had I told you? What is the problem? You’re single, so is she. If you both mingle,
you both will benefit. What do you say? You picked up the bat,
do you want to play cricket? Are you mad? He doesn’t have a ball.
– I have you. What did you say? Aadi, what are you doing? Aadi, what are you doing?
Keep the bat down. I’m asking you to keep the bat down. Keep it down. Ask him to keep the bat down. Aditya, kill him. I will handle the rest.
Don’t spare him. How dare you? Aadi, stop!
– You don’t interfere. Aadi, stop.
– Kavita, please move. Aadi…
– Kavita, where’s the room? Varsha? I didn’t know even you’d be here. She’s Varsha. That’s the reason I was hitting you.
She’s our site manager. I swear,
I knew site manager was a girl. I didn’t know that
it would be Varsha. I swear. I am not joking. Wait, do you know each other? You stay quiet.
She’s Varsha from Hyderabad. What? What is she doing here? If the site manager is
a paying guest here… So? Our job will be secure. Who said so?
– Ravi did. Please, I didn’t know
this would happen. She can’t stay here. Aadi..
– What is this, Kavita? I wanted to stay in a hotel, but you
called me here. What’s going on? What is this nonsense? Kavita…
– Varsha… I’m telling you for the last time,
send her away or… What if I don’t send her? I’ll tell your dad I’m ready to
marry you. Wait and see. Aadi.
– Yes. You said you’d get us married,
now you’re refusing. Don’t do that.
– Aadi, please. I beg of you. – This is the
correct position of this boy. Kavita, who is she? I’d told you about Varsha, didn’t I?
– Yes. Greetings.
– Greetings. Which place are you from?
– Hyderabad. What’s your father’s name? Madhav Rao. Madhav Rao. What is your surname? – We’re done
for? He’ll know her history now. Do you know whose house is
in the neighborhood? – Who? – We. Oh, I see. Even she belongs to our community. She is from his community.
– Shut up. She is from our city. You may be tired. Take rest. How is it? I’d bought fresh mutton.
Isn’t it tasty? Raju, give me a piece.
Why are you giving me a small piece? All pieces are small, I can’t help. Talk to me with respect.
You’re overdoing it. Okay. Dad, Varsha is here. What is this?
I think you made something for me. Sir, I made chocolate cake for you. Wow! It looks delicious. Wow! You reminded me of my country
by feeding this to me. Aadi, have cake, it’s very tasty.
It’s superb. Wait, I will feed you some. Sir, wait a minute.
I don’t like chocolate. Aadi… Aadi, listen!
– Aadi! Aadi. Aadi. Aadi, wait. Aadi, wait. I want to talk to you. Please Aadi, wait. Varsha.
– Sorry, ma’am. Aadi, please. Whatever happened
between us is over, forget it. Even I was deeply pained but we can forget everything
and be friends. There’s are many couples who
become friends after breakup. Even we can be friends. I don’t like two things in life. Chocolate and you. ‘Let’s be friends’.
Mind your business. You have no option. Look, you can talk to your
friends the way you want. But we will be working together
in the same office from tomorrow. And you have to remember. I am your superior. You need my approval for each
and everything. Remember that. What’s this?
– My resignation letter. What? Why? I won’t work under you. You still haven’t changed, Aditya. You always take decisions
in haste and anger. My state is not so bad that
I have to worry about all this. It’s my final decision. Fine. I will accept your
resignation letter. Did you inform your friends about it? It doesn’t make any difference. Oh, my God! Pack your things. Come on. Aadi, please. Wait a minute. Let’s discuss. We have no time for any discussion.
We’re late, let’s go. Quick.
– Aadi, listen. Sit. Let’s talk. Sit. Let’s think over it. Cool. We can’t quit our job. What happened? Ravi, explain to her. She’s right. If we don’t have a job,
we will be done for. As it is, my father has
a bad impression on him, he has scored less marks
and he won’t have a job too. My father will beat me with slipper
if I tell him I want to marry him. But I can’t work under Varsha. None of us are working under her. We are at the second floor
and she’s at the first floor, technically she works under us. You don’t understand what I say. It doesn’t make any difference. We watch television
though we don’t like serials. We don’t like the question,
but still we have to write it in exam. Even this is the same. But I don’t want to talk to her. I will talk to her, I am with you.
Please. Aditya has decided to take
back the resignation letter. Really? Why? We managed to convince him. Will he work properly? He won’t argue with you,
he is very talented. What about his anger? His anger will subside gradually. Raju, put an end to the meeting.
Let’s go. Couples. Come on. Please.
– Do you want me to plead her? Who told you to plead her?
I am requesting her. We don’t have any other option
than accepting it. Your talent will go in vain. If you don’t say, we’ll leave. Show us your power when
you become successful. Please try to understand us. If you continue to be like this,
I will kill myself. Alright. Since you’re
requesting me so much I will reject his resignation latter. Thank you very much. I managed to convince her. Thank me. At least thank me. I handled everything so nicely. At least think about your friends. I still haven’t become
selfish like you. Raju and Aadi will stay in that tent, Kavita and I will stay in this tent and since Varsha is senior,
she will stay there. Look Ravi, Raju and I
will stay in this tent, you and Kavita will stay in that tent and I don’t care where she will stay. Let’s go.
– Come. This is your site. No one will come to
the site without suit. Nor without helmet.
– Hey. No one will go out without
seeking my permission, okay? No matter what the job is,
all the bosses are the same. Hi! Happy birthday! Thank you so much. Thank you.
– Aadi, did you wish her? No, I didn’t. I guess he forgot. Is it a national holiday
for me to remember? Oh, what a lovely day! Hey! Hi, Varsha! Happy birthday! Hey, thanks.
– Wow! Ravi, not bad. You remember her birthday? Kavita, how would I
remember Varsha’s birthday when I don’t remember yours?
– Then? I remember because
he told me last night. What? You told me it
was her birthday today. He told… “You live for 1000 years,
every year should have 50,000 days.” “You live for 1000 years,
every year should have 50,000 days.” Happy birthday, Ms. Varsha! Thank you, Raju. So far, everyone would’ve
only wished you but I brought cake for you
by singing birthday song. But who told you
it’s my birthday today? Did Ravi tell you? Not Ravi, Aditya told me. Tell me who told you. I saw it on Facebook. I am not on Facebook. Raju. I guess on Twitter. Please hold this. Why are you not on Twitter.
Even big stars are on Twitter? Why don’t you create an account
at least to follow them? Please, Varsha. Aditya is staring at, I am scared. Oh, my God! I will run away!
– No! I will run away! Look Varsha, whether
memories are good or bad, they hurt. And they only give pain. Where are you going taking the bag? Since it’s weekend,
we planned to go outing. What about work? My father called me because
there’s something important. Ms. Varsha said she’s going
because it’s her birthday. If you want me to stay back
then I will stay back. Go. Aadi, it’s a long weekend,
please join us. Come on, Aadi. Hey, be careful.
– Sorry, sir. This is bound to happen if they
hire fools like you. But he doesn’t understand Hindi. But we do. Don’t you understand?
He said that to us. Hey, shall we go? Okay. Won’t he come along? He said he’s busy. I will stay here.
– What about your birthday party? Since I am the site manager,
I have to stay here, okay? Okay. Okay.
– Bye. Take care.
– Bye, Varsha. Bye.
– Okay. Aadi! Aadi, wait! Aadi! Aadi. Will you give me lift to my house? Here’s the number to the
local cab service, call the taxi. Looks like we found something. Babe, you are looking for
some company? Come on. Just leave me. Something is going to happen. What the hell! Just jump in! There you go! Hey man, why don’t you
just get out of the way? Get out from here! You don’t get it? Why don’t you
just find your own way out of here? Looks like you want to fight with me. You want to fight with me? What the hell is your problem, man? What’s the problem, man? Do you want to pick up a fight?
What are you looking at? You stop staring at me!
Do you get that? You have no idea who
you’re dealing with? Hey you, look at me! You’re land yourself
into big trouble. Hey! You broke the button of my shirt. What? How dare you! You broke the
button with this hand, isn’t it? Aadi! Aadi, enough! Please stop! Aadi, please stop! I said stop! Hands up! Hey you! Hey, stay back! Hey mister, stay back. That man there,
he started to fight first. – Cool. Officer, he’s innocent. Officer, she’s lying. They are lying.
Those guys tried to misbehave with me and he saved me from them. I hit him because he broke my button. Stay quiet and stop being arrogant. Ma’am, do you know this guy? Yes, he is my boyfriend. Stay right there.
I am sorry about the confusion. They don’t even know each other.
– Just stay there. I swear. Trust me, sir. You have no right to speak.
– Trust me, officer. She’s lying!
– Get down! On the ground! Come on! Hands over the head! Aadi, sorry for telling him that
you’re my boyfriend, I was in anger. I am sorry. Aadi.
– Yes. If you don’t mind please drop me home. Thanks. Okay. Aadi, can I say something? After quarreling with
you in the college I gave it a thought keeping
myself in your place. The fault was mine. I am sorry. But did you ever give it a thought
keeping yourself in my place? No, I didn’t. If the fault was yours
then why would I do so? What have you done?
– Let go of him! I will kill you! Leave me! I will kill him!
– Dad! Stop it!
– Leave me! Aadi! Aadi, do you know what he has done? Yes, I do.
– Even mom knows about it. Sir.
– Oh. All of you together betrayed me. We didn’t betray you,
Ravi loves Kavita sincerely. What’s the point in
just falling in love? How can they get married? Ravi is a perfect guy,
he is educated, he has a good job. Kavita loves him too.
What more can you ask for? Caste matters to me. We belong to different castes. We are moving towards 2020, people have reached to the moon and you talk about caste? I agree with what you’re saying but I am orthodox person. My culture will never change. You say Indians must stay united but when it came to
your daughter’s marriage, you talk about casteism. What kind of hypocrisy is this? Can I ask you something?
Whom do you worship? Lord Krishna. Does he belong to your caste? God has no caste. Then why do we human
beings have caste? They look perfect together. Get them married, they will be happy. What’s the guarantee
that they will be happy? Sir? What if they suffer the same
fate like the two of you? You both were in love with each other and now, you don’t
even look at each other. What if they suffer the same fate? When two lovers part,
only they both cry but when they part from each other
after marriage, two families cry. Sir, you’re worried about the future but you don’t see how
happy they are today. What will you do now? Throw Ravi away from here. You’ll get Kavita married to someone
else by making her emotional. If the guy is good,
she will be very happy, she will also forget Ravi. But remember,
she’ll never forgive you. She will hate you for the
rest of her life keeping in mind that you separated
her from her lover. No matter how much
you love her or adore her but she will hate you for the
thing that you didn’t give her. It’s bad memories that a human being keeps in mind forever. If that happens, it will all be over. I don’t want anything as such
to happen with you. Hey, Aadi. Thanks. Dad agreed for our wedding. Wow, congratulations.
– Congratulations. This was possible only because of
you. Thank you so much. – So, when is the wedding?
– Next month. So soon? Yes, we were planning to
get married soon. Even my father-in-law wishes
the same, so, why not. But listen, you both will do
the wedding preparations, okay? I…
– Come on. I know, it would be difficult for you, but I don’t have anyone here
except you. Don’t worry. We both will make arrangements
for your wedding. Thank you so much.
– Don’t mention. Ravi, your father-in-law
is calling you. Things change so quickly.
Okay, see you. Varsha. Thanks for everything. And… Happy birthday. Thank you. Color of henna reveals how much
your husband loves you. – Is it? If my henna doesn’t turn red,
I will not spare Ravi. Varsha, did your hands turn red? Obviously. How can you say it confidently
that you’ll get a good husband? Aadi is a nice boy. Huh? Wait, wait. What? I caught you.
What did you say? Huh? Finally, you admitted it. But Varsha, this is destiny. After so many years,
you’re meeting him here… It is really amazing. Ravi, you’re getting married. Next, Aadi will get married. Yes. Stop it.
– Tell me. When are you planning to
get married? Tell me. Tell me, come on.
– Ravi, why ask him? Don’t you see whatever is going on
before your eyes? What do you mean? You are a fool. They both reunited. They are hugging each other. Wow! – Nothing as such.
– Aadi, why are you blushing? Swear on me, you don’t have feelings
towards Varsha. Correct. Don’t hide. Raju, many girls come and go in life, but we never forget our first lover. Varsha was the first girl
I fell in love with in my life. I didn’t like anyone after that. I had seen her six years ago. I got attracted to her. I did. His behavior towards you was different
when you’d come here, look now, there is so much of difference.
I don’t believe it. Kavita, I was very mischievous
in childhood. Mom had stopped talking to me. She wouldn’t allow me
sleep next to her. She would sleep in the hall. In the morning, I’d notice that
mom is sleeping next to me. Some people pretend to be angry. People who get angry on us are the ones who love us the most. I understood. What do I tell you? I got everything easily in life. My job, smartness, and height. I didn’t have to ask
anything to anyone. I didn’t fear anything. First time when I saw
Varsha in the train, I felt I found life. I was scared she’d reject me. I was yearning to hear
I love you from her. I still couldn’t forget that day. One day, before the entire college and 1500 students,
she proposed to me. I felt as if I won. Wow! Why are you getting happy? She loved me so much that she got
me trapped before the principal. She said that I am short tempered. It took 6 months for her to
tell me that she loves me. She departed from me in 6 minutes.
– No. Ravi, forget it. It’s over. Few days ago, she saved you
from the police. I just helped her, that’s it. When I was in love with her,
she betrayed me. She changes according
to the situation. Even if I went close to her, she will hurt me tomorrow. I got betrayed once, not anymore. Why are you saying so, Aadi? Everyone say so,
but melt when they see the girl. Raju, once if I decide, I don’t change my decision. I like Varsha, but now I hate her. Hey, what’s up? Aadi…
– Let she go. Aditya. What is this? These are your things
that were with me. What have you kept in this? I didn’t feel like throwing it. Now I don’t feel like keeping it. Yes, Aadi. I act according to the situation, because I think. That day I saved you
to save our love. I told the police to save you. What I did was not a deceit. I was helping you. If you still don’t understand this,
I cannot help it. To spend 6 years life together, we’ve come 600 kilometers away. But you are still thinking about the
6 minute fight we had at the college. Aadi, enough. It’s done. Aadi, what are you doing here? These are the memories of
Varsha and me. I gave this jacket to her when I
met her for the first time. I’d bought this ring to present it
to Varsha, but threw it in anger. Even you hid this from me. I’d sent you picture of graduation. How did it go to Varsha? A few days after you left to London, Varsha had come home. ‘Ma’am, how is Aadi?’ ‘Please, ma’am.’ ‘At least give me a chance to
tell sorry to him.’ ‘Varsha, please.’ ‘Please try to understand.’ ‘He is very disturbed.
He needs space.’ After six months, she came again. ‘I knew if our love is true, we will surely meet again.’ ‘No matter how long it takes.’ ‘We will sit and talk then everything will be alright.’ ‘We were in college at that time.’ ‘We were not so matured.’ ‘Please, ma’am.’ ‘Only you can do something.’ I thought about it a lot. I gave you importance. Then I felt her love for you is true. There’s nothing wrong in it. I realized it later. Varsha is here only for you, son. Why didn’t you tell this
to me earlier? You were not ready to listen
to anything. Do you know what your problem is? You get angry hearing Varsha’s name.
You have feelings for her. You are angry, so you don’t let her
come close to you. You still love her, so, you don’t let
any other girl come into your life. Your anger will never subside. Just think, is your anger or
love more for her? What are you thinking?
– About Varsha. I fell in love with her without
she agreeing to it. She loves me though I said
‘I hate you’ to her. She kept my things safe. No one can handle me
better than her. I can’t let go of such girl. Never. I am going to get Varsha. Go, Son. Kavita, did you see Varsha? No, I didn’t see her since morning. Okay. Have you seen this girl?
– No. No.
– No, I haven’t. Where would she be? Varsha, where are you?
Just one clue. ‘I hope she is Varsha.’ ‘I hope she is Varsha.’ ‘I hope she is Varsha.’ ‘Varsha.’ What are you doing here? I want to keep some things
away from my life. If you really wanted to, then what was the need for you
to come close to me? I had come, now I am going far away. Varsha, I want to tell you something. I am sorry. Please stay. Why?
– Actually, after reception… After reception… Varsha, I need you. Where were you when I needed you? Six years, not a single phone call,
not a single message. Do you know what you said
when I came close to you? You compared me to a chocolate. You said you hated me. You said you won’t change and
you’d forgotten me. Yes, I did, but I said it in anger. I didn’t mean what I said. I came here to propose to you. This is true. Varsha, only two things
disturbed me in life. Chocolates and you. Do you know my father used to get
bag full of chocolates for me when I was young? I had become fat. Everyone laughed at me. I used to get very angry, not on dad, but on chocolates. I threw all the chocolates. I thought I’d never
touch them in life. I thought I won’t feel like eating them. When we fought, I tried to go
away from you, but couldn’t. I now understand what has happened.
I loved chocolates, but now I forgot about it. The love that I have for you, I couldn’t forget that. My character is not that
I can change. For the first time in my life,
I feel I should change for you.
Only for you. Because if I don’t do that, I am sure I will go mad. I still feel bad for hurting you. My heart is still racing. Before my heart stops beating, please take me back. Some day you’d said that you wish to spend your life with me. Even today my decision is same. You know, right? If you kiss me,
you will have to marry me. Yes.

100 thoughts on “Tholi Prema (HD) | New Romantic Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Varun Tej, Raashi Khanna

  1. Never go back to the person who left you once because if they can leave you once they won't mind leaving you twice. I hate girls.

  2. Ab tk jitni movie dekhi unme se Sbse ghatiya movie, chutiyapa h sala, guys kabhi bi ladkiyon pr viswas na krna ye halat ke hisab se badal jati h, tm chahe jitna pyar kr lo inse, but agr inke halat thode bi bigad gye to tmhe chodne m bilkul bi time ni lgayegi.

  3. เฆชเงเฆฐเฆพเฆจ เฆชเงเฆฐเง‡เฆฎเง‡เฆฐ เฆ•เฆฅเฆพ เฆฎเฆจเง‡ เฆชเงœเง‡ เฆ—เง‡เฆฒ ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

  4. WAste movie always they show guys playing at the hands of gals .. plz donโ€™t watch and get hurt ๐Ÿคฌ๐Ÿคฌ

  5. I don't know da name of Hero.. Or… Heroine…. But da movie iz vvvv…. Good…. Thnxs 4 uploading dis movie…???

  6. I have ever seen this type of love story movie โคโคโค๐Ÿ’‘.This movie story is unique. It's Awesome story โคโคโค๐Ÿค”.I can't able to forget this movie story and this movie has realized me for my first college love and today I miss her alots her ๐Ÿคฃโคand I'm going to express my love again that's it.

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