Thora Sa Haq Episode 1 | 23rd October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Thora Sa Haq Episode 1 | 23rd October 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Hey, child, where is Hareem? Auntie. she isn’t ready yet. Okay, I will bring her. sister-in-law Yes? Say it, Munazzah ? All the guests are here. Should I go and bring Hareem? Okay, that’s fine. Bring her. Hareem, how long will it take? All the guests are here. Are you back from your mother? Have you complained against me? Yes. And I have also told her that I don’t want to get married. What is it, daughter? Why are you talking like this? Dad, I will leave this house if I get married. Who will take care of you then? You don’t remember to bring or take medicine on time. You will be alone without me. Don’t talk rubbish. What happened to me? I am perfectly fine, I can take care of myself Dad, I am not saying this because I am emotional. I have thought about this. I don’t want to get married. Stop using me being miserable as an excuse. I have already gotten too late because of my selfishness. If your mother was alive, you’d have been married by now. I always think about being answerable to your mother after dying. When she will ask me why I kept her daughter in the house for so long, what will I answer her? Dad.. That’s it. I don’t want to listen to anything. Take this. What is this for? daughter, prepare for the wedding. Buy clothes, or anything else you want. I have money. You have a lot of money. I know you have collected millions by giving tuition. right? These might not be enough. I wanted to marry you in a big house with lavishness Your mother used to say the same thing, “Ejaz Ahmed, you only have one daughter. Give her the moon and stars when she will leave home.” But I couldn’t fulfill this wish of your mother’s. Also, I won’t be able to it. But the things I want to, and can do, let me do it! Okay, you sit. Have your dinner. I will bring water for you. And don’t you dare to cry now. Okay? Waqar, I have to go to Dubai next week and then Malaysia from there. So, you arrange the tickets and flights, etc. Yes, brother, don’t worry. I will take care of everything. And yes, Zamin, you had to make a presentation for an overseas client. Where is it? yes, I have emailed it to you. If you say, we can sit now and discuss it thoroughly? No, no, not right now. Come to me after lunch. Yes. Whatever you say. Zamin, you have impressed in the board meeting. Seriously? Good work. Yes, where are you? I was in the presentation when you were calling again and again. how boring Okay, how are you? I am fine, how are you? I am hungry. A lot! So have your lunch, who is stopping you? That’s what I came for! What do you mean? Where are you? in front of you what a pleasant surprise be quick! I am feeling famished Sit down for 2 minutes, we will talk properly. I will listen to everything during lunch, lets go. Your respected father will kill me. I’ll handle him. Sure? Yeah. Okay, wait. Your mother used to say the same thing. “Ejaz Ahmed, you only have one daughter. Give her the moon and stars when she will be leaving home.” But I couldn’t fulfill this desire of your mother’s. But the things I want to do, and can do, let me do it! Sister, I have done my homework. Show me. This is ok Can I go now? yes Why do you think I will change after our wedding? Because they are only friends who pick you up from office to take you for a surprise dinner or lunch. Otherwise wives think they are a liability and wait for their husbands to take them. Zamin, come on. You know I can’t be that typical wife. I know And if you try to become that typical husband, I won’t spare you! You think so? Okay, anyway. What will you take for dessert? Its getting late. I have a very important meeting lined up with the boss. Oh..boss!! Yes, so? Okay, its no problem. I will call baba, he will wait. No Hareem You know this is decided between us. Okay, my personal and professional lives intersect but I want to keep them poles apart and I am very serious about it
I know… Hareem?
Hareem Munazza? Munazza? yes, sister-in-law? Where were you? I have been calling for so long, I can’t see anybody here? I was getting the store cleaned with Farzana. Alright. Tell me, where where Hareem is? Hareem has gone to the office. Office? For what? She wanted to tell you but didn’t disturbed you as you were sleeping. She was saying she will have lunch with Zamin. I wonder when this girl will grow up. She is my daughter, but she doesn’t behave like it. What happened, sister-in-law? Why are you getting so upset? They are engaged now, it doesn’t look nice that they meet alone and hang out. But, sister-in-law, they are childhood friends. They love each other. The childhood is over, they are grown up now. Some discipline and class should be seen in them now. Believe it or not, Zamin must have called her. He must have given the idea of having lunch outside, When he comes home, make your son understand ‘to be mature now’ Now he is going to be the son-in-law of my family. Yes. younger madam, these are the things from the store. Actually.. I… sister-in-law? What was his picture doing in my store? It was in the old things. You know very well, Munazzah. This man’s photo doesn’t even deserve to be in my old things. sister-in-law, I was getting it thrown. Anything that has even seen his shadow shouldn’t be in my house! When is your daughter’s wedding? Next Friday. And other celebrations? Look, uncle. If you get the food prepared by us for all celebrations, I will give you a huge discount. No, brother, there are no extra celebrations. There is only the wedding and we have to prepare the food for that. What? Are you not holding any extra (other) celebrations? No, its a small wedding. A couple of neighbors, relatives, a total of 50 60 people. That’s how many people we have to prepare the food for. Oh, uncle, I get bigger orders for deaths than this. And you are only inviting 50 60 people on your daughter’s wedding? Okay, I will send in the child. He will talk to you about it. Hello? Yes, Sartaj bhai. Yes, Sartaj bhai I remember your order. Its the groom’s wedding, right? It will be done, why are you worrying? *Greetings*, father.
*Greetings*, daughter You’re fine, right? Yes, daughter. I am fine. Just a little tired. Where did you go? I even asked you not to go anywhere. I will do everything. You do everything anyway. Now will you do your wedding preparations yourself as well? Your mother shouldn’t have left so early. If she was here, I wouldn’t have any worries. She would have done everything herself. She would have made you a bride with her hands and send you away. Okay, now don’t get upset thinking about mom. Tell me, did you bring your medicines? Oh, I forgot to bring medicines. You forgot? How can you? I even reminded you when you were leaving. You know you get more sick when you don’t take medicines on time? Why are you getting worried? I am fine. Let my food be ready, I will go and bring it myself. I can’t trust you, you will forget again. Why are you getting worried? I am telling you I am fine. I will be better after resting for a while. Uncle, I have made the changes in the presentation you asked for. You would have gotten the email. Oh, Zamin, keep quiet. How many times have I asked you to leave your office stuff in the office. Sorry, auntie. Have you ever seen Iftikhar sahib talking like this? I told him early in the days when we got married that once you are home, with family, no office discussions should be held and neither should your phone ring. Yes. You are 100% right. I agree with you. Zamin? Are you listening to what mama is saying? Listening. Listening to everything. Don’t just listen, also remember. These things will help you in your married life. Sorry Aijaz, I have a lot of work these days in office, I couldn’t remember calling you. Tell me, how is daughter Seher? Seher is perfectly fine. Waqar, I told you Seher is getting married? Yes, yes yes. I totally forgot! When is the wedding? We have decided on next week’s Friday. All praise to Allah. This is such a good news! Many congratulations to you! You have to come to the wedding. And in fact, bring Zamin and Munazzah sister-in-law with you. Look, Aijaz. I won’t lie to you. Munazzah won’t come, I know. I was thinking about inviting brother Iftikhar and elder sister-in-law as well. You know, Waqar, brother Iftikhar and sister-in-law won’t come. And anyway, brother Iftikhar is going overseas next week. He won’t be here. I was only thinking that my daughter mustn’t feel like she has nobody to send her away, nobody to protect her. Why are you saying that, Aijaz? You are her father, and I am also coming to the wedding, right? Thank you, brother Waqar, Bring Zamin if you can. Okay, alright. I will try my best for Zamin. Okay tell me, is everything prepared for the wedding? If there’s anything in need, tell me? No, no, there is no need, brother. I would feel like every desire of mine is fulfilled if you come here when you come here. Just need your prayers. By God’s will, everything will be fine and I will definitely come. Give my love to Seher. Okay, bye! alright, at least brother Waqar will come What is it, daughter? Did you not get happy hearing your uncle will come? No, dad. You forced them to come. They had no heart to come. No, child. Its not like that. He takes care of us, and visits us often. He doesn’t visit often, just sometimes. And that too when you… Okay, let it go. Okay, tell me, did you do any shopping for the wedding? I will do it. Can I ask you something? You won’t get upset, right? No, child, why would I get upset? Ask me. Why don’t the two elder uncles not come to meet us? Do they have beef with us? No, daughter. There is no beef. This life is a strange thing. Sometimes little things creates walls in front of relations. I wish I could bring back that moment. Why are you saying it like this? What happened in the past? Nothing happened, my child. What is the point of discussing those things? Okay, you drink tea. I will be back. Was it Aijaz Ahmed’s call? Who told you? it is Seher’s wedding next week. He was inviting us. He was persisting that I shall bring Munazzah sister-in-law Will you go? I hope you are not joking? What’s funny in that? Its my own niece’s wedding and she’s your niece as well from my side. She is also brother Iftikhar and sister-in-law’ Rabia’s niece. Yes, so he is also inviting the two of them. Waqar Ahmed, I think you have lost your memory. Death is an excuse more than happiness where siblings who are apart hug and remove all complains. Five years ago when your mother died, sister-in-law Rabia didn’t let Aijaz Ahmed inside her house. And you are saying they will participate in his daughter’s wedding? That’s not true. Aijaz did come on mother’s death. Yes, he did come. But according to your sister-in-law’s orders, he stayed in the outer area, then to the graveyard, then mosque and from there he headed to Hyderabad. I am telling your about that child’s wedding and you have started on about mother’s death days? It is very important to remind men like you of relations’ sensitiveness by mentioning the past. Okay, I get it. You don’t want to go the wedding, right? That’s it. End this topic! I will end it. But tell me how much money did you give for your niece’s wedding? What? I haven’t given any money yet! Oh?! Now I get it. Your brother must have called to ask for money. For God’s sake, Munazzah! Aijaz is a very self-respect kind of man. He is my real younger brother but he has never asked me any money. In fact, never talked about anything like that. Leave it. Leave it. Look, now you are starting a fight with me. Tell me clearly what you want? You won’t give more than 20 thousands for Seher’s wedding! Turn the lights out! Zamin! Zamin, you are taking more.
Please no no… I am sorry…sorry Zamin.. It’s mine…
no its mine … Zamin.. Zamin What were you doing in his room in the middle of the night? Mama, its only 2:30 AM, not the middle of the night. What do children who sleep in the morning know when is the middle of the night? Okay, I am sorry. I am in my room now, right? Go and sleep now. I am asking you what you were doing there? Its the weekend, mama, we were watching a movie? Movie? Yes, movie. Is there something wrong in it? Listen to me carefully Hareem. Zamin is not only your cousin, but also your fiance now and will your husband really soon. So? So you shouldn’t have idle conversations with him in his bedroom in the middle of the night. Oh my God, mama. I swear I can’t understand anything you are trying to say at the moment. Listen to me carefully, my child. Its not right to stay in his bedroom this late before the wedding. This is how he can think anything bad about you. Why will he think bad about me? This is not the first time I am watching a movie with him. I used to watch before as well. It was different before. You were kids back then. He is your fiance now. Mama, all these weddings and fiancés are fine, but why do you forget that he is my friend before all of this? Every old relationship ends with weddings. Husband only becomes the husband and expects his wife to only be his wife. We don’t want to be that typical husband and wife, mama, trust me. You are so naive, my love, so innocent. You want to give him love, give him that. Happiness, give him that. But keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t trust him. Otherwise he will use your blind trust. Yes, Aijaz, how are you? Aijaz, Zamin has just transferred 5 lacs to your account. 5 lacs? But I don’t need money, brother. Oh no, brother. You are our little brother, it is your right. And a house with an on-going wedding needs money. I need you and brother Iftikhar on my daughter’s wedding. I will return you the money. Aijaz, I am coming. And don’t talk about returning money to me again. Give our niece a very nice dowry and celebrate the wedding to the best! Yes, Zamin wants to talk to you. Yes, please let him. Take this. Uncle. *Greetings* Live long, my child. How are you? I am perfectly fine, uncle. How are you? How is your health? Health? Health is fine. Its perfectly fine after hearing your voice. I thought I would congratulate you for Seher’s wedding. No, no. I won’t take your wishes for the wedding over the telephone. You will have to come. And definitely. Okay, I will try my best. Not trying, son. Okay, I promise I will definitely come. Take care of yourself and congratulate Seher for me. Okay, son. *bye* Shamsa sister, nothing is hidden from you. I tell her every day to go to the market and shop for the wedding but she ignores every day. I don’t know what is she made of. Look, she is still hitting her head at the kids. Will anybody believe she is getting married in four days? Her mother is not here. I only have one request for you. Say it without hesitation. Seher is like my daughter. These are some money. Keep this and take her for shopping for the wedding. And whatever she might need, get it for her. If you need more money, you can ask me. I am saying this to you because she won’t ask me. By the way, Aijaz bhai, she has a very pure and pious soul. Yes. You can discuss the rest of the things with Seher.
Bye! Where have you got me stuck, baba? Here is coffee for you guys. Take this, son. Mom? Yes, son, say it. What is it? Baba and I are going to Hyderabad tomorrow for Seher’s wedding. What? What is he saying, Waqar Ahmed? Yes, its the niece’s wedding. We must go. Definitely. We must go. If sister-in-law finds out, she will throw a fit. also, brother Iftikhar is abroad, If you two will also leave? what we women will do alone in the house? My brother has called with due honor, also I have promised him. And, mom, its just for a day. We will go in the morning and will be be back by night. Late at night, but the very same day. Let us go? What will you do by going there? I won’t let you go. Mom, I also have promised him. And will baba drive alone at night at the highway? Its important for me to go with him. I am telling you go, if sister-in-law Rabia and brother Iftikhar find out from anywhere, the house will have a judgment day. Why do you have to tell them? stay quiet? Will she not find out when you two are not at home? And that Hareem? Who keeps on calling Zamin Zamin? How will you hide from her? Where is Rasheed? Is he inside? You haven’t had sand thrown? Throw some sand over the gutter. Yes? How much more time do you need? Yes, Ajaz uncle, it will be done in a short while.
Finish it quickly, the guests have started to arrive. Yes, Ajaz uncle.
And have the sand thrown on the street. What are you saying? Waqar went to Hyderabad? And.. and took Zamin with him? Yes, sister-in-law But why? What work do they have there? what is their need to go there? sister-in-law, Waqar had promised Aijaz that’s why.. That means, he meets and promises his brother, and keeps me unaware of it I am very surprised listening to it. No, sister-in-law, its nothing like that. I can see what is going on. Don’t forget, I have kept you guys in my house. And while living here, I can’t allow you guys to have a relationship with my enemies! sister-in-law, Waqar and I have never even talked to Aijaz. Neither have I ever talked on the telephone. Yes! but didn’t forget to go to the wedding. It was necessary for your husband to go to his brother’s house! If he hadn’t gone, Aijaz Ahmed’s daughter wouldn’t have gotten married, right? sister-in-law, you can ask me to swear on it. I even asked Waqar not to but he.. Even though Waqar knows very well how much I hate that man, I don’t even want to hear his name in my house and he..!! sister-in-law, please, don’t be so angry. First you guys do things to get me angry and then ask me not to get angry?! You and your husband knows very well what Aijaz Ahmed did to us! How much trouble have we suffered because of him. Especially me!! Still your husband ignored me and went to his brother? This means there is no value or respect for me in Waqar Ahmed’s eyes?! No, sister-in-law, God forbid. Waqar cannot even imagine going against you. What else is called going against? He has gone. You shouldn’t get so angry, mama. You know you get unwell. If Zamin and Waqar do things like this, I will get upset. And why should I not? They live in our house and earn from our business. And after that, they will keep relations with my enemies?! And I should silently watch the show? No, I can’t do this. Okay, leave it, mama. What can happen now? They are gone now. Why are they gone? What work do they have there? They could have asked me, told me before leaving. Mama, Zamin told me before leaving. What? Did you know? Yes, he told me last night but I hid it from you. Because I knew how hurt you would be. Then you also turned out to be like them. The one who lies to me, and the one who hides from me. Mama, forgive me. I had no idea you would be this hurt. Listen to me carefully, Hareem.
All of Zamin’s habits is like his Aijaz uncle. Quiet like him, selfish. Its not right to leave him like this. Or you will regret this and I won’t be able to do anything for you. Go from here. Aijaz, my brother. You have increased my value. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you. Me too. Zamin. Hey, Zamin, son.
Many many congratulations to you. Thank you so much for coming, son. What are you talking about? We had to come. Isn’t that right, dad? Exactly, why not? Aijaz bhai, the things here, crockery is here. Where should I keep it? Saleem bhai, keep it anywhere. I am tired. Or let me come. No, no. You and dad sit and talk, I am here. I will take care of everything. Oh, son, why would you get into this mess? Aijaz, I explained everything to Zamin. He will take care of everything. You don’t worry at all. Just tell me where is everything.
In fact, I will ask him. Where do we have to go, brother? Come.
Go, son … You don’t worry. Thank you son. And? Oh, take me to meet Seher the first. Come, come, big brother. Seher, hurry up. There is very little time left in the groom’s arrival. *Greetings+ Live long, All praises to God, live long! Yes. Take this. Waqar bhai? Take this, daughter. Good girl. *Greetings+ *Greetings+ Many many congratulations to you. Thank you. Come, brother. Yes. Live long. You look very pretty, all praises to Allah. Aijaz, you said the groom’s arrival is at 9. Its 10:30 now. Waqar bhai, I was calling them. I am worried myself. Don’t worry, uncle, people come to wedding functions a little late. It can be a bit late. But, son, nobody is picking up their phone either. Aijaz, call them on another number. Do you have their number? yes, I will try. Its getting late. We had to go back by evening. Relax, son Zamin. We will … as soon as the groom comes and the nikkah (Marriage) happens. Okay? Aijaz, were you able to contact them? No, brother, their number is switched off.
And his father isn’t picking up the calls either. You don’t worry, they will come.
And who picks call up in such noise? But you keep on calling.
Yes, I will dial again. .. They will come. Aijaz bhai? Yes? The groom’s family will not come. What? What are you saying? I am right. When the groom is not there, how will they come? What does this mean, brother? I am right. I just came from their area, the guy isn’t there since the evening. The neighbors were saying his parents were forcing him to marry here thats why he ran away. Uncle, hold on to yourself. I will call the ambulance. Somebody bring the water quickly! Somebody bring the water quickly! Baba, please open your eyes. Baba, wake up, open your eyes. Aijaz? Aijaz, my brother, open your eyes, nothing will happen to you. My daughter’s groom’s family isn’t coming. Dad, I don’t want to marry. I am not going to leave you, dad. Waqar bhai? Yes? Waqar bhai?
Yes, say it, Aijaz? My time has come, Waqar bhai. I won’t live now. baba? Baba, why are you talking like this? My daughter shouldn’t be punished for my sins after me. Take care of her. Baba, don’t talk like that. My daughter loves me too much, Waqar bhai… Nothing will happen to you, Aijaz, you will be fine. My last breath is stuck here. Where is the ambulance? I will see, dad. Will see. Nothing will happen to you, dad. My daughter had gone to her house, I would have died peacefully. Baba? Baba.. Waqar bhai? Yes, say it, my brother? My daughter has no one after me. Neither mother, nor daughter. I beg in front of you. Take care of my daughter. Put your hand on her hand. Baba, open your eyes, baba what are you saying? Aijaz? Aijaz, see I have put my hand on her head. Seher is my daughter and Zamin will marry her. And the wedding will be held right now! in front of you and nothing will happen to you! For God’s sake, don’t lie to a dying man! Call him and tell him to come home right now. Just now… Zamin, save my brother from dying. Marry Seher! Dad, what are you saying? How can I do that? My brother has never seen any happiness in his life. And I can’t watch him die haplessly Mama, he is not picking the phone. Call again and again. Do again. And call him again and again until he picks the call up. This father is begging to you, son. Save my brother from dying. Marry Seher. If you marry Seher, my brother might be saved. Zamin Waqar Ahmed, son of Waqar Ahmed Durrani, with dower 50 thousands given afterwards. Do you accept this marriage? daughter? yes, I do. Do you accept this marriage? yes, I do. Do you accept this marriage? yes, I do. Zamin Waqar Ahmed, son of Waqar Ahmed Durrani, your marriage with Seher Ejaz Ahmed with dower 50 thousands given afterwards. Do you accept this marriage? yes, I do. Do you accept this marriage? yes, I do. Do you accept this marriage? yes, I do. Dad? Dad? Dad? Aijaz? Dad? What happened to my dad? Dad, open your eyes. Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad? Dad!! My dear dad!

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