Through tragedy, a Michigan family gives gift of life

Through tragedy, a Michigan family gives gift of life

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  1. 😭😭😭😭 rip baby boy you didn’t deserve that I’m so so proud of you , you wanted to be a firefighter so you could save people and now you have. Rip mama we all love you so much I’m so proud of you. I don’t know them but this really brought me to tears stay strong

  2. 15 years for driving drunk and killing two and harming the third in so many ways. He needs to lose his DL for life. I am so happy they chose to help save others.

  3. That poor baby and momma are together in Heaven where there is no pain. God Bless the poor father who is living this true nightmare of being without his wife and son.

  4. If found guilty wtf he killed 2 ppl the driver needs life in jail…pisses me off how these irresponsible ppl kill others and nothing happens to them.

  5. I send all my prayers to you .When your down please remember this God puts his Angel's her on earth sometimes for a short while to do his work and when done calls them back to sit by him at his throne. That's were they both will be waiting for you in his time not yours so be strong live life to the fullest and wait to see your family again one day. Have faith and I promise you it will be done on to you. Be blessed in all you do.

  6. That's it, that's all he gets!!!!😤😲 For the life of his Baby boy and Wife. There should be nothing less then life in prison. Drinking and driving, he murdered those people with a weapon. ( His Car ) Where is the Justice for this man and his family!!!!

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  8. I hope this beautiful, selfless family finds peace in they’re heart knowing that despite his age, Reed became a true hero and that both mom and son are together in heaven ♥️

  9. I really couldn’t imagine how to cope with all this if I woke up to this … my kids are my life and I honestly have no idea how I would react to this… it’s a real horror story bless the father and family.

  10. Why give the organs to older people an not children?? They already lived their life. Selfish on their behave as well. I want to make sure my organs go to younger people max 30 . I want to help kids babies not a 40+ adults that already lived I life

  11. To the people who get behind the wheel of a car after drinking WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE THE RIGHT?? Drunk drivers get what they deserve, you didn’t just make a mistake and it didn’t just happen one time, if you have drank and drove once, odds are you’ve done it multiple times. This is extremely sad. My Condolences to the family especially the husband 💔❤️

  12. When I have a husband and kids, I’ll hug them tighter and tighter each day, no matter how much it annoys them. You never know when it’ll be the last.

  13. I feel his pain . It's a year since my boyfriend of 2 years passed away from cancer. Stories like this make me feel better even though I cry.


  15. This is so sad, I almost don't know what to say. That little boy was beautiful and precious and reminded me of my own little precious grandson. I'm so sorry for the dad. Be strong.

  16. My heart breaks for this family.. drunk drivers ruin lives. My sweet friend was killed by one a week before graduating high school.. please make the right decision and get a ride instead of driving drunk

  17. A max of 15 years is not long enough. That family has to deal with a lifetime of recovery, the driver should get life as well.

  18. Dude.. they couldn't have even waited a few days for him to wake up to tell his son bye before doing that? I thought he was awake when they said they brought him to the room for the last time.. fuck that.. that poor man

  19. I fucking hate and I mean hate people who drink and drive. If you're going to go out and drink plan ahead take an uber/taxi to the bar so you wont have a car when your stupidly drunk. Still to this day I dont know why cops dont sit in parking lot across the street of a bar and do breathalyzers. They have all the evidence needed.

  20. They could of kept his son on life support till the dad woke up to say good bye, to hold his hand for one last time. Id be soo pissed.

  21. Word of advice….. do not watch this at work. I'm bawling my head off. This poor guy. My heart is breaking for him. Prayers to you sir and all your family. Love sent your way ❤❤

  22. Dang it YouTube recommendations, I'm crying my eyes out. Completely lost it at 3:07. My heart goes out to the family, especially Ryan. Such a huge loss to endure all at once. 😭

  23. Oh dear god. How do you ever breathe again after something like this? I am in awe of people’s strength, courage and selflessness. God bless this man and may his wife and son forever Rest In Peace.

  24. 1st off 15 years inst enough…. he should have to serve two life sentences. He killed 2 people!!! 15 years compared to the rest of this husband/father's life is meaningless. The driver took this mans family away from him. He needs to serve 2 consecutive life terms

  25. Don’t drink and drive.. it can take away and destroy people’s happiness and other lives. The price and results of that are huge and sometimes can’t be replaced.

  26. Awe so sad made me cry the whole time. All because someone chose to drive drunk. But made harder on grandparents to decide. This dad lost his whole world wife baby . Prayers to family . Hopefully he'll be able to find another good lady down road . My heart's is crying as well.

  27. Okay but if a drunk driver gets in their vehicle and kills people they deserve life in prison for taking precious lives away and ruining the families lives forever. 15 years is nothing when it comes to the eternity of pain these families will feel over their lost loved ones.

  28. I used to drink and drive all the time, not worrying or caring about how incredibly stupid and selfish I was. By the grace of God, I was never in an accident. Now, I have been sober many years and am grateful I no longer have such a disregard for human life. May this gentleman find the courage to keep going 🙏🏼

  29. Did I hear that right??!! A maximum 15 years?? 15 YEARS?!?! That little boy didn’t get to live 15 years!!!! Our justice system is a JOKE.

  30. Prayers for this father/husband who lost everything and also to the man who drove drunk. I know he probably is feeling very guilty and wishes he could take it back if he could. We are so quick to judge others but this is a sad situation on both sides. Peace love and comfort go out to everyone

  31. How about stop making this about yourselves. Yes this was tragic t the grandparents had to make a decision no grandparent should ever have to make. Thank Good they were all on the same page.

  32. Those Grandparents are Angels. Far too many Parents refuse to donate organs. Instead sending them to rot in a grave. Instead this little guy has given life to others…

  33. What a beautiful little boy, to be taken so tragically from someone that have any values for others lives. He lives on in others and some day he will greet you at heavens gate with his mommy.

  34. So heartbreaking but this little boy is a true angel. What a wonderful father. You are one amazing man to save many lives. Prayers to you and your family. 💕

  35. Thank you for sharing this story! My heart breaks for this man and anyone else who loses a child, especially when it could've been prevented! I'm so very sorry for the loss and so very grateful for the lives given because of this beautiful little boy!

  36. I heard people who are in comas Can still hear people and feel.. Hopefully that boy was really dead and couldn't feel anything.

  37. My heart goes out to this dad & family for their loss. I lost a cousin in 1977 because of a drunk driver. Then in 1980 my sister-in-law was killed by a drunk driver. The pain of missing them still hurts.

  38. Thats it !!!??? He choose to drink and drive or driving with liquor either way its a serious cost to this Family That will Never see their Loved ones again ! There has be more of an accountability For the Lives Of Two Humans here and the seriousnes Of this Criminal that gets to go home to his family !!!??? Its a Travisty of Justice and Shame on Any and All Who Defend this and anyother Murderer and Thief because these Creeps Know they have issues with Drinking and Drugs BUT They Still drive ? Really if i drive without having the New Sticker on my plates , i get pulled over this ! What do you know is the consequences are for this a warning Maybe or a Ticket ? But not if i killed two living breathing humans that didn't have the chance or choice to be killed .Think Long and Hard it should impact every second ,minute ,hour , days , nights, Holidays , Wedding , Family gathering , photo's , phone calls with them , births of more children and grandchildren that will never be born, I truly wish and hope You men or women who Knowingly get behind Any Steering Wheel and CHOOSE to go kill someone today ? Tonight ? Tomorrow ? Later ? Earlier ? ANYWHERE ANYTIME ALL OF YOU , DON'T DON'T BE MURDERERS ,AND THE PUBLIC WHO HARBOUR ANY WHO DRINK AND DRIVE OR DRUGS AND DRIVE ,AS I TRULY FEEL YOU THE FAMILY OR FRIEND SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THE CHOICE TO IGNORE THIS OUT OF CONTROL AND CARELESS KILLERS AND YOU NEVER KNOW THAT IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU ALSO . THINK ABOUT EVERYTIME YOU IGNORE THIS BEHAVIOR YOUR GUILTY TOO . ENJOY YOUR RIDE AND PRAY ITS NOT YOUR LAST 🤔

  39. My God this is absolutely devastating, I will never understand WHY people don't give there keys up to someone, or get a designated driver! If you can't get one then DON'T DRINK!!PERIOD!!! Two innocent beautiful life's taken, a husband & father whose life will never be the same, a family whose hearts will never be the same all because a ignorant neglectful murdering inhuman worthless garbage decided to get behind the wheel after drinking!! Yet he still gets to live his miserable life even if it is in prison, his family will still get to see him even if it's in prison! When will they realize that prison just isn't scary enough for people so they don't care!! A lengthy prison sentence…great… however two life's are gone…a mother and a beautiful boy who hardly had any time to experience life. It's time for a eye for a eye, A LIFE FOR A LIFE! My thoughts and prayers are with all who loved this mom and son…it's the holidays, I am so sorry this is going to be so difficult, please know I am thinking of you all😪

  40. My heart hasn't faced what you have sir, so I can't think of what to say other than I'm sorry for your loss, and may God's blessings get you through this. Thanks to your son other children got to live. 🌹🌹

  41. That was truly wrong for the grandparents to make that decision I’m sorry I know ppl need organs but if that was me I would be mad

  42. He only got possibly 15yrs max!! You take two lives you should get two life sentence and suffer. My Dad was hit by a drunk driver while he pulled over another driver. He barely made it but lifelong affects still today he goes thru. Uber or Lyft if you decide to drink

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