Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts (2015)

Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts (2015)

48 thoughts on “Top 10 Actors Who Do Their Own Stunts (2015)

  1. Amongst men Jackie Chan will always be no.1 coz all nine may come and go but there wil never be another Jackie Chan and in women, it's Michelle Yeoh on top and then others.

  2. You forget Akshay Kumar Indian actor..what Tom cruise did in ghost protocol he did in 90's movie 'khiladi 420' watch his stunt nd make video about world entrainment…don't upload 💩 like other channels do..

  3. That last stunt done by Jackie Chan shown resulted in shards on glass impaled into his skin, burns on his hand from slinding down the pole, lacerations from the glass and I'm pretty sure a couple fractures to his bones. Glad to see he is #1

  4. tom cruise: im the action star
    keanu reeves: im a complete star
    matt damon: im invincible
    jackie chan: 😂 hold my plate

  5. SO SORRY folks ! But IF ANYONE BELIEVES ALL THIS UTTER “B_ _ L S _ _T” I’ve got some ocean front property IN Arizona that I’ll letcha have at a REALLY GOOD price. I was a stuntman in “THE bidness” for over 25 years. And IF you understand “cutting”; and “editing” “rigging” , “harnesses” or the HORRIBLY OVER USE of “CGI” you’d understand what I’m tryin ta say. Out of ALL of them Buster Keaton HAD “THE” BIGGEST ……. ahhhhhh…… “SET” ! (HHH) NO “CGI” NO harnesses and IF something were to go wrong with ALL these “gags” he did he COULD HAVE VERY EASILY NOT “made his call” the next day or EVER !

  6. how you dare put Angelina Jolie above Donnie Yen? and what about Scott Adkins?' Amy Johnston? maybe they like B Class movie actors but they do a lot of stunts and way better than some people on this list.

  7. Michael Jai White did most of his own stunts in fact he did all but one of the stunts in the film spawn in 1997 and The only time I think he didn't do the stunt himself was the jump from the hospital window in the film universal soldier the return I mean five stories on the solid concrete I don't think so, i'm not saying you didn't I'm just saying I'll be surprised if you did.

  8. that wasn't harrison ford underneath the lorry in indian jones. and angelina jolie didn't jump off a waterfall in tomb raider

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