Top 10 Actors Who Were Fired On Set – Part 3

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that you guys clearly liked. I don’t know what it is about these ones,
do you like celebrating people’s bad choices and failures or? Today we are once again talking about the
Top 10 Actors Who Were Fired On Set. In all seriousness though, people get fired
all the time from their jobs, shit happens, it’s life. So we might as well just laugh it off and
move on. On that note, let’s jump in! 10. Starting off the list is Bruce Willis who
happened to get fired from the movie: The Expendables 3. We all found out about this through twitter
back in 2013 when the cast was being announced for the movie. According to Hollywood Reporter, Willis had
been offered 3 million dollars for 4 days of shooting. Problems began when he started demanding a
pay raise to 4 million dollars for the 4 days, so basically 1 million dollars per day. That’s when Sylvestor Stallone, the co-founder
of The Expendables, let the actor go immediately. Not only did he fire him, but he also took
it to Twitter, tweeting out: Greedy and lazy, a sure formula for career failure. Within 72 hours of Bruce being let go from
the movie, he was replaced by the one and only Harrison Ford. Fans found out, once again, through Sylvestor’s
twitter. He tweeted out: Willis out, Harrison Ford
in! Great news! Been waiting years for this! People were shocked that he would be let go
and replaced so quickly, but can you really blame them? I don’t think anyone in this world deserves
to be paid 1 million dollars a day. That’s absurd. 9. At number 9 is Lisa Kudrow who was fired from
the hit TV show Frasier. That’s right, before the actress found fame
as Pheobe Buffay on Friends; she appeared in the pilot for Frasier. She was originally cast to play Frasier’s
producer named Roz, but she was fired after just one episode and replaced with Peri Gilpin. In 2017, the casting director Jeff Greenberg
has opened up about the recasting and admitted that it was horrible for him to make the switch. He said: Kelsey Grammer came in and read with
5 or 6 of them, and our 2 favourites were Lisa Kudrow and Peri Gilpin. We tested them at NBC, and they chose Lisa. She was great. However, when they showed the pilot to a test
audience, things started to turn away from Lisa’s favour. The casting director said they believed Lisa’s
version of the character wasn’t well received; which is why they fired and replaced her. But at the end of the day, it worked out the
best for Lisa who ended up becoming VERY successful not too long after. 8. Sliding into the number 8 spot is Lindsay
Lohan who was let go from the movie: The Other Side back in 2010. Before that, her last appearance on the big
screen was in her 2007 flick called I know Who Killed Me. She was trying to make her comeback and she
was thrilled to be involved in The Other Side, however, sources say she was let go because
she wasn’t bankable. The actress was making headlines and it wasn’t
the good kind of publicity. At the time, the writer/director David Michaels
told TMZ: our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we’ll be announcing a replacement. Fans were shocked but Lindsay wasn’t all
that surprised. In the past she has spoken openly about her
issues in Hollywood and admitted that it’s hard for people to give her a chance. She said: there’s not much I can do about
the fact that I’ve become a kind of tabloid obsession. I can’t change that. And yes, the web sites, the gossip pages,
and all of that stuff HAVE hurt my career – they’re like the Burn Books of Hollywood. Good news is, MTV has recently given her a
chance and the actress launched her own MTV show this year called Lindsay Lohan’s Beach
Club, which had a successful first season. 7. Taking our number 7 spot is Christian Bale
who was fired from American Psycho. I know, you’re probably confused, so give
me a chance to explain; it was a weird twist of events. Here’s what happened: Bale was originally
offered the role of Patrick Bateman, but the studio later decided to hire Leonardo DiCaprio
instead. Lionsgate announced DiCaprio’s casting at
the Cannes Film Festival in May of 1998. Bale was completely thrown off by the news
because he was hired for the role, and not properly fired. But their new hire ended up screwing them
over because DiCaprio wasn’t pleased with the movie and had issues with the script and
plot. Over some time, he decided to bail on the
film and signed onto a different project. Luckily, Bale was forgiving and the role landed
back in his lap. He was once again cast for the role after
being fired, but then re-hired. So basically I’m not sure what list he should
be on because he was basically fired through twitter, replaced, re-hired, and replaced
Leo with himself, who was the original one to be hired. Moving on. 6. In at number 6 is Janet Hubert who was fired
from the hit TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The on-going feud between the actress and
her co-star Will Smith has made headlines on many occasions. The two of them worked on the show together
for years; Janet played his Aunt Viv in the first 3 seasons. By the end of the 3rd season she was fired
and replaced with Daphne Maxwell Reid who took on the role in the 4th, 5th, and 6th
season. The show portrayed a very loving and close
family bond, but apparently the off-screen feud between the 2 of them became a big problem. Smith openly talks about the feud and told
Jet Magazine, I quote: I can say straight up that Janet Hubert wanted the show to be
called The Aunt Viv of Bel-Air Show. No matter what, to her I’m just the AntiChrist. He went on to explain that she was constantly
demanding things that were unreasonable. Janet responded to his comments in the interview
and stated: He has gotten me fired from the show and now he is trying to snatch my career
away from me. To this day, the two stars have never resolved
their issues. She didn’t show up for the reunion but no
one was really surprised by it. Some of the cast members shared pictures on
Instagram and you can’t help but wonder if she misses being a part of the hilarious
family we all came to love. 5. Half way through at number 5 is Lori Petty
who was tossed from the movie Demolition Man and then quickly replaced. Back in the early 90’s Lori Petty was ready
for a breakout in her career. She was part of some of the era’s most memorable
movies, like: a league of their own, free willy, point break, and tank girl. So, she was pretty stoked when she was cast
in the 1997 action film Demolition Man, starring alongside Sylvester Stallone. But that excitement didn’t last long as
Lori wasn’t a fan of her character and got into arguments with the producer, Joel Silver,
over the writing of the script. Eventually the arguments were too much and
she was fired from the role. Not too long after, Sandra Bullock was brought
in for the role. 4. Alright guys, at number 4 is James Remar who
was fired from Aliens. The actor really shouldn’t need an introduction
since he’s such a legend in the acting industry but I’ll give him one anyways. He’s been acting for over 30 years, building
an impressive resume to say the least; taking on roles in Transformers: Dark of the moon,
pineapple express, jango unchained, and many more. Which is why it was super confusing when he
was suddenly let go from Aliens. It’s not a subject that gets brought up
much in documentaries about the film, and the cast and crew rarely mention it in interviews. Ree-mar’s first claim when it happened was
that he had “urgent matters at home” that tore from away from the shoot. It wasn’t until 2014 that he opened up and
told the real story. Turns out he was fired because he was charged
with drug possession. The actor said: I had a terrible drug problem. I want initially cast as Corporal Hicks, and
I was fired after a couple of weeks of filming because I got busted for possession of drugs. Not long after he left, Michael BEAN replaced
him for the part. Ree-mar has no problem talking about it now
and says that he got through it horrible drug habit. 3. Here we are at number 3 with Sylvestor Stallone
who was axed from Beverly Hills Cop back in 1984. Not long after his third Rocky and his first
Rambo movies, he was set out to play Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop. It was in development with Paramount and the
actor was offered the role to which he accepted; the role was a Detroit police detective which
ended up being played by Eddie Murphy instead. Why? Because apparently Stallone wasn’t a huge
fan of the script. During interviews, the actor was first to
admit that he didn’t think he wanted to do the film after all because he thought the
script would affect his tough-guy image. So, the actor insisted on re-writing the role
to the way he wanted it even though he was told not to. He said: Ron told me, don’t change it. But I took the script and re-wrote it as kind
of a compromise, where the guy was action-oriented, but he also had a wry sense of humour. The producers were not pleased and immediately
rejected his new script. That’s when he told them that he wouldn’t
do the movie with the original script so they pulled the plug and let the actor go. Thanks to him, Eddie Murphy had a breakthrough
in his acting career for taking on the role (with the original script). 2. At number 2 is Roseanne Barr who was fired
from her own show: Roseanne. How does that even happen? You have to do something serious to be fired
from your own show, and well, she did. Her show was the most popular new TV show
in America and it got cancelled in just a matter of hours, all because if a few derogatory
tweets. Roseanne went on some sort of Twitter rant
where she tweeted out racist and derogatory towards. Some of them were aimed directly at Barack
Obama’s aide, Valerie Jarett: comparing her to Planet of the Apes and the Islamic
Brotherhood. Fans were outraged and so was everyone involved
in her show. When ABC saw her overnight tweets the next
day, the key executives were having conference calls with the president of the Disney/ABC
group, the CEO of Disney, and her boss, Ben Sherwood. Roseanne ended up tweeted out an apology and
said she would be leaving twitter, however, she never actually left. Not long after, ABC confirmed the cancellation
of the show. Realistically, the show couldn’t go on without
her and they said there was no way of coming back from this. The ABC executive announced that more than
200 people involved in the show also lost their jobs due to the cancellation. Barr tweeted out a response apology and said:
Don’t feel sorry for me guys! I just want to apologize to the hundreds of
people, and wonderful writers and talented actors who lost their jobs on my show due
to my stupid tweet. Well, at least she apologized? 1. Taking our number 1 spot is Adam Sandler who
was fired from SNL back in 1995. The actor has always said that he has no idea
why he was fired from the show, but he wasn’t the only one. When it first happened, he called his friend
Chris Farley, who also starred on SNL with him, and he told Adam that he had been fired
too. The reasoning has always been a mystery but
now it’s something the actor can poke fun at. Just a few weeks ago, after 24 years, he made
his way back on SNL and sang a comedic song about how he was fired from the show. He started out with a monologue about how
happy he was to be back on the show and how he is thrilled to bring his wife and children
with him. He said: my daughter asked me, if this was
the greatest dad, then why did you leave? Well, honey, there’s a reason. That’s when he breaks into a song: fired
by NBC. One of his final lines of the song is: I was
fired, yeah I was fired. NBC said that I was done. But then I made more than 4 billion dollars
at the box office, so I guess you could say I won. He continues laughing at his own jokes and
the audience laughed along with him. But like, I actually want to know why he was
fired? Well, there you have it guys there is part
3 of our list. At least our last one has a happy ending. Let me know what you think down in the comments
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