Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Catwoman Better Than The Original

Top 10 Alternate Versions Of Catwoman Better Than The Original

Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome
back to top 10 nerd today we’re taking a look at some more alternate versions who may
be better than the original with the caveat mileage varies. There’s also not as many
alternate catwoman as you would think, is that cause the original version is so good,
you tell me. Also rip her first origin I’ll never be over year 1. But that’s enough
meandering from me I’m Sasha and these are the top 10 alternate versions of catwoman
better than the original. Let’s get started. Number 10 – Kingdom Come – Kingdom come
is a famous mini series from 1996 with gorgeous art throughout by Alex Ross. This is an elseworlds
story featuring an aged superhero population who have largely moved on to make way for
the next generation. However, their largely meta spawn and new heroes are much more violent
and more anti heroey so brutal the type no hero who when they tell you they saved you,
you go but did you though. This project was pitched as similar in scope to watchmen is
it you decide. In this universe Catwoman is retired and she runs a multi billion dollar
cosmetics company so maybe the 2004 catwoman took a note from this but then was like you
know what else is awesome the silver age, and basketball. Catwoman is mostly seen in
the background and hanging out with the riddler who has such a good redemption arc mainverse
then they retconned it. I like the idea of catwoman just having an awesome life with
or without Bruce. Number 9 – Catwoman Beyond – Batman beyond
batman of the future. Once the animated series ended there was a comic series that continued
on in the universe and in that series there were some more legacy villains introduced
one of those was catwoman. But this was a very different catwoman from Selina. This
catwoman was the daughter of Danton Black a villain known as multiplex who was a firestorm
villain who’s name makes me think of a parking garage. She goes by Black and she inherited
her father’s duplication abilities however, she can’t make limitless copies she can
only make 9 hence catwoman as a choice cause cats have 9 lives. I dunno I’d always be
afraid the other copies would try and take me out like that The Batman episode an underrated
series that had some solid episodes. She would start off having a rivalry with terry or the
tomorrow knight as they sometimes call him but would eventually end up liking him and
help him when Hush resurfaced. So it was a fun dynamic. Catwoman of the future. Number 8 – Catwoman batman ninja – Batman
Ninja what an experience the Japanese samurai au made film that nobody asked for but most
are ok with existing. So Batman is sent back in time to feudal Japan. And it turns out
that everybody got there before him and established themselves because how they got back was via
a quake engine and batman was furthest away so he got there the latest. The Joker is already
running Samurai. So Batman is told what is going on by Catwoman who is just rockin it
in feudal Japan the two of them need to team up and get to the quake engine while dealing
with gotham’s criminals who have become crimelords. I love the idea that they would
all overcome language and custom barrier, and become crime lords and you know not just
die of period typical diseases that’s the dream. Becoming an ancient world crime boss
going back in time is only cool if you don’t think about it too hard. My time travel threshold
would be like 1980 ooh so far back in time. Number 7 – Eartha Kitt – If I could roll
my r s for Eartha I would but I can’t and it’d never be as good anyway. Earth Kitt
was the second actress to play catwoman on the 60s animated series. This was a big deal
particularly for the time she was the first African American actress to portray catwoman
and people loved it they just went for it. She meshes so well with the rest of the cast
and of course has the requesit chemistry with batman though they play that down cause it’s
the 60s and that’s still scandalous. They couldn’t even show that uhura and kirk kiss
face on they had to shoot it to the side you know in case some old lady somewhere fainted
or you know more sinister repurcusions. The 60s Batman series is remembered for it’s
camp but it was clever and pushed boundaries and had some great performances like Earth
Kitt as catwoman also she had a song I wanna be evil that is perfect for her role in this.
If you can handle the different style of old tv then def check her out just the poise and
confidence she oozes the entire time she loves being catwoman and you the audience love her
too. Number 6 – Catwoman guardian of gotham – So
in this story she’s just Batman her parents are Thomas and martha kyle gunned down in
front of her in an alley and if that happens to anyone you become a vigilante something
about alleyways that just makes you crave justice. So why did she become catwoman well
she ran into that alley after a stray cat. Still better than a bat flying through your
window. Selina is a no nonsense protector of gotham city going up against the mysterious
and sinister Batman who’s design I love he looks very vampiric, yet at the same time
she becomes involved with and even marries bruce wayne. It’s a cool series but it’s
very heavy on the cheesecake and this is me saying it so you know they must have used
two extra tubs of cheese. It’s not the bustier that you could not possibly fight crime in
do you know how tight those are you could break your hand oh maybe it’s armour. No
it’s fem two face who is wearing half business skirt suit half dominatrix thong combo on
the other side. This series is two issues and full of 90s goodness check it out if you
haven’t already. This Selina could break your arm just by looking at you and it’s
great. Number 5 – The Nail Batwoman – JLA The nail
is a famous elseworlds story wherein the course of history is drastically altered because
the Kent’s hit a nail on the road while driving home and hence never find Clark. The
justice league and other heroes still emerge but it looks very different. One of the characters
who this really affects is Selina kyle who is declared not insane by doctors at Arkham
but more someoe who loves a thrill hence her game of cat and mouse with batman. She actually
ends up joining Batman as Batwoman this after the death of Robin at the hands of the Joker
which temporarily pushes Bruce over the edge but Selina and Alfred help get him out of
it but there’s this really awkward panel of Selina in Robin’s costume and it’s
just why. Batman and Selina teamup for the win it could work you know unless it’s animated
hush. Oh my god bruce I changed for you why won’t you change for me, why won’t you
just let people die waah. The Nail worth reader and so is its less than equal sequel. Number 4 – Selina Gotham By Gaslight – Gotham
by Gaslight a classic elseworlds story but we have the adaptation and the changes it
made to thank for selina’s appearance here. The film adaptation would see her become an
important player and she has a more classic non frank miller stripper origin so yay. She
is a socialite who initially is seen campaigning for more police involvement against jack the
ripper. So in this series she is a theatre star cabaret to be exact which would be way
more scandalous than this film, film movie ever acknowledges. It’s a classy acceptable
peep show. She ends up getting involved with Bruce and helping with his investigation and
well Batmanning and she knows who he is and all that. She ends up being crucial to the
denoument which is very different from the comic ending and polarizing some love and
are all woo vast improvement. And others are why are you like this. Number 3 – Batman Leatherwing -Period piece
pirate catwoman from the 18th century. Capitana Felina a Spanish contessa the cat captain.
She fights for well loot and equality on the seven seas. Also Batman who she is trying
to take down is captain leatherwing just very embarrassing all around. This all went down
in Detective Comics Annual #7 Batman is still dressed like batman but as a pirate for reasons
he still has a robin and Catwoman we’re talking 90s catwoman here people little cat
ears running a pirate ship crackin’ the whip literally. If you like your period piece
aus and you haven’t read this one it might be a fun one to add to your list, I promise
you nothing. Form your own opinion. Number 2 – Batman Returns – The sequel to
Tim Burton’s Batman changing film the Batman is remembered for a few reasons chief amongst
them is michelle cat woman. This was a very different take on catwoman a meek employee
transformed after learning to much and a murder attempt culminate in a head injury that cause
her to snap and become catwoman cobbling together an iconic leather costume Pfiffer redefined
catwoman for a brief moment to the point that when the 90s animated series was in production
Selina was designed to look like her rather than her historical raven haired appearance.
This Catwoman had a tragic manic edge and formed a genuine connection with both bruce
wayne and batman that resulted in a chemistry fans wanted to see more of. Unfortunately
burton wasn’t interested in doing a sequel to that film so instead we got batman forever
which super unpopular opinion I think is worse than batman and robin. I await your judgement.
Number 1 – Injustice -Injustice Gods among us is just a cool universe in general. So
Catwoman has a very similar year one origin going here but all that changes when superman
snaps. Selina sides with Bruce against the regime at first but ultimately joins it and
tries to see what she can do/what she can learn from within, and of course making sure
she stays safe. This would drive a huge wedge in her relationship with Batman. You know
he draws lines in the sand. Like everyone in the injustice verse she’s just well fleshed
out. So I guess this is just check out the injustice universe so cool and spawned from
an ok game but great comic. So who is your favourite version of Catwoman
let me know also I dunno tell me something so I can have bonus content like the cool
kids. I’m hip my drip is hip. I just died a little inside. Thanks so much for watching
top 10 nerd please

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  25. “I suppose you’re only familiar with the new Batman movies. Michelle Pfeiffer? Ha! The only true Catwoman is Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, or Eartha Kitt. And I didn’t need molded plastic to improve my physique. Pure. West. And how come Batman doesn’t dance anymore? Remember the Batusi?” (starts dancing)

    Sorry; every time I hear Eartha Kitt’s name, I instantly think of Adam West’s cameo from ‘The Simpsons’.

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    But all 3 actresses were great in the role.
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