Top 10 BEST Countries to Meet Beautiful Women

Top 10 BEST Countries to Meet Beautiful Women

Matt: If you’re a traveler like me, then you’ve
probably wondered what are some of the best countries for meeting beautiful
women well I spent the last five years traveling to over 70 countries not only
looking for the most beautiful women but also the best candidates for long term
relationship as well as some casual fun and there’s some really important
cultural differences between the women of different countries that you need to
understand before you go there my name’s Matt artisan from the attractive man and
these are my top ten countries for meeting beautiful women we’ve done all the testing you know what
works first of all these are just my opinions I highly recommend you do your
own research go out there and travel and have me beautiful women and I’m sure
some of the countries that you love didn’t make my list so if there are some
countries that you think are really good for meeting beautiful women then leave
those down in the comments all right let’s get started
Murr ten is Japan I spent about six weeks in Japan and even though the women
are a little bit more reserved and shy at first they’re also very beautiful and
they dress sexy as hell even in the winter months they’re still wearing
short skirts and schoolgirl outfits in fact I kind of noticed a fetish of like
older guys liking very young girls there’s even made cafes where older guys
go and girls are dressed like maids and they serve you and these girls look like
teenagers the women are usually educated however the ink there is still a
language barrier if you don’t speak Japanese not that many women speak
English doesn’t mean they don’t know how to speak English they’re just usually
too embarrassed or shy to speak it they don’t want to mess up the women are also
very submissive to men and are expected to submit to male authority so if you
want a very submissive woman Japan is the place to find her no wonder that
bukkake came from Japan if you’re a confident guy then you will crush it in
Japan because the local guys are usually too shy and quite frankly just too lazy
to approach women in fact the government had to step in because the population is
starting to decrease people aren’t having as much as many babies as they
used to the same is actually true in Singapore which by the way is almost a
tie as far as attractive women as Japan we once taught a class there of 17 women
and they all agreed that the biggest complaint they had is that men are too
afraid to make a move on them these were women that were frustrated that they
couldn’t get laid because guys wouldn’t approach them and the ones that did you
know the few dates they did go on the guys were too afraid to escalate so if
you’re a confident guy and you can strike up a conversation here and you’re
not afraid to make the move then you will do great number 9 is
Brazil I spent three weeks in Rio and I absolutely loved it not only are the
beaches they’re gorgeous and amazing but so are the women Brazilians are well
known for their love of sexy dance and wild parties the most famous wild party
of course is Carnaval or as I like to call it the make-out festival because
you can easily make out with like 10 or 20 girls in one day if you want it’s
totally normal Brazil is one of the only places where
I’ve had a girl make the move on me first usually it’s me going for the
first kiss but on a first day with his girls only like 15 or 20 minutes into
the date we were walking with her friends in front of us and we hadn’t
even been to our first venue yet and she just she didn’t speak any English she
just stopped me pulled me in and just starts making out with me not a bad
thing it’s normal in Brazilian culture to be close and affectionate in fact two
kisses on the cheek is the most common greeting there at least when it’s a man
meeting a woman and being in somebody’s personal space is not as taboo as it is
in other places Brazilians tend to be very comfortable
being in close proximity with other people on all of my dates when I was in
Brazil we would always be arm-in-arm when we’re walking and even for brief
moments that we weren’t I noticed the girls would walk so close that our arms
would still be touching in fact they were almost like pushing into me and
when we’re sitting down same thing our legs would always be touching sometimes
it would get so close our arms would be touching they would always be leaning in
they just love to touch Latin women also generally have a strong sense of family
they’re also generally more emotional more possessive than other cultures and
also raised to be feminine and do girly thinks and spend a lot of time focusing
on their looks and looking their best all winners in my book well except for
maybe emotional and being possessive now not all Brazilians speak English I
went on a few dates with girls that didn’t speak any English but remember
they love touching so all you got to do is focus on your body language touching
and without some Google Translate number eight Sweden Swedish women despite the
fact that they don’t wear a lot of makeup if any our beautiful open-minded
adventurous and usually very friendly since Sweden is a prosperous country
women typically have good jobs and are able to support themselves to me it
seemed like there were more feminists there than any other country I’ve been
to which makes them a little bit more open-minded and it’s not uncommon for
the girl to make the first move in fact one time in Stockholm I was in
the club for just about 20 minutes or so when a girl approaches me asking for a
light I don’t smoke so I told her I don’t have one but I
have one across the street in my hotel room and I suggested you know we can go
there and grab it and I didn’t really think much of it did not think that
would work but she said okay let’s go and off we went going home with a guy on
a first date is pretty common as long as she’s into you of course probably not
gonna do it out of pity because of the huge emphasis on equality and because a
lot of Swedes have really good jobs they don’t expect the man to pay on the first
date now I still think it’s a nice gesture if you’re inviting her out but
don’t be overly insistent don’t say you know no no I’m paying for everything if
she whips out her credit card if she whips out some cash then let her pay
also Sweden is really expensive so keep that in mind
also keep in mind that Swedes love to drink so she’ll probably drink you under
the table so watch out Swedes generally speak softly and calmly it’s pretty rare
to see a Swede demonstrating strong emotions like anger in public which
seems to be the exact opposite of Latin culture they also take their personal
space very seriously so don’t expect them to be as touchy-feely as Brazilians
and don’t give her flowers on the first date it’s very uncommon to do that there
and it’s just gonna put you into the courting frame instead of the you know
potential lover frame number seven is Russia yeah there’s a myth floating
around out there that there’s a lot more women
than men in Russia and Eastern Europe if you check the statistics technically
that’s true but the demographic is women over 75 that’s because a lot of men in
that demographic died in the war but younger age groups I mean think about it
it’s a 50/50 chance that a couple are gonna have a boy or a girl so that’s
just not true unless you’re going to a city that has a female college or
something like that another myth is that Russian men look down on women as the
weaker sex that’s just not true they look at women as the prettier sex
which is definitely true therefore women do everything they can to look their
best don’t be surprised if you’re just at the grocery store and you see a woman
who looks like she’s on her way to the club
unlike in Sweden where there’s such an emphasis on equality therefore the men
often are a little bit more feminine and the women tend to embrace their
masculinity in Russian culture you’ll see a much stronger polarity between
masculinity and femininity women are expected to always look feminine and be
more reserved which is why one-night stands are a lot
less common in Russia versus Sweden Russian women love a gentleman and they
expect a man to charm her into liking him by making romantic gestures such as
buying her flowers and gifts and it’s always expected that the man pays for
the dates unlike Swedish women who value career
Russian women put love and family above everything else Russian women usually
marry in their early 20s in fact once she hits 25 she’s gonna get a lot of
pressure from her family to get married I also noticed a lot of single women
sitting by themselves in parks reading a book and it just seems like they’re
waiting to be approached number 6 Mexico Mexico is one of my favorite countries
to travel not only because of the amazing not so healthy food but also
because of the beautiful women even though Mexico is a highly religious
Catholic country the women seem to be pretty open-minded and there doesn’t
seem to be a huge stigma around sex mexicans put a great deal of value on
appearance and they usually dress up for a date
just like in brazil and most of latin america men and women tend to kiss each
other on the cheek as a greeting and they stand close to each other
they’re chatting and that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any sexual
intent if you’re a confident man then you’ll do exceptionally well here
because Mexican women and really all women in general all over the world and
my experience love to be approached by a confident charming man before I get to
the next country make sure to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t done so
yet and hit that Bell notification icon because we’re coming out with awesome
videos every single week for five Serbia I top to boot camps in Belgrade and I
must say that the women there are some of the most beautiful in the entire
world and the stereotype that they don’t like Americans at least in my experience
isn’t true except for only one time some random
drunk dude was yelling something about America something about me I didn’t even
realize it because it was in Serbian until somebody told me but whatever
other than that I’ve always had a good time in Serbia but if you’re going there
for a short visit hoping for a one-night stand then no it’s highly unlikely
although it is possible just like it’s possible anywhere but Serbs are usually
looking for long-term relationships in my opinion they are good wife material
because although they are traditional they also value career in education you
should know that wealth is important to them and it’s not so much actually
having it but having the appearance of wealth when approaching or picking up a
Serbian girl make sure to be dominant with strong eye contact there are very
proud people and they’re suspicious of anyone breaking eye contact during
conversation but keep in mind that Serbian women are masters of leading
guys on so even though she’s talking to you and maybe even showing you a lot of
interest it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s sexually interested and definitely
check out the nightlife wider there because Belgrade has some really fun
bars and some cool clubs on the water number 4 the Philippines the Philippines
is actually where I spend most of my time these days because a it’s super
cheap for example massages are like six
dollars and I am a full-time maid for a hundred and fifty dollars a month and
the girls are the most beautiful in all of Asia at least in my opinion and
usually pretty open-minded of course you’ll find plenty of traditional girls
there because it is a traditional Catholic culture but a lot of girls they
are liberated and just want to have a good time especially if you’re a non
Asian foreigner the country slogan is it’s more fun in the Philippines and I
definitely think that’s true if you’re a good-looking white guy then don’t be
surprised if they look at you and smile at you and check you out as you walk by
now they probably won’t actually approach you unless they’re drunk at the
club or a poke poke it means prostitute that’s just fun to
say book the downside is that they’re generally less educated and less focused
on career compared to some of the European countries on my list they can
also be a little shy and a little uninteresting on dates with not a lot to
talk about in fact sometimes they’ll seem completely disinterested but really
they’re just shy I’ve had some pretty shitty dates here where the girl won’t
even look at me won’t ask questions basically just answers yes and no to my
questions not too fun and I usually on those dates quickly they also tend to
get attached easily so be careful showing too much interest too soon I
once went on a date with a girl in Cebu it was about a 2-hour date and after the
date I checked my facebook notifications and she made a request to be in a
relationship with me she also changed her profile picture to the selfie that
she took of us and she also started messaging girls that I was friends with
and asking how they know me yep pretty psycho I had you block her immediately
and don’t be surprised if she wants to bring a friend on the date in other
countries that’s a bad thing it means she doesn’t see it as a date but in the
Philippines it’s not always a bad thing that’s awesome
another thing I love about the Philippines is that pretty much all
Filipinos speak English since English is a subject that they’re taught throughout
their schooling in fact all movies in the theatre are in English with no
subtitles but just like any country you do score a few points if you know a few
words in their language Makka pakka Tagalog quindi long number three is
Moldova which I visited a few times because it’s
one of Europe’s hidden gems when it comes to stunning women it’s not known
for tourism because there’s really not much to do there which means when you
meet a woman she’ll be pretty intrigued by you and you know your culture because
she’s probably not met anybody from your country before it’s pretty rare that
you’ll see other foreigners there so it’s pretty easy to get a date it’s a
very traditional culture even more so than Russia so the courting process is
gonna take some time don’t expect a one-night stand you’re
gonna have to put in some effort I recommend be a gentleman and even show
up with flowers you don’t have to necessarily show up on the first day
with flowers but definitely second third or fourth date it’s actually expected
and it’s one of the poorest countries in Europe so flowers are gonna cost you
like only fifty cents dates typically consist of a lot of walking which is
also true in Russia Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe where even
though your date will show up in high heels she’ll still want to go for a walk
of course you can stop by places for food and for drinks but women love to go
on long walks I think it’s because it’s so damn cold in the winter months and
I’ve only visited these countries in the summer months
so they want to take advantage of the weather unlike the Philippines where a
girl is happy to go back to your air-conditioned condo pretty quickly to
escape the horrible heat don’t expect a Moldovan to come back to your place on
the first or second date so Moldova is a terrible place for a quick fling but it
can be a great place to find a hot wife for dating plan on spending a month or
two there at the minimum and keep in mind that even in the capital Kishinev
there’s not a whole lot to do which is probably why according to Wikipedia it’s
ranked number two for alcohol consumption in the entire world only to
be beat by Belarus which by the way is another great untapped country for
meeting beautiful women number two is Columbia I bought a condo back in 2016
and meta-gene and have spent a lot of time there because in my opinion
Colombians are the most attractive of all Latin America now Columbia is still
very traditional culture when it comes to dating so you’ll be expected to pay
and be a gentleman it’s also fairly a macho society similar to Russia so
you’ll see a bigger masculine-feminine polarity and don’t
worry it is pretty safe Pablo is dead Colombia is still a traditional culture
when it comes to dating so be expected to pay and act like a gentleman is there
a time that you shouldn’t act like a gentleman Colombian culture is very
sexualized but don’t expect Colombians to be particularly fast or easy in fact
I once went on five dates with a girl and on the first day we kissed but
that’s as far as we got even on day five there was still no touching below the
neck but the funny thing is a year later that same girl wanted to take me to a
sex party go figure now not all Colombian women
are that traditional we’ll make you wait five dates but either way make sure to
respect their boundaries that should go for all women not just Colombian women
also Colombians seem to be more flaky than other cultures I’ve talked to a lot
of expats that schedule two or three dates a night because the likelihood of
flaking is so high another one that did pretty good this time Colombians are
also very passionate seems to be true of all Latin America now because of that
passion they can also be very jealous even on a first date one time I went on
a second date with a girl in meta-gene and she took my phone I thought she was
just looking at pictures but she started texting another girl that I was dating
and saying really bad things that I can’t even say here needless to say that
date ended very poorly but all that passion and craziness can be good for
other things just make sure your dates are fun and exciting a boring dinner
date is gonna get you nowhere also make sure you’re sitting side by side because
similar to Brazilians Colombians are very touchy-feely they also put a huge
emphasis on being beautiful and typically Colombians are naturally curvy
and if they’re not they’ll usually just pay for it you’ll definitely see a lot
of implants number one for me is Ukraine Ukraine is my number one pick for
meeting beautiful women there’s a reason that most mail-order brides come from
Ukraine just like Moldova and Belarus Ukrainian
dating is more traditional make sure to dress well be a gentleman and yep feel
free to bring flowers unlike Western culture Ukrainian
women typically don’t talk about sex or sexual topics on a first date I’ve had a
Ukrainian girl tell me we don’t talk about those things so what I like to do
is take my dates to a BDSM restaurant yep that’s right a BDSM restaurant in La
valve which pretty much makes it okay to talk about anything you want you’ll
really get a mix of women here I’ve had about 60% be very conservative or about
40% were not so conservative so you really have the best of both worlds as
far as casual dating and long-term relationships and also make sure to
finish all of your alcohol on the date according to old Ukrainian wives tales
if you leave alcohol on the table you might become cursed with poverty
now there’s other countries that didn’t make my list that are still really good
such as Argentina pretty much all the Baltic Scandinavian and Eastern European
countries that I didn’t mention plus Thailand Vietnam all really good
countries for meeting women so pack your bags and start exploring by the way the
main way that I meet beautiful women when I’m traveling is not at bars and
clubs or online because that’s where all the competition is instead I meet them
during the day when I’m walking around exploring the city or just sitting at
the park and if you want to know how to meet beautiful women in any situation
and how to start the conversation how to spark attraction how to keep the
conversation going get a phone number and an instant date right there on the
spot to make sure to download my free conversation cheat sheet it’s totally
free and gives you some of my best conversation starters ways to spark
attraction and how to escalate the interaction and more so check that out
there’s a link down in the description and to the right of this screen if you
want more training then check out our bootcamp schedule where we’ll help you
live in field and we’ll even give you a free consultation so if you haven’t
gotten a free consultation yet what are you waiting for my name is matt artisan
from the attractive man and i’ll see you in the next video

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