Top 10 ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Movie Locations to Visit in Singapore

Top 10 ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Movie Locations to Visit in Singapore

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  1. Want to see more Singapore? Watch more in my Singapore Playlist here:

  2. We had the good fortune to have a tour of the Raffles Hotel, and apparently, when the British Royalty visit the country, that’s where they stay. The suite where Prince William and his wife stayed is amazing.

  3. Great job with this video! If I weren't Singaporean, I'd definitely want to make a trip there after watching this 🙂

  4. All the mansion scenes in the movie are filmed in Malaysia. Kevin Kwan said that the team could not not find any palatial places in Singapore. The Belanda house, Cheong Fatt ze mansion, Carcosa Seri Negara, Lakehouse in cameron highlands, they also cruised in Langkawi.

  5. So many of the scenes from the movie are shot in Malaysia but yet Singapore got the credit. Surprised Malaysians are keeping quiet.

  6. Nice video.
    But those comments about Malaysia this and that….please ah, go ahead, make a video about Malaysia and comment on that instead….jeez!

  7. I agree with all that but sometimes singapore can get really hot 😛 as a singaporean I got kinda used to it…

  8. Ok let me add in everything in singapore is literally expensive there in dollars and cents lol😏 Honest local opinion here😎

  9. Newton & Lau Pa Sat are too touristy and kinda expensive. Should try Adam Road food centre or Bukit Timah food street (the one with Al-Azhar & Boon Tong Kee restaurants next to Beauty World MRT station)

  10. A movie theater in an airport?! Why don't they all have that? (Well of course a guy who's channel is called Rob's movie collection would love that!).

  11. It's one of my fave airports in the world, amazing! been there 3 times and would be planning another one soon! Schipol is good too, but not as grand as Changi!

  12. Why do tourists think our hawker centers and food is amazing?!I hate hot and gross dirty hawker centers and oily fried foods!I prefer home-cooked meals!Yum!🤤🤤

  13. Singapore is the best. place to live if you can afford to live there if you rich you get richer if you poor you cannot do much of it thanks ,

  14. Damn, why is it most travel guides to Singapore omit the Singapore Rainforest Zoo/Night Safari/River Safari and the Jurong Bird Park?

    Also, the most underrated food center, in my opinion, is the Adam Road food center near the Botanic Gardens. Just ask the staff at the French embassy, they love going there

  15. You forgot Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice! A must must have!!!! I love the hawker center by Chinatown. Amazing food. And wash it down with Tiger beer! Cheers!

  16. Hi Chris, just got back from my first trip to Singapore. I was there for 10 days! Had a great time, I watched a lot of your videos prior to going. When I was drinking lime juice couldn't help but think of you. Anyway, all up, I loved the place, quite touristy but I managed to go to some places to avoid them. Loved how clean and safe it felt. Although don't like the amount of plastic they use. They even put plastic bags around their takeaway coffee cups and juices. Anyway, thanks for all your useful travel guides.

  17. Singapore had to CENSOR Madonna's REBEL HEART TOUR…. The Singaporeans need to be protected from a live performance that was shown all over the world, including Macau and Hong Kong.

  18. Singapore Is the best place to go for holiday is safe and clean cheap food as well thank you for sharing enjoy your food and holiday .. 25–11–18.

  19. Those who say most of the scenes are in Malaysia are most probably Malaysians . If you are offended , go film a movie yourselves 🙂 ( NO OFFENCE ) ( JUST SAYING THE TRUTH )

  20. I would live in Singapore if it wasn't for world war 3

    I'm talking about the future I know it hasn't happened yet.

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