Top 10 Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now(2019)

Top 10 Side Hustles You Can Start Right Now(2019)

hi welcome to my channel my name is Kat
and I usually do vlogs about traveling or Spanish or my experiences in Spain
but this video it’s gonna be a little different because I get so many people
that tell me they would love to travel but it’s so expensive so in this video
I’m gonna share with you ten jobs ten side hustles actually that you can
start right now with zero money that can help you save for your next trip to
wherever and you want to go most of these jobs you’ve probably never heard
of before so I am really excited to share with you some of these jobs okay
let’s get on with the video okay number one is renting out in your
extra space on airbnb okay I’m just kidding
number one is relode relode is such a great platform it’s like
speed dating but for jobs what you have to do essentially is hook up an employer
with an applicant and when that applicant gets hired you get paid the
lowest high reward I’ve seen was about 1300 and the highest I saw was twenty
thousand dollars so if you can help just two people a month get hired you could
be making thousands of dollars a month with relode okay what is the
catch why isn’t everybody doing this so pretty much for Relode is not looking
for applicants to work on a call center or McDonald’s they’re looking for
specific applicants with lots of experience and very specialized careers
in the healthcare industry so it’s not as easy as just finding your unemployed
friend in getting them a job at Hardee’s it’s very specialized with people that
are have a lot of experience so if you are around people in the medical field
this could be a really good opportunity for you to find people that maybe want
to change their job okay number two is peio pleio is a job where you’re
just gonna be calling elderly people to remind them to take their medication
they are looking for somebody that is gonna be able to work about 15 hours a
week all you need is a landline good internet and a computer they require you
to be 18 years old an American citizen and you have to do a background check
you will pass the background check as long as you don’t have any violent or
fraud on your record and this job pays $14 to 16 dollars an hour so it’s a
really good hustle in your free time okay number
three is vayable vayable pays you literally to walk around your city and
show people your city you’re pretty much like a walking tour guide and it’s great
because you set your own rates how much you’re gonna work when you want to work
who you want to take it’s great I’ve used this platform to show people around
Madrid and in Taiwan and I find it really great I have a tour for tapas and
wine and I literally just take some tourists to my favorite tapa and wine
bar and they pay me so it’s a really really great platform I downside to this
is if you live in a smaller city you’re gonna have to commute to a bigger city
also you’re not really in control of this side hustle because it’s just when
people want to book you is when you work so this is not a side hustle that’s very
consistent but it definitely pays well you can make from 40 an hour to a
hundred dollars an hour to even more depending on your services and how many
hours you want to work my fourth job is actually very similar to vayable it’s
called showaround it’s a pretty much exact same idea of you’re showing
tourists around your city if you have no idea what to do in your city is just
type in things to do in your city and then find all the monuments and things
like that and then find the history and you can just regurgitate the history to
the tourists and they are gonna love you and think you are a history nerd when
you really you just googled it and this is also a really great way just to learn
more about your city okay number five is Rodie Rodie is a way you can turn your
daily commute in your car into cash this service works on delivering pretty much
anything to anyone if you need to deliver something from point A to point
you are going to point B on the way you can pick up this delivery and go
somewhere this is great for people that don’t want to be driving people around
you don’t even like people like uber you have to you know be kind and talk to
people sometimes with this you’re just delivering physical things and you don’t
have to deal with people as much okay my sixth job is Amazon flex Amazon flex is
literally so great I wish I was still in the US so I could do this you are
delivering Amazon packages to their customers so all you need to do is have
a phone that can download the Amazon flex application have a reliable
transportation to get the boxes from point A to B and you need to be able to lift
packages that maybe weigh more than ten pounds you can make from $18 to $25
depending on where you live and your experience
the downside is there only have this service in Boston New York Philadelphia
and San Francisco for now okay number seven is another Amazon product it’s
Amazon home services so if you offer any kind of services like painting or
plumbing or any type of service lawn care you can put your services on Amazon
home services and you are backed by the Amazon trust so people are gonna trust
this a lot more than on Craigslist and you can make anywhere from you know a
thousand a month to way more okay number eight one of my favorites is called gigwalk gigwalk is only in the United States and Canada but essentially you
are you paid to just walk around the city and finish tasks at companies or
people need to get done so they can be as little as take a picture of this
house on this street or go to this grocery store and check on a price of
this type of soy milk little jobs like this companies will pay you to complete
all you have to do is have a phone and in the app you see all the gigs that are
in your area if you like the price and you like the details you can apply for
the gig and do the okay okay my next job is shipt shipt
is a perfect size hustle for anybody that love shopping it doesn’t want to pay for
so what is shipt shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service that
are looking for a reliable and trustworthy people to deliver their
products to their customers so what you have to do is you have to shop for the
groceries and then deliver it to their customers the great thing about this is
you can set your own schedule and you work whenever you want all you need to
be is at least 18 years old with a reliable transportation a license and I
clean background record okay my last job number ten is take lessons take lessons
is pretty much you are teaching any skill that you know I truly believe that
everyone is an expert in something and you can teach on take lessons with any
type of skill you have whether you know a second language or an instrument or
you know how to dance you know how to cook a certain type of a
meal anything that you think someone else maybe doesn’t know you can take
that to other people on take lessons and the great thing about take lessons is
it’s not exclusively for children like VIP kid or just teaching English you can
teach anything that you can think of there’s no limit okay so that’s all I
have for you guys today I really hope you found it useful so I find it more
interesting when people are actually like commenting and like interacting
with me in the comments so let me know down below what things you do to make a
little extra cash what things have you heard of before do you even want to hear
more videos like this because I have a lot of other ways that I have made money
in the past and continue to make money is this something you want to hear about
or are you ballin let me know in the comments below thanks for watching this
video please subscribe and give me a like if you haven’t already and I will
see you in the next video bye

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