Top 10 Superheroes Who Dated Their Alternate Versions

Top 10 Superheroes Who Dated Their Alternate Versions

Top 10 superheroes who dated their alternate
versions Banging counts as dating right? Pleasantries nerd squad welcome back top 10
nerd, I’m your host Connor Munro and I really can’t clear my history enough now. Superheroes are like normal people in certain
ways. Yes they have powers or are sometimes part
or all robot, but they have needs. Most heroes need to eat, sleep, they produce
waste ext. But they also need love. They have needs that fighting crime won’t
satisfy. That’s why today we’re looking into the
top 10 superheros who dated their alternate versions. Be sure you stick around until the end because
we have secret bonus content for you. OOOOOOOOHH FUN! Okay, intro time. #10 Wally West/Jessie Quick (Tv)
While it may not be cannon to the main DC universe, The Flash Tv show has shown quite
a few relationships over its 5 season run so far. From Iris west dating the great great great
grandfather of the reverse flash, to Wally West and Jessie Quick. While I can also talk about Vibe and Jypsy
the combo of speedsters seems like more fun. During season 2 of the show we are introduced
to the multiverse, and from that earth comes Jessie Wells, who later on in that season
will get super speed due to her father trying to give barry back his powers, long story. While yes, they had a thing beforehand the
2 speedsters will resume their sexual tension in season 3 when wally gets his powers. The two have had a cross dimensional relationship
ever since and while it may not seem like it, to explain his disappearance in season
3, wally goes to visit Jessie on earth 3, after she moved there to become that earth’s
flash. #9 Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen
While Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen have had a mutual crush, back in July of 2016 Marvel
revealed that the two would share a romantic crossover starting in January of 2017 with
Spider-man #12 and ending with Spider-Gwen #15. Not only this, but there are also rumors of
the sequel to into the spiderverse will be focusing more on Gwen and Miles. While Gwen Stacy has been a love interest
of spiderman for years, Spider-Gwen lost her peter parker to the lizard. Quite literally, as he turned himself into
the lizard. The cover art of the comics shows them posing
together, holding hands, miles presenting gwen with a rose. And them kissing! While some readers were disturbed at the relationship
between a 14 year old and a 18 year old, some fans came to their defense saying that it’s
a comic book and not real, or that she may not know of Miles’ age. No matter the set up for the relationship
it was still an interesting dynamic I hope to see on screen in the into the spiderverse
sequel. #8 Venom / She Venom
Ann Weying first appeared in The Amazing Spiderman #375, but didn’t appear as She Venom until
Venom: Sinner Takes All #2, 2 years after her original debut. Her first full appearance was in Sinner Takes
all #3 and she is the first character to go by the identity of She-Venom. The cover for her first appearance in fact
refers to her as the bride of venom. This is because while for a time they were
married, Ann ended up leaving Eddie due to his dependence on the symbiote. However in order to catch venom, the police
arrest Ann on false charges to lure him out, but Ann is able to ward Eddie using her phone. The symbiote is sent through the phone to
her and she is able to break out. She later committed Suicide by jumping off
a building after being traumatized by bonding with the venom symbiote and killing so many
people, as she had gone on a rampage earlier than this. BUT, after bonding with venom, she “bonded”
with Eddie, causing them to have a child. She gave birth and left it with Eddie’s
Father carl and said she would be back, not revealing her plans. So while they were both being “venoms”
they had a kid. Honestly that’s definitely enough to make
the list. #7 Impossible Man / Impossible Woman
The impossible man is the sole survivor of planet poppup and had the ability to shapeshift
into any form he pleases. With his earlier depictions making him a villain
to the fantastic 4, but that was only because he found them entertaining. After being fascinated by human emotions he
discovers the concept of love. Now lonely and looking for someone to share
his life and heart with, Impossible man decided to make a clone using his own body, making
the impossible woman. The two aliens then left earth to explore
the galaxy and to recreate the race of poppupians that were lost. Is making a clone of yourself to love and
repopulate your race with incest? Or is it a really advanced form of self-pleasure? Either way they cloned many offspring, but
they had developed minds, unlike theirs. This whole thing has me kinda worried and
confused. #6 Firestorm / Firehawk
Firehawk was created when Tokamak hired multiplex to kidnap Lorraine Reilly, and then experiment
to see if they would recreate the firestorm matrix, since multiplex was the former assistant
to Martin Stein. Reilly did end up gaining powers like firestorm
and took up the persona of Firehawk. She then started dating firestorm, but more
specifically Ronnie Raymond. They ended up breaking up and left to do their
own thing. They briefly had an on again off again relationship. She first appeared in Fury of Firestorm #1
as Lorraine and she became Firehawk in Fury of Firestorm #17. She later decides to give up being a hero
in Identity Crisis #7 to spend more time with her father. She does not need to merge with another to
access her abilities, seemingly making her more powerful than firestorm, however at one
point she did merge with Ronnie as a part of the Firestorm Matrix. That’s the ultimate kind of bonding, when
you literally merge with the other. It’s like Krootabulan soul bonding in rick
and morty, even if I guess it wasn’t that serious. #5 Thing / She-Thing
While Ben Grimm lived on battleworld he discovered that he could control his transformation. He could be Ben or The Thing whenever he wanted. So he decided to stay when the rest of the
fantastic 4 went home. However, when he came home they had moved
on without him. He became a super-powered professional wrestler
(which is honeslty cheating) where he met Sharon Ventura, another super-powered wrestler
known as Ms. Marvel. After a few people left the Fantastic 4, Ben
and Sharon joined together. They both then got mutated again. Sharon became She-Thing and Ben got more hideous
after they fought in space, where they got hit with more cosmic rays. That didn’t stop them from falling for each
other and getting it on, since Sharon considered Ben someone she could really trust and since
he was mutated, not like other men. Did you know there is a mutation that causes
Cilantro to taste like soap? Idk why it’s relevant, I guess cause mutations. But I find it interesting nonetheless. #4 Hawkgirl / Hawkman
Carter Hall was an archeologist in his original story in the 1940’s. Where he has a dream that causes him to remember
a previous life as an Egyptian Prince. He had a lover named Shiara who, of course
he ends up bumping into. Her name was Shiara Saunders, and after Carter
finds an amulet that allows him to fly he comes Hawkman and starts Dating Shiara. She eventually becomes Hawkgirl. Decades later in the JSA Kendra Saunders realizes
that She is a reincarnated Shiara. She joins the Justice Society and eventually
meets the reincarnated Carter Hall. Who she cannot resist and they become lovers
again. Would you consider this a curse or no? Like everytime you die you’re reincarnated,
sweet. But you have to go through puberty again. Not sweet. Just to find out that you’re destined to
be with one person for every single one of your lives. You can think whether that’s cool or not
in the comments. #3 Superman / Supergirl (Matrix+Linda Danvers)
Linda Danvers was involved in mainly illegal activities, until she was cut by her boyfriend
Buzz and her blood was used to summon a demon into our world. Matrix intervened however, with the intent
of covering Linda’s wounds to prevent her death but instead fusing with her. Since the matrix was like a proto-supergirl,
the two combined became Supergirl. This was due to the fact that DC had wiped
Supergirl from continuity, because they wanted Superman to be the sole survivor of Krypton. But the writers knew people would want Supergirl
back, so this is what they came up with. Her series ran from 1997 to 2003 until DC
brought the original supergirl back. Linda secretly took Kara’s place, attempting
to retell her backstory, howeer superman was able to pick out her ruse. After realizing that they weren’t cousins,
superman admitted he was in love with her. Which is a whole other can of worms if at
first you thought it was your cousin and you were in love with her, only revealing you
were when you realized-nevermind you get the idea. She and Superman ended up getting married! Much to Lois Lane and Lana Lang’s dismay. #2 Vision / Virgina
When Vision wanted to humanize himself more and wanted a family, he followed in the footsteps
of his father, Ultron and created a wife named Virginia using Scarlet witch’s brainwaves,
which he received a copy of as a gift from Wanda. Later, using both of their brainwaves combined
he created their twins, Viv and Vin. One night while Vision is away, Eric Williams
aka The Grim Reaper breaks into their home and stabs Viv with his scythe. Vin rushes to his sister’s side while Virginia
beats the grim reaper to death with a cookie sheet in front of her wounded children. She then buried the corpse in the backyard
and lies to Vision about it. Look, you guys are robots. There is no need to lie about defending your
children with cookware while the father was away. I don’t see an issue with this. Self-defense, and defense of your children. I’m sure Vision would have understood. If he wasn’t dead in the MCU I’d say put
something similar to this on the big screen. Like make Virginia and have some conflict. Maybe it will happen in the Disney+ show. Let’s hope. #1 Hulk / She-Hulk
In the arc Old Man Logan from earth 807128 we see the Hulk Gang. A whole family of hulks that are the result
of The Hulk impregnating his first cousin She-Hulk. While Superman and Supergirl might be screwed
up, at least those two weren’t actually related! The hulk gang ended up beating down logan
for not being able to pay rent on time, and said he would need to pay double or they would
kill his family. They ended up getting bored and did it anyway. Once logan caught wind of what happened he
proceeded to essentially wipe out the Hulk Family. Killing Bobbie-jo, Charlie, Otis, Rufus, Woody,
Beau, Elrod, Eustace and Luke Banner. Having only 2 members of the hulk family remain. This is probably a public service, putting
those products of an incestuous relationship out of their misery and stopping the thugs
who were beating everyone up. Thank you all so much for watching, if you
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and shall remain Connor Munro and I’ll see you in another video.

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