Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer | Experience it in IMAX® Theatres

Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer | Experience it in IMAX® Theatres

Everyone, Bonnie made a friend in class… no no she literally made a new friend I want you to meet… Forky! Hi Hello Ahh! he’s a spork yes, yeah. I know. Forky is the most important toy to Bonnie right now we all have to make sure nothing happens to him Woody! We have a situation. I am not a toy! I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili …and then the trash! Freedom! Buzz, we’ve got to get Forky affirmative why am I alive? You’re Bonnie’s toy. you are going to help create happy memories that will last for the rest of her life huh? what? Bo? Forky, come on Bo? hi there my name is Gaby Gaby we can’t stay yes you can boys Woody, behind you Bo! What are you doing here? no time to explain, come with me we need to get back to our kid ah, Sheriff Woody, always coming to the rescue Bonnie needs Forky Woody, who needs a kid’s room when you can have all of this wow Woody aren’t we going to Bonnie? we have to find them what do we do Buzz? what would Woody do? jump out of a moving vehicle Let’s go! hey, if you gotta go you gotta go you know, you’ve handled this lost toy life better than I could open your eyes Woody there’s plenty of kids out there sometimes change can be good you can’t teach this old toy new tricks you’d be surprised Bonnie? we’re going home Forky Bonnie, I’m coming! on my way Woody too infinity and beyond! ka boom! don’t let Woody leave kids lose their toys everyday I was made to help a child I don’t remember it being this hard Woody, somebody’s whispering in your ear everything’s going to be okay

100 thoughts on “Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer | Experience it in IMAX® Theatres

  1. Какая-же мерзость и уже сука 4я часть, на 1й надо было закончить этот ужс, дети потом не уснут от такого пиздеца

  2. I get deja vu everytime i watch a YouTube video i wonder why,

    I think its because of the partly new preview function of a video.

  3. Wish it seemed more different in plot as compared to the others. Looks to be exploring ideas thoroughly covered in the other three. Forky’s toy identity crises is like buzz in first movie. Woody’s inner struggle seem reminiscent of the second movie. And this carnival or whatever theme with nefarious toys in charge or something is like three. Too much overlap.

  4. This is utter shit!!!!! Pixar just destroyed my childhood. What the hell is this shit??????? Ugh this is going to be a crap movie, Disney knows it, idk about Pixar but this ugh they should have ended Toy Story with the 3rd movie and even THAT shouldn't had happened. Ugh I am not seeing this movie at all.

  5. Looks like a fun movie that many will enjoy but first we must endure the comments saying should have ended at 3, trailer gave everything away, and how terrible it will be despite the fact no on has seen it yet

  6. it's like this was made for adults. jUsT lisTeN tO tHe mUsiC. iT waS like the umbrella academy comedy version. there's a bit of horror with the puppets. and a little mature moment with bo and woody. and another one with flashbacks, and bonnie crying.

  7. I think there’s a story behind bo peep. If you notice, in once scene she has on her bonnet and original outfit. Maybe there’s two of her? Idk. But I’m excited

  8. I’m here for the comments, the comments are the best part about these videos LOL. Why re-create toy story? And why use a spork? And that was definitely not Andy

  9. This movie isn’t hype and I really hope Bonnie isn’t the villain. Pixar please don’t screw up a perfectly good trilogy

  10. Most of the theatre is going to be filled with 20 year olds because kids these days just don’t understand how real this is to us ❤️😂

  11. I like how Andy told Bonnie to take care of Woody, and then she just leaves Woody and made a new toy called Forky

  12. It truly is amazing how invaluable the Toy Story series still is. Anyone who was a kid in 1995 should’ve outgrown these movies by now. And you’d expect children today would be more interested in animated series that started when they were… well, alive. And yet here we are. 23 years later, and people still care about Woody and Buzz.

  13. Me on the outside : OMG Another you storyy!!!
    Me on the inside: NOOOOoooO I don’t WANT TO CRY AGAIN, we don’t need this again!

  14. I know y'all think it should've ended at three but I think the first three movies was about Andy and his toys so now they're making another trilogy for Bonnie's toys, I wouldn't mind another trilogy

  15. actually till the time when Andy was there with the toys it was brilliant but by the time now many people have lost interest as the things which happened in the part 3 i was sufficient. And the fourth part is not really needed

  16. In the beginning when this movie was announced I wanted Toy Story 3 to end the whole franchise But seeing this trailer told me that's some toys never die………….

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