Tragedy Looper Gameplay Runthrough

Tragedy Looper Gameplay Runthrough

21 thoughts on “Tragedy Looper Gameplay Runthrough

  1. I enjoy to see you didn't play a given script =) 'cause as you say (and as a lot of reviewers of this game say), that would spoil an entire scenario ^^

  2. Great runthrough Richard, I bet that was one of the most difficult you've done!

    Such a fantastic game, every time I've played it's been an amazing experience. It is tough to teach thought, it's very confusing at first, although that's the point really!

    I've found people get it quite quickly although some of the terminology doesn't really help, Understanding the difference between intrigue and paranoia and also the difference between roles and culprits can be quite tricky! Then making sure the protagonists understand the killer might not be the culprit of the murder… Unless they are! ARGH!

  3. Great run through, we're enjoying this game a lot.

    At 27:00 you say that the loop ends because there is 2 Intrigue on the Hospital, because that's the Light of the Avenger loss condition.  The loss condition for that Plot occurs at the end of the loop though, it doesn't end the loop just because it's happened.  You would have had to play all the way through to day 5 and at the end of the loop, the Mastermind would announce the Protagonists lost, and didn't prevent the Tragedy (but not tell them why they lost).  You also say this a few times earlier in the video, that the "Loss Condition, Loop End" ends the loop, while explaining the game.  "Loss Condition: Loop End" only triggers the loss at the end of the loop.  This is explained at the bottom of page 5 of the Mastermind's Handbook, and on page 26 of the Player's Handbook.

  4. That nice little print off you have with the highlights on, did you print that off yourself or is it something from the box that you laminated? 😮

  5. LOL…you're really dating yourself talking about Quantum Leap. I was a publicist for that show eons ago. Loved it. And, you're right…..this game is Quantum Leap Meets Groundhog's Day. If only I could get it to the table!

  6. 2 questions. Someone please answer ASAP.
    1) If there are two serial killers in a location alone with each other, do they kill each other our does only one of them die?
    2) Could I, as the mastermind, use a characters goodwill abilities, and if so, when?

  7. This is a fantastic run-through! I am so sold on this game! Looks freakin' amazing! Thanks so much!

  8. Someone effectively made a Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni boardgame… HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD ABOUT THIS BEFORE?!?
    Thank you Rahdo, you do a service to us all!!!

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