Trailanga Swami 2

Trailanga Swami 2

What is floating there? It seems to be a man. Sir, he is a great yogi. He is known as Trailanga Swami. Most of the time he prefers to float on the water. Please call him in the boat. I like to chat with him. Hello yogi, please come here. Oh dear King, please let me know what song you prefers now! We are almost approaching our destination.. Dear King, here is the yogi. Who is the King?? Here he is…a great warrior! Please come and be seated. Hey, what is this? This is a sword. Our king is an expert fighter. East India Company honored our king with this sword. Oh, I see, you can also fight! By the grace of God, I never lost a single battle with this sword. Who knows, how many I have killed in the battle. also kill people!! Let me see… What have you done? You threw it in the water ?!! What type of holy man you are? Hey, you are insulting our king! …arrest him and make sure that he will get proper punishment. Hey stop!…why you guys are yelling for a small stuff! Wait here.. Now select from here which one is yours! Please give me some alms. Hey, move from here quickly! Why they unnecessary hit you? They are rich, Baba. Who is reach? You don’t know! The queen is going to take a bath in the river Ganga. Ahh, I’ll complain to the queen then. Please don’t go there. You will not be able to meet with her. Take this medicine. My medicine can bring back life to the dead. Gurudev! you are the best yogi in Varanasi. You are my only hope. Hey, you came back again?! I want to meet with the queen. Hey, you better get lost! I badly need to talk with the queen. This guy again came here. He wants to meet with you. This is that guy who came to the spot where I was taking my bath. Who is he? I can not remember seeing him around! Hariharananda, you have yet to see many things! Hey, how dare you to say that!! What? you insulted my Gurudev?? Hey, arrest him and put him in the prison. Well, I have no clue why he is after me? Rani Ma, please be careful. Now a days Varanasi is full of such goons. Then, what I’ll do now? Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you! I am leaving now. Please bless me. But please don’t forget to renovate my ‘ashram’ with the marble. No, no..I’ll not forget. You have to take the medicine now. Gurudev told me that you will fully recover now. Do you know what happened today? A goon entered in my bathing place. Not only that, he followed me to the ashram of Gurudev. He insulted Gurudev and I put him in the prison. Oh dear, why are taking such trouble. I’ll not leave! Where is he? Are you dreaming? What happened?? Oh Lord! Please heal my husband! “After hurting my devotee, you are asking my mercy. First beg forgiveness from him.” Tell me why you went to the queen’s bath spot? How many times I have to say that? Every time I’ll ask, you have to answer me. Queen’s (Rani Ma) guards were beating a poor beggar mercilessly. He was bleeding. Oh, and for this we went to Rani Ma’s bath spot! So what is the big deal in it. Rani Ma should be informed that her guards are doing injustice to others. Who are you to decide what is justice, and what is injustice?..Put him in the chain! Hey, what is this for? Hey, why did you stop ? He is not a human, maybe a God! I am not a God. Just a devotee. Do you know what, who is free in his mind, no one can tie him. You can leave now. It was our mistake. Please forgive us. Forgive? Who am I to forgive? The Supreme will forgive you. Swami Ji…Swami Ji.. I am dismissing all my complaints. Please release him immediately. We have already released him. He is completely free now. He can go anywhere he wishes! There is no law for him! Swami Ji, please forgive me! Please cure my husband. Unknowingly, I did… Look, every human beings are equal. Like you, the beggars are also a human. Your guards misbehave with the beggars. Do you know that? You are the king and queen and you are like parents to all the people. Such events will not happen in future. I understood my mistake. Are you sure that you will not do it again when your husband will recover? No no..never!! Ok..go will find your husband heeled. I recovered completely!! I knew that. The person I thought as a goon, he turns out to be a great yogi, Trilanga Swami. I got you back by his mercy. He is indeed a God. Nobody could tie him with anything! On that day a dead body came for burning. Baba just touched him out of sympathy of that dead person’s wife. Her husband got life immediately! He is indeed Lord Shiva Himself! Mother…What happened to you Mangal? I had a dream. Lord asked me to worship him with a garland of ‘bel leaf’. We’ll do that for sure! Where is the garland ? Did I commit any mistake then? What mistake did I committed, Baba? Please guide me. How come he is wearing the same garland that I offered to the God today? Oh, that hypocrite is creating all sorts of problem! Yes, he came here to scorn you. The king got well in my medicine, but the queen is serving him instead of me! Not only the queen, many are visiting him now a days. ..and people are saying that he is omniscient, Trailanga Swami. …and he is 250 years old! After a long search, I met you.. It is you who came to my dream. I am not leaving you anymore. Please come to my house. Mangaldas, I am actually heading to your house.. I know that you are searching me. But you know, things happen in their way. Now you have that time. You are so merciful !! Where is he now? He is staying at Mangaldas’s home. On that day, Mangaldas’s mother was serving him sumptuous food. Oh, I see, he is enjoying food a lot!! Yes, he is eating everything whatever given by the devotees. Oh..a lot of food!! From where I should start? What is happening?? What you gave me to sit? silk… Huh..I am a beggar. These royal things do not suite me. I ate so many things, but still feeling hungry.. Please have it Baba.. Okey…as you are saying.. What are you thinking? Will you not give me any ‘dakshina’ (payment)? Payment? Yes.. Tell us what you want? What is this ? It is just a small container. I see.. Give it to me.. Only this small thing you want??? Yes, I am happy with this trifle. Baba, I want to send him some food. You! being my disciple, you want to send food to that hypocrite?? But do you know what I want to send?…what?.. Leave it everything for me..don’t intervene. I think we better flee.. We got something for Baba.. Great! baba is inside the room. You are getting nervous … give it to me.. Hey, why you guys are standing there? Come here. What is this? Oh, desert..did you guys prepared this? Yes, we prepared this. Oh, your desert does not want to stay inside.. This not a desert seems color mixed with lime! what happened??? Baba, strange things happened there. He excreted the lime and the color separately through different ears!! …and what a powerful gazing he had!! Oh..only this??? I witnessed such a thing many times. I also did this when I was a kid! But such a thing is very low graded. However, I can not blame you for this. You never witnessed such a thing to date. Such hypocrisy should not be tolerated more. Will you be able to perform what I have told you? What is the big deal…but.. ..there is no but. You will get a decent reward of your work. Go at late night. He stays alone at that time. Where are you going at such a late night? Do you have any love appointment? You all better leave now. Don’t disturb my penance. Otherwise how come it will be convenient for you. I am saying for the last time. Leave the place and leave me alone. We will be after you until we expose your hypocrisy. You guys are still there! Then freeze at your respective positions. Woke up.. Go home now.. Please forgive me Baba. I’ll not repeat the same mistake. Okey…don’t be distracted like this in future. This winter is very cold this time. That’s true! I don’t understand how come Baba does not anything even in such a cold weather. He is the God himself….beyond winter, summer,…. I still wonder that as Baba has a human body, how come he is above the laws of nature! Baba, it is too cold this time!! Mangaldas, think about how much little power human being have..even not able to withstand little cold ..but we are so egotistical. You came out in such a cold weather. I brought it for you. It seems expensive! Oh..I am feeling more cold. No..I was better without clothes. It is for you.. Getting warm now? keep it. You should give right things to the right places. You only recognized luxury, not the renunciation. I understand Baba. I’ll not do the same mistake again. Now you are the actual queen. No go home. It is already late at night. All of you now leave and take rest. What is that?…some fire for you.. make you warm in such intense winter. Mangaldas, is warming my body… Mangal, you have burnt me.. I told you, all these are not for me. Oh..I am responsible for this..please forgive such a fool! I will forgive you if you do some mistakes. But you came here with a very good intention. Let me have a bath in the ganges. It’ll be okay then. You are going for a dip in ganges!!!…in such a cold weather!! Look how purified ganga is. Just one dip and see the result. (Ramkrishna Paramhansha is visiting) I came here to see you. It is very auspicious to meet a real yogi! wao..a small container..I’ll keep ‘sindoor’ of Maa Bhabatarini. You are right to have ‘mouni’ (not talking) vow. Otherwise everybody mostly ask nonsense. Time to leave now. We’ll meet again ‘there’. Baba does not talk anymore. Person like him is from the higher consciousness. They come to the earth for the betterment of common people. ..but who are used to live in airy room, how come they prefer suffocating place. We have witnessed ‘walking Shiva’. Let’s move now. Mangal, let me tell you something today. I have spent 300 years on the earth. I also have work at ‘different places (lokas)’. I’ll leave my body tomorrow afternoon. Arrange a trunk where this body can stay. After closing the trunk, you should float it at ganges. You do not need to cremate my body. Don’t cry. You can ask me anything you want. Please bless me that I should never be distracted from your lotus feet! Okay.. Listen, close the door from the outside. Tomorrow the door will automatically open when I leave my body. Please don’t open the door before that. Why are you crying? I have nothing to say. Please calm down and let us know what happened! Will you be able to bear that? Brother Mangal, where is Baba? Why did not you inform me earlier? Baba’s last instruction was to immerse his body in the ganges. His holy body is inside the box.

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  1. Namo Namo jee Shankara
    Bholenaath Shasnkara
    Jai Triloknath Shambhu
    Hey Shivayy Shankara /
    Namo namo jee Shankara,
    Adi Deva Shankara
    Rudra Deva hey Maheshwara..

  2. দেখ দিন দুনিয়ার প্রকৃত মানুষ। আসল মানুষ। মনের কথা মুখে বুঝানো যায়না। জয় গুরু। আমি পাপি বান্দা। মহাজন একজনই

  3. মহাপুরুষ শ্রী শ্রী ত্রৈলঙ্গস্বামীর চরণে শতকোটি প্রণাম 🙏🙏🙏 বতর্মান যুগে তাঁর মতো মহাপুরুষের বিশেষ প্রয়োজন।

  4. এমন মানব রূপে ভগবান , আমরা কখন কি দেখতে পারব, প্রভু ???

  5. হে প্রভু,আমাকে লোভ মোহ মায়া ভোগ বাসনা বিলাসীতা ক্রোধ আমার আমার এগুলো থেকে মুক্ত কর। ত্যাগ দান এর ক্ষমতা দাও।

  6. "ভব সাগর তারণ কারণ হে গুরুদেব দয়া করো দীনজনে"

  7. প্রনাম পিতা । তুমি সত্য, তুমি শিব, তুমি সুন্দরম । জগতের মঙ্গল কর হে প্রভু ।।

  8. He most definately did not live to be 250, concidence he died not long after people discovered him, isn't it?

  9. Old is gold ……….খুব ভালো একটা মুভি ……….
    Har Har MAhAdEV ……
    oM namah sibhay…..

  10. হে ঈশ্বর তুমি মহান
    তুমি তৈলঙগ স্বামী রুপে এই পৃথিবীতে নেমে এসেছিলে
    আমাদের সব অপরাধ তুমি ক্ষমা করো

  11. দয়াল মুর্শিদ ভরসা। মরিয়াও না মরে খোদার আউলিয়া, ঘাটে ঘাটে ঘুরে বেড়ায় নিজের ঘট বদলাইয়া।

  12. Maha maha Yogi…Jay Baba Loknath:Jay Baba Trailanga Swami:Jay Ramkrishna :Jay Sadhak Bama khepa:Jay Sai Baba,,,Har har Mahadev:Om Namaha Shivai:Jay Ma Kali,,,,Hari Om Hari Om

  13. সুবাহানাল্লাহ। সব ধর্ম এক। ধর্ম যার যার ঈশর সবার

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