Triebfeder / DU stehst auf “schmutziges” Kopfkino? Na dann – let’s have fun! :  “Aufriss” (3)

Triebfeder / DU stehst auf “schmutziges” Kopfkino? Na dann – let’s have fun! : “Aufriss” (3)

ELEVATION Scene at the bar: YOU: Hey, take that hand away,
otherwise your nose has two leaks! HE: Okay, okay sweetie …!
What would you like to drink? I’ll wave to the bartender. A Southern Comfort with Ginger Ale? Whatever you want! Your wish is my command! YOU: Have you seen here more often,
mostly motherhood alone, sometimes you were so drunk,
that you could barely stand! Constantly looking over at you,
but that did not seem to interest you, since you took no notice of me at all! HE: Really? Hard to believe! You do not have to think about it! Just thought lately
to drown my lovesickness. Hope you see that in the meantime sober! I’m not up to this day either
shut up, shy! YOU: I did not believe it anymore
that you at some point dare again! First wanted to give you a dump,
who has washed herself there you are facing me
behaved so stubborn! But then I decided differently in the short
term. Do not know why! A decision, but that
in retrospect, prove as not so stupid! HE: Here is the hell of hell today! Hot beats,
the dancing full! That’s all i need! At my side,
probably the most beautiful woman in the world, that I would not trade
for so much money! What is your name? Bella, I would imagine
at the gigantic look, could I understand this all too well …!

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