True Off-Grid Homesteading in A Pioneer Style Cabin

True Off-Grid Homesteading in A Pioneer Style Cabin

in so many ways, the days of the pioneers and the homestead lifestyle are very romanticised but for those of us who grew up in towns and cities who are used to having electricity and running water and refrigerators what would it really be like to return to a simple way of life, throwing all of those things away and truly going off the grid. today we’ve travelled to a beautiful property here in Missouri to find out.

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  1. Very sweet. So good to see this. All possible just about anywhere, provided local bylaws and regulations don’t force you to connect up to utilities. After living off-grid for thirty years, I know this is possible and very satisfying. Thanks so much for documenting this and demonstrating that you don’t know everything to get started.

  2. is there a filter for the rainwater. Cause my step father catches rain water but i often watch it being filled with tadpoles, how would i properly do this?

  3. House insurace, propert tax. ..i'm pretty sure they know "Bill", but still kudos for being self sufficient in todays world and beautiful land, house, out buildings.

  4. They have some great ideas, but the idea of “getting all the toxins out” is let down a bit by the incredibly harmful chemicals in wood varnish and the leather tanning process. So many positive steps though, good on them.

  5. I’m so glad for videos like this because I got exposed to all this before I made any choices to live large and accept consumerism. Also, I adore the loft!!! The first time I’ve seen a framed bed in a loft.

  6. Awwsome! I'm hoping to become a 'hey mon' myself soon. I really appreciate all the info you two share, thanks☺

  7. I feel jealous!!!I was able to work abroad to earn more for a living only to realized this is my ultimate dream!!!to have a small beautiful home in the heart of farm.. having source of my own organic foods.. living my life at bosses, no pressures from the outside bills!!!…😍😍😍

  8. I believe that people are searching for the type of life we were meant to live. You feel more fulfilled when you can see the profits of your efforts.
    It’s a healthier way of life because you eat better, work harder, and appreciate more the little things in life. 💕🥰

  9. Fermented foods are very healthy! They improve and maintain gut health so your natural body’s defenses are stronger.
    Hard, physical work daily helps you to sleep better. These two things alone are what people are lacking most, and that’s why there are so many illnesses.

  10. No bills. No need to go to Walmart or Safeway for food. They own everything they have, don't pay a mortgage. There is nothing you can hang over their heads to enslave them or chain them to a desk or machine.
    These people are so free it's ridiculous.

  11. We go back in time because it is similar to leaving your keys at home and going back to get them and realizing you are the key to your home. I started living off grid 4 years ago. My experience is different because of where I live. There is a major difference between paying mortgage and the bills that coincide living in a city and living on land that is paid for without utilities. I love the struggle off self sufficiency vs just paying the bills. The farm I speak of is Windchime Way Farm.

  12. I've watched every one of Stacy and Dougs YouTube videos. You have to watch , subscribe and like. You will absolutely love this couple. Love the homestead homies!

  13. I absolutely agree that this is the right direction, but there is one thing that needs to be cleared, he said at around 4:50 (we need to reduce our carbon footprint).. that is not necessary, the false media has been pushing that carbon is a bad thing for the planet, but the truth is that carbon is life for the planet, it is food for trees, the planet has never been greener thanks to carbon, trees convert carbon in to oxygen, for proof of this, plant your own trees anywhere you like, just water them and watch them grow, everything grows, the "carbon is bad" lies, is nothing more than a false claim developed by politicians as another reason for additional taxes. But I love this life style and hoping to make there some day.

  14. I reduced down and for $30k got a farm space and little house of 680 sq ft, for my retirement by selling my home and using the extra $100k from that sale. It is so much healthier and away from the city it is peaceful and calm. The water is clean, the air is clean, and eggs are from my own chickens. There are horses to ride, a pool to swim in. and work around here to do, so not hard to get in my steps. I usually have 6500-7500 steps in by 9AM.

  15. Wow is all I can say Bryce, this couple is incredible. We all need to take a hard look at the way we live. Downsizing and simplifying seems to be the way to go. Thanks Bryce, amazing video and I really enjoyed watching it.

  16. If all I worried about was the health of my crops, I'd be a happy man. Which means I don't have many concerns in life, many of these concerns are artificial, created by a plastic society.

  17. We have been living this way for 18 years! I have raised and still raising children this way. It has always been how I wanted to live and to be able to take care of ourselves

  18. I love it – this is my dream life to be self-sustainable and just forget about the bills 😀 Just curious did you need to have county permits involve with this type of project?

  19. I definitely can understand why more and more people want to escape this world,the older I get the more people annoy me,bills give me heartburn and probably one day an heart attach lol
    Living like this is definitely healthier,fresh food,fresh water and no drama.
    Damn…that homemade pizza looked amazing!

  20. This is fake homesteading. Even their outfits look fake. I would bet that they started with plenty of cash from their previous lives in the city. That certainly would make everything easier. I have witnessed this many times in my life.

  21. "have you been out ther buying those razors?" he asks as it cuts to him using multiblade buy at the grocery store kind of razor. This guy really just needs to spend the money to get a good safety razor and it will pay for itself long before he dies and it will STILL be useful for someone else. A good razor that is well kept can literally shave great granddad, grandad, dad, and you (of course not at all the same time for hygiene reasons, but if you sterilize it between uses then it could).

  22. I love it all, but I don't think I could give up on the computer/net, and I would miss movies on-demand. I thrive on knowledge and info, and that is where it's at these days. Of course, it is also the source of a lot of misinformation.

  23. i would get geese and ducks if i had a pond , they feed themselves basically and its more meat choices its 11 acres they can grow the feed for the birds for winter and their poop is good fertilizer, so grow mushrooms , another string for their bow , i am sure the extra cash will not go amiss

  24. Cute house. Looks like a peaceful and wholesome life. Good for them to ditch the high consumption lifestyle.
    No mailbox, no bills! Awesome!

  25. Sounds like they love it just a little too much,especially being in the midwest without air conditioning and sleeping in a upstairs loft. Thats not the compost bins im smelling folks!

  26. I WANT TO BE THEM ! ! LOL. NO, SERIOUSLY, EITHER OR BOTH. WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE…Away from the ratrace and bills. I have a 600 sq. ft. house now (a very few low costs) and I need to get busy! Like this cute couple I left the big house, the constant shopping and all of it. As always, Bryce, a magnificent job. You and Rasa were born to enrich the lives of others…like mine. Be blessed in return. 🤗🤗🤗

  27. How much was your land? I have a portable cabin and having difficulty find land in Missouri. Plus I have dealt with a lot of people who didn't want to sell me land because of my skin complexion. They said I wouldn't be safe.

  28. This couple have a channel and do some interesting videos, too, about their lifestyle. I notice that she mentioned computers, but did not refer to her videos (Off Grid with Doug and Stacy) which, obviously, require electricity.

  29. its all wonderfu. I just worry about the heat in the summer. Humid hot summers in Missouri.. i've been to that area of america and it gets miserable. high 90s to some sweaty days

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