Turn your room into a mini movie theatre for $80

Turn your room into a mini movie theatre for $80

I have wanted to get one ever since my last
birthday, when my friend brought his expensive BENQ projector to our group camping, when
we had a mini-rave. A little while ago I received a projector
from GearBest. I was a bit skeptical, because it was an $80
projector, while my friend’s projector is close to $1000, so my expectations were pretty
low, but I wanted to see how it turns out anyway. And finally, it arrived. The claimed brightness is 3000 lumens, and a little later you will see how it performs in low
and medium light environments. The box does not have the lumen rating on
it for whatever reason, but the basic specs are here. The most important one is probably the resolution,
which in this case is 800 x 480. This is the resolution that it projects in,
as for the source video – I tested it with up to Full HD. Inside the box I found an HDMI cable, a power
cable, a remote control, an old-school sound cable, a weird-looking mushroom, and of course
the projector itself with the lens cap on it – imagine if it wasn’t there, wouldn’t
that be a doozie… The HDMI cable is about 3 ft. or 1 meter long,
which isn’t a lot, but also long enough to reach the laptop. The power cable that I got was with the odd
Chinese plug. The old-school sound cable, in case you want
to use it with the really old sound system. The weird mushroom thing, which is used as
a ceiling mount, and a remote control that runs off of 2 AAA batteries. The projector comes with 2 HDMI inputs, and
you can switch between the sources using the buttons on top of it, or with the remote. The Chinese plug issue has been solved with
the travel adapter that I have picked up during my trip to Hong Kong back in 2013. I didn’t want to get any copyright issues
with this video, so in order to test it we are going to see my brilliant reenactment of some of my favourite movies. When I was telling my coworkers about the
projector, my boss asked me if it’s possible to watch it laying down if you point it at
the ceiling, and I wondered the same thing, since I haven’t tried that. Turns out, you can. Another question was the size, how viable
it is to have it in small apartments, because you won’t always have an empty wall easily
available. In our test I had it about 140 cm or 55 in. away from the wall, and the size of the projection
was equivalent to a 35” TV. The further it is, the larger it can get,
with the biggest size before it starts losing focus being 150 inches – for that it needs
to be roughly 5 meters or 15 feet away. But the most important part about it is that
you can use it to practice your hand shade figures with it.

16 thoughts on “Turn your room into a mini movie theatre for $80

  1. Can anyone guess all the movies? There may or may not be a little incentive in a form of a prize (not this projector) involved

  2. 1. The Room
    2. Donnie Darko
    3. Napoleon Dynamite
    4. National Treasure

    These are the movies, if anyone was wondering

  3. Hahaha The Room was your best performance. (the rest are : Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite and National Treasure). We want more movies from you!

  4. Movie List:
    1. Eva Angelina gets BBC
    2.Tori Black takes the big D
    3.Two Girls One Cup
    Hopefully i win
    Ps: why someone is disliking this Video? I liked go on with your dope material!

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