tWitch and Ellen’s Giveaways to Make First-Time Mothers’ Lives a Bit Easier!

tWitch I have some
things that are going to make being a
first-time mother easy and fun. I’m kidding– it’s
going to be super hard. But here’s something that
you’re going to love. Shutterfly makes personalized
Mother’s Day gifts that are more than
just cards, stationery, and baby announcements. That’s right. They also have super
cute teddy bears and books you can
customize for your kids. You are all getting a
$250 Shutterfly gift card! [CHEERING] Feeding kids can be difficult.
That’s why I have dogs. But Plum Organics makes it easy. Plum pouches have
clear packaging and contain organic
ingredients that kids love and that parents can see. You can shop a year’s supply
of Plum Organics with your $350 Target gift card. [CHEERING] I don’t know why but parents
like to take their kids places. And wouldn’t it be nice
to have just one car seat that lasts for 10 years. The Maxi-Cosi Magellan
is a five-in-one car seat that has infant, toddler,
and booster settings. You can use it
from birth, and it may be the only car
seat you’ll ever need with its superior
style, comfort, and safety. You’re all getting this
$350 Maxi-Cosi car seat! [CHEERING] The Tripp Trapp chair by
Stokke grows with your child. And with their
newborn attachment, you can use it from
birth to adulthood. It fits right up to
the dining table, allowing children to
eat, learn, and play next to you and your family. You’re all getting this $400
high chair set from Stokke. [CHEERING] Oh, no! No, no. Don’t cry! No, no! You’re OK? You’re OK, Kennedy. You have my little
slippers on, don’t you. All right. Was this fun after all? You got scared and
then you’re having fun. Are you having fun? Are you having fun? They’re all having fun. A good time. Hi! You comfortable? Yeah? You’re comfortable, huh? Holland just got two. What? Holland just got two. Two what? Two years old! Oh! She just got two! Congratulations you got two! How old are you? Four already. Four! And how old is
Kennedy, do you know? I think she’s only one. How old are you, Kennedy? Can you say one? I think we have to– we’ll be back! We’ll think about it. Yeah, we’ll be back.

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