TYM – The Tragedy of Henry Dunkley (Trailer)

A sewage works is the last place you’d expect to find a grave. But here lies Henry Dunkley whose story is one of convict cunning, treachery, murder and ghosts. I’m on my way to Gunning, NSW. It was here I first came across the headstone and read the inscription: ‘sacred to the memory of Henry Dunkley who was cruelly murdered by his wife and servant’ and I knew then, this is a mystery worth investigating. Our story begins in Australia’s early colonial era, where a young man by the name of Henry Dunkley arrived as a convict in Port Jackson. It was in a slab hut that Henry Dunkley was killed in the early hours. It was his servant, Martin Beech who severed Dunkley’s neck with three blows to his spine using an axe. Lucretia helped dispose of the body. The two were sent to Berrima gaol. The judge sentenced them both to death by hanging. The judge also ordered that their skulls be removed from their bodies so they could be studied. Rumours abound, that Lucretia Dunkley’s spirit wandered the corridors of this courthouse. Our teams disperse, unsure of what, or even who we might find… Hello, we’ve got something! Calibrating on something… Okay, I’m getting out of here!

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