Types Of People In The Salon

Types Of People In The Salon

100 thoughts on “Types Of People In The Salon

  1. 1:09 The hair stylist: Do you want straight ir curly?
    The woman:Sorry.
    Me: You cannot hear ir what??????

  2. Please subcribe to my channel I will subscribe to yours if you tell me you did and your honest about it

  3. I can relate all the scenarios, it's like they have made a skit about my salon experiences, creepy😰

  4. me:hey brother can you help me comd my hair?
    Brother:sure im going to do it like a hair styler😊
    Me: ok
    Brother: 4:14

  5. My mother owned a beauty shop in NY for 34 years. It wasn’t a beauty shop, it was a psychiatrist office. These women (25-85 years old) would bitch and complain about their lives. How bad their brats were. Their husbands, not being able to “perform”😳but, a certain younger man taking care of their “needs”🤣. I sat in the back office doing my homework, listening and learning about how the world really was. A street education at 7. How to “please” a woman at 10🤔. At 14 I gave a customers daughter an education in “Pleasure”.
    Her mother caught us, she became so jealous, she stopped coming to my moms shop. To this day, my mother still doesn’t know what happened. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. I'm so the short sighted one..
    My stylist is used to this and now he just hands me my spectacles before asking me anything..LMAO😂😂

  7. 4:14
    The ‘Performer’:*yeets her hair in the girl’s face*
    (If that girl was me.)
    Performer:*yeets da hair in mah face*

  8. Anyone else hate it when u go in to a hair salon tell them what u want and they try to push their opinion on u and u don’t feel like arguing so u leave with the complete opposite of what u want..

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