Upin & Ipin : Keris Siamang Tunggal (Full Movie 10 Minutes)

Upin & Ipin : Keris Siamang Tunggal (Full Movie 10 Minutes)

Seven heavens call upon its name… Seven lands tremble at its fame… The Sacred Kris shrouded in mystery… Thought to be lost for all eternity… Centuries pass with nary a whisper… A mystical secret for one to discover… Forward! Inderaloka belongs to me. Raja Bersiong! You won’t… get away… with this… The chosen one will return… The Lone Gibbon Kris will awaken… Tears will reveal their true identity… Lone Gibb– Get that kris now! UPIN & IPIN: THE LONE GIBBON KRIS Upin, hurry! Run, Upin! Ouch! There he is! Rembo! Rembo, wait! Hurry, Ipin! Hurry! We’ll get you! Why do you always have to steal my slipper? Don’t you have other slippers to steal? Don’t be mad at him. He’s just a chicken. Next time, I’m going to fry him! Let’s find Atok. Atok! Oh, Atok! Atok? Atok… Let’s go. Ouch… Don’t do that, Tok! What if we had a heart attack? Heart attack? You kids are too young for that. Disgusting. Reminds me of our room! That’s why I asked you to help me. You two, clean up over here. What’s this? Wow, so many kris! Be careful with that! It’s sharp! I know… Where did you get all these cool things? It’s my secret stash. They are all family heirlooms… … passed down from my ancestors. See this one here? It’s from Ah Tong. Uncle Ah Tong had a kris? Where did he get it? Some guy sold it to him, so he bought it. You know, I’ve got a really strange kris. An old man gave it to me. He called it the Lone Gibbon Kris. The Lone Gibbon Kris? Legend has it– Ouch! Watch it, you chicken! No… not my good shirt… That stinks! Poor Atok! Now, now, that’s enough. You two get back to cleaning this shed. And don’t touch anything else. Okay? Yes, boss! Upin! Ipin! In here! You’re not finished yet? We’re supposed to play ball! Stay and help us clean then. Sure! The faster we clean… … the faster we can go play! Yeah! Mail, don’t even think about it! Fine… Guys, look here! Jarjit! – – Upin! Out of the way, Ehsan! Stop playing around! Mei Mei! Susanti! Here! Here! I’m Captain Ipin! Feel the power of the Lone Gibbon Kris! It moved! Yeah… The picture’s all blurry. What’s inside that thing? A five-eyed monster… Monster…? It’s kind of small. Is this the Lone Gibbon Kris? A magic kris! I can sell it and be rich! But you can’t sell two for one ringgit… … because there’s only one! Mail! Mail! Too heavy. What? What a wimp! Not as strong as I thought. I bet we can do it! Careful, guys. One… two… three! I can’t believe it! You did it! Nothing to it! It’s so light. Awesome shots! What’s this? Upin, help me up. Upin, Ipin, look at this. What is it? – Look here! Stars of two shine so bright… Darkness soon will turn to light… What’s happening? Where’s the blade? What’s happening? Save yourselves! Upin… Ipin! No! Don’t let go! Upin… Ipin! UPIN & IPIN: THE LONE GIBBON KRIS In cinema 21 March 2019

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  2. Hai sahabat serumpun, tolong jual film ini di playstore. Kami juga nak nonton lah hehehehe.. salam dari indonesia. Sahabat serumpun ❤🙏

  3. Film ni nk memecah rekot yg di pegang oleh flm antarabangsa incredible 2…flm ni dlm msa 3 minggu dh kutipan 25 juta x sgka nk bgsa mlayu blh ketahap ni alhamdulillah

  4. Untuk pembuat animasi/film ini tolong lanjutin film para petualang yang dulu season 2. lanjutan dari pak mali dan singh yang ada di dunia lain

  5. cerita filmnya bagus dan lucu juga… 😀

    Assalamu'alaikum teman-teman semua…
    Najwa baru mau belajar buat konten youtube nih..
    silahkan mampir ya…

  6. Musim yang skrang saya merasakan ke Khasan anak desa melayu sudah hilang,efek kartun pun sudah berubah tak macam musim pertama

  7. Mmg terbaik movie ni hidupkan kisah dongeng Melayu do the best. Tapi kalau ada legenda dari Sarawak dan Sabah lagi best! Boleh tanya? Keris Siamang Tunggal ni Keris Beruk Berayun kan?

  8. Upin ipin tayang di tv dong karna aku suka banget sama upin ipin dan juga tayang nya hari minggu di tv plssssssss,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. halo saye orang malaisya saye sering lah nonton ni kalo nak kalian nak kalian nak tengok film terbaru jangan lupe supcraibe lengk dan sher

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