V.I.P. with Pam Anderson (PS1) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

V.I.P. with Pam Anderson (PS1) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

[Music] VIP starring Pamela Anderson her name is very familiar to anyone having been a teenage boy in the 90s I don’t think a single day went by on the school bus without hearing Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson after all she was in such great movies like barbed wire and naked souls she was best known for the TV show Baywatch and after that there was VIP which I know nothing about but let’s check out the game the story begins with a doctor calling a team of bodyguards for help known as VIP VIP good morning what can we do for you this is dr. Kendall speaking it’s urgent I call you for an emergency what’s happened exactly doctor there are there are men with guns crawling all over my estate what kind of company is this and why would you call them why don’t you just call 911 look like an emergency response team they’re dressed like they’re getting ready for a photo shoot for a magazine cover it doesn’t make any sense Pamela has never looked so creepy obviously this is the original PlayStation so the graphics are acceptable for their time but I can never get over the synthetic human look trying to look like real life but appearing as lifeless as ever then the game begins as you go to the doctor’s estate still dressed in your skimpy outfits and beat up all the thugs who are trying to break into his home or whatever the hell is supposed to be happening they don’t even explain it yet but they suspect the doctors playing some kind of trick who cares let me tell you about the game I use the term game very loosely because it isn’t really much of a game at all you just copy the on screen button combinations if you enter it correctly Pamela will automatically perform an attack combo after she’s taken out a group of thugs she will automatically move to the next screen it’s like the game is playing itself you’re just passively watching the action take place in what appears to be a fighting game but it’s actually more like a hyped up version of Simon Says you don’t even need the game to play this just get out your PlayStation controllers and you can play along with me down Circle up triangle right square you enjoy that well you’re playing VIP and that’s all there is to it it goes on and on and on of course I have to mention she’s hitting people with her purse now she’s a girl give her a purse then all of a sudden things change up you take control of her partner or I mean as much control as the game allows here you’re moving the crosshairs of the gun around that’s right she’s using a gun then why does the Pamela character use a purse on the cover she has a gun but the manual says she hates guns go figure that out what can be said about the gun portion of the game not much have you played an arcade shooter style like this it’s the same thing just move the crosshairs to the target shoot repeat reload every now and then repeat repeat what is she wearing anyway she’s going out the battle and this kind of thing is her normal job shouldn’t she be wearing some kind of body armor instead she’s wearing as little as she can possibly get away with this is a scumbags idea of a game let’s get some slutty girls and give them guns who who every now and then you find diamonds for points and they always seem to fly up her ass you can cash the points in to watch more cutscenes even if it’s the same cutscenes you’ve already seen without points or you can see these still shots what the hell is the point of this anyway I have to comment on the high energy music that seems like it’s trying to get you all hyped up for nothing it sounds sort of like a Sega Genesis synth guitar that’s being choked but somebody’s trying to rock out through a walkie-talkie that’s been shoved up a hippopotamuses but right before amok spreads but still you got to give it credit it’s trying its best just blast it out through the farts of the hippos ass cranking out that high-octane pulse pounding hard rocking music and in the end all I’m doing is just pressing buttons down right square plus square X right square axe [Music]

100 thoughts on “V.I.P. with Pam Anderson (PS1) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

  1. I thought this was a new episode, it tricked me!
    Edit: “It” is the recommendation list.

  2. I remember watching this a long ass time ago. When we only had like 4 TV stations. As far as I can remember the skimpy outfits are accurate…

  3. Same sound effects as GoldenEye; every time you shoot or strike an enemy they make the same yelp in both games. Probably stock sound effects from some old movie or something.

  4. Great i was going to do something and now i am watching the nerd play another shity game pshhh!

  5. I often wonder with crappy games, if there's anybody in the world where this is their favorite video game ever?

  6. She hates guns…but she loves how good she looks with one.
    Calvin Klein

  7. 3:32 "instead shes wearing as little as possible"
    In video game logic the less a female character wears the more overpowered she is!

  8. I remember being a kid having nothing to watch on tv a lot and that became one of my shows. Terrible. But great

  9. The graphics were high end for the ps1. Way more than “acceptable”. People don’t remember how awe full the ps1s graphics were EVEN for the time.

  10. you can tell james doesn't play next gen consoles very well by the way he holds his controller. his index and middle finger would be above the l and r buttons if he played them.

  11. I've never seen the show but from what I've looked up, it looks like if both Charlie's Angels movies have even less dignity than they ever had.

  12. U didnt play it long enough, after a while u can buy Pamela photos…not animated ones…oooh when i was little ,i had very good time with this game …of course alone 😉😉😉😉

  13. If you watch the tv show that this game is based on, it's pretty much the same thing as you see in the game (without the button instructions), and with more characters.

  14. Yo I know I'm real late but you got that from PlayNTrade XD I'd recognize that cover sticker anywhere!

  15. Buddy I think you missed the point of this game. You're supposed to jack off to it, not try and make lame jokes about how bad the gameplay is. Just stroke one out during the cut scenes and you're all good!

  16. i litterally liked that show and got that game for christmas. i was so disapointed cause hes right its barely a game with that button pushing nonsense.

  17. If u never watched the show, then u ain't missing much, it was about as stupid as this game, the only cool thing about the show was the Dodge Viper Pam drove in it, even those scenes of the show where laughably bad…

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