Van Helsing (2004) – Welcome to Transylvania Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

Van Helsing (2004) – Welcome to Transylvania Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

CARL: So, what do you remember?
VAN HELSING: Not now, Carl. There must be something. I remember fighting the Romans
at Masada. – That was in 73 A.D.
– You asked. CARL: What are we doing here? Why is it so important
to kill this Dracula, anyway? – Because he’s the son of the Devil.
– I mean, besides that. If we kill him, anything bitten
or created by him will also die. I mean, besides that. Welcome to Transylvania. – Is it always like this?
– Pretty much. ANNA: You, turn around. – Let me see your faces.
– Why? Because we don’t trust strangers. Strangers don’t last long here. 5’7″ by 2’3″. Gentlemen, you will now be disarmed. You can try. ANNA: You refuse to obey our laws? – The laws of men mean little to me.
– Fine. Kill them. – I’m here to help you.
– I don’t need any help. Really? Everybody inside! Hide the children! VAN HELSING: Stay here. You stay here.
They’re trying to kill me. – Marishka, kill the stranger.
– Love to. ANNA: Run! Carl, it’s not working. CARL: Try aiming at their hearts.

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  1. I played this awesome game back than … Nosgoth and I always felt like Van Helsing trying to shoot down the flying typ Vampire.


  3. Welcome to Transylvania/
    We're very happy that you're here/
    Oh, welcome to Transylvania/
    We greet you with a mighty cheer/
    We're considered both a death, and a tourist trap/
    Thanks to all the Frankensteins, you put us on the map/
    So, welcome to Transylvania/
    Though vampires suck your blood at night/
    And werewolves prowl in the pale moonlight/
    And zombies have a tendency to roam/
    It's the place that we humbly call/

  4. I just love the environment,, why 19th century is so dark and creepy,,,,,, for ex watch sleepy hollow,, Sherlock holmes, or any other movie which show 19 th century,, the environment is so dark

  5. pro enough with that auto cross bow to shoot a hundred arrows around Kate's character without hitting her, but bad enough he hits the vampires about 4 times in the whole scene. What?

  6. I really wanna watch this movie. I’ve never given it the light of day but I’ve recently picked up Bram Stoker’s Dracula and now I’m borderline obsessed with Van Helsing’s character. I haven’t even finished the book yet but I’m close.

  7. Kate Beckinsale should be casted as Yennifer in the new Witcher series not whoever they came up with.

  8. I swear when this move came out just a few years after ' the mummy ' and ' national treasure ' or even they both came out the same year, all 3 movies include ' big ' stars like hackman, cage, and Brendan fraser, and all 3 have a bumbling sidekick with them- and all 3 include the ' hot ' innocent girl…its like all 3 were written by the same script writer

  9. You'd think with those vampires regularly doing this, villagers would have crossbows, silver bolts, etc.

  10. It's a good thing that those creatures showed up just when the villagers are about to kill the main character.

  11. This movie is so ridiculous with his unlimited ammo crossbow, why don't they just give him big silver M-16 that fires silver bullets?

  12. True fact: Josie Maran, who played Marishka, the youngest of Dracula's brides, made her on-screen debut in the Backstreet Boys' Everybody video (she gets bitten by Howie D and becomes a vampire)

  13. I liked the gloomy and dark landscapes of this movie; some of them were quite beautiful; the female vampires were really children of Satan; but I didn' t like so such the way that was used to kill Dracula,"bitten" by a werewolves,no way,that seemed too much absurd and wierd.

  14. It really needs a sequel specially Hugh Jackman is still young enough to reprise his role. All they need is a better plot better script and storyline also a hot new leading lady! I can see Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Blunt, Amber Heard, Gal Gadot just to name a few or how about Hugh's fellow aussie actress Teresa Palmer.

  15. Van Helsing: I'm here to help
    Anna: I don't need any help
    Van Helsing: Really? (Pulls out crossbow and aim) Duck!

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