Veydra Mini Cinema Primes REVIEW for Sony E-mount Cameras

Veydra Mini Cinema Primes REVIEW for Sony E-mount Cameras

21 thoughts on “Veydra Mini Cinema Primes REVIEW for Sony E-mount Cameras

  1. hey caleb great video! The end of the video is blank after you finished the video! 🙂 you should be able to trim it in the video editor on YT

  2. I wish they made these in EF FF, so I could SpeedBoost them, gut they don't seem to be too interested in that.

  3. so will this work perfectly with Sony fs5 camera?
    because it is super 35 sensor
    50mm = 50mm
    85mm = 85mm
    please I need the answer

  4. Little question – fit this lense to an NEX-FS100/700 ..??.. This cameras use an Super35 sensor. The lense illumination are for this sensor size or ..???..

  5. I really want to get these for the new GH5, but I just don't like the Veydra branding on the top of the lens… Just a personal thing.

  6. Hey Caleb. Thanks for the video! I have a question and would love your input.

    I'm about to start on a documentary. Very indie. I currently own the Sony a7s. I definitely want to pick up some Veydra lenses. However, how does the crop affect quality in these cameras? I plan on recording externally in 4K. I'm just a little confused since I won't be shooing full frame. Will this hurt quality, even if I'm externally shooting in 4K

    My other thought was to purchase the GH5 and record 4K internally while buying the Veydras as well.

    Any input? Would love some advice on this issue, I've been debating it for 2 weeks.

    Thanks a ton!

  7. Hi Caleb, great video review, question is: how smooth is the focus ring?…Ive got a gh5 12-60mm Leica and the focus ring is not smooth, lots of camera movement when manually focusing. Thanks.

  8. Ugggg, it seems I'm too late to the party. Just found out about these lenses and it seems Veydra is out of business and not too many people are selling their lenses on eBay. What a shame for me.

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