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Vijay Deverakonda Unseen Latest Telugu Full Movie | Ye Mantram Vesave Full Movie | Telugu FilmNagar

YE MANTRAM VESAVE Oh my! Paris… Eiffel Tower. Huh. Look at that face! Photoshopped. Like. [giggles] What’s with that hair, the bike and
that look? What are you staring at? Like. Hey Ritu! Yo! Come on chat. [notification tone] I’ve heard you’re on the cloud 9? Okay. What is the secret of your happiness? Who is he? Is it him? You just saw him on webcam
for the first time yesterday, and already he proposed his love? So fast? I had to match his speed. He’s so handsome… I’m in love… What about you? My guy? Full of attitude. He just proposed me yesterday
after a week of chatting. That’s okay, show me his photo! show me. No. Ladies first. Oh really? -Come on, Nishi!
-No way. Okay, compromise. Let’s upload the photos at the same time. Okay, good idea. You ready? 3-2-1 upload. [blipping] [screaming] [gunfire] Let’s go… come on… Let’s go… Get him! [gunfire] come on.. [gunfire] come on.. get him baby… get him… [gunfire] Come on baby! [gunfire] Gotcha! Aah! Thought you had me huh?
Thought you had me? Crap! Welcome to your funeral buddy! [gunfire] Yes. Closer… Closer! [gunfire] Yes. [gunfire] [screaming] No… Hey hey! No! Oh crap! Yes. Oh crap! No no! Yes! I’m the best! -Shucks.
-Oh! I’m the freakin best! You gave a death blow when
I thought I almost got you! Crap! I shall beat you in some game soon, Nikki. Shut up, loser. Hey, you’re just lucky, dude. Oh luck, is it?
Ready for the next game, baby? Again! Good god!
Cannot stand these shrieks and shouts. Poor throw. All these killings and ripping apart… Oh got it. What kind of games are these? Very good. Who did he get these qualities from? Same.. uh! Accurate throw! And those friends he has… they call it a Marathon…
playing non-stop for a week now. Let me hear you scream!
[gunfire in the video game] Jump! Roll! Jump! Slash!
[gunfire in the video game] It’s our fault, we let him be,
told him to do what he liked. I’m tired of begging him
to go out and get a job. He did. 4 jobs in 6 months. Why wouldn’t they throw him out if
he plays games in the office too? What’s his madness about
internet and games? He needs something to
update his social networks. I’ve learnt a lot about
him through Facebook, but he unfriended me so I
followed him on Twitter. He’s even uploaded videos on
Youtube and has got a lot of likes. Maybe he can find a girl online too. We can save the expenditure
if they get married on Skype. [screaming] Guess who’s the boss! Huh? Isn’t this box responsible
for all of this? Hey, what are you doing? [smashing] Calm down… Now let’s see how he plays now. Come. There isn’t a chance. Get him… Get him! -Shoot him too b***. Shoot that bugger.
-Hubby.. Aha! Yes… Come on… Let’s go. Come on… Damn! [gunfire] no…no! Come on.. He’s using a data card. Do you get internet from that too? You cannot understand technology. I got an idea! I’ll handle this. Dear Nikki Why don’t you go out and have
a few beers with friends? It’s a time waste, traffic and pollution. Yet, what would I do outside when all
my friends are on my Facebook wall? Leave the Facebook wall for a minute
and look at the wall around you… Here, look at this. What a shame! God! Move aside. Satya! Satya… Wait a minute. Move.. Satya…listen, wait listen to me. Why do you even have all of these? -Sathya, listen…
-Shut up! You said you’d change his ways and
even took voluntary retirement. What did you do?
Nothing, you cannot do a thing! I will make sure that he will never
play another game in his life. [music] [smash] My laptop hanged, so I’ve been playing
on your laptop. You just broke it dad. Aah! Satya! It’s a mess with him everyday. Hubby! Oh my god! What happened?
What happened to you? Oh my God! Useless fellow! Why don’t you give a damn even when
your Father is having a heart attack? He’s just being dramatic, I know.
Take it easy, Mom. This attempt failed too. Nikki, listen to me. Gaming seems like
fun, but too much of it is a bad thing. -Do get out for a while.
-I’m busy, mom. Get out of this room
and go get a real life! Real life is boring, mom.
Same thing every day. Eating, sleeping, same faces. You see dad’s face and dad sees yours. Look here,
you have a new world every minute. A new thrill every second! Does real life have this kind
of challenge and excitement? Nikki! Leave it, you’ll never get it. Are those your friends in the
game with those guns and weapons? Don’t you need anyone else? -How many friends do you have, dad?
-Four. Four of them.
They’re can do anything for me you know. Look here. I have 1844 friends. Will any of them help you when
you need them? Friends indeed! That’s okay, Just look at these pics.
My uncle sent these for you. Hit hit hit! I’m not asking you to look at these
photos and marry one right away… but just look at them once. Look at them. See Mom…
All these girls are crazy about me. Look, they would be here
the moment I say ‘love’. They are all in the fast lane mom. Girls are just like toys. I can play games with them. Listen, I was a girl once too. You’re too sentimental mom, please leave. He’s making his own parents cry. Don’t cry, Ritu. His chick score will now be zero. Wait. I’m sending his photo to all the
girls on our friends list. Game Over. This guy? Him? Nikki.. He played games with my emotions. If I see him, I will control+alt+delete. Isn’t there a girl who
can crash his system? [music] Big day. Bye Mom, bye Dad. Bye Uncle. Best of luck, dear. You said you have an
important presentation, Why don’t you take the car at least today? Just because we have a car, do I need to
add to the carbon monoxide in the city? [laughs] She sets out to do something big, then she bounces back like a yo-yo…
she will not change. [traffic] There you are… please donate. 2 rupees. Please.. [coins clinking] You always have a trick up your sleeve. [traffic] Buddha’s statue, an old fort,
a traffic junction. Boulders, who is the designer? Is it you? I thought so. What are these
characters, these locations? What is this crap? Do you think designing a game is
like doodling on your android? Sir, it’s a real time game. It’s a new and exciting concept that
brings out the game addicts to the real world Hold it. Real life my foot. Who wants your boring
stories about real life? The youth wants fantasy,
thriller, sci-fi, wars. Computer games aren’t
about game of marbles. There has to be blood. Blood? Is excitement just in killing and slaying? They are getting addicted to them
and find the real world dull. What if we show them the
excitement in the real world? It’s a refreshing new game sir. And it has a right message. If you want to send a message, text it. But don’t design such stupid games. We can’t even secure an entry in to the
National Games Competition if we send this. Do you get it? -Good.
-Thank you, sir. This is good. But, just extend the fangs here. Okay sir. As dangerous as it gets, it will be
that much more exciting for the player. Okay Mix weapons and create a new one. When the zombie cuts the
player into two from back He should get goosebumps. This is our entry to the 11th
National Games Competition. We will win. Alright, sir. You are the head of the
design department from now on. -Rags,
-Sir. See me in my office. Hey Rags, where to? I’m not feeling well. Going home. Where did you say you live? I didn’t. Well, then tell me. I’ll pick you up in the evening,
we’ll go out somewhere and chill. You don’t share your phone number
anyhow and ignore me online. Give me your address and I
will pick you up from home. Will you do something for me if I ask? Sure [music] Blood.. There has to be blood. We can’t even secure an entry in to the
National Games Competition if we send this. Do you get it? You like Justin Bieber too? Yes of course. Wow! Me too. I can’t see your face.
Why don’t you enable the video? Just a moment. Yes, I’m crazy about that smile. You are so innocent. I’ve lost my innocence after seeing you. Maybe you can show me more. I wanna see how beautiful you are. Come on, please, please. The doll you sent is so cute. Thank you. You still don’t trust me? No, I trust you. When can we meet then? How about next Friday? Bye, my love. Bye See you. [door opens] Hey! Welcome losers. Hand me the money. Give it. Give it to me baby. We lost 10,000 after a whole
week of marathon gaming. Waste of money and waste of time. First your Mom, now you. Wait and watch,
I’ll sweep the next bet clean. I did lose money but
I found a girl online. “Uha”, Sweet girl, sweet name. Cool chick, man. Do you have it in you? Have it in me? Let me show you. Come on. [notification tone] Hi baby. Hi baby. I can hear you but can’t see you.
Where are you? I’m in the shower. -Oh. Isthat the surprise?
-I’m feeling shy. Come on, come on,
why do you feel shy with me? Wow. Super like. You are hot, baby. You are hot. Crap! Oh! crap. Why can’t I ever get a girl? Why don’t you ask your Guru,
Nikhilananda Swamy? How do you manage to get all
these girls to fall for you? Style, looks, money.
Isn’t this is what they want. Just listen to them ramble on,
tell them they are your soulmate. It’s easy, Come, I’ll show you. What is this? Chat roulette, lets you connect
to a random webcam for chatting. Wow. Hi! [notification tone] I can’t do this job anymore, uncle Why do you need this job dear? You can start something on your own
with your ideas. Is this job necessary? Whatever you decide, I’m with you. Don’t be disappointed, please. [music] What? Did she resign? I thought so… Did you check for her address
in the office records? I checked all her records.
She gave the wrong address. Oh no.. How did she manage verification then? I don’t understand that. I thought I was the
big hacker around here. -Hey.
-Boss. Trace her, Hack the info if it’s needed. Okay. Don’t let anyone at the office know. Will do, boss. Okay. [door unlocks] It’s not even been six months,
she already left the job. 6 months is still a long time. Nishi Hi. Hey Rags! -Nishi!
-Huh? What happened? Oh my God! Rags… Rags, look at me Rags. Rags, look at me. Look at me Rags. Boohoo! [giggles] God! A big drama queen. God! I want to kill you. Sorry.. If you do this again,
I’ll kill you myself. Look at her… she is crying. -Hey don’t cry, nothing’s wrong.
-So sorry. Your uncle is a nice guy,
that’s why he puts up with you, You devil. Don’t dare tease Rithu. Don’t you
ever play such silly games again. Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s play a big game. He’s a bigger gamer than you. It’s all my fault. I thought it was love at first chat, but he was flirting with both Nishi
and me not knowing we are friends. It’s not just us but a lot of other
girls in our cirlce are his victims. When will you understand what
is real and what is unreal? You can’t trust everything
on the internet. Here she goes again. He’s not to blame, you all are Some random handsome guy praises you a
little and off you go into a dream world. This won’t work for us. Hey Ritu, let’s edit our
photos and update our profiles. Cool, let’s do it. This one is jobless so she’ll
say whatever she wants. Okay. Just make it little slimmer. -Should we trim the right side a little?
-Good… that’s enough. much better. -There you go, your pic is ready.
-Mmm great! -Let me upload this picture. Get up!
-Do you wanna play? Okay, come. I thought you wanted to teach
some guy a lesson. Forgot it? Yes,
only you can teach that Nikki a lesson. All kinds of people are out there online. The more careful we are, the safer it is. Leave her…she will not change. Hey, let’s have a private fashion show? Same fashion show, it’s boring. For a change, let’s do a music video. Awesome, let’s do that. [music] “Go Lady Gaga….New Music
Icons Move Miley Cyrus….” “Join the Chorus” -“Pack up Shakira”
-Hey, come on Rags. -“This is our time now!”
-Let’s have some fun. Come on Rags. -“Goodbye Rihanna….”
-It’s fun! “You are nobody compared to us!” “With awsomeness and appealing beauty” “March ahead sprinkling the stardust” “To win catwalk and wardrobe wars” Hi girls. “Hey about our status updates” “No way the universe can’t like it” “Our passion for high-street fashion” “can’t be beat,
says the world saluting us” “The sky that’s been far
away since a long time” “has descended today to high-fi us.
Welcome it” “Like them on Facebook.
Follow them on Twitter.” “Trap them on Skype. Build a playlist
showcasing our playboy talent.” “This Instagram love is so damn easy!” “Login to life and reboot your feelings!” “Why waste bandwidth thinking
about brainless glamorous babes?” “Why think about her?” “Why waste a minute, forget and chuck it.
Let’s begin a game!” [music] Come on Rags. Let’s have some fun. Fine! A few seconds only. “Hey about our status updates” “No way the universe can’t like it” “Our passion for high-street fashion” “can’t be beat,
says the world saluting us” “Watch!
Our video will take Youtube by storm” “with a billion views!” “Think! Dialling up our glamor
will break the internet!” -We should stop the nonsense of webcam
-“We will be so famous!” What a hot chick dude! This is the guy! This one! Dude, get this girl. He thinks we are stupid! Come on ask her. I don’t think you are her type. You’re wrong. He’s Nikki.
Girls just flock around him. It’s a girl, not a computer game. If you play the right game, any girl’s
yours. What do you know, losers. You cannot do it. WOuld you bet on it? You and your confidence! Okay, if I lose,
I will take a digital retirement. That’s the way! Digital retirement? What’s that? I won’t be anywhere on the internet. I won’t play online games anymore. Very good. I will remove my profiles
from all social networks. Fabulous. Now that’s a challenge! I will send her a Friend
Request right now. Already a Friend Request? Don’t even think about it, just reject it. I know him, he’s going to think
you rejected it by mistake. She might have rejected it on accident. Let’s try again. Kick him, kick him. Damn! Wow..super..
This is a good lesson for him. Game over dude.
Take it easy and have a beer. Here… Enough.. look at her. I will extract this girl’s
entire online history. Get ready to take digital retirement, man. I should have tried,
she’d have fallen for to me easily. What? Are you sure? Do you think this will work? Okay… Okay. [sprays] Hi… Please. this is for you. Thank you, so pretty. Just like you, for you. You’re even more beautiful in real.
Smell it. Smell it. [music] [gate creaking] I trust you. I love you. I believe you. [chuckles] This has become too easy, it’s boring now. I’ve been waiting for
a challenge like you… I’m coming to get you… let me send yet another friend request. Creep. Is it that Nikki again? No, it’s another idiot. He’s been after me since two months. He wants to be just friends. Show me his pic. Chocolate hero type…he
looks like a sweet guy. You will never learn. Let’s go to Truffles and have a coffee. [weeping] Sir… Sir. -My daughter is missing, sir.
-She’s a teenager. She’s been missing since last night. She said she was going to meet a
friend and been missing since then. 10 teenage girls have gone
missing in the past two months. All of them are internet cases. Head constable! Take down their FIR. Come here.. Do we start? Start.. I’ll give a 6 to that earrings guy. I will give 9. 1.5. It feels like you’re rating a flop movie. Even that’s too much for them. Don’t act so high and
mighty…simmer down. What do you see in guys? What do you want? Some other time. Hey, wait wait. First tell us, then leave. Okay, If I need to like a guy,
he needs to have 3 qualities. Wait wait…
I’ll record this and put it on Youtube. First quality is creativity. You mean an artistic type? He needs to have some art. guitar,
flute…maybe an instrument player, or someone who can sculpt or paint. You are so romantic. Stop your nonsense. You continue, what’s the second quality? He needs to be sensitive. It’s crazy to expect guys to be sensitive
nowadays when we ourselves aren’t. There are guys out there… quiet… Third quality? He needs to have a sense of humor. I thought you would bring up her history,
you brought up her list What kind of demands are these?
Are these enough? Yeah but… you don’t possess
even one of her three qualities… Hi guys. what is this? You called and said you were in
the middle of a serious discussion [notification tone] and here you are playing games?
[notification tone] Hey, we are not playing games.
[notification tone] Then? We’re in a serious discussion.
[notification tone] Oh God! [notification tone] Now tell me, what’s the problem? So what happened was… [music] Got you, fools! Is that it! Such girls have too many requirements Don’t worry,
we’ll put a check to her check list. But how? We’ll convince her that he’s
the Rockstar after Ranbir, by recording videos to showcase his
sensitivity and sense of humour. Lights camera.. action. Sing with me. Energy. Yeah yeah. This fellow plays a guitar? And that too so professionally? Look at the lighting. The lighting is on the left of his
face but the light is to the right. -Even the chords are out of sync.
-Oh my! Reject. [notification tone] -Oh no!
-Rejected again? You cunningness suits his schemes.
[laughing] Okay, now the shot is… Sam kicks a puppy. Then you pick it up… …take it close compassinately
and rub her forehead with love, That’s it. You’ll become a sensitive guy. -Take it dude.
-Eeh! Keep it close to you. -What if it pees?
-Hey guys, Remember the dialogues? Sam, look serious. Now put that pup down. Yuck. Sam, kick it. Hey, Go! Hey, hold the dog. Poor little creature… how could kick it? We have misunderstood this poor guy, he has a hard exterior and soft interior. You stupid girl. Because you are so naive,
he played a game with you. This idiot and a dog… that he loves… my God! Move on babes.. We got to go. -Bye..
-Take care bye. See you. Bye. Let’s stop it for today
and try again tomorrow. Enough, no more ideas or videos. I don’t want to impress
a girl by cheating. What’s this, dude? You too have ethics? Hey, the total cost of this
so far has been 25,000. If you give me the money, I’ll go. Oh… but your movie flopped
so your money’s down the drain. Dude, that’s not how…
come on just listen… Just admit that you’ve lost at least now. Instead of pretending to have talents
I don’t have, that’s my mistake. I will showcase the
talent I actually have. What talent? Get lost! I leave it to your fate. Come on let’s go. He pretends to have some
sort of a big realization. Maybe he’ll turn into a good guy! [door shuts] [music] Come on, come on, come on. [music] [notification tone] [notification tone] [coughing] Hey. Hi! Hi. I’m Nikhil, Nikki for short. And you are? Guess. Rageswari… Ragini Is it Ra or Shra? So you like me? Yeah. I mean… Yeah. Yes. Like as in? Like as in… just like. Like as in… friends like. I sent you a friend request so many times. Doesn’t a friend request imply friendship? I don’t befriend people online
whom I’ve never met outside. Oh! I have the same policy! Almost, sort of. Okay, okay,
let’s become friends in real life. You tell me the time,
I’ll give you the place to meet up. What do you do actually? I play games. I’m an expert in computer games.
There’s isn’t a player who can beat me. Recently, I played a marathon for 7 days,
that is 168 hours and won 20,000. So you wanna play a game? Wow! You play games? This is the first time I’m meeting
a girl who plays computer games. I’ll definitely play with you,
I’m in the mood for another marathon. Tell me what game you wanna play.. NFS, Gates of war, God of war,
Call of duty, Assassin’s creed… name it. Are you still stuck there? What? Are there games that I’m not aware of?
What game is that? -Me.
-Excuse me? You want my friendship, right? Yeah. And to become friends, we need to meet. Yes, certainly.
You decide, when and where. If I give you all the details,
then what’s the use of this game? Let’s play a real game. So you want me to find you. Congratulations, tubelight. You’ve just unlocked Level 1 in the game. Any clues? Clue? Are you really a gamer? What the… listen, I don’t know your name, your location,
your address, your work. If you don’t give me a single clue, how? Okay, I have some favorite places
in the outskirts of the city. Wow! What a big clue. The rule is that you
cannot take anyone’s help. Time limit is till today’s sunset. If you break the rule or the time limit,
you lose. Yes! [mimicking gunshots] Danny… some guy called Nikki. He’s playing some game with Rags.
I’ve hacked his webcam. Nikki, poor fellow. Is he competing with a game designer? No matter how big a gamer he is,
I’m the goalkeeper. Record every moment of his minute
by minute and stream it to me. -Go, follow him.
-Okay Really? Seriously? Challenges one after the other… After you win a level,
you go to the next one. Our online games are safer than
the mind games these girls play Listen to me and take
the bet off the table. Forget the girl. [notification tone]
Let’s start a new game. What? -Yes, got it.
-If you go out real life will look like a game to you. [music] [bike vrooming] Coffee for you. He has taken the bike out after 2 months. [music] [music] Are you blind? -I’m sorry.
-What sorry? Bump into a girl and say sorry, pinch her
and say excuse me. You think I don’t know? -I’m sorry, listen…
-What listen? Don’t you men spare a girl
going to a temple too? Temple? In this outfit? Yeah the temple is on a hillock,
can’t walk up in a sari or skirt. I’m sorry. Sorry. Are you into rock climbing? Hey! Strange, a Temple on a mountain. Where is she? Hey! What? Rock Temple! The Temple on a hillock. Danny, I think he’s found a clue. I know What else do you find in a
game other then clues, idiot. Follow him carefully. Okay. [music] [temple bill ringing] This guy is using me for worthless
jobs since I asked him for a promotion. A stone.. what’s the use of this? Hail Lord Shiva… You could knock someone’s teeth,
or build a home Non-violence is the ultimate goal. That’s a great philosophy
preached by Gautama Buddha. Danny, he’s got a stone with him. Why are you talking crap instead
of updating me the status? Go jump in Tank Bund. Idiot. [key beep] [music] Where is she? Sir, could you donate 30 rupees?
I’d like to eat some fried rice. Chinese fried rice, sir. I’ve gotten bored of eating Biryani so
I’d like to eat some fried rice instead. Your life is good man. You threw me a coin instead of 30 ruppes? Hello… Here. Take it man. Here, take my coin too. Even a beggar needs chinese food! Oh gosh! [music] Go man! Move it. Look at the crowd.
Don’t these people have work? Always on the roads. Chinese fried rice, sir. [motorcycle arriving] One Tomyum soup. It’ll take 22 minutes, sir. 22 minutes? Not 21.5? -22 sir.
-You’ve fixed it? You’ve committed to it? -22.
-Okay fine. What? He said 22 minutes and got it in 2? Let’s see what the future holds. OPEN YOUR EYES TO A NEW WORLD,
SECTRET BEHIND THE FORT “The Secret behind the Fort”?
Sounds like the title of an old movie. Rags! Hey, Move it! Sir, I’ve come from Warangal. -I’ve lost my purse, I’ve lost my job.
-Move out of the way! Please help me, sir. Get lost! Warangal? Please sir, I came from Warangal. [phone ringing] I think he didn’t get it. [laughs] Got her! You play a game with me? -Hey!
-Watch it! There was a girl right here. Where is she? Who was she? Kajal or Samantha? What? Where has she disappeared? I think your head’s heated
searching for a girl. Why don’t you cool it with an ice cream,
sir? Here you go. He’s eating an ice cream bro. Is it Chocolate or butterscotch? One minute, I will find out. I’ve not sent you to see if he is sitting,
standing and breathing Find out what he knows and
where he is going, you moron. This fellow has no idea
what it is really about, and no brains to understand if I tell him.
Dumb fool! My game’s over if I depend on him.
[dialing] [phone ringing] Hello? Hey, you guys go now. As you say sir! [phone ringing] Hey,
Sam crossed your level in Assasin’s Creed. Let the bet go, leave it. It’s not just about the bet.
I’m such a big gamer.. how can I lose to a girl? No.. I will win this stupid game and the girl. [music] LET’S GO TO WARANGAL Sir I’ve come from Warangal. Sir I’ve come from Warangal. [motorcycle arriving] Danny, he’s going towards Warangal. [ tyres screeching] [music] It’ll take 22 minutes, sir. 22 minutes? 22, sir OPEN YOUR EYES TO A NEW WORLD,
MYSTERY BEHIND THE CASTLE. So this is your hangout. I’m the biggest gamer you’ll meet. [music] [papers rustling] Secret in castle.. YELLOW ROCK AS THE WITNESS..IN THE HEART
OF PINK STAR.. WILL YOU FIND THE PURPOSE? [music] Yes! [groaning] Who the hell? Who the hell are you? Leave me. Leave me. [extricates] Hey, get him! [chuckles] MOONSHINE ACROSS THE HILLOCKS…
BEYOND IMAGINATION, A SWING ROCKS… What the hell is this? I thought it’ll be her address,
there’s some poetry on this. Hey! Hey! [screaming] [motorcycles leaving] [vehicle arriving] As long as I’m around,
you won’t get to her. Hey! [splash] Wait! [fish grunting] [music] [music] [notification tone] [notification tone] [answer notification tone] Hi. I don’t talk to losers. Hey, I was almost there, but… It’s over, loser. Wait, listen to me. There was some guy, how do I explain? Listen. Do you have any family problems,
boyfriend problems. Anyone after you? Yes. Who? One loser…you. Bye. Hey hey…listen.. [disconnects] This is what happens when you
leave gaming and go outside. Girls! Why doesn’t she get it when
I’m trying to protect her? Something’s going on with this girl. Maybe she’s playing a game
with some other guy too? Who knows. He, his sidekick and those bikers. I think she’s in danger. [music] Finished. You provoked him and left him.
Poor fellow is roaming like crazy. “Hey, whatever magic you wove on me” “I cannot think of anything else.” “My heart is filled
with just one thought.” “I long to know your existence” “Hey, whatever spell you have cast on me” “I cannot remember anything else” “The entire sky is cast in your form” “Hope my dream comes true
and we finally unite.” “My admiration springs
like the waves of the sea” “no sadness will ever touch me!” “My search will ultimately
bring you to me!” “Hey, from the moment I saw you” “I cannot think of anything else” “My heart is filled with just one thought” “I long to know your existence” I’m trying hard but not able to
communicate to her that she’s in danger. What are you going on and on
about she being in danger? Why have you turned so possesive? Not possesive, just being protective. Is it love? Hey, love, is it? It’ll be the end of me. We used to sit in the AC and
play games all day, dude. That’s how I thought before I saw Rags My room was my world but
now it’s suffocating. I want to pray to God for the
first time for her safety. I don’t know if it’s love but she makes me feel something inside. “At the twilight hour which
sheaths like an eyelid” “Not knowing where the moon has been” “My mind is uttering and flying all over” “Unwilling to wait even for a minute!” “I will search high and low,
with sky and earth as my companions!” “Hey whatever be the end,
there’s no sorrow” “Unmindful of the outcome
or any other worry” “I keep thinking about you night and day!” “Your shadow should exist” “Hey, whatever spell you have cast on me” “I cannot remember anything else” “My heart is filled with just one thought” “I long to know your existence” [traffic] Sir, I’ve come from Warangal, My wife is in the hospital…
I don’t have a job, please help sir. Who the hell are you? Weren’t you the one who stopped
me from seeing that girl that day? Sir, I don’t know anything. -Tell me the truth!
-Sir, I really don’t know anything. -Where’s Rags?
-Sir I really don’t know. -Where is she?
-Sir real sir. Tell me or I’ll kill you. Sir I don’t know her address but
she comes to a place everyday. What’s that place? [music] [tyres screeching] Hey.. We missed him! Go back! [tyres screeching] Hey.. [smash] Leave me! [groans] [tyres screeching] The dose was not enough? [groans] Let’s go, Mobile. We’ll grab her and put her in the van. Why are you late today, dear? You know I close only after you come. There should be time for everything,
Salim Bhai! [groans] Hey come in, Danny, you? [tyres screeching] Come! Move the vehicle, [tyres screeching] We cannot miss this time. Go faster! Nikki! Move it! Faster, faster! Nikki! Rags.. What’s wrong, Mobile? Go, go fast! [metal clicking] [thud] You idiot, you killed her! [groaning] [indistinct siren] Move… move [vehicle starts] It’s dangerous to stay here. [tyres screeching] [music] [splash] [groaning] [weeping] Do you think she’s alive
after such an accident? Hell with your doubts! If she died, won’t it be on the news? This is where it happened. Guys, listen, let it go. It’s too complicated a situation.
Let’s go. In the 3 kilometer radius around here. Please don’t go.. There are 3 hospitals. Let’s go. Would you be trimming your
moustache all day long? Should I trim yours instead? Very funny. Our son who is always at home is
now out on the streets all the time, Don’t you think it’s strange? What? When he was at home,
you wanted him to go out and now he’s out, you want him back home. Is everything an issue? -It’s not like that…
-Then how is it… Excuse me, has a girl been admitted
after an accident last night? Accident? No. We don’t have such cases.
How do you come searching without details? Thank you, ma’am. Excuse me, was a patient named
Rags admitted last night? -No.
-Sir… We cannot disclose the details
to just anyone sir, sorry. Sister,
was an accident case admitted last night? Who are you?
How are you related to the patient? We don’t disclose details
without any relationship. There are around 2000
hospitals in the city. Hello! Will you take me to all 200? I’ll die right now. No need of that. There’s a plan for that. Will you die? I’ve hacked the hospital systems and
taken the recent records of patients. They’ve liked this status too. Shut up. Last night there were a total of
18 accident cases in the city. 7 of them have a name that begins with R. 4 of them are women. One is 53, one is 41 years.
Another child of 10 years. So, they aren’t Rags. So it leaves us with the last one. Rageswari, 22 years. [vehicle arrives] Rageswari, 22 years. First floor ICU. Doctor, the patient inside… She has a lot of injuries.
She’s out of danger, but… But? What happened, ma’am? She needs plastic surgery. It will cost upto 5 lacs. What if we bring the plastic? You perform the surgery yourself at home She scolded me. Come. [machine blips] This is my fault. If only I was on time.
I couldn’t even inform. I’m here now. You will be fine. You have nothing to fear anymore, I will take good care of you. Look! You don’t be sad. I will take care of you. Hey dude, look at that photo. Come on, run! Who the hell are you people? -Come on, run!
-I will break your bones, wait! Hey Ritu, how are you? Who is this? Why would such a beautiful and
intelligent girl even remember who I am? Hey, wait. I think you sent a
friend request to my friend… That’s true, because I was too nervous
to send one directly to you. Ah ha… I just wanted to be your friend. Why? I want to tell you something. What? I want to meet you. I’ve waited too long to tell
you and I won’t do it online. Okay we can meet tomorrow. Bye, see you. Bye. I’m trapping your friend for you. When will we become friends, dear? [music] I’m worried about Rags,
where she is, how she is… [music] “Hey,
will this song from the distant shores” “transform into nectar
and unlock my lips?” “Can the nightingale that stands mutely” “convey her feelings?” “Hey, has the star twinkling
in the galaxies of pathos” “crash to the earth sporting a smile?” “Leaving the world of sorcery” “just like a dream in the waking state” “Oh! my longing soul” “Striving my dear friend” “Will your exploration ever be fruitful?” “Hey,
will this song from the distant shores” “transform into nectar
and unlock my lips?” “Can the nightingale that stands mutely” “convey her feelings?” [music] “Is my burning soul, hitherto rock solid” “Melting slowly without a whisper?” “Witnessing my own feelings
that trickle down from my eyes” “As all my expectations
turn into delicate” “Shall I pick them up and
weave them into a garland?” “As the darkness clears away” “As the dawn radiates around” “Just like a morning song
that rocks a heart gently” “Will you welcomingly grace my doorstep?” “Hey,
will this song from the distant shores” “transform into nectar
and unlock my lips?” “Can the nightingale that stands mutely” “convey her feelings?” [creaking] [splash] Get her! [music] [panting] How long will you escape me? [door opens] [screaming] no! I think she’s fallen in love with him. [smash] [screaming] Hey, shut up! Leave me… Hey Mobile! Bring the rope. Tie her up. The incident happened on Friday 11:30. But so many missing persons
are reported the very next day? So are so many people
going missing everyday? Who’s kidnapping all these people? There’s no trace of Rags online,
even her profile has been deleted. [phone ringing] [screaming] Who is it? What happened? Stay away. Leave it and stay away! Hey! Sir, a girl’s gone missing. Quiet! Come here, sir’s sleeping. Sit. Who’s the girl? A friend, sir. Rags. First go get her parents,
then I will write an FIR. No idea who her parents are, sir. No idea who her parents are, Don’t know her friends either…
What are your online friendships about? Sir, did you get any
information about our daughter? Go home, we’ll call you if we find her. You keep pestering us. A missing case related
to internet has no hope. [weeping] What happened, uncle? Someone kidnapped our daughter. Someone trapped her on the internet. [weeping] I can’t find any clues
in this girl’s profile. This seems to be a big scam. Does Shirali have any close friends? There was a girl who used to come home,
called Tanya. Hi.. Before I shifted schools,
Shirali and I were thick friends. We would talk on the phone sometimes. She told me she fell in
love with a guy online. She was going to meet him last
week and was really excited too. This… Did she give out any
details about this guy? No, but,
she told me he kept gifting her dolls. This kind of a doll? Yes… We don’t even have an address dude! We’ll go to a toy shop
and try and get details. Thank you. Bye. [motorcycle leaving] [door opens] Danny! [music] Leave me After that beating,
he’s still searching for her Hey Mobile, this time the video we’ll
send should send him into a frenzy Okay, Danny. Does anyone buy this
doll from you in bulk? This is a retail shop, sir. Who will buy in bulk here? Okay, who supplies to you? Who are you? why are you spoiling my business?
Leave, sir… -You don’t look like customers.
-Hey! -Tell us or I’ll kill you.
-Sir… I will tell you. Baby Doll Factory, it’s in Kharkhana. They even export… I don’t know anything else,
they supply to me too. Hi, before we start the online bidding,
here is a small presentation. These days, people don’t seem
to trust their own kith and kin. But they readily trust
any strangers online. And it has also become a fashion
to share every little event online. So, we no longer need any guns
or goons to trap our victims. Just trust is enough. Trust is a deadly weapon.
After that, it’s all a routine affair First we will arrange a meeting. We will safely bring the
goods to our warehouse. Then, we start the online bidding
through our secure e-commerce website. Finally within 48 hours we
will give you door delivery. Baby Doll Factory. Safe. Smooth and Secure [screaming] [screaming] Stop. Where is this doll factory? Go straight and take a right. Sweetie, Sweetie, You’re not disclosing Rags’
address anyhow. At least get a good price darling. Sweetie. Sweetie. Come on! Sweetie! Didn’t I tell you to reduce the dose,
sweetheart? Chicks should struggle,
buyers should watch, bids should increase. Ain’t it our routine? They should be loaded into the
Vizag ship by morning 9:30. Boss is tensed for no reason. Might as well call once again and confirm. [knocking] Watchman! [knocking] Hey! A factory in this maze?
Is there anyone on the premises? [knocking] Who’s there? Come sir. -Open the gate.
-We have some urgent work Open the gate! Why are you shouting? Just open up. Hey, open the gate. We have an appointment inside. Open up! Shucks! What kind of a moron is he? Deal with him. Shut up, moron. Lock, man…lock! Come.. [gate opens] Come in and pick him up. Come on move. Throw him inside. [kick] Everything should go smoothly, no glitches anywhere. Same delivery spot. Road no: 31, lane behind the archway, Don’t worry. Okay? Hi. I’m Nikhil. Hi. -We want to buy your dolls in bulk.
-Actually, we are NRIs. We have a doll business in the USA. How did they even come inside? They don’t look like businessmen. If Boss sees them,
he will export me along with them to hell. Hey, are you here to pick up the trash?
Or on business? [bashing] What’s going on here? Tell me or die! What do you want? The girl of course. Hey, why is Ritu’s photograph here? I don’t know anything! Where’s Rags? What happened to Shirali? Where is Ritu? Who is Danny? Who are all these people? No no no! Who is Danny? [door opens] You want Danny? Here, take it from Danny, with love. Who the hell are you? Where is Danny? Danny will not be found so easily. Talk or you will die! Relax, I will get you Danny. Welcome. Hey, you stay here. Make sure no one moves. -I will be back.
-Be careful. Who the hell are you? Danny’s assistant? What is going on here? Where are you taking me? What’s the factory upstairs? These caves? Where did you put Rags? [dialing] [fighting sounds] [bashing] Oh no, not yet. You need to feel the pain, lover boy. You want Rags? Who are you to come in between?
What do you want with her? I have a business. Buyers are waiting,
with an important delivery tonight. What’s your business? Oh… love? Love is also a business. -Hello.
-Sir, the truck is here. We have to leave now. Already,
I got two missed calls from buyers. Leak the gas in Chamber B. [gas leaking] Who the hell are you people? [door opens] Hey who is that? [toy pistol shot] [laughing] Take him away! Nikki! [gas leaking] Nikki.. Nikki! Nikki! [coughing] [groaning] [gas leaking] [phone ringing] Pick up [phone ringing] [dialing] [phone ringing] [phone ringing] Jai Jai! [phone ringing] [phone ringing] Jai! Jai! Jai! [groans] Jai! Are you okay? Let’s go, man.
There’s some big scam going on here. We could have been killed here. Jai! Wait! Please, listen to me. How can we leave when we
know a scam’s going on here? Do you think you are a hero? This is a life and death matter. And isn’t it a life and death matter
for the girls going missing in the city? Don’t over-imagine things… but you… There is a drop-off tonight in lane
behind the archway in Road no: 31. If we get there,
we can expose his business. We can stop him. Jai… Please wait, listen to me. No, let’s go. Jai, please. Let’s go. Just listen to me this one time. I think Rags is also with him. Please, Jai. Just two of us, what can we do? I have 1844 friends online. Here, I’m sending them a message Even if 25 of them turn up,
it’ll be enough. We can bust this guy. [vehicle starts] That one girl I couldn’t get… Damn! Don’t worry, sir, we’ll get her by the
time we get to the next consignment. Just you? No one else? They are on their way, in many trucks! If they were coming,
you’d see them, wouldn’t you? Just me, solo. But I sent a message to so many of them. See I’ve got 1844 friends. Will any of them turn
up when you need them? Only you two are my real friends. Do you have to get so sentimental? Okay, okay fine. Three of us will do. This is the spot they mentioned.
Listen to my plan. Hello, do you think it’s a counter strike? Do you think we can get our
life back with a cheat code? It’s a real life.
They could have guns with them! We don’t need guns, we need guts. Just follow my instructions. You guys wait here in the car. I will be on the other side of the road.
Both of you stay on the phones. He’ll recognize me for sure. -Do you have a spare tee shirt?
-Yeah. [dialing] You said he was a smooth operator.
Do you think we will be able to catch him? His strength is his planning. But he doesn’t know our plan. Our strength is we ambush him by surprise,
just like Call of Duty. Let’s shock him and take him down. Okay okay. This is our delivery spot, sir. Watch out! Get him, get him. Get him.. -Love is a business huh?
-I don’t know anything! What’s your business?
What are you delivering? Breaking news.. the bravery of three
youths saved many lives. The alledged social networking woman
trafficker going by the name Sweet Guy, was taken into custody by the cops Nikhil and his friends who saved the
girls have been appreciated by the police Hey Nikki! We’ve become famous overnight. See, our photos are in the front page. If Rags is not with him,
then where is she? What happened to her? How are those girls? Everyone is fine except poor Ritu.
She’s in a coma. We don’t know who her parents are, the police are trying but
haven’t traced them yet. Why don’t they contact
her Facebook friends? What, Ritu and Nishi are friends?
Check Nishi’s profile. Oh crap! Rags is their friend too. Found Nishi’s address and phone number. Wait, let me call her… [music] She’s not picking up. You have the address, right? Let’s go there. [vehicle starts] Did he call? It’s as expected, right? If he knows the real deal, he will go mad. You come down, I’ll be there.. Yeah. Hey…look, there she is! Let’s go. Let’s follow her. Hi, sweetie. Hi. Did you bring the documents? Oh no! What is the hell is this.. Oh God! Let’s get them. Oh no! [tyres screeching] You follow her. Hey where are you off to? Hey wait you! Crap. [bashing] [laughing] What’s so funny? Where’s Rags? Where’s Rags? I will kill you if
something’s happened to her. What’s going on in that doll factory? What’s going on between you and Nishi? Running a scam, are you? Take me to Rags! [bike halts] [motorcycle arriving] [car ignition sound] [laughing] [phone ringing] Shut your mouth and sit. [phone ringing] Hello, Nikki?
That girl went inside a house. What? House no: 26, Road no:
82, Jubilee hills… You go inside, I’m on my way. [vehicle leaving] [door bell rings] -Just now a girl came in…
-Come inside, come. Come she is in inside [blow] Get down, you… Your finished now.. [door bell rings] Come inside, come. [blow] [loud groan] [driller whirring] Rags is my sister’s daughter. I’ve raised her, thought I’d get
her married and send her off. If she’s have minded her own work
without peeping into my activities the story would be very different. First time she tried to escape, I
dragged her by her hair and got her back. She tried again a second time. [panting] Uncle! [weeping] I decided to export her,
like all the other girls. [restraining] Be quiet! If she’s alive, she a danger to us. That’s why we decided to finish her. [strangling] [digging] [burying] Yellow Rock, her favorite place.
That’s where she’s buried and that’s where we’ll bury you soon. Me! Me!. I want to. [driller whirring] We can blind him, keep that hand steady. [driller whirring] That’s it. [phone ringing] Yeah, Mobile, what is it? What… She escaped? A girl of 14 years has the highest bidding,
you idiot. That Mobile fellow is useless. -What the hell are they doing there?
-You are bringing many problems. Wait wait wait… -Where are you now.
-Danny, You look for the girl, I will handle
Mobile. Stay there, I’m on my way. I’m coming too. Cut the phone.. Wherever she is, I will get hold of her… Listen, don’t kill this one when
you find her like you did last time. [driller whirring] [roaring] [weeping] [music] “Music plays mere empty notes in
a world where you don’t exist” “The strings of death are strumming” “All my five vital energies are
melting away in a heart-wringing pain” “streaming tears of blood” “If your life becomes a thing of the past” “My life becomes just a
pale shadow without you” “If your existence becomes an illusion” “I will burn in the
raging fire of my breath” “I will burn in the raging” “and get to you” [music] MOONSHINE ACROSS THE HILLOCKS,
BEYOND IMAGINATION, A SWING ROCKS. [music] [water splashes] [water splashes] [music] Let’s go. [motorcycle starts] [music] Come with me, Come. [music] Why are you so late?
Come on Rags, everyone is waiting for you! Hi Nikki! Come on. Hi Bro, welcome, Come on! Sivoham! 22 minutes. They’ve told me now… Sir, I’ve come from Warangal. Chinese fried rice, sir. Have an ice cream to cool down, sir. Come inside, come. Welcome to the 11th Gaming Competition.
[camera clicks] We recieved 226 entries this year.
[camera clicks] To select the winner from the shortlisted
entries, it was not an easy task. Computer gaming has become nothing
but violence, blood and killing Imagine the psyche of a person
addicted to these games. The psychology of a person
addicted to these games is far removed from the beauty
of humanity feelings, emotions, values and moods. So now, let me announce the winner. It is Log into Life, a game designed by Raga Malika. [applaud] Congratulations. Thank you. A few words, please. Good evening, everyone.
Thank you for the honor. For the esteemed jury members who
bestowed such a big victory on me and to my uncle who’s always
been there for me like a friend, to all my friends who participated in this thank you. Actually,
I’m not very happy on winning this award. Our generation is very strange. Football which should be playing
in a ground with our legs, is played on a screen with a finger. Our little joys and sadness may not
be shared with the people at home, but we share them online. That’s why I created this game,
based on real human emotions. When I was struggling with how
to experiment with this idea, I met Nikki online. Gaming is his world, gadgets are his life. He’s insensitive,
irresponsible and arrogant. I decided to bring out his real
human emotions with this game. I play games,
I’m an expert in computer games. You want to play a game? I’ll definitely play with you. After this, I slowly pulled him into
the game play without his knowledge. Nikhil, who didn’t care
about anything expect games, He started searching for
a girl fot the first time. Can’t I win a game that
was set-up by a girl? He was over-confident that he’ll
easily get to me, and I destroyed that. He felt bad. Since then, he was longing to meet me his concern for my safety, his attempts to protect me… and when he couldn’t find me, the tention he went through..
just melted my heart. Finally, he risked his life for me! Your heart can beat for some,
but it will jump through paces for one. When his heart did that for me, whenever I saw his longing,
his intense worry, concern for my safety, I wanted to stop all this and I just wanted to run into his hands. But you cannot win a war
without bloodshed and you cannot play a game without injury.
That’s how I stopped myself. It was for a broad objective but did I have to bring him to the edge –
I was torn Just as I was wondering how to bring my
friends out of the influence of social media Nikki did something sensational. A rogue was using social media
for his girl trafficking business and Nikki put a stop to him saving
my friend Ritu and many other girls. I wanted to show him real life, but he was the one who showed me
the basis of life – true love. I’m hoping he will forgive me someday, but I’m fearful he might not and my
heart is breaking with that thought. Nikki, my apologies. Please, [applaud] Nikki… please Nikki… [door opens] [emotional] [music] [thunders] [rainfall] Wait a minute.. Looks like, most of you have already
turned on your mobile phones. Please… Just for one day, could you please put
the mobile phone back in your pocket? Could you please look into the
eyes of your friends and family who came with you to watch the film? Just hold their hands and feel the warmth. Can you ever experience those
beautiful moments and feelings in gadgets,
social media and computer games? Are you controlling technology
or is technology controlling you? Just give it a thought. Think. Feel. Experience! Login to Life! [music]

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