Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara Telugu Full Movie | Sreenivas Sai | Priyanka Jain |2019 Latest Full Movie

Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara Telugu Full Movie | Sreenivas Sai | Priyanka Jain |2019 Latest Full Movie

VINARA SODARA VEERA KUMARA [music] [waves splashing]
Come uncle, I’ll tell you. You woke me up at midnight and
brought me here. Where are you taking us? -Come, brother.
-Why don’t you say where you’re taking us? -What’s this haste?
-It’s you we are asking. Wait. Hey kid, wait! [music] See how this idiot is guzzling
the beer carelessly ignoring us! He won’t stop his meddles
until he gets all of us in trouble. Calm down whitey!
Whom does he have other than us? Then, who will be there for us if
Poorna gets to know that we are with him? So what Srinu bro? Would he kill us? If we hit him with a Jackscrew
when he lays hands on us, He would puke blood. You fool! You are not even as big as a
tyre, and you talk like Ramana? He is the root cause of all this mess. Look uncle, things would get messy
if Poorna comes to know about this. Better you come along with me. Your daughter’s education will abruptly
end if something wrong happens to you. Even your dream would be
snapped midway. It’s up to you. Come on dude!
Why should we even discuss with them? To hell with his love! Forgive me kid! Please stay uncle.
He would be all alone. Uncle stay.
Please uncle. -Please leave me.
-Uncle, wait! Hey, what are you doing here? Where have you been since evening? I want to stay with brother. Forget him! Get inside. Please mom, he is all alone. Everyone left me. Even Sulochana left me. Next week, she’s getting
married to her cousin, Poorna. I’ve decided to die right before
her eyes in the very wedding hall. Before I die, I have a work to do. I have a friend named Suri. He resides beside my house. The strange thing is that he
can be neither seen nor heard. He knows just one thing. He knocks twice to say ‘yes’
and and knocks once for ‘no’. There is a last wish of his. I gave him my word to fulfil
his last wish before I die. His last wish is, He asked me to visit four important
people in his life and apologize to them. The four important people
in his life are his teacher, parents, his friend and his lover. This one week journey of mine
is to meet those four people. Initially, I came to his college to
meet his teacher as per my word to Suri. Whom do you want mister? I want to meet a teacher. -Are you looking for principal?
-Yes. Take left and sit there. I will call you. [running sound] Hey you bloody Poorna!
Won’t you stop chasing me? You’ve sent your boys again. How dare you flirt with my sister? Brother, we are just juniors.
The seniors are on the upper floor. Hey, let’s go. [music] Young blood! Even I was like them a few years ago. Is it necessary to bash Venu? He has to be beaten black and blue today. Leave it dude. Let’s go home. He is arrogant as
his father is a local president. He might come that way, You hide here
and I’ll be hiding there. Go dude. Hey, I think he is coming. -Is it him?
-Yes, dude. Listen, it is difficult for me at
home to come out at midnight. Stop blabbering. You are the reason my
husband fights with me daily. Hey! These are just usual daily tiffs. Why do you blabber?
I will take care of that. Don’t trouble me again.
I can’t take it anymore. It is not happening.
[Fighting sound] -Hey
-Who are you? It’s me, Ramana. Look at me, fool! Look at me properly. If you mess with me ever again, I will crush you under
my auto, filthy fool! [birds chirping] [phone ringing] Hello Suri, the president’s son got to
know that you are at the rice mill. -He is coming for you.
-Is it? Run away from there. Hey Ramana, get up.
Come on, get up. Get up man, they are coming. Run. Come on, run. Didn’t you hit them in the dark? How did they get to know about it? -I told him.
-You fool! Are you nuts?
Come on, run. They are carrying sticks too! You’ve become power star Pawan
Kalyan! [vehicle arriving] Yous saw that Suri? We just thought about
our boss and he’s here. Come on, move. Hey! You fools!
How did you even try to catch Ramana! Hey, play the song of our boss. Hey, you arrived at the right time. Come on idiots, catch us. Why are they trying to catch us?
What do they think about Ramana? Why do we bother if he is the son of
the president or anyone else? [soil rustling] [vehicle halts] It costed 7000 bucks for your maintenance, 6000 bucks for the rent
of the auto-rickshaw, and 5000 bucks to get the
auto-rickshaw from the police station. making it a total of 18,000 bucks. Is it true the SI and the president became
allies and asked you to leave the village? And they threatened you
to book an FIR against you? Your father said that you
are leaving the village. Pay the total amount and then, leave. I am not going to America, It is just the neigbouring village.
I will run it in that village. I will come here once a
week and pay your money. I won’t trust you. Hey, get that wrench. Enough of your service to us, First pay up and leave. That is the reason,
I was asking the auto-rickshaw again. I’m like Basha.
I won’t keep telling the same thing. Let it be dude. We can ask some
other people in the village. That is what I was saying. It would
better if you have a calm attitude. Like your friend got accustomed
to me from last half an hour, You’re also
accustomed to me since 4 years. You have everything abnormal. Calm down a little. Don’t repeat this monkey
business in that village. Keep the vehicle safe. You have to make payment on time. I wouldn’t take it easy this time. -Stay safe. Stay in touch on phone
-Keep visiting. -Alright dude!
-Bye. -Okay, bye.
-Bye I’ll keep visiting. What’s up Suri? Shall I leave? Be careful.
Don’t be aggressive. Don’t keep messing with people
there. It’s not our village. Hey, I belong to the
place wherever I stand. I won’t discriminate
anyone if they cross me. Call me if you
get into any such situations. Attaboy! That’s my Suri. -Fine. Take care of your parents.
-Alright, shall I leave? Don’t forget us if you
make new friends over there. No matter how many friends I
make, I won’t forget Suri. He is unique. -First, leave from here.
-Hey Suri! [music] It is our ill-fate that we have
to flee from our own village. How does the place matter?
We are dependent on the ocean. Wherever there is an ocean,
it is our place. Is it not enough if we live with
decently wherever we go? You have given birth to
such a shameless son. Is it? As if it was on my own. It is now that you are
having understanding problems, Aren’t you the one who
pampered him since childhood? That is the reason your son had made
us to get thrown out of our own village. He roamed worthless when
I asked him to study. Now, he is making us roam
around cop stations and courts. Very soon, they’ll hang me
for his mischievous acts. You’ll get rid of me. Did he steal or murder? Isn’t aggression common in youth? This is the very result
of that aggression. Where’s your awesome son
who said he’d follow us? Oh! Why do you keep whining about
him always? He’d be on the way. -Is this the house?
-Yes. -Looks good enough.
-Yes, but the rent is a little high. -No problem.
-I will unload the luggage. Here, place them here. I will unload them and
you place them inside. Careful! You might give them dents! Is it you who moved
into this house, sister? -Yes, dear. Where do you stay?
-I’m your neighbour. Is it? That’s my husband. Take this, sister. There are
lemon rice and curry in this. Oh! Why do you take the trouble?
I would have cooked in a while. -That’s okay sister.
-I’ll place it here. -Which village did you come from?
-Panaspadu village, near Samalkota. My niece was married to a guy
who lives in that village. I fogot his name.
Actually, he is a tailor. Is it? He is my son, Gyaneswar Rao. Everyone calls him ‘kid’. -Is it just the two of you?
-No, we have a good for nothing gem! -Tell her about your great son.
-This is the case. They can’t even stay
calm even for a second. Both are poles apart. -I am being crushed between them.
-What does he do, sister? He used to fly planes.
Just that they don’t fit into the lanes. -Hey, give me.
-He is an auto-driver. Auto-rickshaw?
Where is brother, aunt? This kid sure knows the relations! He started along with us. He might
have been to an auto-rickshaw stand. -Auto-stand?
-Hey, be careful. His dad passed away leaving him behind. I am unable to bear with him. -He is crazy about auto-rickshaw.
-Is it? No one gives him work for
long as he is a kid. Somehow, I am managing our lives. I won’t move my auto.
Do whatever you can. How dare you dominate us at our place? -Who the hell are you to decide?
-You move it first. -Why don’t you speak up uncle? -I won’t move it.
-Just a minute. Brothers, its a tiff of our auto-rickshaw
union. Kindly leave us alone. -Uncle.
-Yeah. Are we fools to allow a stranger to
park his auto-rickshaw in our stand? Then, show it man. What should we show? We aren’t. -You aren’t what?
-We aren’t that foolish? -Then, how foolish are you?
-Hey, Whitey! Not even once did he utter that word.
It’s you who are branding us fools. You hold on. What’s your final call young man? I want my auto-rickshaw
to stay in this stand. -What if we didn’t accept?
-Who are you to dictate terms? There is only one stand in this village.
And it doesn’t belong to your father. -We have to work together. Okay uncle?
-Yes. Anjanna, give me a cigarettte. And the match box too. Here bro. Brother, hire me for your auto-rickshaw. -Sure. Tag along.
-Thanks, brother. Come early in the morning.
We have good deals from college students. -Is it?
-Yes. -Where do you stay?
-In your lane, brother. I just met your mother. Don’t tell her about this habit.
She would bash me with her broom. Sure brother. You are superb. Come with me. Where did you go so early in the morning? I’ve dispatched a load of fish to Kolkata. -Did our girl wake up?
-Yes. Isn’t she getting late to the college? Sulochana,
you are getting late to college. [music] Wow! You are beautiful! Did Sulochana get ready aunt? Gayathri is already here. -Come fast.
-Bye mom. Bye dad! I’ve got ready hastily.
Am I looking good? You look beautiful no matter how you are. But people get into a bad state
if I look any less beautiful. They get so worried. Is it? Who are those people? It’s our classmates. Yesterday, Uday sir was staring at
me without even blinking his eyes. I thought of warning him. but I stopped myself
because he might deduct my marks. Poor old man! Why are you so late bro? Why were you early?
I told you I’d pick you, didn’t I? Make sure you call me
before you come next. -Hey!
-Brother! Thank god! Brother, babe is saved! He dare calls me babe! Come, let’s teach him a lesson. Idiot! Moron! It is burning inside me
looking at his auto first. I’m already in ashes. Look out for the college students. Sister get into this auto-rickshaw. This is only auto-rickshaw
which has Babubali tyres, power star engine and a
poster of Mahesh Babu. Step in and start the day for my bro. I will smash your teeth if
you ever call me babe again. -You…
-No brother. Leave it bro. Forget it. -Who the hell is she?
-Sulochana, daughter of Jaya Babu. She has a cousin,
Poorna who is a scoundrel. He is cunning and rich. Does that mean they can slap anyone? Consider that she touched you for
some reason, forget it brother. I don’t understand why
Sulochana slapped you. Just leave it. Wouldn’t anyone board my
auto-rickshaw other than students? Yeah they would! Only uncles and aunties would. The size of three oldies will
be equivalent to 10 students. It isn’t profitable bro. [vehicle arriving] Isn’t your awesome son home yet? God knows whom he is
quarrelling in this new village? I don’t think that’s the case! Seems he is finding commuters. Stop scolding him all the
time and go to early to sleep. You’ve got to sell the
fish in the morning. This looks like a good place. [music] [waves splattering] [music] [dialing] The number you have
dialled is switched off. Please try again later. Hey Suri, where are you?
Are you dead? [knock knock] Ramana is wrecked man. I boasted that I would rock
in this village, didn’t I? Everything turned upside down man! Some girl named Sulochana
slapped me for no reason. That’s it. No one is
boarding my auto-rickshaw. What a life this
Ramana had in our village? Everything is lost here. For the first time, a girl hit
Ramana… Suri, are you listening? [knock knock] Hey, who is answering me
when I’m talking to you? Hey, I won’t spare her. I will kill her Suri. [knock] I’ll hack her to death. [knock] No way I would leave her. [knock] Hey! Who the hell are you? Bro.. please get in..
going to the engineering college. Sister… going to engineering
college. Please get in. Hey dude! Bahubali’s
tyre looks punctured the first day. Oh my God! We are very scared! Why is the power star engine stuck up? Wouldn’t it move? Brother, he’s just kidding. Forget it. You stay right here. [phone ringing] -Hello.
-Suri, are you there man? [knock knock] Eh? My phone was switched off the other day
due to low battery. What’s the matter? What can I say? Raju is drilling me with
screw-jack for his money. What shall I do? What happened? There is a girl named
Sulochana in this village. She is the root cause of everything. She looks like a beautiful damsel. But she is a big demon. Hey, shall I kill her? [knock] Hey Suri,
I’ll kill her and bury her right here. [knock] That would be the end of her menace. Hey Suri, stay on line. Hello Ramana. Hello… Why did it get disconnected? I’ll kill her. Hey…
[knock] Hey… [music] Hey, I will kill.
[knock] Why are you going slow brother? We wouldn’t have
auto-rickshaw after the evening. What are you talking about brother? You heard it. Raju Uncle called me. He said he would seize the auto-rickshaw
if I wouldn’t pay him by the evening. Don’t worry brother. Today, we
will get customers at any cost… Oh no!
[puppy crying] [puppy crying] Thank God! Go brother. Hey…
[puppy crying] -Brother, babe is saved again!
-Hey… We guy needs to be taught a lesson… [puppy crying]
Sulochana He was actually referring to
that puppy when he called babe. Are you sure? Yeah. I think that puppy
came in his way that day too. He hit us to avoid it. -Sister, please board it.
-Please board for Engineering college. Engineering college! Hey… Why board this auto-rickshaw? [music] Brother, they’ve boarded our vehicle. Hey, you get down. -How did you let them board the vehicle?
-We are sorry. -Get down first.
-Let it be, brother. Sulochana boarded that
auto-rickshaw. Let’s go. -Please, let them stay.
-Sulochana boarded that auto-rickshaw. -Please bro.
-She is Swapna. Please bro. Right… Right
Bajrangbali! Let’s go brother. [music] Hello, I am sorry. Are you out of your mind to
apologise to him? Let’s go. Come on, move. [music] [music] Why did you come so early sister? I’ve got relatives at home. Dad called. Come on move. Where should I head to? Into a canal? Hey kid, tell her that this vehicle
wouldn’t move unless it’s full. I will pay the fare of all
the seats. Ask him to move. Brother, she said she’d
pay it all. Let’s go. [music] -Watch out, brother…
-Oh no! [tyres screeching] He did what he said. What did I do? Didn’t he ask me if it’s into
a canal that I want to go? Who knows it would turn real? Brother, you keep talking Meantime, I will go get some help. [thunders rumbling] [rainfall] [rainfall] Why do you sulk all the time? Why don’t you smile a bit? I tried many times to apologise to
you for slapping you on that day. But you turn into a stone
the moment you look at me. I am sorry for what
happened that day. Anyway, why don’t we go
inside instead of standing here? Is there anyone inside? [phone rings]
Hey… [music] [vehicle arriving] [music] Why do you sulk all the time? Why do you look all excited and
enthusiastic today bro? I suspect something fishy brother. Nothing of that sort. I’ve been observing you since
your arrival. Tell me brother. Nothing dude. Hey, where are you going?
This is our auto-rickshaw. Let’s board another auto-rickshaw today. If we keep changing
auto-rickshaws every day The young guys waiting for me
would pass away out of frustration! -Tell me, brother.
-Hey, Sulochana is here. Look, he is the one who drops
us quicker than the others Let’s get into this auto-rickshaw
before it’s too late. Please… Get in! Hey, let’s go. [music] [instrumental music] “Hey, do you know something?” “Hey, I fell in love” “Hey, she is a sexy young lady” “Hey, she fell for me” “She saw me and her eyes
tell her craziness for me” “Hey, Her gaze pierced
my heart and ruffled it” “Hey, she liked my style and smiled” “Hey, what’s with the
sweet pain of the nerves?” “Hey, my tender moustache” “twisted with pride” “Hey, the collar of my shirt” “came up in a style” “The guy who fell in
love is richer than you” “If you are jealous,
watch our pair and then die” “Hey, the time has come to pat my thigh” “Hey, the girl is crazy about me” “Hey, if this handsome
guy twists his moustache” “her parents shall wash my feet” [instrumental music] “Hey, once all the kids,
adults and folks looked at me” “They asked who is this
handsome young man?” “A girl who knows my stats loved me” “She’s born lucky!” “Hey idiot, move” “Hey, look who arrived” “Hey, my life is settled now” “Hey, do you dare comment on our pair?” [instrumental music] Hey, start the vehicle. Take the key. -I can’t even drive it properly brother
-Will you come to college? Hey move! Eh! He doesn’t pay heed! Give me a moment. Hey, why are you here? I’ve got an ache in my leg.
That’s the reason. Don’t you have a front row? Then go sit there. Hey, start driving! God! Sulochana, I love you. -Take it Sulochana…
-Hey Ramana… -Take it Sulochana.
-Ramana, what are you doing? -I know you like me.
-Are you mad? -I love you Sulochana. Please take it.
-Hey Ramana! Sulochana look at me once. -Hey…
-Look at me once. I love you. She would get into trouble if
her family comes to know about this. -Ramana, listen…
-Look at me Sulochana… I brought this for you
Sulochana. Look at this. Hey, why are you hitting him? Sister, please tell him
to stop hitting him. Please sister. Brother-in-law, please leave him. Please leave him. Sister, tell him to stop
hitting my brother. How dare you write a love letter to
her despite knowing she is my sister? Drag him away. [groaning in pain] These things are common here young man. Let’s go. The principal is calling you. Tell me. My friend Suri
studied in this college sir. What happened to him? He is dead. So, I came to meet his
favourite teacher and his friend. When did he study here? It’s been two years sir. It’s been only a year
that I joined this college. Go and get the details from
the lecturers upstairs. Suresh… I mean your Suri. He was an extraordinary student and
we’ve expected him to become a collector. But we find it some kind of a
mystery to hear about his death. Suresh was a very bright student… Hey Suri, I met many lecturers but
I felt that they are not your Guru. I lost faith that I’d meet your Guru. [music] Suri… He used to top in every subject. Even in music. He used to grasp any Raga in a jiffy. He used to share everything with me… …including family matters and friends. He never did anything
without intimating me. That is the one thing… But that idiot didn’t
inform me before dying! He sent you to ask me forgiveness. And you came down. Every student of this
college would remember us. But we would remember only two persons. One is an adept and
the other one an idiot. He falls under both categories. An idiot who doesn’t know how to live. He is an idiot who betrayed me for love. I won’t forgive him. I can’t either. Leave. [music] Listen… this is the
list of Suresh’s friends. The principal asked me to give it to you. Most of his friends hail from Marripalem. You might get any useful
information if you go there. -Thank you very much.
-Okay. Take care. It’s alright that he
cried, because he turned old. He cried because he cannot
understand your love and sacrifice. Why do I have tears in my eyes too? Well, the old man is finicky. He said he won’t forgive you on my face. How can he even
understand the love in youth? Now, I am going to meet your friend. But your Guru asked me
something in the end. I didn’t know what to answer. It’s about… your acquaintance. -Hey Suri.
-What are you doing dude? -I’m boozing man.
-Where? -In my house.
-Good gracious! You became a daredevil. Hey, my parents are out of town. Awesome! Is it just booze or
do you have anything else too? As if my life doesn’t have enough hassles. Hey Suri, I will kill Poorna… very soon. -He laid his hands on Ramana.
-Did he hit you? It’s not just that!
But he hit me before Sulochana. Hello… Hello. Moron! He seems to have passed
out due to excess boozing. Hey Suri, where were we? Yeah! He bashed me before Sulochana. He claims that Sulochana belongs to him. As if I give up so easily! Even Sulochana likes me dude. Why would she stop Poorna
from bashing me otherwise? She is crazy about Ramana. It was because of me. When she was close to me,
I couldn’t control myself. So, I kissed her. Nothing wrong in getting
thrashed daily to get such a kiss. But Suri…
[knock knock] Hey Suri
[knock knock] Hey Suri…
[knock knock] Hey Suri…
[knock knock] Hey idiot! Why do you make
sounds instead of coming before me? Are you a ghost?
[knock knock] So you aren’t a human?
[knock knock] [phone ringing] -Hello.
-It’s me, Suri. Tell me. Last night, you were telling
about someone bashing you. It was Poorna.
Didn’t I tell you last night? When did you tell me? I was on the
line and you didn’t talk at all. -Haven’t I told you, man?
-Whom did you tell? Try to remember. Hey Suri, I told you, didn’t I?
[knock knock] -Suri, I will call you back. Hang up.
-Okay dude [music] [dialing] Hello. -Hello Suri
-Tell me. [knock knock] When I was calling you,
some kind of knocking sounds are coming. Is it a ghost? Is it a ghost or a demon?
Are you still having a hangover? Hey, I am telling the truth. Please stop it. Actually, I
called you to tell something. My niece in Hyderabad got engaged. I’m leaving to Hyderabad tomorrow
and would stay there for a few days. Take care. Bye. Hey… Suri… [knock knock] Who are you? Are you a ghost? [knock knock] [music] [metal clang] [music] [gasping] I am very hungry. Don’t ghosts come at night? Don’t you have a sense of time? What is your name? Why do you respond when I call Suri? Is your name… Suri? [knock knock] I understood one thing
about your knocking sounds. You knock twice for ‘yes’ and once for ‘no’, ain’t it? [knock knock] It is… Are you a good ghost
or a tormenting one? Oh no! I am scared
when I think about ghosts. Let’s consider you a soul. Okay?
[knock knock] Thank God! Now, I am feeling relieved. I am not scared anymore. [knocking] Seems like you laughed? [knock knock] How old are you? 25? [knock] 21 or 22? [knock] 23? [knock knock] Oh! You are here?
[knock knock] Aren’t you a college student?
How did you die? Was it an accident? [knock] Did someone scold you
for scoring less marks? [knock] Oh man! If someone didn’t harm
you… Did you die on your own? [knock knock] Does it mean suicide? [knock knock] Oh God! Would you possess me as shown in movies?
[knock] I asked because I have my own fears. By the way, why did you die? Is it love? [knock knock] Expected that. What could be
there other than love at that age? I was scared initially but… I feel pity for you Suri. I was talking informally. Is it alright? [knock knock] Thanks dude. After I left my village, I have no
friends for casual talks except that kid Even if Suri is not with me,
I am happy that you are. I was the one who over-acted
while leaving my village As Suri sticks with me all the time. Never mind.
You bumped into me and have the same name. I mean you got to know you. We are friends from now. Okay? [knock knock] [music] Ramana… Hey… What happened to you? Are you not having food
properly being busy with work? Hey… [music] Shh! Come here. Look at him. O God, bless our family. Where did I place the curry leaves? What happened to him?
Has he lost it? -How can you say that to your son?
-You keep feeding that glutton. Enough. Hey! Be careful. Go slowly. Oh no! [music] Hey Suri, I saw Sulochana just now. I am very happy today. Since that incident, I feel embarrased
to go to the centre or meet Sulochana. Anyhow Sulochana likes me. Still, does everyone
face so many troubles? I think you have faced similar troubles
like me for the sake of love, right? [knock knock] I too want to know about your love story. Why didn’t you ever
narrate your love story? What would you say anyhow? I’ll make you speak the truth. “Tuneega
Tuneega song from Manasantha Nuvve movie” There are all the
Telugu love movies in this. I will start narrating one by one.
Just answer yes or no. Okay? [knock knock] Is it a childhood love story like
the movie ‘Manasantha Nuvve’? [knock] So not that. [music] Is it a college love story
like the movie ‘Prema Desam’? [music] Musthafa Musthafa…
What a wonderful song it is! Suri and I like this song very much. We used to halt wherever we
heard this song during childhood. We used to stay
there till the song ends. I love this song and Suri so much. Do you have a friend similar to him? [knock knock] Is it a favourite song for both of you? [knock knock] [music] Ramana presents Suri’s love story. My name is Suresh. I fell in love with a Muslim girl. I fell for her on the day of Ramzan
when I saw her in a tinsel dress. I imagined that scene in
this way. What do you say? One day, I met her at the
mosque and proposed her. She scolded me in their language.
I didn’t take that road after that. Later, she came to attend a fair. I lent her 50 bucks when she had
insufficient amount to buy bangles. Despite she had no interest in me, she accepted that amount
because of her fascination for bangles. After that, our conversation synced. One day, when I was on
the bed due to high fever, She brought an amulet from
the Dargah and tied it to me. I don’t know whether it was the power
of the amulet or her entry in my home, The fever went down by the next morning. When I was passing by her lane
during Dusshera procession, She even kissed me. Hey Suri, you were lucky. I got slapped just for one kiss. [knocking] Hey, don’t laugh. After that, we loved
each other so madly that, I used to take
medicines when she fell ill. I felt no hunger and sleep if I
couldn’t see her for even a day. When I was in dire need of money, She arranged money by
selling her gold bangles and told her parents that she lost them. They came to know about me when
they felt suspicious and inquired. Sadly, she was beaten
and confined her to home. I came to know about
that and went to her home. Everyone in that lane thrashed me badly. Meanwhile, she saw me and threatened them
she would cut her hand if they don’t stop. Then, they left me. But we were unable to leave each other. I couldn’t concentrate on studies as
the girl didn’t eat food for 15 days. She was admitted in hospital.
And I was unable to take it anymore. I went to her and brought her out at the
time when there were no nurses around. Both of us understood
that we can’t live together. We felt that there would be happiness in
dying together when we can’t live together So, we brought poison. She kissed me for the second
time before we took poison. I felt her kiss was like ambrosia. Now, we didn’t feel the
bitterness of poison and drank it. [gasping] Why am I crying when it’s
me who has written it, Suri? I am becoming emotional dude. Aren’t you weeping too? [knock knock] Does this glass belong to you? [knock knock] [chuckling] I found this here. Cheers dude! [music] Hey,
did you drink the poison in this glass? [knock knock] Hey idiot! Is that the reason the air flowed heavily
every time I drink alcohol in this glass? You thought that I was also
drinking poison, didn’t you? But Suri, whatever it is, I feel very jealous of you
after knowing your love story. Both of you died in order to
persevere your love, didn’t you? [knock] Both of you died, didn’t you? [knock] Is she alive? [knock knock] Where is she now? You can’t answer, right? But still… Hey… You have love also has honesty in it. But I don’t have that in mine. Damn! We have to love like you did! I will do that! I’ll keep her in my heart always. Right here. [music]
[waves splashing] Where are you? Where will I be? I don’t know where
to go, so I am sitting at the center. It is very embarassing brother. Everyone here is speaking ill of
you due to Sulochana sister’s episode. Yes, I too feel embarrased to come there. So, I am not. That’s why I didn’t call you… …even when Sulochana sister
went to the temple before me. What? She went to the temple? [temple bell ringing] [whistling] -Dear Sulochana
-Yes Mr Priest -What is this?
-Prasada Why are you distributing
Prasada at this time dear? They are done in the morning itself. There would some people outside
the temple. Distribute to them. -Okay?
-Okay. What can we do now? You didn’t listen when your mom
asked you to come in the morning. As told by the priest,
no one would come now. Mom will scold me if I
don’t distribute it now. Let’s see. Somebody might turn up. -Why aren’t the chicks coming back?
-They would come eventually. Oh no! Me? Would the youth stay calm if
a beauty like me distributes the Prasada? -Oh my God!
-Please… Please distribute it. -Please…
-No, I can’t Ramana…
Over here. -Me?
-Yes. Actually, Sulochana’s
mom made this Prasada. There are no people
here to distribute this. Kindly distribute it
to the people outside. Are you mad? Chill! He came to flirt you
but we are using him. What’s wrong in it? [music] Hey children, come here. Give it to me too brother. They have left. If you give me the bucket,
I will deliver it to them. When did you come? Just after you. Didn’t you abruptly disconnect the
call when I told you about the temple? By the way, Sulochana sister
asked me to convey her thanks. -To me?
-Yes. She conveyed it with little anger. This is the reason they
have bashed you on that day. Have a little control. Thank God! What would you have
done if she told you directly? [music] “Waking up before the rooster” “Applying soap on the dark body” “The boy jumped out of shyness” “and laughed crazily” “He wore sunglasses and
looked like a superstar” “He groomed his hair and
looked like a stylish star” “He applied talcum powder
and looked like a power star” “He fell in love” “He stepped on a fox tail somewhere” “after looking at the beautiful damsel” “Won’t he see the stars in
daylight when he grabs the moon?” Yes, we have Hilsa. Take it. The motorcycle? Hey, where is my motorcycle? Ramana might have taken it. He is not talking to me since 2 years
but he wants my motorcycle. Idiot! Shameless moron! “It’s wandering…” “It’s wandering…” “The routine way seems new” “The air passing over it is intoxicating” “How much life changes with
just a single love story?” “wondered excited boy” “He was behaving stylish
before she saw him” “But trembled when she looked at him” “He can neither be
with her nor stay away” “nor can he sleep” [music] “It’s wandering…” “It’s wandering…” “It’s wandering…” “It’s wandering…” “He is crazy but not a bad person” “He is a hero who wouldn’t care” “He’s not rich but big-hearted” “He is a mad priest of love” “He would intensify when
a friend accompanies him” “He would die if he won’t get you” “We would even store your toe ring” “This guy is too good” “Waking up before the rooster” “Applying soap on the dark body” “The boy jumped out of shyness” “and laughed crazily” “He wore sunglasses and
looked like a superstar” “He groomed his hair and
looked like a stylish star” “He applied talcum powder
and looked like a power star” “He fell in love” How come you are here? I am working in a photo
studio in this village. I am going to a wedding
photo-shoot now. Mind the shop. Okay, bye. “It’s wandering…” What’s with your intense grooming dude? It’s the time of
Sulochana’s arrival dude! You would never change. “It’s wandering…” “It’s wandering…” Why are you taking this
route, brother-in-law? -We have some work.
-What work? -The oldie coconut trader is ill.
-You mean Abbulu grandpa? Yes. Your father asked
us to pay him a visit. Why didn’t dad tell this in the morning? You can ask him when you go home. [music] [coughing] Who is it? Grandpa, it’s me, Sulochana,
daughter of Jaya Babu. Oh! Is it?
I have a bad vision these days. -Who’s beside you?
-Brother-in-law. -Poorna?
-Yes. Oh! Both of you came together!
Did you bring a wedding invitation? No, grandpa. We heard that you
were ill. So we came to visit you. God bless you my child! Granny has been to milk booth. Meanwhile,
make some tea for your brother-in-law. Okay. What about you? Listen, prepare it with excess
sugar before your granny arrives. Okay. [music] When will you marry her? It’s been 5 years since she matured. Tell that to her dad, not me. [music] How is your mill? It is very aggressive. Yes, because we have a
stiff the competition now. But in those days, there used to be
just one mill for 4 to 5 villages. [whistling] [whistling] [whistling] Who the hell is disturbing? [whistling] [whistling] [whistling] Damn! -Grandpa, here’s the tea. Have it.
-Sure dear. -Come, let’s go.
-Poorna, when did you arrive? I will come in the evening. You can go. I will bring her with me in the
evening when I come to your village. Damn! [motorcylce leaving] [whistling] [indistinct people chattering] Poorna, shall I get another half bottle? Someone came in between. You idiot! This haste would bring you trouble. It’s not good if Mr Jaya Babu
comes to know about that. They have raised her well, didn’t they? As if I am a douche bag. I will marry her even
if I have to lock her parents. I will not leave her. I will not leave her at all. I will not leave even
that person who whistled. [phone ringing] Poorna, it’s your Uncle. -Hello
-Hey Poorna. She wants to attend college along
with her friends from tomorrow. It is not a good practice
to keep a girl confined to home for some untoward incident. See you. [phone smashed] Dude, her brother-in-law
didn’t accompany her as you said. Go and propose Sulochana. -I am scared.
-Or do you want to have a drink? -Hey, go away.
-I have some urgent work inside, Finish the matter before I come out. [phone rings] Poorna bro, he’s here. It means that he followed us yesterday. Break the hands and limbs of that moron! Aah! [fighting sounds] Hey, why the hell are you hitting him? How dare you bash my friend, you morons! I won’t spare you. What’s the reason? Oh God! I think they are your
brother-in-law’s henchmen. -Hello
-Are you insane? Why did you send your men again? I would have informed either you or
my dad if he had done something. Won’t you let me be at
peace at my college? Damn! I will not leave her! [fighting sounds] [panting] Come with me. Hey Sulochana… Tell her dude. What the hell is there to
tell? Who the hell are you? He is my friend. Only such idiots can
be friends to people like you. I slapped you,
my brother-in-law bashed you too. But still, you are following
me like the shameless dog. I am not someone like
you who is easy going like you. I am pursuing my studies. Both you and my
brother-in-law on the other side. Why don’t the two of you kill me? Don’t you compare me with
your brother-in-law, Sulochana. I sure will! He is a useless moron and
you are an irresponsible idiot. Both are same. Don’t push it Sulochana. Sulochana, he told me
everything yesterday. Who the hell are you? Have you been spreading
the entire village about me? If you follow me again, It won’t be my brother-in-law
who would hit you but me. Listen to me Sulochana Stop. Don’t you follow me. I plead you. So be it, your majesty. Respected Sulochana, I will neither
follow you nor show you my face. You live happily. He would again do that someday. Oh my freaking life! I was a fool to follow you
and get insulted, bashed by some fellows and was still
following you like a dog as you said. There would be no more trouble from me. If you ever see me,
slap me with your footwear. [music] Suri, I met your Guru. Your parents, friend and
that girl are remaining. Now, I’m going to your friend’s village. Let’s see what he says. [bus arriving] [music] Get on dude. -Who are you?
-Me? [phone ringing] Get on. No, thanks. -Are you going to the village?
-Yes. Me too. Get on dude.
Don’t nag. [music] -By the way, is the seat soft?
-Yes. I have made it done at
Kakinada in Basha’s store on credit. You are comfortable, aren’t you? Yes. [tires screeching] What happened? Did the fuel run empty? Gandhi made my tank full recently. You give me 50 bucks. Is it for the ride? Basha warned me that he would take
away the seat if I don’t pay him. So why would I have to pay? Aren’t you sitting on that seat? You… You should have informed
first that it wasn’t a free ride. All the people of this
village know my way. It is 25 bucks till here and 50
bucks to get into the village. Are you coming with
me or staying back? -Move it.
-Give me the cash. I will pay after I get down. Dude, does the same thing
work in a bus or a train? That’s better. Your technique is nice. Making a ride comfortable
and then asking for money. It’s just the blessing of people like you. It’s our sheer innocense actually. By the way, whom do you want
to visit in this village? Why? Would you ask money for even that? I’m commercial but not a moron. I came to visit a friend’s home. What’s his name? [phone ringing]
He is Su… Hold it near my ear dude. It’s
difficult to drive with a single hand. -Hello
-Laxman Rao, where are you? I’m with a client dude. I’ll be
there after I drop him in a village. Didn’t I tell you be there
at the time of bus arrival? Chill dude.
I’ll be there in two… 10 minutes. Two tens is equal to 20 minutes. Have a smoke till then. I’ll be there. You snatched 100 bucks from
me on the name of advance. If I announce this in the village, -not even a child would board your bike.
-Okay, hang up. I am coming back for you. If you walk straightly in this way for
half kilometre, you will reach the village Why should I walk after
I paid you 50 bucks? Your logic is right but
my cousin is waiting. He cannot walk because he is a cripple. I’m emotionally tied.
Sorry, don’t mind. If you come next time,
I will give you a free ride till half way. Okay? [music] Hey Suri, they’ve shocked me
before I set foot in your village. I don’t know what happens
once I step into the village! “Chethilona Cheyyesi song
from the movie Bombay Priyudu” Give me a cigarette bro. Bro, a friend of mine named
Suresh used to live in this village. -His friends…
-Which Suresh were you asking for? Gedhal Suresh or Matta Suresh? No, I was looking for Surigadu. Hey, are you looking for Surigadu? That idiot just left in this way after
he bought a stack of beedi on credit. By the way,
what work do you have with him? I have some work with his friend, not him. Who are you? I’m Surigadu’s friend. Which village are you from?
What’s the matter with you? No bro. My friend Suri and the one you
are referring to are different. He is from Kovvur.
Everyone addresses him as Surigadu. I have to meet his friend
who was his classmate. -Did you get it?
-It is pretty clear after you explained. There is a rice mill in the south of
this village. You can find him there. -Thanks bro.
-Welcome. Who the hell is he? I didn’t
understand anything he said. As if I did! All the educated youth gather at the
rice mill and watch cricket, don’t they? I sent him there as he might find the
guy he was looking for in that gathering. [tv playing] Come and collect your bet amount.
We have a wicket in this over. Steady.
Come one by one. Hey, wait! What’s your amount? Hey, careful! Hand me the cash.
Do you think I am a fool? -Police! Run! Run!
-Why did you come here? -Run! Run!
-Move aside, you fool! “Musthafa Musthafa song
from the movie Prema Desam” Are you the friend of deceased Suri? [shutter sound] -Come with me.
-Who’s inside? [whistling]
Hey, stop! [music] Hey… Oh no! [panting] [water rustling] He didn’t tell anything
before his death but Did he ask you to apologise to me? Our Suri is a freaking fool dude! -But he is deceased now.
-That’s the reason for my anguish! Why don’t you forgive him dude? Sure, we can do that dude. But I would have done if he wouldn’t have
been my benchmate and become my friend. The day when my father absconded
leaving me and my mom to severe debts, We were on the verge of committing suicide but he came like a
hero and gave us courage. I would have forgiven him
if he didn’t do that dude. I wanted to commit suicide
again when my mother died. If he wouldn’t have come to me and said, I would have forgiven him. After that, when he committed
suicide and made me an orphan, I didn’t feel like dying.
I was enraged dude. Even now, I won’t get emotional remembering
my mom but I do remembering him. [weeping] I can’t forgive him dude. I would
forget that idiot if I forgive him. I don’t want that. I’m very emotional now
because Suri is my close friend, But this guy,
Balaraju is an arch-rival of Suri. Ask him if he would forgive Suri? Why do you still hold a
grudge after his death? He killed me too with his death. Everyone in the college including
juniors, seniors, lecturers, professors know my rivalry with Suri. If you ask anyone about Suri,
they used to remember me and vice-versa. Now, he is dead. There is no one to fight
with me or remember me. He took my identity along with him. I will never forgive him. I used to think of how he
would fight me when I see him. But I never expected that he would
give a death blow with his suicide. Concentrate on your drink dude. Anyone would turn this
way if he bumps into someone. He marked his impression on
us and took away our identity. Freaking moron! But dude, I understood
one thing because of him. Friendship doesn’t mean just love. It is a blend of anger,
grudge, enmity and jealousy. Because if we remember any
person with any of these feelings, That means he is our friend. How the hell can you call him as a friend? He faced me like a man in
college but died for a mere girl. His friendship is of some other kind. Didn’t I tell you that he is
doing fine after his death? But he is torturing us in the
form of his remembrance every day. Suri, amongst the people
that I met for you. No one said ill about you. Perhaps, everyone
becomes good after death. If people consider a human to
be good even when he is alive, I guess there wouldn’t be any necessity
for anyone in this world to die forcefully You are making us emotional dude. Where are Suri’s parents now? They left their home and
are residing in another village. Will you drop me? When I’m going on a
motorcycle in this way I remember my trip to Sai’s village after I told Sulochana
that I would never meet her. What’s up Ramana? Why did you
come to my village all of a sudden? Is it love? Got you!
That’s the reason I brought you here. -A girl named Sulochana.
-Wow! Beautiful name. Even the girl is very
beautiful. They are rich too. -Is it? Did she fall for you?
-Yeah. Then, what’s the worry about? She is not letting her feeling out. [motorcycle arrived] Mom, we are here. Did you prepare egg curry as I said? Yes I did. wash your feet and
enter. I will serve the food. So you came here telling that
you wouldn’t ever show your face? I have said those words but…
my heart is craving dude. You would feel that initially but everything will be
alright after a few days. I can’t take this anymore. I would have at least seen her from
a distance if I was in her village. But I don’t know that it would be painful
if I go far away from her in this way. Now that you have come here, let’s see. -Let’s see.
-I said the same thing, didn’t I? -I want to see now.
-What will you see? I have to see Sulochana. I’m going. Hey! At this time? There would be auto-rickshaws of the
late night shows at the main road Are you nuts? You can go in
the morning. Sleep now. -It’s a different feeling inside.
-That’s common. I’ll show you my girlfriend in the
morning. You can go after that. Hey Sai,
I can’t believe that you fell in love. It happened recently bro.
We’ve been for a movie too. -Oh! You are rocking bro!
-Yeah! -What’s her name?
-Her name is… [music] -Hey, it’s Sulochana!
-Radha Kumari. -Hey, it’s Sulochana!
-No, it’s Radha Kumari dude. Hey, look there, it’s Sulochana. The girl is in pink
saree is my Radha Kumari. Oh! The girl is in white dress is Sulochana. Even your lover is beautiful dude! Why did she come to this village? Maybe she came for you. That might be not the case dude. [music] Hey… they have built
a big church over there. [temple bell ringing] -Dude
-Yes. -Who is that beside Sulochana?
-Padma, second daughter of Mr Subbaraju. Her wedding is in 4 days. -So Sulochana came to attend her wedding.
-Yeah. Then I would stay here. -How about a beer tonight?
-Absolutely. [music] [gate creaking] Dude, did they come out? -Go man! Go.
-Okay! -Sister, I’ll come later. Carry on.
-Okay. [motorcycle leaving] How are you? We need to talk. Come with me. [music] Don’t you have any shame?
Aren’t you human? How can you follow me to this village after telling me you would
never show your face? That is not the case.
Listen to me Sulochana… Do you want to create nuisance here because you’ll get
thrashed in our village? Don’t you want to make me
stay decently over here? -Sorry Sulochana. I came here before…
-If I see you again, I will somehow commit
suicide in this village. [music] I thought that you would
stay here till the wedding. -That’s not the reason.
-If you want to come back here, Come down Anyway, it was my mistake.
I should face this Shut that nonsense. Go safe. -Alright?
-Damn! Go man. Okay. Safe journey. Take care dude. [music] [vehicle approching] Get on. -What?
-Get on the bike. Come on. Maintain distance. Don’t touch me. [music] I have to tell you something. What is it? Padma. His name is Janardhan.
He followed me many times. He didn’t stop despite insulting him. When I complained about him
to my cousin, he bashed him. But still, he followed me like a dog
without feeling ashamed or remorse. Recently, He said he jumped
over the wall in my back yard and recorded my video when I was bathing. He started blackmailing me on
calls since my wedding is fixed In order to handover that video to me, He asks me to sleep with
him before the wedding… [weeping] She informed me last night. The wedding is in 2 days. My brother, Sudheer who bashed
Janaradhan is staying abroad. Her wedding would be cancelled if she
informs about this incident to her parents She would be humiliated if it is
known to anyone in this village. We are outsiders, aren’t we? What? We have to help her
because we are outsiders. Leave it to me.
Don’t worry. Thanks Ramana. What is that you have to do with
moron Janardhan instead of going home? Did you find out where he lives? Yeah. Heard that he is boozing near
an abandoned bridge at the outskirts. Drive fast. What’s the matter dude? Any tiff? If she doesn’t sleep with
me before her wedding, I will shave my moustache and
accept that I am a fool. -Hi dude.
-Hi I was thinking to call you but
you did instead. Come over. What’s up dude?
Have a seat. -Who’s he? Is he from our gang?
-He is my friend, Ramana. He is a jovial chap. -By the way, why did you come?
-Ask him. I was betrayed dude. -Is it love?
-Yeah. -Is it?
-Yes dude. So you too fall under our category. What’s you story dude? There is a chick in our
village named Padma. She is beautiful. I proposed her.
She rejected me. I asked her to come behind the
buses at least. But she didn’t come. I was enraged. So I recorded
her video when she was bathing. Is it? He is a dim-wit. That’s the reason I didn’t tell you. Continue your story dude. So the next thing I did was, I said, “You marry anyone but I should
be the first person to sleep with you” You are superb dude! I’ve followed her for two
years like a dog, dude! Won’t she come now? I followed my lover for 3 years. You have more patience than me dude. But I won’t give up dude! Hello Ramana dude!
Even I’m not giving up. If she doesn’t turn up to me, I will post her video to
all the youth in this village. Look, he can operate internet.
He will post it on YouTube. I’ll also have to do the same thing. Did you too record the video? Yeah! Is it? Yours was in the bathroom whereas
mine was recorded in the bedroom for 4 consecutive days. Dude, please show me.
I’m crazy about such things. By the way, which place
does that girl belong to? This Village. Our village? Is there any chick who
are not known to us? Is she beautiful? She is mind-blowing. She looks hot
when she’s wearing clothes! Don’t tease me dude.
At least, tell her name. Geetha. -Which Geetha?
-What’s that name that starts with D? Got it, it is Dhannipudi Geetha. -Here, I’m showing you. One, two…
-She is my sister dude. How dare you to record
the video of my sister! Stop it dude. Isn’t your sister a woman or
doesn’t she have a body like any woman? She is my sister idiot! Hey, even Padma is someone’s
sister and someone’s daughter. Come on, post it wherever you want. You humiliate Padma and I will
shame your sister in the entire village. If your insanity is a drop,
my insanity is an ocean. Are you ready? Hey… She is innocent.
Please leave her. I’m pleading you. -Please…
-Take it out. -Take it out.
-On it -Wait, I’m doing it.
-Do it. Here, this is the video. Please delete my sister’s video Please leave her dude. I don’t have anything dude. What did you say? I don’t even know who is
your sister till I was here. Hey, whether it is your sister
or someone’s, dignity is the same. We have to tease for
fun but never humiliate. -Hello
-I’m sorry Padma. I’ve done a grave mistake. [music] Thanks Ramana.
Thank you so much. I’m also thankful to you because everything got
sorted because of your friend. Thank you. Your sister called me a friend herself.
But you are like… Friends? Don’t start now! We are just friends. You shouldn’t take advantage
and propose me like older times. -Deal?
-Deal. [music] “O my beloved, your love is” “bringing sunrise at midnight inside me” “My life with your thoughts” “is becoming a foe and a sage
inside you with your thoughts” “Love is not born a loner” “Unless buried in the earth as a loner” “God has sent you as a pair to me” “He asked me to love you in
my heart full of mirrors” “The first step is friendship” “It becomes love as it settles down” “It becomes a shyness that’s not seen” “When it settles in the heart” “Sleep doesn’t approach me” “As my heart gets wet, I can’t sleep” “Love is not born a loner” “Unless buried in the earth as a loner” [humming] [humming] [humming] [music] “Let us walk together
and sync our steps” “Why do we need friendship or love?” “I can’t breathe nor I can realise myself” “I don’t know if it’s birth or death” “Don’t keep pondering before me” “My love also roams around like a monkey” “Are your looks knives or jasmines?” “Look at me and kill me this way” “Let this insanity rise in time” “Let the distances melt,
what’s wrong in that?” “Let me kiss on the forehead
of love which isn’t being revealed” “Let me come with you
like a restless shadow” “A sky-high painting
with my heart’s rainbow” “Do I keep painting you
throughout my life?” [music] Hey Suri [knock knock] I just got to know that
tomorrow is Sulochana’s birthday. I’ve been waiting for a
right time to propose her. Now, the right time has arrived. But I don’t money to buy a good gift. There is no one who would give me a loan. I have no scope to even consider
that someone is indebted to me. By the way, is there any person
who would give you a loan? [knock knock] What? Tell the truth? [knock knock] Suri, tell me the truth. [knock knock] Who the heck would
give a loan to you dude? Hey Suri, this seems like
a register of credits? Were you a supplier to general stores? [knock knock] Now, I’ll start my play. [dialing] -Hello.
-I’m Suri’s friend. Where’s the money for
the goods that I supplied? Do you want to evade the
debt due to his absence? Are you playing games? His father
collected the amount recently, didn’t he? Oh my goodness!
Seems like he got me. [dialing] -Hello.
-Hello, who’s speaking? -I’m Suri’s friend.
-Tell me Where’s the money for
the goods that I supplied? His father collected
the amount recently, didn’t he? [music] [dialing] [music]
[waves splashing] Everyone was telling
that they had already paid. [music] [dialing] Hello, who’s speaking? Hello, I’m Ramana friend of Suri. Heard that you need to pay him 8000 bucks. Yes, I have to pay him… 8000 bucks. He gave me the money that he earned
from the supply of commodities. I’ve been to Hyderabad and
earned a job with that money. After that, I ve been to America. I came to know about his
death when I was in America. It’s been a week that I
returned from America. I thought to visit his
parents and pay his amount. But you called me before that I’ll transfer the amount if you
send me the account number. Hey Suri, thank you very much! Is it necessary to meet him? He would be disappointed if I
don’t meet him on my birthday. I’ve already called him and
informed that I’m on my way. Anyhow, why do you give him such space? That’s the reason the people of
our village are gossiping about you. What are they gossiping? What would they gossip?
They think both of you as love birds. And your cousin, Poorna came to my home and hatched a plan with my
brother to murder Ramana. There is nothing as such. I told him at the beginning itself
that we would remain as friends. And he too agreed to that. That won’t be the case. Ask me if he doesn’t propose you now. Hell with your guess. [waves rustling] Did you come too? Why! Can’t you see me?
Oh! I’m a barrier to you? Shut up. Happy birthday Sulochana. Remove your sunglasses.
It’s awful to look at. Is it looking bad? So be it. Why did you present this to me? I love you Sulochana. -That’s how you should treat him.
-Sulochana. Disgusting.
She’s been trying to explain. I was a fool to
consider it as a friendship. You wouldn’t change ever. Not just me, no one changes. They try to stay beside her if
they decide her as a soulmate. Friends might turn into lovers but Lovers cannot turn into
friends, Sulochana. And if someone says it otherwise,
that can be nothing but nonsense. Sulochana, I like you very much. Every time you board my vehicle, I consider myself as a
power star and superstar. But after you get down from my vehicle,
I felt something pulling down here. I too didn’t understand what it was. But on that day when it was raining… Both of us… You left that place
thinking that it was a vulgar act. But for me… I felt that I want to marry you. I wanted to be with you in
a romantic way Sulochana. If you really love her,
you can do that from a distance too. This… This is called nonsense. Look Sulochana,
if we are crazy about someone, it is not just their heart we wish for, we see their physical appearance too. Anybody would fall in
love seeking everything. But not for half baked
dialogues and touching. I am super crazy about you. That’s the reason I’ve
been following you like a dog despite having severe debts
and no vehicle to do my job. Now, if someone sees us and
informs my cousin, he would kill us both. What kind of dirt are you into? What’s his position and what’s yours? You look like an angel. How can you say that you
are going to marry that idiot? It is right to obey your family
members but not at the cost of your life. Is it the fear of your cousin
that made you to reject me? Are you really not in love with me? No, I don’t love you. [music] [music] I love you Sulochana [gasping] [music] If you board this bus again,
I will jump from the running bus and die. is that idiot back? [bus leaving] “The sprint continued for you” “for you” “My soul is yours” “The sprint continued for you” “for you” “My soul is yours” “Let the tears out” “in a way it floods the heart” “Let the life forsake” “after you imprison me in your heart” “What will happen to me” “when so much happiness is in front of me” “Now that you who reside
in the clouds or heaven” “have come down and loved me” “There is something” “in your love” “The time will pause” “With your smile” “My breath without you all these days” “Has been stopping at intervals” “Once your hand touched me” “My heart started swinging.” [music] [panting] [music] “My dreams stopped because of you” “because of you” “You are my companion” “My dreams stopped because of you” “because of you” “You are my companion” “The world was an empty space” “Since all these days” “Everyday is colourful” “with your arrival” “Don’t know which goddess has blessed me” “My way changed into a flower bed” “Today any past life’s debts” “should be cleared this day of union” “What will happen to me” “when so much happiness is in front of me” “Now that you who reside
in the clouds or heaven” “have come down and loved me” [music] [music] Had your lunch? No, it is not even lunch time. By the way, where are you here? There is a wedding in Jaggaiah’s
home who lives down the lane. I came to attend it and
extend my stay till evening. I thought to skip this
wedding because the oldie is ill. But few things are
unavoidable, aren’t they? After attending the marriage,
I will stay till evening and leave. Okay. Hey Sulochana, how are you? I’m good grandpa. When will you marry her to Poorna? There is a lot of time for that.
Let her complete her education. Okay. See you. -I’ll meet you again if possible.
-Okay. [music] [dialing] [phone ringing] Hey Sulochana is calling. Excuse me Suri.
I’ll be right back. -Hello
-Where are you? Where would I be?
I’m home alone. I always wanted to be you. But you avoid me citing some reasons. Let’s do something. Let’s go to some faraway
place? What do you say? We can’t go that far but we have a place. Let’s go there. I’ll take you if you assure me that
you don’t do naughty things over there. Okay. [music] [motor-cycle starts] Hey, there is nothing to worry, right? Yes, come on. -Who is it?
-Grandpa, it’s me, Sulochana. Oh! It’s you. Who’s
beside you? Is it Poorna? Yeah, it’s him. Granny has come to your village,
didn’t she? I don’t know Grandpa. We came here
straight away from the college. Okay dear.
Make tea for Poorna. Okay grandpa. Brother-in-law, stay here.
I’ll go inside and make tea for you. -Okay?
-Yeah. Come sit here.
Put that mug aside. -Are you doing good?
-Hmmm -When are you marrying her?
-Yeah -Why do your reply ‘Hmm’ for everything?
-Hmm. You are too proud to
talk to an old person. Your father tortured us when he was alive. And now, you became an arrogant person. We can’t advise the
children of this generation. I’m very confused. What’s with the children
of this generation? [music] “A small help” “It’s a farming of sweet hurt” “It’s a lovely age” “All the shyness disappears” “Its a music and notes” “It’s yes for romance” “It’s a bodily chat” “It’s a sweat of lust” [music] “Happy feel has come like a flood” “Peacock has become tears” “Naughtiness changed” “Manliness became an arrow” “Beauty is captured” “Is the mark of a tooth
a sign of happiness?” “A small help” “It’s a farming of sweet hurt” “It’s a lovely age” “All the shyness disappears” “Did our hearts beat closer?” “Did the hips respond?” “In a sea full of whirlpools” “Wouldn’t the body rise up like a wave?” “Holding this time with a chain” “is an art unknown” “Which treasure is this battle for?” “is it known this second?” “A small help” “It’s a farming of sweet hurt” “It’s a lovely age” “All the shyness disappears” “Its a music and notes” “It’s yes to romance” “It’s a bodily chat” “It’s a sweat of lust” Please, don’t tell everyone mom. Please mom. Who the hell are you? Oh no! Call the doctor immediately. [machine beeping]
[weeping] Never again will I make mistakes dad. I’ll do as you say. [music] -Where are you going?
-I’m going to Sulochana’s home Mom. Come home early. -Gayathri… Please Gayathri
-Shut up! Don’t talk to me. Listen to me once. Please Gayathri… If half of the students of my college
come to know that you came in my path -They’ll throw you in the ocean. Mind it.
-Listen to me once Gayathri. Gayathri, I need to talk to her. I feel I’m dying if I don’t talk to her. Gayathri, I plead you. Is it? Then, die. It is better that you die. -That’s apt for you for humiliating her.
-Please Gayathri. Anyhow her wedding is fixed
with her cousin, Poorna. She would be happy at least. Move. This idiot wants Sulochana now. [music] Let’s go somewhere and get married. That’s the reason I’m
asking you to forget me. However, how did you expect that I
would come with you leaving my parents? Look, it is better to lose
you than lose my parents. Ramana, just go away from here. I can’t come with you. If at all if I come with you,
my parents will die at my wedding venue. I can’t get them into such situation. I can’t do this any more. Not possible. If you follow me again, I’ll kill myself
before my parents take that extreme step. [music] We are fools. If we fall in love, we’ll be left
with nothing but her memories. From the moment we get up in the morning,
we’ll think whether she woke up or not, what’s she doing, what dress she wore, Did she eat? We want to talk to her, see her,
be with her, roam with her everywhere and what not. We’ll just waste our time. But in the end, what did she do? Her wedding got fixed with her cousin. I don’t mind if she scolds me. I don’t mind if she hits
me because she is mine. Why’s she getting married? I’m feeling unexplained pain dude. I feel like dying. [knock] No dude, I’ll die. [knock] I can’t live without her. I’ll die. [knock] Hey, stop dude! This pain can go unless I die. She said that her parents
would die if she goes with me. Shouldn’t she know that I
can’t live without her? I’ll take better care
of her than her parents. Don’t I have love for her? [sobbing] I’ll die dude. [music] [birds chirping]
[waves splashing] [music] I’ll die. [knock ] I’ll die. [knock ] [strangling] [thud] What’s that sound? [knocking]
Ramana Ramana
[knocking] Hey… What happened? What’s that sound? Nothing mom. I don’t get this Ramana.
People are gossiping about you that you were roaming with
a girl from a wealthy family and they have even thrashed you. Is it true? If it is true, he would beg
with broken arms or limbs. If it is not, he would live
a carefree life with no work. What difference does it make to us or him? Don’t bother about your father’s words. Anyhow, why do we need to
have a tiff with wealthy people? Alright, take this money and
give it at Aunt Susheela’s home. They are going to Kasi. Why are they going to Kasi? They had a death of an
elderly person in their home. It was his wish to
visit Kasi before his death. Meanwhile, he became bedridden. So he asked them to immerse
his ashes in Kashi at least. If we don’t fulfil such wishes, it seems that their souls
would be roaming around us. Souls? Yes, souls. If the old man’s wishes get fulfilled, Then his soul would attain peace
and rest happily in heaven. What is meant by soul attaining peace? I don’t know. But the elders say so. Who are those elders? Here, start now. They’re getting delayed. Well, you dad is getting angry.
Go and give it at their home quickly. But mom, who are those elders? How would I know? Ask Brahmins. A human lives with a lot
of desires when he’s alive. If they die unexpectedly, Their souls would roam around us till
their wishes get fulfilled says science. -In fact…
-Enough sir. Thank you sir. Hey listen… Hey Suri, are you around? [knock knock] I just met a priest. He said that people who die with their
wishes unfulfilled would become spirits. Do you have any unfulfilled wishes too? It’s you I’m asking.
Do you have any such wishes? [knock knock] Why do you take time to reply? Are they big wishes? [knock] Oh! Is it a small wish?
Is it the reason you are here? [knock knock] Don’t worry. I’ll fulfil your
wishes. You did a lot to me. I too should help you. What are your wishes? Tell me. What wishes would you have before death? What if I ask who are
in the verge of dying? Then I would know them. I never had a
comfortable life after marriage. You used to intoxicate all the times. Now, his intoxication
habit is killing him. Hey oldie, do you have any last wishes? [gasping] I want to have a qu… quarter of alcohol. To hell with you and your quarter! Why did you attempt suicide? My parents always scolded me to study. Even my college wanted me to get a rank… …for their fame and I
was fully pressurised. Unable to withstand pressure
and study as per their expectations, I took sleeping pills to kill myself. Do you have any final wishes? My son… My dear son, this is a heartbreaking step! You are our only son.
How did you even think to abandon us? Forgive me mom. Forgive me dad. -What have done to you?
-I’ll never do this again. Please forgive me. I’ve visited all the persons who are on
the verge of death to know your last wish. But there was no use. I’ve visited different persons
such as old man, drunkard etc. I’ve visited a college goer who was
saved after his failed suicide attempt. But he was crying and asking for
forgiveness when his parents came. Forgive me dude. I didn’t know your last wish. Sorry dude
[knock knock] Do you want me not to apologise to you? [knock] Or do you want to apologise? Then try saying it. [knock knock] What? Do you want to apologise to
anyone… like that student? [knock knock] Hey, whom do you want to apologise to?
“Radio playing Maatru Devo Bhava song” Hey… Do you really want
to apologise to anyone? [knock knock] I’m hearing ‘Maatru Devo
Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava’. It means respect mother and father. Do you want apologise to them Suri? [knock knock] Is it just them or do
you have anyone else? Just as the lyrics of that song, ‘Maatru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava
Acharya Devo Bhava Atithi Devo…’ ‘Acharya Devo Bhava’ [knock knock] It means respect teacher. Is it just one person? [knock knock] Similarly, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ It means respect realtives. Who would be related to us at this age? Is it a friend? [knock knock] Thank God! Are you done with the list? [knock] Who else are left, you idiot? Just that I’m helping,
you’re playing with me. Fine! Don’t whine about it. You’re making me plead
you as if you’re my lover. [knock knock] Is it your lover you’re referring to? [knock knock] So you want me to go to
your teacher, parents, friend and lover and
apologise to them on your behalf? [knock knock] Okay. By the way, why you
need to apologise to them? Do you have any loans? [knock] Or did you do any mistake? [knock knock] I didn’t find any mistakes
in your story till your death. By any chance, do you consider your suicide bid as a
mistake just like that student? [knock knock] What’s the mistake in that? Your love failed,
so you committed suicide. I too fell in love, but it failed. I’m committing suicide too.
What’s the mistake in that? Is it a mistake? [knock knock] It might be a mistake for you,
but not for me. You would think that you’ve
showered great love on your lover. But I loved my
Sulochana more than you did. That’s the reason I don’t want to live. Dying is the right thing. Before I commit suicide, which means before Sulochana’s wedding, It’s my responsibility
to fulfil all your wishes. [dialing] The number you are trying
is currently not reachable To leave a voice SMS,
just dial ‘star’ followed by… The phone isn’t connecting when I’m
trying to call your friend, Pramod. I don’t know where they live. Fine, Meanwhile, I’ll visit my
auto-rickshaw gang for one last time and tell that I’m leaving this village. Because, they don’t know that I’m
committing suicide, don’t they? Hey guys! I told you on the day of his
entry in our village that he is a big fool No one believed me. What trouble is he bringing this time? He is here, look at him. I’m leaving. I can’t stay here after all these ruckus. Hey, please forgive me if I’ve
done any mistake unknowingly. You are a good person.
But control your jealousy and foolishness. Hey Srinu, don’t just
blindly follow people, Even you are intelligent.
Channelise it the right way. Forgive me if I’ve hurt you too. Uncle, if you have a son as of my age, You wouldn’t have had these hardships. When you’re making efforts
to survive your daughters at this age, I wanted to help you in
some or the other way. Take my first position Uncle. Work till your energy lasts
and get them a good education. Okay? I’ll leave. -Hey Ramana, what happened?
-Ramana… -Ramana… Hey…
-What happened to him? [dialing] [phone ringing] Hello. Ramana held a meeting with the other
auto-rickshaw drivers at the centre. What meeting? He should have definitely
hatched a plan for Sulochana. -For Sulcohana?
-I suspect the same thing. Forget suspicion. We should bash him. Even he shouldn’t know
that we’ve done that. Brother what’s up?
Heard that you came to my home? The fisherman gave 50 bucks
for a ride. Do you want it? I couldn’t do anything for you. Or shall I get a cigarette
for you, brother. [music] No dude. Stay safe. What happened brother? I’m leaving. Do you have any work? [fighting sounds] -I can’t find brother.
-They might have killed him. A minute before Poorna
ties knot to Sulochana… I decided to commit suicide. As per my promise to Suri, I’ll have to meet his teacher,
parents, friend and lover. He is a fool who doesn’t
know the way of living. He is an idiot betrayed my
trust for the sake of love. I won’t forgive him.
I can’t do that. I won’t forgive him. If I did that, I’ll forget that fool. I don’t want that to happen. Where are Suri’s parents? My love story is done. I’m left with my responsibility. That’s nothing but my word to Suri. That’s the house…
where Suri’s parents reside. Won’t you come? No, they would remember his
memories when they see me. You meet them. When you’re done,
call me. I’ll stay at the centre. Hello sir. I’m Ramana, Suri’s friend. You are Suresh’s father, right? What do you want? I’m sorry. Before Suri took the extreme step, he asked me meet and
apologise to you on his behalf. So you’re done with the apology,
right? Now, get going. Did Suri come back? -Is she Suri’s mother?
-No, just go away from here. Just go. My dear Suri… She’s calling sir. She’s not calling you. Just go. -Suri…
-Why is she calling Suri? Hey, I told you she is not calling, right? -Suri
-Hey, wait… My dear Suri…
How are you? Why aren’t you coming home? Did your dad scold you? Did you eat food? Shall I prepare Dal and eggplant curry? Hey, our Suri came. Did you greet him? [weeping] Why do you stare like a mad person? Our Suri is back. Give me a moment. Keep this in your pocket.
Buy some food at your college. Don’t tell your father. Study well. You have to take
good care of your mother. My dear son, I’m having severe
health issues these days. You won’t leave me, right? Now, say your apologies to her! Do you want me to forgive? They say children would fly
away after they develop wings. But our Suri…
he just broke our wings and went away. He just left us. [weeping] Will you come back? Yes, he would come. [phone ringing] [music] [machine beeping] -Mom
-Ramana Don’t cry. I’m fine. I was good in the morning. They said that I was
collapsed after I got a seizure. Your dad took me to the hospital when
he saw froth leaking from my mouth. Look, I bit my tongue. That’s it. What happened mom? It’s just nothing. They said that it would take five lakh rupees to save your mom’s life. We can’t afford that amount. Hey… I’m not worried
about losing my life. Your dad is a dumbo. And you are a stubborn person. I’m worried about how you
would survive after my death. He’s been roaming around
the hospital like a madman worrying that I might die. Please go and check
where your father is my dear son. Ramana, please do that for me. Sir, where did my father go?
I saw him sitting here some time ago. He went to meet Auto
Raju for money, Ramana. It is 5 lakh rupees. Thanks for having trust in me and giving that amount despite you
don’t lease your vehicle to my son. I don’t believe in trust
and other related things. That’s the reason
I’m giving you this amount. Sign those papers and take that amount. What did you write in those? I wrote, your son Ramana would work
under me for 10 years without a payment. It is unfair to pawn my son’s future sir. Anyway, you don’t any faith in him. He would at least learn the
skill if he works under me. What will you teach him? What’s the need to get these costly
diseases despite having no money for food? Why should you have pride
for giving birth to such fool? Raju, mind your tongue. You and I know that he’s got skills. You are not a fool to invest this huge
amount on him if he’s not having skill. He is a golden boy. He might be irresponsible
due to his young age factor, But if takes stand and
work hard for few years, He can make four people
like you work under him. It’s my ill-fate that I
came to you for money. I don’t mind if his
mother couldn’t be saved or me. We don’t have any right
to pawn his future. [music]
[weeping] Hey Suri! [knock knock] Do you what my dad spoke about me? He said that there can be no
match for me if I work hard. I need 5 lakh rupees to save my mother. Where is the money if I’m very great? My dad is a madman as my mom said. I’m a foolish son to them. Hey Suri, I met your Guru. He said he won’t forgive you. I thought he won’t understand the
meaning of love as he is an old man. I even met your friend. He said the same thing. I thought he is too
foolish to understand your love. But… When I met your parents… I felt for the first time that You made a grave
mistake by committing suicide. Hey Suri… I have to apologise to you as how you
asked me to apologise to your people. You’ve asked me to meet everyone, But I couldn’t meet your lover. Please forgive me. Can anyone live up to
face the death of his mother. Adding to my woes,
I have to lose Sulochana. I loved her and she’s
getting married to another guy. The thought about Sulochana getting
married to Poorna itself is devastating. Instead of living a life where I have to
watch that and do nothing about it, It is better to die. It is better to die. [woman weeping] Hey, who are you? I’m asking you. Who are you? She is my daugter, Fareedha. A person named Suri
used to live in this house. He and my daughter loved each other. Both of them consumed acid as
we didn’t accept their love. Suri died peacefully. But she dangled between life and death, and got discharged from
the hospital recently. As she is our only daughter
and her life got devastated, Her father became bed-ridden. My family is completely devastated! Completely devastated! He died two years ago on this very day. She asked me to bring her
here for one last time, so I did. I thought that she would cry
off her pain and forget about it. But I don’t understand
what’s about this love? Does love devastate these many lives? The girl who is treated with utmost
love and affection since her birth, is made to fall in love with guys
like you by following her for a few days. In order to raise them, Do we turn our blood into sweat and
raise them up with utmost care. so that guys like
you can take them away from us? If we didn’t accept your love and
make our daughters listen to us, You would either kill
her or kill yourselves. Don’t we know whom we
should get her married to? A lot of people are in
pain due to just one guy. Everyone around him including his
family and our family are suffering. Is this a solution? I just understood that, a lot of lives would be devastated if a person commits suicide. When I asked you if you had
any last wishes on that day, You thought for a while and answered it. I understood today that
it was meant to save me. I understood that it is a grave mistake to kill someone or oneself for love. Damn! Let her go away! Let her go away! It doesn’t matter if
she is with me or not. Hey… I have my mother, father, friends and many
people around me to love me. I don’t want her anymore. However, what more do I want
when I have a friend like you? Hey Suri, are you with me? Hey Suri… are you with me? Hey Suri… Are you with me? Hey Suri Are you with me? Hey Suri… Hey Suri… Hey Suri! FROM BIRTH TILL DEATH, PARENTS, SIBLINGS, RELATIVES, FRIENDS,

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